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Stunning Talismans to Protect the Soul, Inspire the Heart, and Stir Magic


hen it comes to adorning our human bodies with all that is mystical to remind us of our infinite magic, jewelry is of course on the top of the list. Wearing jewelry is more than just putting on a pretty ring, however. Jewelry can be a talisman and a powerful way to connect with the earth, with Spirit, and with our truest selves.

We use and wear talismans to offer protection, clarity, psychic connection, grounding, and links to our ancestors. There always seems to be a specific stone that speaks when the time is right and calls us to bring it into the forefront of our life.

For Natalie Needham and Jeremy Guitard, founders of Phoenix Rising Jewelry, it is the opal that continuously calls and represents the journey they are on together as partners in design and life. By connecting to the gemstones they use and the stardust coursing through their veins, this duo creates gorgeous talismans that contain a heart and soul all their own.

Inspired by nature and fueled by the desire to bring high-quality and gorgeous pieces to soul-seeking clients, the jewelry they create is not only stunning but it is also charged by the light of the full moon and the cleansing smoke of white sage.

We were lucky enough to chat with the creative duo about how they connect with spirit, where they love to travel, and, of course, what inspires their creativity. Spirit Guides readers are also treated to an exclusive discount, so read on to shop on, lovelies!

Phoenix Rising Jewelry

Phoenix Rising Jewelry pieces are charged by the light of the moon and saged before shipped to their new owners

What were the ashes that Phoenix Rising Jewelry rose out of to come into existence?

Phoenix Rising has been a four-year process to come into being. Jeremy and I are completely self taught at what we do, and it’s been a learning curve of trial and error. We started with electroforming jewelry, and slowly have built up skill and technique over time to get to where we are. It’s just the two of us, and we started from nothing, so we’ve had to learn both the jewelry making side of things and how to run a small business completely from scratch.

We had been running a business through Etsy under another name, but decided just last month that the business needed a change, so we completely rebranded; we built our own website, and chose a name that better reflected what we wanted our jewelry to represent. You could say that Phoenix Rising Jewelry rose out of the ashes of that previous shop and the experiences and lessons we learned along the way.

Talismans are a powerful way to connect with spirit and carry an intention with you as a reminder. How do you incorporate talismans in your daily life and what significance do they have for you personally?

We are so fortunate that we can create such personal pieces as our own private talismans. We utilize crystals and gemstones for their metaphysical properties so, for instance, if I’m feeling stressed or I know I’m going to need an extra boost of confidence and energy, then I’ll take my citrine pendant with me to work that day, or I’ll make sure to wear an opal ring when creating a new piece of jewelry to enhance creativity and inspiration.

Phoenix Rising Jewelry

Natalie Needham and Jeremy Guitard, founders of Phoenix Rising Jewelry

How do you draw inspiration for the beautiful and unique pieces that you create?

Inspiration for our pieces can come from anywhere — patterns in leaves, animals that we may see, movies, or books—almost anything! With a lot of our pieces, we keep the settings simpler to really show off the main feature, the stones that we use.

Because we cut and shape most of our pieces ourselves from the rough state, it really can be the stone itself that is the inspiration. As the stone goes through the polishing process, it really opens up and begins to shine, and share it’s secrets with us. It’s like making a new discovery everyday. Sometimes the way a stone looks rough is so beautiful, we leave it just as is!

In what ways does travel impact your creativity, and do you have a “special place” to retreat to when you need to recharge?

We have done a bit of travel, not quite as much as we would like though! We were fortunate enough to have traveled to Bali in 2014 where we toured the largest silversmith manufacturer on the island. All the work there is entirely made by hand and was such an inspiration to us! It’s actually what started us on our journey with silver.

Jeremy and I actually met and lived in a big city, and then just over a year ago we moved to a rural area on an island in order to pursue our dream of having a jewelry studio out of our home. We currently have a dog, two cats, and eight ducks so travel is a little more difficult nowadays. We do live in beautiful British Columbia and are so lucky that we are able to walk the trails near our home every day. That is definitely where we destress and recharge, walking through old growth forests and connecting with nature.

Phoenix Rising Jewelry

Do you have a favorite gemstone that you feel deeply connected to?

A favourite gemstone? Hahaha, oh my, Jeremy and I have an Opal addiction! We have hundreds and hundreds of opals, and we feature them in a good portion of our jewelry. We LOVE the flash and fire that opals emit. They are mystical and magical and we are just in love. Opals are considered a water stone, yet they possess passion and fire that just explodes with energy. Opal is a very high vibration stone and is such a pleasure to work with.

How do you connect with spirit and do you incorporate any type of practice into your process of creation?

Meditation! Jeremy is very much all about his quiet reflection time, and I utilize guided meditations and yoga techniques to connect to spirit. Both Jeremy and I are introverts, so being able to share our passion in an online capacity has been so wonderful, and challenges us in a good way. But, being more introverted, and yet putting ourselves out there so personally with our creations requires us to really take a lot of reflection time.

All of our pieces are entirely made by hand. Each piece can take days to create, especially if we are cutting and shaping the gemstones ourselves. It can be physically and spiritually exhausting, so grounding ourselves as we work is very important.

We also sage all of our pieces before they are shipped to their new owners, as well as charge them under the light of the moon.

Phoenix Rising Jewelry

What would you like Spirit Guides readers to know about Phoenix Rising Jewelry?

When we talk about our name, and our brand “Phoenix Rising,” we mean that both literally and metaphorically. We use gemstones that literally require fire, pressure and heat in order to come into existence, and we use that as a metaphor for what we want our jewelry to mean to people.

Experiences and situations shape us all. At Phoenix Rising Jewelry, we want to celebrate the fact that we have all risen through trials, adversities, and unfortunate situations and they have made us the people that we are.

We all have our stories. Some of us may have risen through abusive relationships, or illnesses, disorders, self-harm, self-doubt or whatever the situation may be. We know our customers are survivors, they are warriors, they have battled through tough situations—maybe they still are—but our jewelry celebrates all that has made us unique.

For us, we want Phoenix Rising Jewelry to be more than just about the piece of jewelry that you receive, it’s about the experience that you have with us. We put heart, soul, and our own essence into all of the pieces that we make, and while we may never meet face to face, we create a connection with people that we otherwise may not have.


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