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Root Down and Flow in These Comfy, Stylish Yoga Pants


oga is a beloved spiritual practice that helps us connect deeply with our inner worlds. However, it is also a wonderful way to learn how to interact with the world around us with more compassion, understanding, and a willingness to serve.

Larissa Miller, founder of Pi Yoga Pants, is one woman who is taking great strides to make real and lasting change for the environment via her calling as a conscious entrepreneur. Born in the paradise of Bali, Indonesia, Miller’s eco-chic (and hella comfy) yoga pants embody the concept of “I am rooted but I flow.”

“Pi Yoga Pants is deeply rooted in the concept to inspire and motivate you to continue infinitely in the direction of your dreams.”

Not only are these pants super comfy and stylish (we LIVE in ours!), they also donate to the conservation of sea turtles and coral reefs in Indonesia. One part fashionista, one part activist, Miller has a clear vision and tons of motivation to “be the change” in our busy, chaotic world.

Admiring her grounded mentality and fluid style at the 2017 Sedona Yoga Festival, Spirit Guides chatted with Miller about the inspiration behind her fresh take on yoga pants.

Pi Yoga Pants

How did Pi Yoga Pants come into existence and how did you decide on the name of the brand?

Three years ago I had the crazy idea to leave San Diego and travel the world for a year. I dreamed to quit my job, travel with the one I loved, and write my future with tales of travels, but mostly the desire to start a business of my own. It took two years of working 60 hour weeks, working every single weekend, and saving every dime I could. It was a busy life and I did a little yoga in the down time I did have to keep my sanity. The dream soon became a yearning desire and the world was pulling and tugging me to get away as soon as possible!

Six months later I purchased a one way ticket to Thailand. I was infatuated with the Buddhist culture and loved their clothing. I fell in love with the elephant pants in Thailand, and decided this was what I wanted to bring back home to the USA, but by the time I decided on this, my 30-day visa had expired and the next stop was Bali.

I spent the whole flight from Thailand to Bali drawing out a business plan for my pants, and planning how I would give back to the elephant sanctuaries. Upon landing, I hopped in a taxi and my driver, Noman, was all ears when I told him about my story, my mission, and what I wanted to build. Little did I know I was introducing myself to someone who would help me out the most in this adventure.

Noman quickly told me about his friend in the textile industry that sold his product all over Bali. I couldn’t believe it—what are the odds? Everything seemed to be falling perfectly into place. As it turns out, Noman’s friend and his wife own their own clothing manufacturing business. I quickly decided to change our taxi route from Ubud to their house instead to see what they could make.

“This could really become a reality,” I thought to myself.

It was all so sudden! As for the name, the city of Pai, Thailand, was where I was first inspired to call the brand Pi Yoga Pants. It is a very magical city with a special spiritual energy. I liked the synergy between the spiritual aspect of the city and the concept behind the number Pi.

Pi Yoga Pants

What is your inspiration behind the beautiful variation of patterns and colors?

The inspiration behind the fun patterns is the bright, fun, lively community and culture in Bali. The chic names, like “Yacht Week” and “Sunday Brunch” are intended to make you feel empowered, at peace, and to take you on a little daydream in this busy world we live in.

Who/what are your spirit guides?

My intuition and my community are my spirit guides. Last year I started practicing the philosophy that if you have an idea and intention, talk about it. Tell your friend, tell your neighbors. But most importantly ask questions about their opinions, what they think would be successful, and listen. Take notes. The conscious community as a whole has been my biggest influence. Even though I am the only one running the business, I feel that everything to this point has been one massive collaboration of thoughts, discussions, and debates within my community of loved ones and strangers that become friends.

The second philosophy that has guided me is, “If you leap, the net will appear.” Sometimes it gets really scary to take that jump. Especially because after the first jump, there are lots of jumps to follow and they get bigger and bigger. It has taught me to trust my intuition, trust my community, and trust that even if I fail miserably, I will have gained knowledge to do better next time.

Pi Yoga Pants

Where have you traveled that had the deepest spiritual impact on you?

Pai, Thailand. Pai was a place of spiritual growth and awakening for me as I was there during a transitional time in my life. My boyfriend and I were traveling together and we broke up while we were in Pai. He departed to Vietnam and I stayed.

One night when I was shopping at the night market I met a local artisan who was selling crystals that he had woven into necklaces. I have never been someone to buy myself nice things. I was always on the more conservative side with money but one of the crystals really spoke to me and I bought my first crystal necklace. I entrusted it with what little positive energy I had in me at the time and empowered myself that every time I wore the necklace I would be fearless, unstoppable, and confident with every decision I made.

That crystal has also helped guide me to where I am today and will forever be my favorite memento from the spiritual land of Pai that drastically transformed my life into what it is today.

The pants help with sea turtle conservation efforts. How exactly does that work?

Pi Yoga Pants helps protect sea turtle conservation because we donate 10 percent of net profits back to the efforts in Bali. Right now we are working on coral restoration and protecting the reef.

In the past, local Balinese fishermen would use dynamite as a form of fishing, leaving much of the reef destroyed. This has been illegal for six years now. However, the water temperature has increased between 1-6 degrees, thus bleaching the coral and anemone. By working on coral restoration, we are sustaining the marine life environment.

We also host local beach clean ups in San Diego, and our goal for the year is to expand sea turtle conservation efforts nationwide. Most recently we have been in contact with conservationists in Cambodia and Baja California discussing ways to expand our reach.


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