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Sarah Akala


t was through exploring ceremonial magic in my youth that I first encountered plants being placed into planetary categories. This idea that plants, the planets, and myself were somehow connected fascinated me. Through my journey seeking this ancient and obscure knowledge, I found these correspondences were used in ceremonial magic, folk traditions, and practical alchemy.

It was with alchemy that I found the clearest explanation of the relationship between the planets and the living beings of earth. I also found my life path, and how to work with these sacred connections between the kingdoms of nature and the heavens.

In alchemy they saw all things on earth were reflected in the stars and held a specific energetic frequency of one of the heavenly spheres. Alchemists of the past created methods in the laboratory to see the crystalline shapes locked within the plants—this method is called crystallography. The ancients also used the plant’s characteristics, vibration, and observation of the effects upon the subtle body and organ systems to categorize the plants, animals, and minerals into their planetary correspondence.

I have been exploring how this relates to physical, energetic, and spiritual health. I have seen many instances where human beings are powerfully impacted by the energies and movements of the planets. Some studies have been done in this field and it is quantifiable in lab testing how the Sun, Moon, and other planets affect the blood chemistry and inner workings of the endocrine system and many other functions of our physiology. I believe that in the future there will be many more studies focusing on the profound connections these fluctuations have on our homeostasis and balance as a being.

Thankfully, we can harness the expressions and frequencies of the planets within alchemically derived plant and mineral preparations to restore and maintain harmony within the body—which are extracted during the proper planetary times to further amplify these qualities.

I have found through working with these plant-planet formulations, subtle shifts and vibrations make way for profound healing on all layers of the body and spirit, the effects of which ripple out into the rest of existence! It is this person-plant-planet system that sets apart clinical alchemy as the unique and sophisticated modality that it is.

Below are some of the core qualities of each planet, its corresponding plants, and how to incorporate their energies into your daily life.

Plants & Planets


The Sun corresponds physically with the immune system, our heart, the amount of energy in the body, as well as overall vitality. Emotionally it relates to our self-esteem, happiness, and sense of inner strength. Spiritually, the Sun connects us with the higher power of creation in the universe.

Sun plants help us with increasing our energy and mood and clearing negative vibrations, all while radiating the vibrant energy of the Sun through us. The Sun plants can be used to purify ourselves and ritual objects or simply to bring a renewed sense of spiritual purpose. In alchemy they are used to dispel depression, clear our body’s energy channels, strengthen us both physically and emotionally, and bring warmth and joy to our inner being. Some of my favorite Sun plants are saffron, frankincense, ginseng, propolis, chamomile, cinnamon and orange blossom.


The Moon rules over our emotions and the energetic tides of our lives. The mysterious depths of the moon relate to our own instincts, intuition, and the subconscious mind. Physiologically it influences the glandular system, the pineal gland and its secretions, the breasts, womb, menstrual cycle, bladder, and all bodily fluids.

The Moon connects us to our psychic knowing and guides us through the etheric planes. Moon plants stimulate our awareness, assist in divination, balancing hormones and glandular secretion, and open our third eye. These mystical plant and mineral beings can help unlock the doors to our own vast expanses! My favorite moon plants are blue lotus, calamus root, cramp bark, myrrh, and pink mimosa.


Mercury is the messenger of the gods, connecting us with the realms between heaven and earth. Mercury is subtle and changeable, influencing everything it comes in contact with. This planet is deeply connected with the inner mysteries and the worlds of magic, alchemy, and the healing arts. It influences communication, writing, and travel. Physiologically, Mercury’s domain is the functions of the brain, nervous system, and our consciousness. It also presides over the lungs and the exchange of prana from the air around us, converting it to our own energy.

We harness the power of mercurial plants to accelerate and increase our energy for magick, meditation, and the expansion of consciousness, as well helping support the nervous system and lungs. Mercurial plants I enjoy using are sandalwood, lavender, fennel, tulsi, usnia, and brahmi.


Venus rules over love and beauty—temperatures on venus are the hottest of any planet in our solar system, reflecting the passion Venetian energy brings. Music, art, ritual, and all creative endeavors are influenced by Venus. Physiologically, Venusian plants work with the skin, kidneys, thymus gland, sexual organs, conception, and the sense of smell.

Venus helps to connect us to our practices of self love, nourishment, creative expressions, and inner beauty. I use Venusian plants to help open the heart centers, creating a sense of ritual sacredness in our everyday life. Venusian energy honor us, helping on our path to seeing the true divinity within. My favorite Venus plants to use are hibiscus, shatavari, rose, raspberry, orris root, and peony.


The effect of Mars is accelerating, intensifying, dynamic, and sometimes extreme. When well applied, the Martian forces are constructive and have the power to move mountains; if left uncontrolled they can be violent, chaotic, and destructive. On the physical level Mars rules over the muscular system, the combustion process, and the formation of blood. It regulates the immune system, testosterone production, and adrenal glands.

Using Mars in a constructive way guides us to our own internal power, lending to ourselves the valor and inner strength to face life’s many challenges head on. These powerful plants fortify our physical body and help us to have stronger energetic boundaries. Keeping unwanted psychic energy from entering into our auric field. Martian plants that I love are nettle, prickly ash, basil, bloodroot, dragon’s blood and black pepper.


The energy of Jupiter is benevolent and generous in its nature. Jovian qualities are expansive, joyful, self expressive, and sometimes a bit indulgent. On the physical level it rules the liver, digestion, and enrichment of the blood, maintenance of blood sugar metabolism, the pituitary gland, and the growth of the body.

Jupiter is also known as the guru planet helping us to expand our consciousness and reach new heights in our spiritual development. This planet is like the second Sun bringing sweet playfulness into our lives. Working with the Jovian energys can connect us back to our joy, happiness, wellbeing, and our divine purpose. Jupiter reminds us to take time to play and rejoice in life! My favorite Jupiter plants are mangosteen, dandylion, goldenseal, lemon balm, benzion, guggul, and amalaki.


Saturn is the great wisdom keeper, guarding the threshold of the supernatural. He is the time keeper and the planet of restriction, teaching us life’s lessons to our fullest capacity. Physically it rules the bones, the spine, the auditory process, aging, blood composition, bone marrow, and the spleen.

As the great karmic record keeper Saturn remembers all of our deeds and helps us to truly progress as spirits. Saturn guides us to walk with honesty and integrity and redirect us when needed for our highest good. Saturn plants, when used safely, can unlock the doors of our mind to new heights. They nurture us to the depths of our being and impact us to our very core. My favorite Saturn plants are nigella, agarwood, belladonna, ashwagandha, and cannabis.

Note: Some Saturn plants can be toxic and deadly please use caution when working with Saturn herbs such as belladonna, henbane, mandrake, datura, and others in the solanaceae family.

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Sarah Akala

Sarah Akala

Sara Akala has 20 plus years of experience applying integrative botanical formulas and aromatics for holistic health and inner balance. As a clinical alchemist, she specializes in all aspects of women’s health, balancing the endocrine, limbic, and hormonal systems, maternity, and pre-post menopause. For more information or to purchase alchemical planetary products please visit Sarah’s website at

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