Spirit Guides Magazine 2018 Astro Forecast with Soulshine Astrology




Product description: What will the stars have in store for you in the year ahead? Our new 2018 Yearly Astro Forecast digital e-book holds the astrological answers to point the way forward and help you navigate the most major events over the upcoming 12 months.

Inside you’ll discover:

– A year at-a-glance calendar of all major moon phases for 2018 (including every New, First Quarter, Full Moon, & Last Quarter Moon)
– A list of dates for every Mercury Retrograde, because #preparedness
– 2018 Yearly Overview of all major collective transits & events
– In-depth 2018 Yearly Horoscopes for ALL 12 signs of the zodiac so you can find out what this year has in store for your sign in particular

Overall, you will receive 50+ pages of information to help guide you forward into the new year with clarity, confidence, and courage to achieve your dreamiest goals with gusto.

Written exclusively for Spirit Guides Magazine readers by Natalie Walstein of Soulshine Astrology.

About the author: Natalie Walstein is a life and career astrologer at Soulshine Astrology, and there’s nothing she loves more than helping intuitive truth seekers and spiritual entrepreneurs unlock their cosmic calling and discover how to confidently and courageously align their life and career with the cosmos. She was awarded Best Monthly Horoscopes during Spirit Guides Magazine’s Best of 2017 Contest and spends her days doing 1-on-1 astrology readings, writing birth chart reports, and forecasting the future. You can find out more and book a private reading or report to discover your own cosmic calling at www.soulshineastrology.com.

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