This is How You BE: A Simple Guide to True Happiness by Arizona Bell (Physical Copy)


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Product description:
“This Is How You BE: A Simple Guide To True Happiness” is Spirit Guides Magazine editor Arizona Bell’s tried-and-true, no-bullshit recipe for authentic happiness. Whether spiritually curious, a Zen master in need of a straightforward reminder, or somewhere comfortably in between, Bell’s debut book written in her signature lyrical style will not disappoint.
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What People Are Saying About The Book

“I just finished reading This Is How You Be and my whole soul was on fire with YES!” – Jane Mayer

“This book is raw, honest, and relatable. Unlike many other books in this realm, the author is not preachy about what you should do, but rather relates her painful real world experience in a way that you feel like you can apply her life lessons to your life in a practical way. I want to reread this book and I just finished it! Definitely something I’ll come back to again and again when I need a reminder of how to be.” – Morgan, Colorado

“I felt inspired by [Bell’s] message and appreciated how direct and to the point it was. I have been teetering on the edge of a decision about a potential job change and can honestly say that [this] book helped tip me over to making a decision to change.” – Kim, Arizona

“Although I study spirituality myself, I often find myself rolling my eyes at the pontificating language used in spiritual guides, which suggest that enlightenment is based on something complicated, something rigid and almost unobtainable like meditating all day, giving up coffee or sex, or only eating vegan. I study secular philosophy as well and find myself confronting the same problems.

“Long story short, [this] guide is accessible. The language used is not clinical, boring, or too new age-y; the voice is honest, humorous, vivid with images, and also modern, so the final product is palatable, both for seasoned philosophers/spiritual practitioners as well as newbies to the concept of surrender, Love, and Light. It reminds me a little bit of Brad Warner’s Hardcore Zen in voice/tone and in the vein of ‘all you know is that you don’t know nothing.’

“Like the best nonfiction, the connections made between objects, metaphors, and ideas make this slight book weighty—in a good way! Like Flannery O’Connor said: ‘All that rises must converge’ and, believe me, this is a beautiful collision of ideas. I can picture this guide on book shelves across the nation and world.” – Emily, Nevada

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