Witchcraft 101: Practical Magic & Spellwork




April 27 @ 11am pst

Eye of newt, toe of frog, oil of bat, and the blood of a virgin? Seriously?! Not all spells require such gruesome ingredients.

In this fourth session in the Witchcraft 101 series led by Amy Solara we are going to demystify spells, intention setting, manifestation and potions! There are some potions that work better than others, and we’ll be learning how to create the perfect spell for each unique situation.

Here is some of what you can expect to learn:

  • Candle magic
  • Sigil crafting
  • Working with the moon
  • The ever popular love and money spells!

Grab a friend, your favorite familiar, and get ready to make some practical magic happen!

Amy might even throw in a midnight margaritas (non alcoholic) recipe—if you’re picking up on this reference from an iconic movie then you NEED to attend this session!

Please make sure you have a solid practice of grounding and centering, casting circles, and creating safe methods of boundaries and self care (all covered in the first two classes in this series—see links below) before practicing the methods presented in this class.

Catch-up on the Witchcraft 101 series:
Witchcraft 101: An Introduction to Magic
Witchcraft 101: Self-care & Spirituality
Witchcraft 101: Working with Deities and Divine Beings

*Replay will be sent out to all participants after the live course.

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