Witchcraft 101: Working with Deities & Divine Beings


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Witchcraft 101: Working with Deities & Divine Beings

Saturday, March 30, 2019 @ 11am pst

Witchcraft 101 is ramping it up, literally! Let’s connect to the divine in the witchiest of ways!

In this third installment of the introduction to Witchcraft series we will be exploring creating a personal connection to one or more deities.

Some of the basics we will cover:

  • How do you call in the divine?
  • How do you choose who to work with?
  • How do you set up an altar for a god or goddess?
  • What does it mean to make an offering?

Theurgy, or the workings of the divine in the human realm, is a beautiful practice that many witches incorporate. This class will help guide you in the ways to create ritual, explore daily practices, and elevate your magical endeavors all while connecting to divine beings.

Please make sure you have a solid practice of grounding and centering, casting circles, and creating safe methods of boundaries and self care (all covered in the first two classes in this series—see links below) before practicing the methods presented in this class.

Catch-up on the Witchcraft 101 series:

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Witchcraft 101: Self-care & Spirituality

*Replay will be sent out to all participants after the live course.

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