Witchcraft 101




Curious whether all the trendy ‘hocus pocus’ witchery you see on social media is legit? It is! However, it’s important to learn the foundations of witchcraft from a legit teacher when starting on your magical path. Led by witch and spiritual mentor, Amy Solara, this classroom’s cauldron is filled to the brim with all the skills you need to begin a magical practice!

This course series is pre-recorded and you’ll receive all four parts including a corresponding PDF ebook for each session immediately upon purchase, so you can dive into your magic practice straight away!

What’s included?!

Part 1: Foundations
This introductory course into the world of spirituality through witchcraft will equip you with all the tools to begin a practice of your own. Find out where to begin on this journey of soul evolution and magic, first with the etymology of the word “Witch” as well as an exploration of the history of the “Craft.”

  • How to set up an altar
  • Basic correspondences for each of the cardinal directions
  • How to ground and center your energy before dropping into sacred space
  • How to cast a circle and call in guardians and guides
  • How to begin a book of shadows

Part 2: Self-Care and Spirituality
If we cannot care for our bodies, they will not support our minds’ and souls’ ability to grow and flourish. If we do not care for our minds, we will lose our awareness and orientation within all the worlds. If we don’t care for our souls, our bodies and minds will become empty shells lacking purpose and vitality.

  • How to set your internal self-care compass
  • What self-care looks like in a magical practice
  • Recognize the symptoms of physical, mental, and/or spiritual burnout
  • Giving too much energy without gathering more for yourself
  • Setting boundaries so you don’t deplete your resources
  • Removing energetically draining relationships with people, situations, and things
  • Creating a daily self-care practice for every level of your being

Part 3: Working with Deities and Divine Beings
Theurgy, or the workings of the divine in the human realm, is a beautiful practice that many witches incorporate. This class will help guide you in the ways to create ritual, explore daily practices, and elevate your magical endeavors all while connecting to divine beings.

  • How do you call in the divine?
  • How do you choose who to work with?
  • How do you set up an altar for a god or goddess?
  • What does it mean to make an offering?

Part 4: Practical Magic and Spellwork
Eye of newt, toe of frog, oil of bat, and the blood of a virgin? Seriously?! Not all spells require such gruesome ingredients. In the grand finale, we are going to demystify spells, intention setting, manifestation and potions!

  • Candle magic
  • Sigil crafting
  • Working with the moon
  • The ever popular love and money spells!


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