My Quality Time Self-Care Activity Deck

Illustrated card decks for daily self-improvement by artist Deja Osbourne


rtist, graphic designer, and full-time mom (read: hella busy, kickass lady), Deja Osbourne is on a mission to spread the importance of self-care to women who struggle with it—so, like, all women everywhere, amiright?!

With a background as a fashion graphic designer (her work has appeared at Nordstrom, Kohls, Target, and many more), Osbourne has always had a penchant for functional art. “I was never a big art-on-the-wall type of person,” Osbourne explains. “I like to put my art to use. But I also don’t like it to be disposable.”

After giving birth to her son, Osbourne decided to ditch the corporate design work, which had begun feeling mundane and unfulfilling, to raise her child and focus on making more meaningful art. Not long after, she found the magic of oracle cards in her spiritual journey and decided that using her design skills to make her own decks was a no brainer.

“Since I love tarot and oracle cards, I decided it would be the perfect combination to couple my art with a deck of cards and create a self-care activity deck,” Osbourne says. The My Quality Time Self-Care Activity Deck was the result born of her imagination and boy-oh-boy are we glad it was! When you see the stunning deck, hand-illustrated and painted with watercolor, you’ll understand why it quickly became a fully-funded Kickstarter campaign.

My Quality Time Self-Care Activity Deck by Deja Osbourne

My Quality Time Self-Care Activity Deck by Deja Osbourne

Choosing to make a self-care specific deck was a direct result from Osbourne’s own complications in life. Being a single mom, she found herself becoming exhausted, depressed, and resentful. “My body physically hurt, and I was really unhappy,” she says. “I felt sorry for myself. Why wasn’t I happily married with a husband and family nearby to help me? Life was so unfair for me. But one day I decided, it was time I stop waiting around for my son to grow up or for other people to help me or take care of me. It was time I began taking care of myself and making myself happy.”

Hell yes, girl! We would all be wise to follow in Osbourne’s footsteps and push self-care toward the nucleus of our lives, wouldn’t we?

Osbourne talked with Spirit Guides about her search for true fulfillment, the powers of manifestation, and being okay with not being an “expert.”

Artist and graphic designer, Deja Osbourne

Artist and graphic designer, Deja Osbourne

What was the inspiration that drove you to begin creating hand-drawn, self-empowering decks?

For the last 10 years or so, every time I came across a problem in my life, I always began to question what a good solution would be and how could I share it with others. I learned how important it is to relate to other people and what a huge impact it makes on people’s lives. I also truly love to create tools to help people.

When I discovered tarot and oracle cards and began using them, it wasn’t long before I decided that I had to create my own, primarily to fill a gap. If I was on a search for a specific deck and I couldn’t find it, it was a no brainer for me to create my own, especially since I’ve been an artist my whole life and have been soul searching on how to put my art to good use.

As a lifelong artist and designer, how have you been changed by committing to your own self-development and your mission to empower and inspire others?

I feel like I’ve been on a very long search to true fulfillment. I have been strongly urging to find a way to be creative and help others for many years and I finally feel like this is where I am supposed to be. I left behind a good paying job to basically start from scratch, but I have never been happier. Every time I get an email or message online about how much a customer loves my deck and how they take it everywhere with them to remind them to nurture themselves, it just reaffirms to me that this is my calling. I absolutely LOVE creating card decks because I feel this community truly values them.

My Quality Time Self-Care Activity Deck by Deja Osbourne

Along your spiritual journey, you say that Dr. Wayne Dyer and manifestation have played key roles. How did your perspective on life change upon making this discovery and how do you apply that wisdom to your daily life?

I remember listening to Wishes Fulfilled when I was at a playground with my son and just feeling like my whole world opened up. I’ve been familiar with the law of attraction before but Wayne Dyer took it to a whole new level. This is when I learned about the power of ‘I Am’ and affirmations and everything we say about ourselves.

I just remember almost realizing why my life has been somewhat of a struggle for the last few years. I committed myself to change the way I speak and the way I view all situations in my life. I knew there was a reason for everything and that I truly had the power to change it. I was also very excited to teach other people about it. I highly recommend that book to anyone who is willing to read it (or listen to the audio version). I learned to detach from a lot of problems in my life and all the problem areas in my life completely shifted. It didn’t happen overnight, but looking back, I would get so angry and emotional over a lot of things that I had no control over and now every time a problem presents itself, I stay calm because I already know that I will get the outcome that I desire.

Where have you traveled to that will always live in your heart as a special or spiritual place?

That’s a good question. I am not a big traveler; I am a very homey person. I love to create my own sacred space and that is what brings me the most comfort. However, I love being out in nature; I find it very magical for me and it grounds me every time. Going to a forest, wooded area, or ocean or lake. I really love tall leafy trees like Pepper Trees. I find them extremely healing just being near one or sitting and having a picnic under one. Nature completely recharges me and that is when I feel strongly connected to Source.

My Quality Time Self-Care Activity Deck by Deja Osbourne

How do you feel affirmation and tarot cards can create clarity and confidence in a person’s life?

I personally connect with the imagery the most because I am an artist, but the messages are also very important. With affirmations, they work to rewire your brain. They help you on a subconscious level. If you use them right, you will begin to believe the affirmations and therefore act differently and think differently—and that will transform your life. With tarot cards, they do help me get clarity when I have questions or need advice from my higher wisdom. I find them both very essential in my life.

What would you like Spirit Guides readers to know about you, your work, and your mission to spread happiness and joy to others?

I truly love what I do; I love creating and I really, really love to help others by creating the tools they can use for their own personal self-improvement. I am always seeking knowledge and my motto is to always be authentic and real. I’ve always been shy, so working direct to consumer instead of in a cubicle for a corporation has allowed me to open up and connect with complete strangers in such a beautiful way and it’s helped transform my life as well. So in a sense, helping others is helping me and I truly love it.

I am also not an expert. Artistically, I feel I still have a lot to learn and I love to challenge myself and keep learning and improving my art skills. So a lot of my work is new and experimental to me. It is art I may not have ever tried to draw or paint before and I think in a few years people will be able to look back at my first art deck and see a big difference, at least I hope so!

My Quality Time Self-Care Activity Deck by Deja Osbourne


Feeling burned out? Join the ranks of people who are using the My Quality Time Self-Care Deck as an everyday reminder that they matter. And do it with 15% off with the code cosmicspirit in her shop.

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