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Spirit Guides Radio gives a fresh, modern voice to ancient wisdoms, charting new maps for old souls. Co-hosted by two millennial spiritual thought leaders, Arizona Bell and Morgan Garza, Spirit Guides Radio delves into all facets of what it means to live a spiritual life in the 21st century, in a fun and accessible way.

Each week Spirit Guides Radio explores a specific topic—anything and everything from astrology to mediumship to plant medicine—by brain-picking an expert guest in that field. Join us while we investigate the invisible forces of Spirit through evidence-based thought and discussion. No “woo” here, just wow!

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Arizona Bell + Morgan Garza

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Meet your hosts!

Arizona Bell

Arizona Bell is the co-founder of Spirit Guides Magazine and co-host of Spirit Guides Radio. A grief coach and afterlife activist, Arizona is an inspirational speaker with the message that examining death and what happens to us after death is the absolute best way to live our richest, most meaningful lives here on Earth. A rising voice in the afterlife research community, she appeared as a panelist on George Noory’s afterlife expert panel at the Afterlife Research and Education Institute Symposium in 2018. Her first book, This Is How You Be: A simple guide to true happiness, is available now. Arizona happily lives the expat life in Mallorca, Spain, yet misses burritos, tacos, and top-shelf margaritas in a way that cannot be described.

Morgan Garza is the co-founder and growth director of Spirit Guides Magazine and co-host of Spirit Guides Radio. A lover of people and making connections, Morgan has merged spirituality and business in an intimate way to operate both strategically and intuitively. A writer by trade, traveler by passion, and educator by purpose, Morgan lives life in gratitude and awe. From pulling tarot cards and lighting incense before meetings to geeking out with spreadsheets and content calendars, this spiritual boss babe is the definition of a soulpreneur. All heart and a dash of sass, Morgan will make you feel something, question everything, and definitely make you smile.

Morgan Garza
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