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Spirit Guides Radio gives a fresh, modern voice to ancient wisdoms, charting new maps for old souls. Co-hosted by two emerging millennial spiritual thought leaders

— Arizona Bell and Morgan Garza —

Spirit Guides Radio delves into all facets of what it means to live a spiritual life in the 21st century, in a charming and accessible way. Each week Spirit Guides Radio will explore a specific topic—anything from astral travel to mediumship to aura fields—that will include brain-picking an expert guest in that field. Join us while we investigate the invisible forces of Spirit through evidence-based thought and discussion. No “woo” here, just wow!


Arizona Bell

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Arizona Bell is the co-founder and editorial director of Spirit Guides Magazine. Arizona has written extensively for newspapers, magazines, websites, and businesses, including The Los Angeles Review, The Establishment, Grief Digest, and Curve Magazine, and previously worked as a content editor for Hay House author Lisa Fugard. Her first book, This Is How You Be: A simple guide to true happiness, is available now.

Morgan Garza

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Morgan Garza is the co-founder and growth director of Spirit Guides Magazine. She has a soul that is ravenous for the curiosities of life, the universe, and unconditional love. Extensive travel has expanded her mind and deepened her compassion for humanity and the infinite ways we express our passion and purpose. Exploring the minds of others on the spiritual path ignites her soul with a fire that fuels her own passions: writing, growth, community, love, and travel. She’s been known to ignite the spark within many seekers, helping even the most lost souls feel supported and found. All heart and a dash of sass, Morgan will make you feel something, question everything, and definitely make you smile. Learn more here.

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