Awake Your Inner Psychic!

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Spiritual Retreat Category: Earth Medicine, Grief, Health, Holistic Lifestyle Coaching, Psychic Development, and SpiritualSpiritual Retreat Tags: Psychic, healing, Intuitive, and Energy

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  • Have you been looking for a place to discover, develop, or dive deeper into your spiritual gifts?

    Are you frustrated because other classes have been confusing or complicated?

    Do you feel more practice would help you embrace and be comfortable with your abilities?


    Awake Your Inner Psychic is a 3-day, intensive, hands-on experience that’s all about developing your spirit gifts with like-minded people.

    It’s about healing your body, mind, and spirit as a way of life and it’s open to all belief systems!


    1. One thing most people don’t know about spiritual abilities.
    2. 8 spiritual truths everyone should know.
    3. Your spiritual gifts and strengthen them.
    4. Simple practices to receive answers from spirit!
    5. New ways to use your talents and abilities.

    You will dive deeper into your abilities and change “what was” to “what is”.

    Experience powerful healing practices you can use anytime!


    Stress Buster Breathing
    Gaia Instant Grounding
    Trinity Energy Refill
    Full Body Healing
    Angelic Healing
    Release the Grief
    Electrical System Reset
    Ignite the Fire
    And More!

    This class reactivates The Knowing and your body’s innate healing abilities!

    Come with an open mind and heart and feel the inside shift happen! Be willing to receive and nothing remains the same!


    $297 USD
    Includes meals, snacks and drinks.
    Please review details at:

    DATES FOR 2018:

    May 18-20
    June 22-24
    August 17-19
    September 14-16
    October 19-21

    Spirit Oaks is part of the AirBNB network!
    Book your room early and be well rested for your class!

    Check out the room here:


    De is a professional trainer, writer, psychic intuitive, guide and finder. She blends spirit, realism, and humor into her teaching.

    Her classes, retreats, readings and energy work are offered at Spirit Oaks in Sherwood, AR. (Check out the “Spirit Oaks” tab on the website.)

    Please contact De if you have any questions.

  • Additional Categories:

    Crystal Rainbow Energy
    Psychic Self Esteem

  • $25 off Tuition!
    (Use "Spirit Guides Magazine" when booking.)