Play With Fire: Transformation in France

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  • If there’s anywhere on earth made for transformation and exploration of both the inner and outer sorts, it’s this breathtaking medieval village in France.

    The Dordogne region of France, our home for the week, offers a glimpse of the 12th century in the present day, exquisite riverfront and countryside castle views, market strolls, restorative retreat life and vineyard vibes.

    For this week, a glorious French chateau is home to our inner journey too; the transformative alchemy of yoga promises a journey of a lifetime. As above, so below. A medieval setting in modern day invites us to embrace the duality between fiery shift and new beginnings, small self and universe at large, ancient practice and 21st century integration.

    As truth seekers and yogis, we are inherently alchemists. Constantly in pursuit of our highest selves and that within one another. We are on a quest for transformation…and pool chairs and wine tastings too!

    Think yoga two­-a-­days in the French countryside, outings to castles, markets and vineyards, pool, nap, biking and lounging time. Strolling and sipping under full moon blessings ­and a how-­to journey toward transformation, a celebration of the alchemy in our lives and the fire within. All of this within one dreamy Dordogne destination calling your name…