Unstuck – an individual retreat in Southern Spain

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  • These individual retreats are designed to take you away from all your distractions so you can reconnect to the true you. Across 2 days, we delve deeply into connecting to your core and discovering what that means in your everyday life. You will learn tools to help you stay connected to your heart and things that will help you live authentically in the world. We then have follow up sessions after the retreat to support you in living congruently.

    No matter where you are in life or how stuck you are sometimes the quickest and most efficient way to make change is to step away from your life and look at it anew. Because when you are in the middle of what you are trying to change, surrounded by many people who do not even realise how you feel it is hard to know where to start.

    These retreats aren’t just about ‘talking’ and unravelling problems, it’s about reconnecting – to your heart, to your soul, to the essence of who you are. You’ll walk away with a clear feeling about what is important in your life, who you are, and a plan so you can start the journey towards feeling fulfilled and happy.

    These retreats are not focused on the quick fix, I’m focused on long lasting change. The kind that when you look back 10 years from now you’ll be able to pinpoint the moment life got better.

    If you’d like to join me on this journey of discovery first we will have a chat and if we both agree the retreat is the right thing for you, we’ll book in dates (both weekends and weekdays are fine) and I will send you an agreement and joining information for your retreat.

    “When I arrived at the retreat I had been hiding from life for quite some time, was feeling run down, exhausted and depressed. 48 hours later I left Spain with a spring in my step, after having reconnected with myself again and ready to make my life loud and colorful! And I have the feeling that there is even more to unfold from this retreat when everything we’ve worked through will have settled in.”

    D.D. Owner Advertising Agency, Luxembourg

    “I have just done the Two Days to Get Unstuck retreat with Jessica. It was awesome and she literally saved me from my worst, doubting, deeply wounded self in so many ways. I simply cannot recommend this wise, wise woman highly enough! And no – therapy haters – it does not include impossible rules and boundaries and your time is not up in an hour! Quite the opposite! Easily in the top five of the BEST experiences of my life – from my heart! Highly recommended for anyone at a crossroads, in serious pain or experiencing a hard wake-up call. She will guide you to make sense of it all and get back on the joyful road of life!”

    H.R. Author

    “I came on a retreat with Jessica at a time in my life when I was completely stuck and overwhelmed and couldn’t really see how to move forward after a tricky few years. Jessica posed some fantastic questions that allowed me to unpick the issues and make some brilliant progress. Some questions that I had not been able to answer for literally years were suddenly revealed! The work we did together completely changed my outlook and I have not looked back! I can safely say that Jessica gave me my freedom back.”

    K.K. Head of Tax

    “I came to Spain, we eliminated some groundbreaking fears and I went home and I conquered. I feel like I should start wearing my pants on the outside with a cape to match. Not only did I feel like a different woman but my partner noticed as soon as he picked me up at the airport and I have been told by many people since that my eyes are sparkling so much with energy that it’s infectious – all in a good way.

    The weekend was a flurry of ‘aha’ moments and insights about my fears and worries, what they really are and how to get rid of them – so much so I left me feeling like I’ve lost about two stone in weight.

    I felt like the luckiest girl in the world being able to spend a weekend in the Spanish mountains with Jessica, spending time just on me. Having Jessica help me unpick the web of uncertainty I had carefully spun all on my own was invaluable. I arrived full of self doubt and frustration and I left full of energy, excitement and passion for the future.

    I was well and truly unstuck and reinvented in two days.”

    A.J. Author

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