Ritual and Chill

2018 Autumn Equinox Rituals for Bounty, Balance, and Fire

BY Morgan Garza


n September 22, 2018, at 9:54 p.m. eastern, the northern hemisphere will experience the autumnal equinox and the waning of light, while the southern hemisphere experiences the vernal equinox and the waxing of light.

This time of equal night and day, light and dark, is also marked by the move into Libra season on the 22nd, which is governed by the scales. Hello, balance! Following the equinox, the fiery harvest moon in Aries on September 24 will help us wrap up the energies of the summer, coming full circle from the new moon in Aries last spring!

What seeds did you plant in spring? What are you harvesting now?

The vibes are amplified as we energetically harvest the bounty of the (inner) work of the summer and strike a beautiful balance to carry us into the hibernation of winter with the help of fire to light it all up.

Ritual and Chill

Autumn equinox ritual

This summer was a doozy with tons of planets retrograde and one of the most powerful eclipse portals for years to come. As we pass the baton from summer to autumn and reflect on the bounty of our harvest, we may realize we’ve come much further than we previously thought. Think back on the past twelve months to the last autumn equinox and take note of the changes, rearranges, births, and deaths that have woven through your life.

Give yourself some damn praise! It’s not always easy following our hearts and the path that we know is right, but when we take one hot second to look back we may realize that we are way more badass that we are giving ourselves credit for.

Take time to appreciate how far you’ve come and don’t forget why you started. You’re doing great and this is all part of the process. Ritual and chill.

Nature always comes full circle and this transition from summer to fall, from light to the descent of light, and from intention to manifestation is massive.

Autumn Equinox Rituals

Autumn equinox ritual

Just as the autumn harvest is a celebrated time between friends, families, villages, and even farmer’s markets, so too it is a time to celebrate the inner work we’ve done.

These rituals will connect you to Mother Earth and yourself.

Honor Your Growth & Harvest the Light

In order to recognize and appreciate where we are we’ve got to look at where we came from. It’s all too easy to fall into the trap of not being satisfied with what you haven’t yet achieved or manifested. But what about what you have?!

You’ll need a pen a paper (or journal) for this but before you start writing, take a few minutes to sit in silence and reflect on the past year. Where were you in life last September? What were your dreaming about cultivating? What had you just harvested from summer? Where were you planning on going next? How close did you get to those desires and what did you create in your life that you didn’t even know you wanted?

Now, write it all down. Even something that you think is small, write it down. The triumphs and victories and manifestations and synchronicities and births. You’ll need this acknowledgement as the light fades and we are called into cozy winter.

Read each event aloud and smile at your soul for guiding you and thank your guides, angels, and ancestors for having your back. Say thank you and blast out golden, shimmering light from your heart and know that you created it ALL.

Share The Bounty

Literally speaking, share the bounty of seasonal fruits and vegetables. This is a beautiful time to align with the rhythm of nature by consuming foods that are native to your region and the season. Gather with your loved ones, invite neighbors over, make new friends and gather around a table to give thanks to Mother Earth and to connect with each other.

Much of this time is about the inner work that has been done but it is also about the collective and the living, breathing organism we live on. Gathering will amplify this gratitude and remind you of the roots of the season, stoking the fire in your heart.

Connect with the Earth

For many of us, the autumn equinox marks a time where the last bit of warmth will be felt, so get outside! Take your shoes off and walk through your backyard, the park, or dip your toes in a stream. This will bring harmony and balance to your soul as you walk and commune with the unconditional love of nature.

Connect with Mother Earth and absorb the energy she so freely and graciously gives. Earthing is a powerful practice of placing bareskin on the earth and absorbing the negative ions emitted. This healing energy is incredibly powerful and will help you further align with the energy of the season. It will also give you some last sips of much needed QT before the fall of winter and snow and light.

You are light, you are love, you are darkness

Autumn equinox ritual

Mother Nature is great at a lot of things, and one of them is reminding us that we are not separate from her or her rhythms, or from one another. We all move through the season, changes, births, and deaths as one.

Whenever you are lost in your darkness, look to nature to help you stoke your fire and shine your light. You are never alone and you are not meant to go it alone. Use this time to reflect and release what no longer serves you, just as the leaves change and fall from the trees. You are golden.

Morgan Garza

Morgan Garza

Morgan is a free spirit, traveler of inner and outer worlds, and co-founder of Spirit Guides Magazine. Her background is in holistic health and wellness and Traditional Chinese Medicine, energy healing, and all things mystical. She feels deeply, thinks expansively, and writes to make you feel something, question everything, and make you smile.

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