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rog’s breath, bat’s blood, and the toenail of a giant may have been ingredients in witchy cauldrons of times past, but in 2017, contemporary witches are putting new twists on ancient rituals. In the age of do-it-yourself and instant gratification, magic is no exception. With the precision of an artisan in a workshop, Allison Norman, creatrix of Ritual In A Jar, expertly crafts rituals for the modern witch.

Norman was attracted to the occult at a young age and felt called to attend college in New Orleans. It was there that she blossomed and fully absorbed the voodoo magic that is abundant and palpable on the cobblestone streets. “I find Haitian and New Orleans Vodou to be the practice that feels completely unforced and intuitive to me.”

She soon realized that bringing these ancient and powerful rituals to the world in an accessible way was her vehicle to inspire, empower, and remind today’s society of our mystical roots.

As practical magic makes its way back into our modern lives, we were stoked to come across Norman and her all-in-one rituals. We connected with her to uncover the secrets she picked up in the south and all the ways in which she lives a life full of magic.

Ritual In A Jar

What was the spark that lit Ritual In A Jar into existence?

As a child I was really powerfully driven towards the occult, divination, and communicating with spirits. It always freaked people out, but in my head I was doing them a favor by proving that ghosts existed! It wasn’t until I was older that I understood that some people don’t want to believe in ghosts, or magick.

I loved the idea of spells as a 12-year-old curious soul and could check-out or buy books on the subject, but what I couldn’t buy was everything the books said I needed: cauldrons and scythes and cloaks and pentacles. I also needed a bunch of willing participants, none of which I had. My mom was cool enough to buy me the books but she wasn’t about to spend $150 on occult supplies for her 13 year old. The internet didn’t exist then either, so I didn’t have the information that’s available so freely now.

I promised myself I would create a spell kit for beginners and everyone who wanted an “everything’s included, extremely potent, fits in your hand, beautiful, vibrant” ritual. Looking back, it’s funny how I talked about it when I was 17. I was going to call it “Wishcraft”—it took a long time for that dream to come into existence.

Having everything you need for a ritual in one jar is genius! How have you been influenced by performing ritual in your life?

In January of last year, I started doing new moon intention rituals every month. I created a custom ritual and did it every new moon. I kept a journal of my intentions and asked for the same thing each month (which seemed entirely impossible at the time).

By August of last year (8 months later) I had manifested all that I had asked for, including a group of women with whom I celebrate the new moon and full moon. These women whom I called on have become my beloveds, my sisters, my fellow goddesses whom I march next to and cry and laugh with and drink too much wine with. It’s beautiful.

I watched this intention ritual improve all of our lives and wanted this same transformation and empowerment for more women. I feel the time has come to reconnect with our ancient wolf women selves who live by the moon and communicate with the elements.

Ritual In A Jar

On your spiritual journey, what has guided you?

Everything. I’m sensitive, so if it exists I can sense it. Because I hear it all and see it all, I believe it all. More than anything however, Damballah and a general serpent energy come through. If you look at Damballah, a Haitian Creation Loa, he is depicted as a double serpent associated with peace, fertility, benevolence, and purity. Before I learned anything about him I had a print in my wall for five years that said “Dambala ye ye ye,” so I guess I was always drawn to this Vodou deity. The only piece of jewelry I don’t take off is a big smooth silver Papa Damballah Veve medallion around my neck. Another serpent energy I can’t get enough of is the kundalini energy that I aim to raise with meditation and kundalini yoga.

Where have you traveled to that will forever live in your heart as the place that moved you more than most?

New Orleans. I went to college there just because I loved the city so much. The first time I visited the Quarter when I was a kid I knew immediately that I wanted to live there. The power is palpable. My best stories take place in New Orleans. It’s a huge vortex of sexy, delicious energy that I just could eat alive.

What is the inspiration behind the combination of elements in your rituals?

I’ve been doing this for a long time. I always found magic spells to be the most fun thing ever and would make them for friends (as well as always doing them myself, of course) and they just always worked. Paganism, Hoodoo, Kitchen Witchery, Hedge Witchery, Root-work, Candle Magic, Folk-magic, a little bit of everything has inspired me really. I adore diversity in magic because it’s actually all the same, just a different language, a different time, a different latitude.


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