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Meeting My Guardian Angel Via Angelic Intuitive Medium Ivory LaNoue

BY Arizona Bell


ou’ve come through the worst of it, that’s what I’m hearing. You’ve come through the worst of it by far.” That’s what my guardian angel said. She told it to Ivory LaNoue and Ivory LaNoue told it to me. Like a game of telephone, I wondered if it was true.

I’m not what you would call a spirit-world skeptic by any means; after all, I live in Sedona, by choice, and created a digital magazine that revolves around spirituality—I’m into it. I’ve experienced firsthand other people’s direct connections to Spirit, as well as my own, in ways that cannot be disputed. It’s not a faith—it’s first hand, evidential experience.

Angels though… I hadn’t quite gone there yet. Something, I assume my atheist roots, wouldn’t let me go too far down that rabbit hole. But when the universe coordinated for me to meet with Ivory, a specified angelic intuitive communicator, through a series of synchronicities, I knew my time had come.

And it wasn’t weird timing at all; I had been asking for it, of course.

Typically and ritualistically, when I called on my spiritual guidance team in meditation, I included spirit guides, ancestors, and mom. Those were the things I believed in; those were the things I knew. But a few days before meeting with Ivory, I, seemingly out of no where, decided to throw angels—beings I definitely did not know or believe in—into the summoning mix. Angels, if you exist, please guide me, too.

And a few days later, on a warm day in February, there I was having my first angelic reading, meeting my master guide angel and guardian angel—the two angels who, Ivory says, are with each of us from the moment we come into this world until the moment we exit.

It’s so important to develop a relationship with those two angelic guides,” she tells me in her cozy office at the spiritual co-op Sedona Soul Sisters, which she co-founded with Rozlyn Reynolds, “because then you can begin to communicate with them and you’re more likely to get your messages and start hearing and seeing them.

Great—I was in the right place then; quite frankly, I needed all the messages I could get.

Ivory LaNoue

Angelic communicator and medium Ivory LaNoue.

How to talk to angels

Angelic communication comes in a variety of forms, such as the spoken word, synchronistic messages, numeric sequences, and those awesome moments when you think about an issue and close-to-the-next-moment you turn on the radio or open a magazine and there’s a song or article that’s exactly about that specific issue—a clear directional sign to your lost-ness, an obvious answer to your question. “I always tell students: When you think to yourself, what a weird thought to have, or where did that come from, or why am I thinking about that now—that’s a clue.”

Does everyone have access to angelic communication, and more, to psychic abilities? I ask. “Everyone has intuitive skills,” Ivory confirms, to the delight of my desire to strengthen my own Spirit antenna. “If they choose to develop them, they can become psychics. When I am giving classes on intuitive development, I find that many people do not trust their intuition. It is difficult for them, at first, to believe that they are having intuitive flashes. Some people do not recognize those flashes for what they are. Once they give a couple of practice readings and get my feedback on them, I see their confidence rising and that is when they begin to rely on their intuition.”

If you are like me and want to develop your spiritual guidance and intuitive skills, Ivory instructs that it is paramount we learn to discern these messages and listen to them, because the more we do, the more they will come. “The more you follow it, the more they’ll give you. If you ignore angelic advice it slows down. It never stops, but it can slow down.”

In the course of my hour-long angelic reading with Ivory—who is someone I can only describe as pure warmth—I learned some more things about angels: meditative and dream states are the easiest times for them to communicate with us; they aren’t male or female, they are androgynous, but sometimes they do have either a more male or more female energy; feeling chills from head-to-toe is a clear sign that they are near (“They bring part of the afterlife with them into this room, and their vibration is very, very high.”).

Oh, and that angels don’t look like angels at all.

The Color Lavender

Behind Ivory, high on her office wall rests a pair of white angel wings. I ask her if this is how angels really appear. She explains that, no, typically angels do not appear like the traditional bible version (think, huge white wings and flowing gowns) with which we are all familiar. In reality, they usually appear as a gigantic ball of vibrant light, and bring with them the feeling, again, of head-to-toe chills. And, only occasionally, they will show color. “If they do show color, it means they are going to appear to you in the physical in this color. When you see this color it’s them talking to you.”

My guardian angel’s name is Nyla.

And she wants to talk to me.

After Nyla introduces herself (Ivory sees the angel’s names written in big calligraphy letters in her mind’s eye), Ivory closes her eyes to hear/see her more clearly. She takes a deep breath and I am on the verge of my seat waiting to see what this Nyla is all about. Nyla, straight away, wants me to know that her color is lavender. I think to myself, that’s super adorable. Ivory continues: “Nyla has a very distinct feminine energy; very soft, but determined.” I inquire what it is that she is so determined about.

The answer is: me.

“Nyla is saying that you’ve walked a difficult path. No life—I don’t care what it appears from the outside—no one’s life is real easy. Some seem to be charmed but nobody’s life is easy. But you’ve walked a difficult path.”

I let my guard down at that exact moment, because what was the point in not? Obviously Ivory—and Nyla and the whole spirit world—could see right through the stoic, everything’s-fine exterior that I present to the world. She could see the truth, which was that I was perpetually hurt and in such need of healing. That I was frozen in grief, in such need of warmth. That I had been shattered.

But I’ve come through the worst of it by far, right, Nyla, my lavender-hued guardian? I hope you’re true, because this gives me hope.

Almost like a mother

Ivory has communicated with spirits and angels ever since she can remember; her first memory of communicating with an angel was at two years old. “When I think back on my childhood, I remember being afraid to sleep because spirits were talking to me, touching me, and I did not like it,” she says. “I can remember asking why every house I ever lived in was haunted.”

But with a conservative family, she learned to keep her psychic insights to herself, and it took her many years to realize and admit to herself and then to the world what she was: a spiritual medium. “In the mid ‘80s, at the time of the Harmonic Convergence, I was still living in Prescott when I had a powerful spiritual awakening. This experience was the start of my long spiritual journey.”

Her journey eventually led her to her spiritual mentor, renowned spiritual medium Susanne Wilson, which, subsequently, led her to me. “I was guided to Susanne by spirit at a very low time in my life,” Ivory explains. “She immediately took me on, gave me guidance in honing my natural skills, and helped me to heal so I could do this work. She helped me to avoid mistakes, and begin my mediumship work at a higher level than I could have otherwise.”

I, too, was led to Susanne Wilson at a low time—a time that stemmed from part of that “difficult path” that Ivory referred to. In fact, the Dark Night of the Soul is something that Ivory and I—and I assume every other person on a quest for the light—have in common. On the heals of years of complex grief and total loss, I stumbled my way to Susanne, who turned out to be the best evidential medium I’ve ever been to (and I’ve been to a lot). Years later, when I randomly overheard Susanne refer to Ivory as her “best student” during a Reiki training class, I wasted no time in approaching Ivory for a reading.

And I’m so glad that I did. Once I let my guard down for my guardian angel, my reading began to get very real and very intense, going straight into the dark places inside me that needed to be dealt with, illuminating my shadow work, calling me out of my shit in the gentlest, most loving way.

“[Nyla’s] saying ‘Why won’t you let your beauty shine?’ There’s something in there about a denial of your beauty, and when I say beauty I’m not talking about physical appearance. It’s letting your beauty from within just glow out. There is a sense of you dampening that for some reason. I am getting head-to-toe chills all over my body; that’s angelic confirmation on this specific point. This is a really big deal for you; like it’s time for you to really work on this and open up and break through these barriers. It’s old stuff that’s just not true. That’s what she keeps telling me: It’s just not true.”

Oh, Nyla. I hoped that the “old stuff” being untrue was true, because this gives me hope.

At this point I’be grown very fond of both Nyla and Ivory. “There’s a lot of comforting that Nyla’s provided to you and will continue,” Ivory says. “She just keeps showing me this very calming—almost like a mother would do—rubbing your head when you don’t feel good, or when you’re crying, just this very maternal kind of energy from her towards you.”

Almost like a mother would do. The exact thing an orphan like me needs.

While my session with Ivory went into the dark corners of my life, and most accurately so, it ended on a light note. On a motherly note. “She says things are about to get big. And I feel this is totally positive; this is exciting. I feel her excitement for you. Expansion is coming up for you.” Ivory then closes her eyes and speaks to my angel only she could see: “Tell me more…”

I sat at the edge of my seat like a poor man waiting for a treasure map.

“It’s just really time for you to blossom, dear Arizona.”

The Proof Is In The Color

She was right: It was time.

And, in fact, I can tell you now, many months after my reading, that everything Ivory told me was right. My angel messages and synchronicites have come into clarity since my reading, as she told me they would after invoking them during our session together. My life has expanded in all the ways she (via Nyla) suggested they would. The sun has risen on my Dark Night.

A few months after meeting with Ivory, I was house hunting. I walked into the house that would soon become my home and saw the room that would be my writing space. Writing, more than any other thing, has been the life boat that has taken me from the drowning waters of grief to the shore of survival, and would continue to be, so finding the right writing space was an important part of the new home purchase. I walked through the new door to find the only thing I could find in order to know, rather than to hope, that all of this—Ivory, Nyla, Spirit, Me—is true: A sunlit, lavender-colored room.

About Sedona Soul Sisters

Sedona Soul Sisters, a co-op of world-renowned psychics and spiritual teachers, opened its doors in April 2016. With a variety of spiritual services, including Akashic Record and animal communication readings and everything in-between, visiting Ivory and her colleagues at Sedona Soul Sisters is a must during your Sedona vacation. Phone and Skype sessions are also available. 2155 W. State Rte 89A #114, Sedona. 928-282-2243.

Sedona Soul Sisters

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Arizona Bell

Arizona Bell

Arizona Bell is the co-founder and editor of Spirit Guides Magazine and host of Spirit Guides Radio. Bell began her writing career more than a decade ago as an intern at Curve Magazine and has since been widely published in newspapers, magazines, and journals, appearing in The Los Angeles Review, Grief Digest, Willamette Week, The Establishment, and more. Her debut book “This Is How You BE: A Simple Guide To True Happiness” is available now, and her second book “Soul Magic” published by St. Martin’s Press will be available August 2020.

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