The Soulistic Alchemy Of Shamanessa Goddessa

One Woman’s Mission To Awaken The Divine Essence In Us All


abrina Riccio of Shamanessa Goddessa is an empowered, intuitive, badass modern mystic with healing potions up her sleeve and ancient mantras vibrating from her throat. We had to know what was living so palpably bold inside her heart.

A kundalini yoga instructor and devout practitioner of A Course in Miracles, Riccio has dedicated her life to waking the wild, divine creature that lives coiled within our beings. “My dharma is to help transcend negativity and generate a new world by embracing God’s Light through Divine Consciousness,” she says.

Shamanessa Goddessa is Riccio’s passion project born from that spirit–and can we just say, girl is makin’ it rain love, light, and awareness onto our deeply wounded world! Whether you call her a life coach, spiritual mentor, podcast host, herbalist, artist, speaker, writer, teacher, or most-hilarious-adorable-Instagram-storyteller-ever, she is on a mindful hustle to help people realize their innate power, harness their true potential, and become their most authentic self.

All that to say: This girl is making moves! And we think you’ll want to move right alongside her.

With “herbalist” high on her list of passions and purposes in this life, Riccio recently launched a unique, crystal-charged collection of smokeless smudge sprays for each of the seven chakras called Shamanic Dream. She talked with Spirit Guides on how she became an alchemist in her own life, the source of her inspiration, and her personal spirit guides.

Shamanessa Goddessa

How did Shamanessa Goddessa come into existence?

While I was in the depths of depression and PTSD, I took a three-year sabbatical where I made my mental health my top priority. I was making my way out of the music industry and on an unknown and unfamiliar path. I followed my heart and traveled to Thailand and Bali for two months. I was just embarking on my spiritual journey and that experience brought me closer to my soul.

From there, I deepened my spiritual practice and committed to heal myself after a difficult psilocybin experience in Thailand. I practiced kundalini yoga, worked with spirit medicines, took myself on some self-induced shamanic ceremonies, and became a student of A Course in Miracles. Living with intention, and following my heart, I became a clear channel.

Shamanessa Goddessa came through one night while I was listening to some records in San Diego. I began by sharing a lesson of the day from A Course in Miracles on Instagram. From there, I had the confidence to have faith and trust in the divine guidance and the soulistic journey I was about to embark on.

Shamanessa Goddessa is a lifestyle. To me, Shamanessa Goddessa is a way of being. She’s aligned and honors her goddess truth and navigates through this time with grace. She is a force to be reckoned with because we all are the Shamanessa Goddessa. We all have the power to heal ourselves if we truly commit. Once we honor and recognize our Divine Truth, we know that anything is possible. As I began living with authenticity and honored all my perfect imperfections, she bloomed.

People crave authenticity more than ever right now. This platform has come around and is here during this auspicious time because we are called to trust Spirit and by recognizing that Spirit lives within our hearts, this is our permission to go out into the world and courageously live our medicine.

As a kundalini instructor, how do you weave the ancient wisdom of this practice into your everyday life?

Since becoming a kundalini teacher, I see life on a much deeper level. I recognize that I have the power to shift my energy in a minute! I love the power of mantras. Coming from a music background, I understand the power of these mantras and how they affect us on a molecular and vibrational level. I grew up singing, so when I know I need to chant a certain mantra, I love to sing at the top of my lungs if I’m reallllly feeling it.

This has helped me strengthen my own voice as I host the Sovereign Goddess Podcast. Even before I have an conversation with a guest, I ask that we chant together so that we may permeate our aura with protective light. The empath in me loves that I can use kundalini yoga as a tool whenever I need. Breathwork is also incredible because it brings us back to the present moment. If you really want to get through any block, turn to your breath and visualize what it is you wish to experience.

Shamanessa Goddessa

What destination holds the most spiritual power for you?

When I was visiting John of God in Brazil, I never felt before what I felt there. I had a wild energetic rebirth and that experience forever changed my life. My favorite place to reconnect with my Spirit is Burning Man. This past Burning Man, I did it 100 percent sober and it was the most empowering experience of my life.

Who/what are your spirit guides?

My go-to guides are Jesus, Mother Mary, Mary Magdalene, Isis, and Kali. The other gods and goddesses come through when they need. The thing is, I’m constantly guided. I see God in all things and as I’ve gotten more still and quiet, I hear the messages that come from all the symbols life brings. Plants, animals, songs, crystals, numbers–they all have symbolism. This is the life of an intuitive. Over the years, I’ve become very connected with my guides. They help me navigate through time and space. They help me connect to the highest benevolence of love and compassion.

You just launched a line of smudge sprays–what was the inspiration behind each herbal combination?

Shamanic Dream was completely intuitive. When I came back from John of God, I got the sign that this is what I needed to do. For two years I worked on this project. Testing and learning more about plant medicines and crystal therapy, these blends just felt right. I created these blends during the time my grandmother was sick. I moved back to Palm Springs from San Diego to be her caretaker just three weeks after the message came through. Creating these blends helped me get through one of the most challenging experiences of my life. It was challenging to be back in my hometown and away from my tribe, but it was the perfect opportunity for me to be a hermit and master my craft. I was driven to make a change in my life and bring something that can help humanity as we go through this journey together.

Each blend is to help support a different chakra with crystal therapy and sacred geometry, reiki, Kundalini mantras, and of course various herbs and flowers. I always loved and respected sage and palo santo as well as other plants to help clear and heal. If I were to get back out into the world and conquer my social anxiety, I wanted to create something pure to center me with just a few breaths and sprays.

Shamanessa Goddessa

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