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Cosmic Career Blueprints To Align With Your Soul’s Purpose


urious humans have long garnered wisdom, inspiration, and insight from the celestial sky above. We are naturally called to look up and marvel at the wonder and quiet power of the stars and intuitively decipher the ancient connection between the stardust in our souls and the luminous universe.

Not only do the stars give us something beautiful and mystifying to gaze at, they also have the potential to remind us of our life’s purpose and help us align every aspect of our lives with passion and intention. The work we are each here to do is actually pre-wired into our eternal souls, helping us share our natural talents and be of service to others—but how many of us are actually living in full alignment with our highest purpose? It seems far more common that we find ourselves stuck in rote, drab work that sucks at our souls.

But the time has come, lovelies, to let our souls shine bright!

If you’ve been wondering if you are on the path of least resistance and in alignment in your own higher purpose, it’s time we introduce you to career astrologer and founder of Soulshine Astrology, Natalie Walstein. Walstein has dedicated her life to reading the stars and helping people align their outer world with their inner compass.

“Your chart is not only about what your bigger purpose is here as a human on planet Earth,” she explains, “but also what would make you feel the happiest and most fulfilled in your work in a more practical sense.”

Spirit Guides waxed poetic with Walstein about the stars, birth charts, and living with passion and purpose in this lifetime. Having perfected the art of alignment, Walstein is offering our readers an exclusive discount, so be sure to grab the discount code at the bottom of this article!

Soulshine Astrology

Natalie Walstein, career astrologer and founder of Soulshine Astrology

How did Soulshine Astrology come into existence and when did you start studying the stars?

My adventures in astrology all started out by looking deeper into my own astrology chart. I had always been interested in astrology throughout my life, but it wasn’t until I moved to the middle of the jungle on the Big Island of Hawaii in 2015 that the stars and the moon phases felt even more intense and powerful to me.

Soon after moving, my life-long career as a graphic designer began to come to an end, partly because my heart just wasn’t in it anymore and partly for health and stress-related reasons stemming from adjusting to life in a new place. I really wasn’t sure what else to do because I had pretty much devoted myself to my design work for most of my life and my business had been built on all the things I had thought I loved to do!

What I discovered from my birth chart, however, was that I was not using my potential to the fullest and that was the real reason why I was feeling so out of balance in my work, in my life, and even my health.

Even though I was on track with a lot of things in my chart, there was a really integral part of me that was not getting airtime in my work as a graphic designer. It happened to be my strong intuition, spirituality, and sensitivity to energy. Yet I had no idea what to do about this imbalance, until one day I asked myself a really exciting question: “What if I just became an astrologer?”

What happened next was quite literally out of this world! Over the next few months, my new devotion to this path of studying astrology took me on a wild ride where I ended up not only stumbling into my dream career as a career astrologer, but also discovering my true life purpose on a crazy deep level, opening up all 12 of my chakras and downloading visions about the past and future, and finding out that I was a fortune teller/oracle/seer in previous lifetimes—without even trying or understanding what was going on at the time!

I should probably say that I don’t think this is a normal reaction to reading your astrology chart, but it seems that this calling had been waiting for me to discover it all along! I officially started Soulshine Astrology in 2016, but I’m sure I will be continuing to work on it for the rest of my life.

Soulshine Astrology

How do you apply astrology specifically to careers and read the Cosmic Career Blueprint to determine what skill someone should hone to align with their authenticity?

I have always been obsessed with this idea of creating an authentic career that aligns with your personal development and the way you want to live your life. Your astrology chart is a map to your true calling in life, so it only seemed natural to me that it could help you find your ideal career, too.

Through my work, I help you learn how to harness your ‘Sun’ (your life essence and what fires you up in your work), satiate your ‘Moon’ (your emotional balance and feeling of security), and step into your ‘Rising Sign’ (your true identity and the work that you are meant to do in the world). There are also several other points, planets, and asteroids that come together in your chart to paint a super clear picture of your ideal career.

Your chart is not only about what your bigger purpose is here as a human on planet Earth, but also what would make you feel the happiest and most fulfilled in your work in a more practical sense. I strongly believe that if you have to work every day anyway, it might as well be in something you are deeply passionate about!

Soulshine Astrology

How do you personally commune with Spirit?

My heart and intuition lead me everywhere I go and I tend to dream everything before it happens. It’s not even really a dream, though, it’s more like a ‘knowing.’ It used to be really strange, but now I see that working with the future was all meant to be a part of my calling.

Today, my consciousness is deeply rooted in my personal library of signs and symbols, delivered to me by hidden guides that maybe someday I will still get to meet when I’m ready. Underneath it all, I know that when I’m happily moving along on the path that feels the best to me, everything I could ever want or need comes to me—and the best part is that it’s usually better than I had even imagined! I love that I get to help others find this path for themselves too.

Soulshine Astrology

Where was the most impactful and soulful place you’ve traveled to?

Moving to Hawaii definitely changed my life. I had never even visited before my partner and I sold everything we owned, hopped in a van and road tripped across the U.S. and flew across the ocean to a dot on a map we hoped to call our home.

I was merely expecting Hawaii to be just like heaven, and it was, but it was also so much more than that. It’s an amazingly beautiful place, but I also had to face so many of my deeply rooted fears while I was there.

In the end, the whole experience ended up showing me who I really was. It brought me back to my true self, and eventually back to my hometown where I knew I could help more people with the gifts and talents I had discovered while I was there.

Soulshine Astrology

What is the most interesting thing you’ve seen happen with clients who discover their purpose and passion through career astrology?

After I work with someone, I often hear that they feel a lot calmer, happier, much more centered, and confident in the path they’re on. Deep down, I believe you already know what your purpose and passion is, so an astrology reading or report is just a confirmation of what your soul already knows to be true on a really deep energetic level.

However, getting a reading can be a really good way to grant yourself permission to be who you’ve always wanted to be—the most amazing, magical, and authentic version of the person you already are and have always been!


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