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The ‘why’ behind Spirit Guides Magazine


appy Anniversary to us! One year ago today, on a mystical full moon on 1/11/17, we launched Spirit Guides Magazine into the universe from the energetic land of Sedona, Arizona.

We had no idea how the following months would evolve after launching, how this digital magazine would change our lives forever, or how much we’d learn on such an epic, authentic level—about the universe inside, around us, and the spaces inbetween.

As we celebrate this milestone, half a world away from each other, we are full of nostalgia for where we came from and absolutely humbled for where we find ourselves now. We wanted to share more about ourselves with you, our loyal tribe that has grown so fiercely, and take this opportunity to share our why.


As spirituality makes its way more and more into mainstream consciousness, our intention is to be the modern voice for ancient wisdoms. We want to make spirituality accessible and remind each person of their power, truth, divinity, innate spirituality, and personal magic. Travel to and through the self, and through the world at large, is also a main focus of Spirit Guides Magazine. With a tagline “new maps for old souls,” we literally want to give you the maps to discover yourself and the world around you by following your inner compass.

Through digital articles, the radio waves, a spiritual directory, and in-person events, it is our hope to feed and expand the minds of all.

Over the past year we’ve also realized that Spirit Guides is much, much more than a digital magazine. As with any creation, there is a separate entity that develops beyond the creators. We have seen this digital magazine become a hub for spirituality—for the curious, the expert, and the skeptic. It is our mission to fuel this evolution and to allow Spirit Guides to become what it, and the universe, want it to become. She’s got a mind of her own, and what a beautiful mind it is! We will be continually evolving, as that is what nature intended.


Spirit Guides Magazine Arizona Bell

Current location: Florence, Italy

What was the biggest lesson you learned after launching Spirit Guides Magazine?
That divine, abundant manifestation is real, and it becomes fully realized when, and only when, we surrender. What do I mean by surrender? I mean to literally make no decisions for myself! That doesn’t mean I don’t take action; it means first I sit in stillness and ask what the fuck to do?! Because the greatest lesson, I see now, is that we don’t know, we just don’t! And to trust the Spirit that blooms all of nature effortlessly as to what THE path is, rather than putting faith in the muddied-up ego, is the true path to success, well-being, happiness, and any other word you fancy.

Every time I am faced with a decision, a crossroads, a fork—professionally or otherwise, but professionally for the purpose of this article—I fucking meditate. I give gratitude, I pray, I ask. And I don’t ask for things or specific solutions I’ve concocted; I ask to be used for service to the highest good—and then the things come. Money comes, peace comes, clarity comes, houses in Europe come, whatever! And I’ll tell you the truth: I have learned/forgotten this lesson in various ways and stages of my life, but I will say I learned this lesson, again, truly, so hardcore after Spirit Guides launch because for a big part of the year I forgot this lesson and strayed a bit off the path. And guess what? Things suffered because of it. Our lowest, slowest months this year were when I thought I was in control. Haha! The minute I gave the wheel back to Spirit—literally Spirit ‘guided’—things clicked back into ‘fuck yes’ mode.

The greatest lesson, then, has been that surrender isn’t lazy, it isn’t resignation, it’s actually the truest discipleship. Frankly, Spirit knows better than me what’s better for me. So this year, I learned once and for all that if I want to be all that I want to be, I better let Spirit decide who I will be.

How has your life changed since launching last year?
My life has flipped 180 degrees since the launch! From Sedona to Italy and many places in between. From love to heartbreak to self-love to the real-deal, capital L, Love of Spirit. From control freak to surrender freak. From found to lost to finding again. It’s been a wild ride, to say the least! In some ways it has been a hard year, but it’s also been a year of softening. And I can’t think of a better thing than that.

What are you most grateful for since the launch last year?
I am grateful for loss. I know that sounds weird and counter intuitive, but it’s true. I have come to believe that lighthouses become because of the dark. I am becoming because of the dark. And after enduring a significant amount of loss in a condensed period of time, it really helps you see clearly what matters. And attention to what matters is literally the recipe for happiness. So, I am grateful for clarity, and Spirit Guides role in that this year has been vital, the constant North Star.

What are you most excited for in this second year of life?
Gain! Haha. No, but seriously, there is so much expansion in Spirit Guides future that we can hardly keep up—and that’s a great feeling. I am most excited to help more people and to really get the word out about the things that we are passionate about. I love that we have become a hub that connects seekers with healers, and I can’t wait to bring more of that connection this year.

MEET Morgan garza

Spirit Guides Magazine Maeluna Rad

Current location: Denver, Colorado

What was the biggest lesson you learned after launching Spirit Guides Magazine?
Consistency is key and love is fuel. While this might not be a very “spiritual” lesson from launching an extremely spiritual endeavour, we are also soulpreneurs and business owners. Success doesn’t happen by gazing into a crystal ball, going on a shamanic journey, or pulling a tarot card. Success happens from deliberate and consistent action, but I found that I never wanted to deliberately or consistently work on anything before Spirit Guides.

I was uninspired, overworked, underpaid, stretched too thin and working for other people’s dreams. I realized (duh!) that I needed to be in love with my work to commit to it and I found that love here. That allowed me to buck the fuck up, stop screwing around, and work hard on the dream. I haven’t been able to touch anything that wasn’t in alignment since.

How has your life changed since launching last year?
2017 was literally the year of change—of simultaneous beginnings and endings. I moved from Phoenix to Sedona, Sedona to Denver, traveled to SE Asia for months, had a stint in Italy (with Arizona!), and came back full circle to Denver before the end of the year. During this time I also quit a full-time job, released a bunch of bullshit, fell in love, and got super clear on the way I wanted my life to flow and look.

I demolished everything I thought I was and who I thought I wanted to be and came fully into my power—and I can genuinely say that this passion project has been the greatest catalyst for inspired change in my entire life.

What are you most grateful for since the launch last year?
I think it would have to be clarity and confidence. I knew I wanted to be a writer, but hated writing for other people and making their dreams come true. Although I was good at it, I was pissed I wasn’t growing a big dream of my own. Since the launch, everything became radically clear and I realized that I was the only thing holding me back from just going for it. The confidence came from believing in myself and holding this dream in the highest.

I am also grateful for the freedom and connection with other like-minded souls that this project of passion inspired. I was able to think more freely, and connect deeply so I also lived more freely and without inhibition. I took huge risks knowing that I am always supported and guided, and listened to my intuition above all else. That’s something you never forget.

What are you most excited for in this second year of life?
This year is going to be badass. We’ve got a year of lessons and clarity under our belts and now we are ready to start working on bigger and more expansive projects—we are ready to fucking quantum leap! We are here to help people—it’s all I’ve ever wanted to do. We have soooo many ideas for 2018 and we know that this is the time to take intentional action and really make some moves.

With Arizona in Italy and me in Colorado, I am also excited to meet up in magical places around the world for retreats, meetings, soul reconnection, and creation. The energy when we are together is palpable and the universe tunes in too for near-instant manifestation. 2018, we see you and we are READY! Blast Off!!

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