Divine Alchemy Mini Retreat

Sedona Arizona

Divine Alchemy: Building A Bridge Between Two Worlds

Are you ready to strengthen your connection to your divine self? Are you ready to heal past wounds and leverage them to propel to your highest possible manifestation? Are you ready to transmute the lead of your life into pure, high vibin’ gold?

Join Spirit Guides Magazine’s resident spiritual medium Diane Richards for a two-day psychic development mini retreat where you will not only connect with Spirit directly through medium readings, past life regression, and more, but be mentored in strengthening your own spiritual connection.

A renowned New Jersey medium with raving reviews including “the best medium I’ve ever been to” and “the absolute real deal,” Richards’ intimate workshop in Sedona is not to be missed for anyone who is serious about healing, tuning into their intuitive abilities, and blossoming into their most authentic self.

Divine Alchemy Mini RetreatAs a retreat participant, Diane will be accessible to you for two full days. You will be given messages from your recently departed loved ones and spirit guides that will offer you peace and closure, but more, you will learn how to tap into your own intuition and guides to develop your own intuitive abilities and live an inspired life.

At the Divine Alchemy mini retreat you will:

  • Spend two days with a renowned and highly sought after psychic medium, learning how to strengthen your spiritual antenna and connect with your departed loved ones
  • Participate in a medium reading where you will receive direct messages from your departed loved ones
  • Deepen your spiritual understanding with a Past Life Regression Therapy session
  • Explore writing exercises that help you connect to spirit, heal past wounds, and manifest as your highest, most authentic self
  • Experience the healing effects of daily group guided meditations
  • Learn how to use spiritual tools such as meditation, angel cards, and pendulums to connect with the spirit of your loved ones
  • Forge lifelong friendships with likeminded retreat participants
  • Recharge your energy among the healing vortexes of Sedona

This mini retreat is for you if you:

  • Have a desire to directly and deeply connect with one or more departed loved ones
  • Want to spend two days in an intimate setting with a warm and healing spiritual medium
  • Have a desire to heal from past wounds and leverage them for your highest good
  • Want to learn to strengthen your own spiritual connection and psychic abilities
  • Crave connection with a group of likeminded people and a spiritual community
  • Want to recharge energetically in the beautiful red rock energy of Sedona!

Divine Alchemy Mini Retreat Schedule

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“Diane is the most amazing medium I have ever been with. She is the real deal.” – Mary Beth Robinson

“I had the pleasure of attending a group reading with Diane. There were about 30 people in the group and Diane gave EACH person a message from at least one, if not MORE, loved ones who had passed. EVERYONE’S message was accurate and Diane was able to relay events that there was NO WAY she would have known. She told me things I had forgotten! It was AMAZING!” – Pat H.

“My son died in a car accident more than a year ago. A friend of mine told me about Diane so I made an appointment. I didn’t tell Diane about my son but within minutes she made a connection with him. She told me something that only me and my son knew. I couldn’t believe it. When my session was over (which ran longer than the 30 minutes scheduled!) Diane wouldn’t let me pay her! The gift she gave me healed me more than months of counseling. I can’t thank her enough!” – Anonymous

“Diane Richards is one of the special ones! With hope and compassion, she truly helped me to start to HEAL and with her messages from my loved ones I was able to move forward and start the healing process.” – Gina T.

About Diane

Diane RichardsDiane Richards is a certified educator and administrator who has spent years studying with some of the most well-respected experts in the fields of mediumship, psychic readings, past life regression, healing, spiritualism, and Reiki. She studied psychic/medium counseling under the direction of Dr. Carole Carbone and received membership and certification as a psychic counselor with the International Association of Past Life Therapists.

Additionally, Richards studied mediumship with James Van Praagh, Janet Nohavec, Colin Bates, and other tutors from the renowned Arthur Findlay College in England. She received Reiki Master certification through Reiki Master Joe Shields, and studied past life regression therapy with Dr. Brian Weiss. Learning additional healing from Janet Nohavec, medium and founder of the Journey Within, Richards is able to combine her formal and practical education with her intuitive gifts and talents to help herself and others on their journey to a healthy, balanced life.

Richards was born and raised in New Jersey. (Yes! She’s a pizza snob who loves Bruce Springsteen, Bon Jovi, and the Jersey shore!) As a child, she was naturally intuitive and had her first medium experience at the age of five, after the death of her grandfather. Working in the field of education and having her own school was a calling that she received at an early age, and she went on to become a teacher, counselor, and principal. As an adult, Richards was driven to open an alternative school to meet the needs of students who were struggling in the mainstream public school system.

While attending a Dr. Brian Weiss workshop in 2010, Richards experienced a life changing past life regression and was fiercely reunited with her mediumship abilities. It was during this time that she began pursuing a career helping others receive valuable messages and closure from departed loved ones. Since then, Richards has become one of the most sought after mediums on the East Coast. In addition to being a medium to spirit for others, she now focuses on helping others develop their own spiritual and psychic connections via workshops, webinars, and retreats.

More info on Diane Richards can be found at dianerichards.net.

About Sedona

Sedona ArizonaIt has been said that “God made the Grand Canyon, but he lives in Sedona.” If you’ve been to Sedona, you know it’s the perfect place to come when in the depths of grief. This mystical town is a mecca of all things spiritual and healing, not to mention stunningly beautiful with its one-of-a-kind red rocks. The locals know that Sedona is one of the highest vibrational towns in all of the world, which is why it attracts teachers and healers from every corner of the globe. We believe it is the perfect place to begin transforming grief and building a stronger connection to spirit.


Accommodations are not included in the retreat price. The below hotels are recommended by us due to their extremely close proximity to the Sedona Creative Life Center; however, there are many beautiful hotels and resorts from all price ranges throughout Sedona.


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