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Heather Kristian Strang


met my twin flame.

How did I know?

I had read all of the articles (“5 Signs He’s Totally Your Twin Flame!”) and watched all of the YouTubes (“How to Tell If He’s The One!”). And even he agreed it was true. We were twin flames. It was decided and confirmed and verified.

But then, my knowledge grew. And you know what? Twin flame relationships are the worst! Why? Because according to twin flame theory, these relationships are known to be explosive and almost never last. Unless of course you’re in your last lifetime, which can only be revealed to you by way of…

Are you exhausted yet?

I was.

And this was before I even knew I was a spiritual matchmaker. Yep, I was in the New Age Love Theory deep, and twin flames were all the rage.

Fortunately, I’ve learned a few things over the years through my connection with Higher Consciousness and in supporting others in experiencing true love and partnership. One of those being: Love is not all encapsulated in a label. It’s not in a formula and it’s not even up to you to control—although it is up to you to find your alignment to it.

I’ve also learned this: You—gorgeous, brilliant, multi-talented, just-a-dream-to-be-with (even when you’re not) you—is the star in the love story of your life.

And that love story is the life you’re living now. Your life is a love story. Right here, right now. That love story in this moment might be filled with self-pity and drama (been there, I feel ya!), or with hope and wonder (kudos, darling!), or maybe serious avoidance (oops, been there too—so, put down that glass of wine!), or perhaps an addiction to questing hardcore for that love (so please stop yourself from attending your 500th “How to Find The One” class and just do it already by following the guidance contained here instead).

I’ve got even better news. This love story that is the love story you’re living right now is fun if you allow it to be, because it’s actually a scavenger hunt and you can make it any way you like it—sweet, spiritual, sacred with a side of sexy—based on your focus and intent. It’s a following the signs, celebrating all synchronicities, and leaning into love’s journey—a journey that is intent on leading you to one thing and one thing only: the true and deliciously authentic you.

In fact, “getting” the love isn’t even the grand prize on this scavenger hunt, but you know what is? Every conversation with every angel of a human that comes before you. Every time you integrate your emotional and spiritual bodies and choose your actions from that place. Every look that takes you and the other deeper into divine truth. Every excursion that has you laughing and in awe of the bliss available in this life.

So, forget the labels.

What you want is rich, deep, true love and partnership. It is encoded within all hearts for many, many reasons—one of which is that it is a way for us to be the microcosm of the Oneness experience, as we experience Oneness within the sacred container of partnership. And as we do this we support the elevation of the macrocosm in having the Oneness experience as a collective whole.

Your love story—the one you have the starring role in—is totally and completely what you need to become the best, most aligned, most integrated version of you there ever was, including in any previous lifetimes. And this love story is chock full of experiences that serve your highest evolution and thus the highest evolution of the planet.

Every individual who comes before you is bringing a gift for you to uncover. And every unfolding is bringing you the opportunity to heal and love at deeper levels than you ever have before.

Spirit-Led Love

Now, there are some divine truths that will make your personal love story unfolding even more to your liking. Check this out:

❤ The greatest love you’ve ever known is alive and incarnated at the same time you are. You two are destined to meet and this occurs when you’re aligned with who you truly are. When you’re not aligned with who you truly are, you’ll be on some scenic routes from your highest path and while those can be “fun,” it’s not really the kind of fun you truly want to have. So, let go of the anxiety that he/she is on another planet or that you’re going to have to search every bit of this planet with a fine-tooth comb to find him/her. You’re not. So, relax.

❤ Because the above is true, your number one focus everyday needs to be staying aligned with who you really are, which more easily translated means being connected to your higher wisdom (i.e., Source/God, your Higher Self and your Guides and Angels of the Highest Light), which even more easily translated means anchoring into your spiritual practice and emotional “work.”

❤ Your active participation is required in this love story. So, have a “Love Elder”—a phrase coined by Jeff Brown in An Uncommon Bond—on your team. You want to have consistent support on your path to love and loving, because you’re familiar with the common adage: If you do what you’ve always done you’ll get what you’ve always gotten. So, you want to work with someone who can give you new tools for showing up for your scavenger hunt in a way that keeps you on the path toward the true you. Bonus points if this guide can support you in pulling a Rumi and clearing the barriers to love that you have co-created through lifetimes and taken on to evolve forward for your family line.

If you employ the above actively, consistently, and with enthusiasm each day you will experience true love and loving above and beyond what you ever dreamed possible.

You’ll also begin to feel the truth that you are the star of your love story and yours is a love story unlike any other. Well, there might be some similarities to others out there—but not because you’re obsessively working to make it happen but because it naturally happens as you honor the wisdom outlined here.

From this vantage point, you now understand that it is all LOVE. And that means (spoiler alert) it really is about the journey.

Damnit. I know, I know, I cringed when I realized this old adage is true.

And yet, here you are and here it is. So, take a deep breath and commit this to memory:

Your love story is about loving every moment that you’re in a body while taking action every day to both grow in that experience and simmer in the fullness of it, marinating in the divine truth that when your number one intent is alignment with your Higher Wisdom, you cannot get it wrong. And instead you are on this amazing scavenger hunt where every human, every date, every connection matters. The outcome is not in your control, but how you show up for it is.

Now that sounds like a pretty epic love story, doesn’t it?!

Add to bottom, above bio, in italics: Want to learn more about Spirit-led dating and sacred partnership? Check out our guide The Truth About Love.

Heather Kristian Strang

Heather Kristian Strang

Heather Kristian Strang is an author, spiritual guide, matchmaker, mystic, medicine woman, and intuitive. Her books include Live Like You’re on Vacation (out November 2017), Ecstatic Union with The Divine, A Life of Magic: An Oracle for Spirit-Led Living, The Quest: A Tale of Desire & Magic (currently optioned as a film), Following Bliss, And Then It Was You, and Anatomy of the Heart: Love Poems. She has written for and been featured in Bustle, Elite Daily, The Huffington Post, Elephant Journal, FinerMinds, The Oregonian, Portland Monthly, the book Fierce on the Page and on the cover of the Sedona Journal of Emergence. Learn more at HeatherKristianStrang.com.

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