Tarotscopes – April 2018

Soul-Smart Monthly Tarotscopes by Star Sight Tarot

BY Star Sight Tarot

Nine of Pentacles
APRIL OVERVIEW: Nine of Pentacles + Evolve

The month of April brings an opportunity for us to grow into some new skin when it comes to personal power and stability. The Nine of Pentacles shows a woman in her garden, independent and sure of herself. We, too, have a chance to find a new sense of ourselves, as independent and self-sufficient, able to take care of our own needs, able to take healthy risks at the right time. This energy comes in the wake of the #metoo movement, when women are renegotiating their relationship to power and stepping into their own authority. Look for ways to honor your own boundaries and needs, protecting what is rightfully yours, growing the things you need to live a rich, full life. By refraining from letting everyone and everything into our personal space, we can cultivate a deeper inner trust that will keep us strong when the time comes to interact, to be tested, or to take risks.

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Queen of Pentacles
ARIES: Queen of Pentacles Rx + Discover

Happy birthday, Aries! This is your month and your fiery sign is in for some rich transformation and discovery. With Mercury in retrograde at the start of the month, we are all tending toward reflection and introspection, but your sign in particular is being asked to dig down deep into the ground beneath you, rooting yourself to the earth in order to stay focused and steady. You have a laser-sharp acuity in your way of seeing things, but it can sometimes pull you out of yourself as you take in all that surrounds you, analyzing and lighting things up wherever you go. Your task over the next few weeks is to turn that beam of intensity inward, illuminating your own inner universe. There is so much you have still to discover within you— worlds upon lush, glittering worlds—that will be key to navigating this next phase of your life. The changes that are happening now in your external world are nothing compared to the transformation that is ripe to take place within you, if you are able to give the attention and focus needed for it to thrive. Meditation practice: sit cross-legged and imagine roots growing down into the earth from your spine; feel the energy that grounds and ignites you.

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Knight of Swords
TAURUS: Knight of Swords Rx + Bravery

Alright, Taurus. It’s time for you to stop playing the savior. You don’t need to be everyone’s hero and, in fact, you would do well to turn some of that impulse to rescue others inward towards yourself. Right now you are the one who needs saving. The more you work to help the people around you without taking care of your own needs, the more you lose your stable center. Ironically, this makes it so you are much less helpful in the long run to those you love or feel a responsibility to. This month you’ll have a chance to reevaluate what it means to be brave and heroic. Sometimes it takes much more courage to really take care of yourself than it does to run around putting out everyone else’s fires. Let them save themselves. Let the fires burn. Tend to your own needs and the rest will take care of itself.

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The Empress
GEMINI: The Empress Rx + Plot

The Empress brings you an important message this month, Gemini. While she usually represents beauty, fertility, and abundance in an outward, material sense, when she appears reversed (upside down), she asks you to find the source of those qualities within you instead. What is growing within you now that needs your love and nurturing? What might internal abundance look like for you? What inner beauty has been lying dormant within you that might be ready to make its way to the surface now? Over the next few weeks, your cards are asking you to be very intentional about finding ways to cultivate the beautiful worlds that exist inside you. Begin with tilling the soil, which can sometimes be an uncomfortable process as it involves ripping up old roots and clearing away the dead matter that has accumulated over the years. Tending to the garden of your heart, your creativity, your spiritual practice, will create a rich and fertile ground upon which to grow all manner of outward abundance as you go forward to manifest your dreams.

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Seven of Swords
CANCER: Seven of Swords + Optimism

The gift and the lesson this month for you, Cancer, is a chance to see with clarity something that has been nagging at you for a long time. Do you feel that something is missing, something you once had that was taken or lost? There could be an old wound you have been carrying that has left you feeling either resentful or guilty or both. If you feel that someone has done you wrong, your task this month is to see your own role in the situation, even if that is just to acknowledge that the pain or resentment you carry may be doing you more harm than you deserve. Look for ways over the next month to release the burden you are bearing. This may involve returning first to recuperate something that was lost. From there you can decide what is worth continuing to carry and what you are finally ready to leave behind. Once you do this, your outlook will start to look so much brighter and you’ll be able to walk forward with clear eyes and a clear conscience.

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Three of Cups
LEO: Three of Cups Rx + Reveal

Leo, you are on a serious inner journey these past few months! Your sign tends towards outward expression and often looks to others to validate the light that you shine on the world. Lately, though, you are being asked to do some deep soul diving in order to recalibrate some imbalances and facilitate some energy shifts that are much needed in order for you to turn back to exerting your usual fiery power externally. The Three of Cups reversed asks you to engage your powers of self-restraint when it comes to indulging in escapism and hedonistic pursuits. If you can stay focused and clear-headed, you’ll be in the right condition to make some important discoveries about the deeper truths you’ve been seeking, in terms of both your direction forward and the people and connections that will help you get where you want to go next. This card is also about friendships and you may find that certain relationships are revealed to be holding you back more than you might have realized otherwise. Doing the hard work of discernment now will help you to clear the decks so you can sail forward free and unencumbered.

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Six of Pentacles
VIRGO: Six of Pentacles + Spirit

This is a lovely card combination for you this month, Virgo. The Six of Pentacles asks you to examine the balance of give and take in your life right now. Look at the areas where you feel some kind of block or confusion. It may be that the solution has to do with balancing the amount of energy you are getting in return for what you’re putting out or vice versa. What are the gifts you receive from the world around you or from the people in your life? Do you feel that you are giving back an equal amount? Or do you find that you are putting out more than what you’re getting back? The Spirit card suggests that this dynamic is related to the way that Spirit makes itself known to you. The key to getting unstuck may have to do with thinking about the flow of energy or Spirit as your life force. There needs to be an equal flow of energy in and out in order to keep you feeling vitalized. Making even a small adjustment may be enough to get things moving again.

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Seven of Cups
LIBRA: Seven of Cups + Majesty

Libra, decision making isn’t always your strong suit, but only because you are so concerned with making the right choice! This month you will be tested a little in this regard, as you’ll be presented with quite a few possible paths or options, all of which may seem equally attractive and beneficial. However, make sure to look beneath the surface as things may not be what they seem. The Seven of Cups often appears when we are looking for something that will fill a void of some kind, for something external that will be the answer to an inner longing. The truth is that the thing you seek has been inside you all along. You alone have the power to change the way you interact with the world and it may be that finding the right partner, the right house, the right job, the right pair of shoes, isn’t really what is needed in order to make the change you are seeking. If you can turn your attention away from the material world and look for answers on the spiritual plane, you may find that the decisions you face become much easier to navigate.

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The Devil
SCORPIO: The Devil Rx + Create

Dear Scorpios. Your cards for the coming month are a direct reflection of a deep and true aspect of Scorpio nature. The Devil reversed shows a time when we are able to rise out of whatever has been holding us in chains—this could be a negative thought pattern, an unhealthy relationship, an addiction or tendency towards over-indulgence, or simply attachment to the material world. Like the phoenix, we have the power to rise from the ashes of whatever has been holding us back. It’s tempting to burn everything to the ground sometimes in order to start fresh, but this is really about pinpointing the thing(s) that have hindered you and being very intentional about cutting them out of your life so that you can begin again refreshed and renewed. The interesting thing is that, for Scorpios, this process is inextricably tied to the powers of creation that are waiting to be unleashed inside of you. You have the power daily to create yourself and your world from the clay of what came before. In order to create, we first have to let something be destroyed. Just be sure to let the destruction be of something that was keeping you from shining in all your glory.

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The High Priestess
SAGITTARIUS: The High Priestess Rx + Fluid

Ooh, I love this card combination for you, Sagittarius! This month, you are being asked to go way down into the deep, to access new levels of spiritual and personal growth. The High Priestess is always a card about going inward—listening to intuition, seeing what isn’t immediately obvious, tapping into psychic energy or dream worlds—but when she is reversed, there is an added layer of inwardness that is activated. How deep are you willing to go, Sagittarius? What inner truths have you perhaps been avoiding that are waiting to be discovered, aired out, or tended to? What depths of knowledge have you put off exploring, waiting for the “right time” or for some kind of sign? Your cards are telling you not to put it off any longer. Go within by any means necessary until you find that deep inner well of sparkling truth that you’ve always known on some level was inside you. If you give it the attention it deserves and tend to it as you would your most precious relationship, you will find that it will be a guide for you for the rest of your days.

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Two of Swords
CAPRICORN: Two of Swords Rx + Rescue

Spring is finally arriving, Capricorn, and the earth is cracking open all around you, making way for new growth, for movement, for imperceptible shifts that lead to monumental change. This same process is happening within you at this time. It may not seem like much at first, but you will finally feel that something has opened up just enough to let you start to expand and reach towards a new way of experiencing the world around you. You’ve been stuck at a bit of an impasse lately, unsure of how or whether to move forward. Perhaps you’ve felt caught by a sense of obligation or duty to those around you. Maybe you’ve been afraid to let go of something for fear of watching yourself or the people you love fall apart. The thing is, by trying to hold it all together, you’re only succeeding in keeping things static—keeping things from moving in the ways they need to in order to break apart, to heal, and to move on. Remember the cycle of nature and let it be your guide as you do some much needed letting go.

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Seven of Wands
AQUARIUS: Seven of Wands Rx + Ascend

This month your cards are asking you to let down your guard and start letting people in a little more, Aquarius. Lately perhaps you’ve felt that you had to stand your ground on some issue or set some clear boundaries to keep people from encroaching on your personal space. Sometimes this can feel necessary in order to just keep moving forward without becoming overwhelmed by everyone’s opinions, thoughts, and energies. At the same time, though, you also run the risk of shutting out the people who love you and want to help you the most. The good news is that in the coming month you’ll finally be ready to relax some of that self-protective vigilance. In fact, you may even start to see the ways that opening up to those around you and in your community might actually help you navigate the complexities of your life with greater ease and joy. Don’t be afraid to ask for help when you need it.

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Six of Swords
PISCES: Six of Swords + Objective

Pisces, the month of April promises a shift towards a new sense of serenity, something that has been missing in your life as of late. Where there have been choppy waters, there will be calm seas and smoother sailing. That is the promise of the Six of Swords. Where are you trying to get to, Pisces? What is on the horizon for you now that pulls you forward? Your cards suggest that this month you will find the journey to be much easier than it has recently felt and you have the opportunity to make some major headway on your goals, even if that goal is simply to live with less stress and struggle. Uncertainty is always a part of life, but the key for you now is to set your sights on a clear target in the distance, even if you know that you will likely get sidetracked or sidelined on your way there. The point is not so much achieving your aim as it is to find a way to make the journey a whole lot more pleasant, maybe even—dare I say—fun!

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Tarotscopes April 2018

Tarot deck used: Linestrider Tarot by Siolo Thompson

Oracle deck: Compendium of Constellations by Black and the Moon

Star Sight Tarot

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