Tarotscopes – April 2019

Soul-Smart Monthly Tarotscopes by Star Sight Tarot

BY Star Sight Tarot

The Fool
APRIL OVERVIEW: The Fool + Take a field trip

It’s time for a fresh new start, my friends. Mercury has stationed direct again and things can finally start to flow more freely than they have in a while. The (April) Fool card heralds a new beginning and damn are we ready for it. Here in the Pacific Northwest, everything is blooming, the sun is shining, and things feel more possible than they have in a while. You can harness this energy—no matter where in the world you are—and pour it into whatever it is you are hoping to accomplish now. Which may just be to find more enjoyment in life. It is a great time to try something new, especially if it’s something that you have felt nervous or unsure about in the past. Sometimes we just have to wait for the right time to take the leap. If you are feeling caught in a negative pattern, try mixing things up by changing your surroundings. Get out of the house or the office—whatever your normal routine is—and take a “field trip” that will enrich your body, mind, or soul. Go check out a museum exhibit, do a spa day, take a hike somewhere new. The key is to surround yourself with new sights and sounds, which will alter your brain chemistry and let you see your life from a new perspective. Let’s use that Aries fire energy to initiate projects and ignite the spark of joy in all we do.

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The Moon
ARIES: The Moon + You are always shifting

Happy birthday, Aries! My sense is that you have recently undergone some profound transformations, whether you are fully aware of them or not. Some changes take place on the cellular level and it takes time for them to register on a macro scale. Think of the moon, as it slowly moves from one phase to another. Or the mountains that are pushed by tectonic plates over centuries to create majestic landscapes, peaks, and valleys. What subtle shifts are happening within you now? What deep ripples are beginning to radiate outward, pulled by some radiant gravitational force? The Moon card in the tarot can signal a time when outward appearances are not what they seem, so it is important to keep your focus tuned inward at this time. Don’t let yourself become too frustrated if things don’t seem to be manifesting in obvious ways at the moment. What is happening on that inner level is much more profound than the surface appearance would let on. Before you know it, you will look around and realize that nothing is as it was before.

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Ten of Cups
TAURUS: Ten of Cups + Rest

Ahh… Taurus, this month offers you a chance to breathe a sigh of relief. Or at the very least, you are being invited to make room for a lighter energy in your life, though you may have to initiate this shift yourself to a certain extent. What are some changes you could make that would allow you to slow your pace a bit and enjoy the fruits of all of your labors? Your tarot card, the Ten of Cups, appears when we are being showered with love, both within our partnerships or immediate families, as well as from our larger communities. There is so much support out there for you, but it is up to you to acknowledge and appreciate those networks and connections so that they continue to be strengthened. Part of your task this coming month is to notice the instances when you miss out on chances for connection because you are feeling too tired, stressed, or apathetic. If you find yourself becoming more isolated and not reaching out to friends and loved ones, ask yourself whether it may have something to do with your energy level and the amount of time you throw yourself into work or other activities. It may simply be that you need to build more time into your days for rest and relaxation so that you can retain enough energy for the people who mean the most to you.

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Seven of Pentacles
GEMINI: Seven of Pentacles Rx + What are you waiting for?

What seeds are you planting this month, Gemini? When the Seven of Pentacles card appears reversed (upside down), it often signals some kind of difficulty in growing the results we are looking for. This may mean there is something very particular you are wanting to cultivate that isn’t quite coming to fruition, or it could be that on a larger scale, you aren’t sure what you should be growing in your life. There is a season for everything and we needn’t always be producing, growing, creating. But if you are feeling that you’re missing some meaning in your life, it could be that you are in need of a creative outlet. Your cards suggest that this would be a great time to reevaluate the role of creativity in your life and to be sure that the work you are doing is bearing the kinds of fruit you can feel proud of. Harness the energy of spring and let it help you find the motivation and meaning needed to engender something new.

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Ten of Swords
CANCER: Ten of Swords + Curiosity

Cancer, my dear. A cycle is coming to a close for you at this time, which may feel like a relief or it may feel like a difficult ending. The good news is that something that has weighed you down will finally be lifted from your shoulders. However, in order for that to happen, you may have to say goodbye to something that you have grown quite attached to. It doesn’t mean that there wasn’t meaning in it or that it doesn’t still bring you joy, love, or fulfillment in certain ways. It simply means that that particular cycle has run its course and the time has come to move on to something else. Your oracle card, Curiosity, asks you to try not to wallow too long in the sadness of that which is ending and to look instead toward what is coming up next. What makes you curious? What sparks your interest and makes you want to take a closer look? Letting your attention be drawn to different stimuli and noticing what sustains your interest will give you some indication of where and how to begin the next cycle.

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Queen of Cups
LEO: Queen of Cups + Love your dark side too

Ooh, things are about to get super deep for you, my dear Leo. The Queen of Cups appears when we are called to honor and express our emotions, no matter how scary it may be to do so. I have a feeling that this could be incredibly healing for you, if you let yourself really go there. Sometimes we hide our most vulnerable parts in favor of putting on a sunny, nothing-can-bother-me facade. And while it may keep you feeling safer in the short term, in the long run this can actually have the undesired effect of shutting people out, especially the people who care about you the most and want to be there for you. Your oracle card advises that it’s time you learn to love your dark side. Now would be a great time to cultivate some compassion for those parts of yourself that you generally try to keep under wraps. What are you afraid of? What would happen if you loved your vulnerable self just as much as your sunny, fun-loving side? The more you love your own dark side, the more you allow others to love you too.

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The Empress
VIRGO: The Empress Rx + Ride the wave, see where it takes you

Virgo, my dear. The next month brings an interesting set of energies for you. The Empress card, when it is upright, calls in all that is earthy and sensual, fertile and beautiful. As an earth sign, this may feel like a comfortable place for you to reside, and Virgos in particular are known for their attention to beauty and grace. But when the Empress is reversed, you are asked to focus on a different aspect of yourself. In fact, you may even consider how you might purposefully *not* put so much emphasis on looking or acting according to some ideal, no matter how much satisfaction it brings you. Your cards are suggesting that you let things get a little messy this month, Virgo. Let the seams unravel a bit and lighten up when it comes to the need to be in control, to make everything right. Your oracle card asks you to ride the wave and see where it takes you. In order to do so, you have to give up on trying to steer in any particular direction and give yourself over to the forces that are acting upon you. Surrender is the word that comes to mind—not easy for anyone, least of all for your keep-it-all-together sign. But if you can let yourself give up some control, my sense is that you will discover a kind of beauty that is more profound and authentic than anything you have experienced before.

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Knight of Rods
LIBRA: Knight of Rods Rx + Anything you want to find, it’s out there somewhere

What sparks your passion these days, my dearest Libra? What ignites your sense of adventure and desire? The Knight of Rods, when he shows up reversed, suggests that you may have lost touch with that fiery energy within yourself lately, or you may be feeling a sense of letdown after an adventure has come to a close. What can you do to hold onto that feeling of excitement that comes with exploring the unknown? Your cards indicate that there may be something you have been searching for, but that you might be losing faith that you will find it. Your oracle card assures you that you will find whatever it is you are looking for, but it may take some time and patience. The knights, when reversed, often encounter delays and setbacks that they weren’t expecting. With Mercury recently retrograde, there has been a stagnant energy which can be hard to overcome and move beyond. Use meditations on fire and fire energy to help relight your inner spark. You can use any candle for this purpose. Use the light of fire to bring the light back to your own heart and it will help to motivate you on your quest for meaning and new adventure.

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Queen of Rods
SCORPIO: Queen of Rods + It is within reach

This month you will be feeling the fire of Aries season, my fellow Scorpios. The Queen of Rods rolls into our cards, bringing a newfound sense of passion, purpose, and drive. You can channel this powerhouse energy into anything you are hoping to achieve in the coming weeks, with the added bonus that your usual watery nature won’t be holding you back from clear, decisive action. It’s time to get shit done, and for once you won’t feel the push and pull of your emotional self causing you to second guess yourself. This queen is particularly driven in projects that she is passionate about, so think about where you are most excited and energized and put your focus there. Sure, you could use this burst of energy to do your taxes, but that’s not really the Queen of Rods’ jam. She’s more about launching creative endeavors, bringing new combinations of talented people together, closing on deals that require both smarts and charm. Your oracle card this month tells you that whatever you are wanting to accomplish is within reach. Due to past setbacks and delays, you may feel that something is beyond your capacity, but your cards suggest that things that once felt insurmountable will suddenly be a welcome and doable challenge.

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Six of Cups
SAGITTARIUS: Six of Cups + Content with what I already have

My dear Sag, what lovely cards have appeared for you this month! The Six of Cups is one of the sweetest cards in the deck, showing two children surrounded by spring flowers. This card can be about children in a literal sense, or it might have to do with your own childhood. Are these themes popping up for you at this time? What can you learn from hanging out with kids or looking back at your childhood and the things that were important to you then? The Six of Cups suggests tapping into a feeling of innocence and naivete. If you have found yourself becoming jaded or cynical in any way, especially when it comes to relationships and the emotional realm, this card asks you to try and cultivate a lighter and more trusting attitude. Who are the people in your life that allow you to feel safe and free? Remember that growing up doesn’t have to mean sacrificing your faith in others’ humanity. If we all made an effort to respect the child within everyone else, think of how much more tender and compassionate we would be as a society. Your oracle card reminds you to be content with what you have—that includes who you are as well. There is no need to don masks or try to be something you’re not for the sake of ego or social status. We are at our best when we project our most authentic selves.

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King of Swords
CAPRICORN: King of Swords + Being yourself is sacred

Time to channel your inner boss bitch, Capricorn! The King of Swords is a fierce, decisive leader with a sharp mind and sharper wit. When he shows up in your cards, you are being given the chance to step into a new level of power and self-assurance—the kind that comes with experience and not without a certain number of mistakes or missteps. The dirty secret is that no one gets to a position of power without making a few misguided decisions or feeling that they are doing it all wrong at one point or another. When you find yourself in a King of Swords phase, you realize that all of that strife was worth it, in fact it was necessary in order to get to where you are today. Your oracle card tells you that second guessing yourself is not only unproductive, it denies your ability to see your true self as something sacred and precious. Have no shame about standing up for what you know is right, for your way of doing things. You have earned the right to proudly stand your ground, because you’ve tried it every other way and you know that *this* works. If you’re not feeling this level of self-assurance lately, think about what you might need in order to believe in yourself once again. It is your divine right to celebrate and honor your true self.

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Page of Rods
AQUARIUS: Page of Rods Rx + Listen quietly

The next few weeks bring a promise of quiet reflection and patience for you, Aquarius. If there is something you have been hoping to get off the ground, your cards suggest that you may need to take a little extra time and care to be sure that you have everything thought through in the best way to ensure your success. You are on the brink of a new adventure, but you may need to hold off just a little longer so that you can feel secure in knowing that everything is as it should be. Or perhaps you’ve already gotten some project or plan underway, in which case you may find that some tweaking is necessary. This is nothing major and certainly won’t mean that all of your plans will fall apart. But your oracle card does suggest that the more you are able to listen to the needs of the situation at hand—whether that means listening to others who are involved, to your own intuition, or to your body—the better off you will be, setting you up for a smoother and more fulfilling experience in the long run. As spring is springing all around you, let yourself be like the flower that waits for the bee. In no time, you will find that you have blossomed in ways you hadn’t even planned on!

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Eight of Swords
PISCES: Eight of Swords Rx + Let it flow, let it grow

My dear Pisces. This month is all about spreading your wings and taking flight from any situations that have been holding you back. Where have you felt stuck lately? In what ways are you waiting for something to happen that just doesn’t seem to be budging an inch? If you find yourself feeling trapped in a cage, even if it is just one within your own mind, now is the time to release yourself and move about freely once again. Yes, there may be external conditions that seem to be keeping you where you are, but you still have a degree of freedom and choice that you can exercise in order to alter your situation. Your oracle card offers some advice on how to go about creating some small changes that may amount to a big shift if you allow it. What would it mean for you to let things flow and grow freely? This may have to do with expressing your emotions—letting them flow without worrying so much about whether you are “in the right” or whether you will hurt someone else’s feelings. You will continue to feel stifled if you don’t share what is bothering you. On the other hand, keep an eye toward keeping conversations productive and ultimately healing so that you can continue to strengthen and grow your precious bonds and relationships.

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Tarotscopes - April 2019

Tarot deck used: Aquarian Tarot by David Palladini
Oracle deck: Inquire Within by Worthwhile Paper

Star Sight Tarot

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