Tarotscopes – August 2018

Soul-Smart Monthly Tarotscopes by Star Sight Tarot

BY Star Sight Tarot

Ten of Wands
AUGUST OVERVIEW: Ten of Wands + Adapt

With quite a few planets in retrograde, including that pesky Mercury and volatile Mars, we may find that all of the expressive energy those planets are known for gets turned inward to some degree this month (at least through the 19th). This astrological configuration taken together with the Ten of Wands card suggests that we might find ourselves taking on too much and then not letting others know when we are in over our heads. If we do find that we are shouldering too great a burden, our oracle card for the month tells us that (alas!) it won’t help to resist it. We can’t change the responsibilities and realities we have before us. What we can change is our flexibility, our adaptability. What changes can we make to our lives so that some of that weight gets more evenly distributed? What can we clue our friends, family, coworkers in on so that they can help to share the load? And what internal shifts can take place that will allow us to carry out our tasks and responsibilities with pride (and leftover energy?) rather than feeling crushed under their weight? This is a delicate dance and takes a great deal of both inward spiritual calm and outward practicality. By combining these two elements we can actually allow our duties and obligations to help us transcend our current state of being to one that is infinitely more enlightened. The mundane becomes transcendent. The slog transforms into splendor. This metamorphosis is part of a larger massive transition that is happening during this time. Ride the waves of this chaotic moment and you’ll land a wiser, stronger, more transplendent being.

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Four of Pentacles
LEO: Four of Pentacles + Abundance

Happy Birthday, Leo! And what a lovely set of birthday cards that have surfaced for you. The Four of Pentacles combined with the Abundance card lets you know that despite appearances, you truly have everything you need. Any anxiety you may feel regarding getting your needs met is the result of a fear-based mindset, which is often instilled in us when we are very young. Your cards this month are here to remind you that there is nothing to worry about. Not only that, but there is a source of abundance within you that is still waiting to be tapped. There is a treasure chest within your reach, you only have to find the key that will open it up. What is the source of treasure you carry within you, Leo? What untapped potential have you toyed with exploring only to cast it aside as too frivolous or risky? The thing is, if you keep your gifts and resources forever under lock and key, then no one will benefit from them, least of all yourself. Your cards this month are telling you to pick up that key and open the chest. Aren’t you curious to know what kinds of jewels and riches are waiting inside? Take the first step towards welcoming more abundance into your life. My bet is you already know on some level what it is you need to do.

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Page of Swords
VIRGO: Page of Swords Rx + Sacrifice

My dearest Virgo, the coming month brings a potent time of self-discovery for you. Over the next few weeks you will have an opportunity to (re)discover the old versions of yourself that still live within you and still affect your motivations, your desires, your needs, your actions on a daily basis. Your task will be to examine those past selves and to decide if they are truly worth hanging onto, despite the interference they may cause in your life and relationships. Imagine what your life might be like without certain outdated ways of thinking, certain ways of approaching your work, your relationships, your environment. You are not wedded to any particular way of being, though our habitual patterns are without a doubt incredibly hard to break. One reason for this is that any “negative” coping strategies we may have developed, any unhealthy dynamics or patterns we have adopted, bring with them something positive that we gain. We hold onto them because they feed something in us or they take up the space that some perceived loss or lack left empty. Perhaps your mode of protection keeps you from opening up to loved ones. Or your attempt to control your world leaves very little room for spontaneity and connection. The hard work ahead of you then is to decide which of the gains you are willing to part with in exchange for a healthier, happier way of relating to the world.

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The Hierophant
LIBRA: The Hierophant Rx + Respond

Your themes this month, Libra, are teaching, communication, and intuition. The Hierophant in his upright position has to do with teaching on the institutional level—at a school, in a spiritual community, a guru, a professor, or leader of some sort. When the card appears reversed (upside down), it means that you are being asked to look within for the answers you are seeking rather than looking to some outside source, especially in relation to anything that has you feeling stuck or blocked. This may mean making some changes or setting different boundaries within your network in order to make more time for introspection, at least for the time being. It may also mean thinking about ways to facilitate an “inner dialogue” of sorts. One method is to use journaling in order to free write any intuitive messages that bubble to the surface. You could make this into a conversation by first writing messages from the heart, from your emotional aspect, and then from the head, the logical part of yourself. This is an especially potent exercise if you find yourself faced with any difficult decisions or situations that need processing. Once you’ve expressed everything that comes up for you, the final step is to synthesize the two aspects. By engaging the different parts of yourself in conversation, you will open the door to a higher source of wisdom. There is so much you have yet to learn about your true self (and you are always changing!). Let yourself be guided by your inner light and it will take you to new levels of depth and self-knowledge.

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The World
SCORPIO: The World + Safety

Your cards are offering you nothing short of the World this month, Scorpio! What does that mean in the realm of the tarot? The World card signifies the culmination of something you have been working on for some time. This could be something on the material plane, such as a project, a relationship, or a goal of some kind—but it is more often than not a spiritual growth that has occurred. What transformations are you hoping to make on the deep, soul level? Is there some pattern or dynamic that you have been processing and learning from? Over the next month, the time will be ripe for you to ascend to a higher plane, having fully assimilated the lessons of this particular path. You can help this process along by digging into some shadow work, which helps us to access and see with clarity those aspects of ourselves that are triggered when we feel unsafe or threatened. The key (and the hard part) is not to feel shame around the ways we act out or mess up when we are triggered. Treat yourself with compassion and remind yourself that you are safe, that you are loved, and that you no longer need to protect yourself with such fierceness. If you can let down the walls you have built to keep yourself safe—even just a little bit—the World will rise up to meet you in all of its splendor.

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Three of Pentacles
SAGITTARIUS: Three of Pentacles Rx + Enhance

Happy August, Sagittarius! I hope you are soaking up the summer in all the ways you love best. This month you may be called to go back to the drawing board on some project or goal you are working toward. I promise this isn’t a bad thing. In fact, the act of undoing or regressing (much like the many planets currently in retrograde) lets you go back and develop a stronger foundation that will help you build towards something much more aligned with your ultimate goal. What needs to be undone in your world? What could benefit from being pulled apart and reorganized? This energy continues from last month when you were asked to put the breaks on, to make sure you are headed in the right direction. I repeat: don’t worry if it feels like you are moving backwards. It will be so much easier to stop and rework your plan now than it would be farther down the road. And the planets will support you because you’ll be moving in the same direction as they are! The Three of Pentacles in its reversed (upside down) position asks you to think not only of backward motion, but also of inward movement. It asks you to consider how sound your internal foundation is and what can be done to shore it up if needed. We can become so focused on what we are trying to manifest externally that we can sometimes forget that our external world is a mirror of that which we cultivate inside us. As within, so without. Do the work to clear and fortify the foundation of your inner realm and you will see the same reflected in the external opportunities and energies that come to you.

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CAPRICORN: Death + Attraction

Yowza, Capricorn! What powerful cards have surfaced for you this month. There has been so much change in your life as of late and it’s just going to keep on coming. The Death card is the ultimate sign of transformation and transition. It is time to let your old self die so that you can step into your shiny new skin. The oracle card, Attraction, signals that this process will not feel so much like pulling teeth as some transitions have in the past. Instead you will likely feel yourself almost physically pulled towards the newness that is erupting in your life. Let yourself be overtaken by it and see where it leads you. Let magnetism be your guide. Let juiciness be the criteria by which you measure everything—the relationships you nurture, the activities you participate in, the daily actions you take. It’s a great time to rough up any areas of your life that have become hardened over and dull. As with the soil, it can take a good tilling to breed new life. What you plant there is up to you. Or if you want to just revel in the tilling, that’s okay too! I see you benefitting right now from releasing any ideas about outcomes and finished products. Get down and dirty, enjoy the process, let go of what needs to be released, and I guarantee you some valuable seeds will take root whether you intentionally plant them or not.

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Two of Wands
AQUARIUS: Two of Wands + Protect

Your theme this month, Aquarius, is connection. Where do you seek connection in your life these days? You may feel called this month to reconnect to people you love or parts of yourself that you haven’t had the time or inspiration for lately. The oracle card “Protect” reminds you to do whatever is necessary to protect the relationships and connections in your life that are most important to you. While they may already be established and solid, they still need your attention in order to keep the energy between you fresh and relevant to your current state. At the same time, you may find yourself wanting to reach out in new directions, towards new people, new projects, new places. This will be the juggling act you will perform over the coming weeks and months. How can you move forward into the new realm that the universe has been preparing for you without leaving everything (and everyone) else behind? You are tasked with the great challenge of moving in two directions at once in a sense, but I trust that you will be able to handle this double movement with grace and joy. Another way of thinking about it is that the old and new are like two pillars creating a doorway through which you will soon walk, finally ready to make a leap into the next dimension of your soul’s growth.

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Four of Wands
PISCES: Four of Wands Rx + Learn

Ooh, you have some interesting opportunities for growth and spiritual development coming up this month, Pisces! The Four of Wands, if it were upright, would signify a solidifying of structures; this could be through marriage, the literal four walls of a house, or a passion project that turns more permanent and stable. In its reversed (upside down) position, the card asks you instead to allow yourself to create a little breathing room in any of the institutions or structures that might be keeping you from moving freely. Where can you inject a little more space in your schedule and daily obligations, Pisces? You are the sign of the fish, and like water, you need to move! It can be rough on you to feel too tightly bound for too long, so make sure you are getting the fresh circulation of energy you need. You can help facilitate this process by intentionally altering your routines, even taking a different route home can sometimes be enough to shake things up. If you feel an urge to stop along the way, better yet. You could also do some clearing work in your house in order to free up space in your immediate environment. Start with something small, like your medicine cabinet, and then move to bigger tasks like the fridge, closets, storage area. Moving even a few items out of your home will allow new energy to move in and enliven what has begun to grow stagnant.

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Three of Wands
ARIES: Three of Wands + Magic

So much fire in your cards this month, Aries! Leo season brings in the energy of the Sun and lights you up from the inside, sparking a desire to create a different kind of magic in your life. You are no stranger to the go-go-go mentality that helps you climb ever higher towards your ambitions, manifesting opportunities and connections left and right. However, during this phase you are being asked to step into a new way of approaching your life goals, one that takes a much more intentional and long-range scope. You are in it for the long haul now, so there is no need to burn up all of your resources in order to make it up the next peak. Whatever wheels you have set in motion are working their mojo behind the scenes, so you can go about your business and trust that the outcome will be everything you have hoped. The only trick might be calming that urgent need to get it done and get it done now. What is coming is so good, it is worth waiting for, but the waiting is definitely not easy! Some ways of working with this energy: meditation and gratitude for all of your dreams that have come true up to now; treating the most mundane of things—budgeting, yearly planning, housework—as spell work, seeing the effect that practical magic has on your life; journaling exercises in which you simply describe what is there, what you did, what it looked and felt like, rather than detailing everything you yearn for and worry about. The idea is to infuse your here and now with the magic of attention, of intention, and soon you will start to see it shine.

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Nine of Swords
TAURUS: Nine of Swords Rx + Bravery

Taurus, my friend. August will bring some much needed respite for you after what has been one hell of a ride! The Nine of Swords reversed (upside down) suggests that perhapsy you been feeling trapped by certain negative thoughts or worries. Or maybe just by the daily exigencies of life and work? In the coming month, you are finally going to see the anxieties that have been keeping you up at night start to dissipate. Whatever has been gnawing at you and causing you concern is passing away now, so you will be able to (literally) rest easy again very soon. Take the opportunity to rest up whenever and however you can, because things will start to rev up again soon and you may be asked to step out of your comfort zone once more. This time, though, you will be poised and ready for whatever comes your way, having taken the time needed to replenish your stores of fuel. It may seem like you are an unstoppable bottomless well of energy, but the truth is we all have a breaking point. Remember to treat yourself with care and to take breaks when you start to feel any negativity creeping in. Sometimes it takes more courage than people tend to acknowledge just to face the duties and obligations of adult life, but you are more than capable (as I think you well know). Just remember that responsibility doesn’t have to equal anxiety. In fact, it can actually help usher in new levels of self-confidence, stability, and assurance.

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Seven of Swords
GEMINI: Seven of Swords + Master

Buckle up, Gemini! You will be on the move this month, whether literally or figuratively (or both!). Changes are afoot and your August cards point to both challenges and gifts as you navigate this transition. The Seven of Swords is one of the more difficult cards of the Tarot to interpret because it can signify a great number of things. The swords are the suit of the mind, of communication, and intellect. With the Seven of Swords, signals may be crossed and miscommunications are possible. This is no huge surprise: with Mercury, your ruling planet, in retrograde, you already knew there was going to be some trouble on that front. Be intentional in your language and the messages you transmit to others, and make sure you are not holding anything important back for fear of saying too much. Challenging conversations may ensue, but they will be of the most productive kind that will only serve to bring you closer to those around you. On another front, you may be harboring feelings of guilt or fear as you move from one phase of your life to the next. Guilt about what you are leaving behind; fear about what you can expect on the road ahead. The question is, how are you going to manage any setbacks or difficult feelings that arise? Remember that your worries are just thoughts. Don’t let them dictate your actions and lead you into self-defeating behavior. The thing is, this is all going to work out very well for you in the end. In fact, if you can keep from sabotaging your success, this change will bring you closer to earning the respect and rewards you so deserve. Master your mind and you master your destiny.

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Wheel of Fortune
CANCER: Wheel of Fortune Rx + Overcome

Dearest, Cancer. What is the shape of your heart’s desire? Can you see it, smell it, taste it? When did you stop trying to body it forth into your waking reality? When the Wheel of Fortune reversed (upside down) comes into your life, you may feel that you are at the mercy of the whims of fate or that you have little control over the direction your life is taking. It may seem that there is no point in trying for that thing anymore, that idea that maybe got lost along the way because it seemed too hard to figure out how it could possibly fit in with the life you have now. It can be tempting to simply roll along with whatever life brings without even trying to take the reins. It’s true that the Wheel of Fortune rolls through all of our lives, creating twists and turns that can make it feel hard to navigate our way forward. But the hidden truth is that whatever curveballs fate may throw you, they are actually perfectly calibrated to teach you the right lesson at the right time—so that you may learn how to master your fate precisely when it seems least possible to do so. Any obstacles you may face over the next month or so will serve as opportunities for you to practice and develop your skills of problem-solving, of staying calm in the face of change and challenge, of rising to the occasion when what you’d prefer to do is crawl under the covers. You have the power to steer the ship of your life, even if you can’t always know what will lie ahead in the uncharted sea before you. It’s up to you to claim your place on deck and take the wheel. And when you do, you can go back and find that thing that once sparked your desire and bring it out into the light of day.

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Tarotscopes - August 2018

Tarot deck used: Pagan Otherworlds Tarot by Uusi

Oracle deck: Compendium of Constellations by Black and the Moon

Star Sight Tarot

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