Tarotscopes – August 2019

Dirty and Divine Tarotscopes with Tarot Maven Alice Grist

BY Alice Grist

i, I’m author and Tarot maven Alice Grist, and I’m taking over this spot for a couple of months while Kate from Star Sight Tarot takes maternity leave (congrats, Kate!), and I’ll be bringing my unique twist to it. Some of you may know my book, Dirty and Divine, which is a journey through the tarot, reminding you that the best place for a deck of cards is in your own hands.

That said, a little guidance and wisdom can be precisely the tonic needed to set off in the right direction on your path. Using the deck I created with my daughter ‘The Cosmic Mother Tarot’ my Tarotscopes will explore the ‘Dirty’ and the ‘Divine’ for each sign.

The dirty speaks to your humanity, the mundane, and the grit of your everyday life. Whereas the Divine gifts you higher wisdom, spiritual connection, and guidance from your spiritual self and whichever celestial body or deity you choose to believe in.
I hope you enjoy!

August Theme: Three of Cups
Three of Cups

This August is asking you to get introspective and intimate with yourself and your loved ones. This doesn’t have to be a bore. It can be done under the stars, party style, on a holiday, or in circle with souls who get you. What matters is that you put every-day life, worries, and work aside whilst you dive deep into good company, powerful examinations of self, and above and beyond that, some heartfelt joy, animation, and laughter. For that is one thing a modern life does not do. It does not prioritize your giggles or your hilarity. Yet from my experience working with spirit humor, absurdity and unadulterated larks are the language of the universe. So drop all else that keeps you too serious and staid. Revel in good company, kind thoughts, and silliness. This month can be powerful just for the very sake that it is enjoyable. Find that joy and place yourself smack bang in the center of it.


Dirty – Three of Pentacles
Divine – Ace of Cups

Three of Pentacles
Ace of Cups

Your grounded, gritty reality has been about working on a plan, a scheme, or a new start. And these cards—particularly your divine possibilities—suggest that your nurturing approach will pay off quicker than expected. Anything you have put your efforts into with great patience and love will see growth and fruition this month. Which means you will likely have to change your approach quickly to keep up with the rapid expansion around you. Don’t be unnerved; this is what you set out to do. You watered and tended to your life hoping for something more. And apparently it is here, and it holds bountiful possibility. It comes to you with love, and potential for further growth. Sip gently at this new beginning and trust that your own magic brought this into being. Continue to nurture your hopes with that same level of care and fortitude, whilst simultaneously beginning to enjoy the fruit your efforts have borne.


Dirty – Two of Swords
Divine – The Hermit

Two of Swords
The Hermit

Yep, your “dirty” human self is feeling perplexed, stuck, and unsure. You feel on a deep-down level, that there is great potential in you, in your life, but you have no clue which direction to take this in. Your feeling that you need to make a bold move is just that. It is but a thought and it doesn’t need to be acted upon. The requirement for action is a mythology and you don’t need to buy into it. For the divine aspect of this reading is asking you to step back and wait. There is more information coming to you, more wisdom, and all you need do is head back into your personal cave and commit to listening to your inner voice. For often the genius you need does not come from any external source, but from the world within you. So don’t source your decisions out to others. Get cosy in your own flesh and await the signs, knowing that they are surely headed your way, should you choose to give them your trust and attention.


Dirty – King of Wands
Divine – The Magician

King of Wands
The Magician

Two incredibly powerful cards that show that your human gritty parts are conspiring with your spirited divine parts to produce massive creations and change. Your dirty approach is creative and perhaps a little overbearing. It may be that you are coming at a plan from a direction of wanting to conquer and to be seen as successful. Plus you are probably taking an awful lot on your own shoulders when you could be spreading responsibility out and letting go a little more. Your divine is coming in with a powerful reminder. The magician is testament to your ability to create from a deeply spirited place. It is reminding you that you are capable of manifesting anything you desire, and that the ingredients for this lay bound up in your everyday connections, your understandings and your personal life path. You don’t need to rule over anything or anybody. Trust a little more. There are whisperings within you that are telling you to let go of the reins, step off the pedestal, see the way forward with a knowing that you don’t need to be so in control. And most wonderfully, know that when you let go, the flow will resume in your favour,


Dirty – Queen of Swords
Divine – Justice


You are not responsible for karma. That is the magic of a spiritual life path. Even if your spirituality is faint and uncertain, you can know one thing, nobody else or their actions are your responsibility. When you get a hold of that idea, it frees you up to be and to do you. Let yourself off the hook—it is not your place to ensure other people receive what they deserve, good or bad. Nor are you in control of your just rewards. So take any anger or fear or negativity you are nurturing in hopes for revenge/change/freedom and recognise that this feeling is being conjured not for you to change anyone or anything else, but for you to draw a line, let others go, protect yourself, and inevitably let all vexation go. Do so consciously, powerfully, and with so much hope. Now is a time to fiercely and spiritually disconnect from harmful people or situations and trust that this is the cease and desist you need to send a message to the universe that engages flow and forward movement past this. All will come around to how it should be and all you need to do is be in your moment, enjoying your circumstances, and protecting yourself from anything that aims to deflect or destroy that.


Dirty – Ten of Wands
Divine – Six of Cups

Ten of Wands
Six of Cups

You are grossly overwhelmed and the answers to your dirty, gritty every day problems seem impossible to reach. The problem here is your lack of clarity, compounded by your decision to continually add to your burden. You say yes to everything and then think up new errands and issues on top of that. You are busy, but what are you actually doing? Other than exhausting yourself and heading to burn out? You are writhing around in a big stew of stress and the answer is actually a lovely little side step. For your divine card is reminding you that outside of the drama you have immersed yourself in lays relationships that can pull you straight back to the heart of you. This may be a bloody good friendship, a very close relation, or it could be a partner. What matters is that you find your person, your pal, your ride-or-die, and get them straight to the top of your epic ‘to do’ list. For this time spent with a loved one will provide the sanity and clarity you so sorely need right now.


Dirty – Ten of Swords
Divine – Sorcerer of Wands

Ten of Swords
Sorcerer of Wands

I won’t pull my punches here: your dirty reality is feeling dark and gloomy. The ten of swords feels like endings, it feels like THE ending. It is that dark morose place we fall to at the end of a battle, at the end of a too long day. It is the clichéd but horribly real Dark Night of the Soul. The great news is that this is one of my favourite cards, not because of the drama it echoes, but because that drama, that darkness is precisely the recipe that leads to enlightenment, empowerment, spiritual awakening, and beautiful self-knowing. And your divine card here, the Sorcerer of Wands, speaks to that too. Yes you are hurting and life is hard right now, but this month you will start to see the sense in the pain. You will start to rise up and take your life back in your hands. Look closely and not only will it all start to make sense, but you will see magic in it all, too. Look for that, trust in that. You are not at an ending; rather, you are alive with possibility and a newfound willingness to sparkle back to life!


Dirty – Three of Wands
Divine – King of Cups

Three of Wands
King of Cups

Your reality, your everyday sees you stood on breaking brilliant ground. Things are shifting and you are excited and willing. Yes there are still chasms to cross to get to the goal, but it is in sight, and you have the creativity and conviction to make that happen. This has been a long time coming and whilst there have been highs and some serious lows, you are now all ironed out, in a place of power and self love and you are ready to take on your world. On the other hand, from a divine perspective, you are likely the recipient of much love this month Libra. There is goodness, glad tidings, lovely rest, renewed commitment, and WOW style affection headed your way. I think many of us would be super glad to be Libran this month for it is not only looking up, it’s looking bloody brilliant. As a Libran myself, I wait with bated breath, as the energy is ripe and expansive. Nothing more to say, bring it on!


Dirty – Four of Pentacles
Divine – The Sun

Four of Pentacles
The Sun

Finances are on your mind—in particular how to take what you have and make it fit the bigger picture. This likely involves more saving and scrutiny than you feel like applying. And yet, you will. You will use all your Scorpio wiles to slither towards the next monetary/material goal even if that means going without some of your loved luxuries for awhile. It’s a wise approach but your divine is offering you something a little different: It is reminding you that the material world, the world of money and cash flow and abundance is nothing compared to the freedom of nature, connection, and good times. They cannot be bought. Ensure that you give yourself some leeway for adventures under the sun with loved ones this month. No matter how many notes line your wallet, they don’t guarantee a good time or a happy event. So let go of that expectation and get back to basics amongst happy and glorious friendships.


Dirty – The Emperor
Divine – Temperance

The Emperor

There is a feeling of being stifled by another’s power/position. Perhaps work is becoming oppressive, or someone you know is laying down the law too tightly upon you? For sure this alongside your personal vexations and worries for wellbeing are placing a tight feeling in your heart and chest. Trust that this is a focus you can consciously shift away from. You don’t need to be beholden to any one person’s expectations, or indeed your own. The divine message here asks you to bide your time, to take a moment apart for all of that worry and to know that things are working out as they are meant to. Temperance helps us to see through the frustrations of the moment by helping us to recognise the importance of those frustrations. We are stalled and stopped not because life is cruel, but because this moment holds something for us. Dig into that, find the shiny bright pebbles in a difficult moment. This shifting of perspective is what you need to help the moment pass easier.


Dirty – Death
Divine – Two of Cups

Two of Cups

‘Not more change’ I hear you screaming from the cusp of your last change. Well, I’m sorry to be the bearer of bad (good) news, but yep, more change. The thing with change is that it rolls onward in ways we cannot control, compel, or second-guess. That first watershed moment is only the first drop into a new life—it is always followed by more. Eventually life will settle down and a smoother path forward will be established, and I do see this starting to come in for you this month. So take this last finale of change, and know that with calm, loving agreement towards yourself and others, things will soon pan out for the better. After a period of tumult your divine is promising clarity as you step forward toward the next life destination. The two of cups shows that the way ahead is obvious and is ready and waiting for you when you are called to choose it. Cosy up with yourself and/or a partner and trust that the future is looming and, for now at least, it appears more settled.


Dirty – Princess of Cups
Divine – Two of Pentacles

Princess of Cups
Two of Pentacles

You are wearing your heart on your sleeve and putting yourself out there. Whether others are heeding your siren call is uncertain, but the sunny weather sure has you feeling frisky and passionate. As a dirty card this suggests that your efforts towards attracting love are for their own sake, and perhaps you are neglecting other projects and ideas as your hormones and desires are distracting. Your divine card is offering up work; a project or study, perhaps a creative business idea that would benefit from your attentions. This work is in its early stages and you are learning. As such, it’s really easy to turn a blind eye. But this stage of the work, the student phase, is important. It is the building blocks of greatness. So if you can plough some of your passions into this, and get a better balance, there is every chance you will start to wield your chosen craft with some real skill and power.


Dirty – Two of Swords
Divine – The Sun

Two of Swords
The Sun

I hate to tell you this but the restrictions upon you are mostly self-imposed. You are not as limited as you believe yourself to be, Though, to understand that you have to be willing to jump into the unknown. The choices you present yourself with are not the only options—there are so many more. But they are outside of your comfort zone and it will take some revving up to even start to feel, see, or understand them. So you better start now! And what better time than with the divine issuing you with The Sun! A card that illuminates options and presents us with our truest self. Spend some time just being, just digging into your current moment and finding joy, and know that this in itself is what will bring forth the answers that you need. You needn’t think up the next step, it will come whilst you are otherwise distracted, enjoying the present. So find that moment and jump wholeheartedly onboard. The rest will follow.

Alice B Grist

Alice B Grist

Alice B Grist is the author of Dirty & Divine: a transformative journey through tarot (Womancraft Publishing). Available online and in any good retailer. Order Alice’s Cosmic Mother set of cards, designed and painted by Alice at AliceGrist.co.uk.

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