Tarotscopes – December 2017

Soul-Smart Monthly Tarotscopes by Star Sight Tarot

BY Star Sight Tarot

SAGITTARIUS: Seven of Swords Rx + Beaver

Happy Birthday, Sagittarius! December brings some important opportunities for you to work with a particular issue that has been gnawing at you for a while. The Seven of Swords shows up around issues of guilt, escapism, secrecy, and shirking duties. One or more of these themes may come up when we are not wanting to face our responsibilities or we don’t feel able to confront people who are expecting things from us. Maybe someone has been holding you to what you feel are unrealistic expectations or maybe you feel that you aren’t living up to your own commitments to yourself. Either of these situations can breed feelings of guilt and resentment, which is not the most fun energy to work with. However! The beaver animal spirit card offers you some helpful guidance for dealing with those icky feelings when they come up. Beaver is industrious and creative. You can draw inspiration from this card when you are struggling to put your shoulder to the wheel and just get things done. It is important to remember though that the beaver is a master at changing the environment to meet her needs, so this is not about just grinding away and doing whatever someone else wants you to do. It’s about making it work for you and designing your life in a way that will bring you the most comfort and enjoyment. Through its small actions, the beaver is powerful enough to change the flow of a river. Remember that when you need a little extra encouragement. As a fire sign, you don’t always love to get down in the dirt and the water, but doing so will allow you to transform your life in ways that have eluded you until now.

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CAPRICORN: Father of Wands + Crow

This is a deep and transformative time for you, Capricorn. Last month your card was the Ace of Wands, which signified the beginning of a creative project or a new inspiration. This month, with the Father of Wands, you are really coming into your own. You’ve learned how to master the new tools you are working with and you are able to share your gifts with more people as you bring them out into the world. The crow card offers additional guidance for you this month and advises you to tap into the magical realm in whatever way that makes sense to you. It could be about using natural healing, tapping into your intuition, creating art, bringing people together. It doesn’t have to be about casting spells (though if you’re into that, go for it!). The main point is creating ritual and meaning wherever you can, rather than simply going through the motions. Crow energy is powerful and can bring you insightful dreams or visions if you let it. If you’re wondering how to harness the transformational power of the Father of Wands, the crow tells you to pay attention to messages that arise from below the level of your conscious mind and to engage in spiritual practices, whether alone or in a group. A regular meditation practice is an excellent way to give some structure to the fiery inspiration that will be flowing around you this month. Give it a channel so that it can flow through you and out into the world.

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AQUARIUS: Two of Swords Rx + Deer

It’s time to make some decisions, Aquarius. The Two of Swords when it is upright signals a difficult choice or impasse that keeps us from moving forward. When the card is turned upside down, this state of indecision must finally come to an end. What have you been waffling about, Aquarius? What have you been reflecting on lately but not taking action on? If you’ve been feeling turned inward recently, it’s time to step back out into the world and take some kind of action. It may not be a big leap, but you need to start some sort of movement—pick a direction and take a step forward. Your oracle card this month is the deer animal spirit, which signifies a gentle earthiness. Deer are caregivers, so you might think about ways you can prioritize caring for yourself or others as a way to get out of a particular rut. If you know what is truly important to you, the decisions you have to make become so much clearer. At the same time, the deer represents receptivity and flexibility, so don’t worry too much about choosing the wrong direction. You can always change course later on if you need to. The important thing now is just to get things moving.

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PISCES: The Star Rx + Elk

This month you may find yourself questioning some of your deepest held beliefs, Pisces. The time is ripe for you to reassess things that you’ve taken for granted in the past. This can be a deeply profound experience that will ultimately lead you to new understandings of yourself and your place in the world. The process, however, can be unsettling at times, as you loosen the ties that have bound you to outdated or unhelpful ways of thinking and being. The result can leave you feeling unmoored, at least until you begin to strengthen your new beliefs and perspectives on life. If you find yourself feeling at a loss and adrift at any point, you can look to the guidance from the elk animal spirit which is your oracle card this month. The elk represents stability and groundedness. If you are feeling untethered, look for opportunities to embody the sturdy dependability of the elk by helping others who need it, spending time in nature, or eating good balanced meals. The elk is ruled by the earth element, so anything that bring you more in touch with the needs of your body or your environment will help to stabilize you. Creating a solid foundation for yourself is key as you let your intellect explore new territory. With two feet planted firmly on the ground, let your mind soar to new heights as you search among the stars.

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ARIES: Two of Pentacles + Golden Egg

The Two of Pentacles asks you to take a look at the things that you are juggling and decide what truly needs your attention at this time. Is your work life taking over and leaving you too little energy for your relationships? Or are you finding it hard to make time for rest and self-care because of other commitments? Finding balance is a constantly shifting process—there is no such thing as a perfect static balance. Think of the act of standing on one foot and raising your arms to the sky (tree pose for the yogis among you): You may appear calm and unmoving on the outside, but within your muscles are working hard to keep you in place. Your feet in particular are doing a delicate dance using many imperceptible movements that continually correct—and sometimes overcorrect—in order to maintain your position. The butterfly pictured in this card is another good example—it may seem to stay aloft effortlessly, but in reality it has to be in constant motion or it will fall. Your work then for the month ahead is to seek balance in your own life, not with the expectation of finding a perfect solution that you will attain and never have to think about again, but with the knowledge that you will continue the dance as a constant daily practice. The trick is to hold tight to your core, so that you don’t get thrown to one side or the other. Your key word for December is: centering.

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TAURUS: The Hermit Rx + Lizard

Well, Taurus. I hate to say it, but it’s finally time for you to come out of your hiding place. I know it’s dark and safe in there, but the world needs to see your light again, at least for a little while! Like the turtle in the Hermit card, you’ve had a tendency to retreat into your shell lately when you don’t feel like facing certain things. And that isn’t necessarily a bad thing, but you can risk becoming complacent (or even despondent) if you stay there for too long. You need to move, friend. That’s the gift and the burden of being a Taurus. It’s so easy to keep your head down and do what needs to be done without really letting your true self shine. Eventually, you need to rev up your engine and remind yourself of what sparks you, what lights you up. Your oracle card this month is the lizard, which tells you this isn’t necessarily about pushing yourself to be the center of attention. The lizard’s energy is softer and more subtle than that. Instead, look for ways to ignite your fire from the inside, especially through engagement with your creative side. It may seem unimportant with everything else that is going on in the world, but it’s actually vital that you feed that part of yourself because when you do, you are able to bring so much more energy and dynamism to your other daily tasks and commitments. Let yourself shine.

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GEMINI: Son of Swords + Whale

In the coming weeks, you may feel called to act as a savior for someone or something in need. The Son of Swords is a warrior—a knight looking for a battle or a damsel in distress. These days the news is deeply upsetting, and as always, there are so many people in pain, people in need of saving. If you find yourself wanting to get on your white horse and ride to someone’s aid, keep in mind that often the direct “fix it” approach is actually not that helpful. It would be great if there were a quick fix, but more often than not, people need to find their own way to salvation and healing. What can really make a difference in helping them get there, is your capacity for empathy and authentic care, qualities that are all too rare in these bizarre times. The oracle card I picked for you this month is the whale, which signifies compassion, stability, and strength. According to Kim Krans, creator of the Animal Spirit deck, the whale is associated with “the feminine forces of compassion and communication.” Keep this in mind when you think about how you want to approach any obstacles you face over the next month. Rather than riding in with your sword held high, you might try instead appealing to the emotional needs of both yourself and those around you. Try opening a dialogue rather than assuming you know what is best for anyone else. It is imperative that in the process you remember to care for yourself with the same love and kindness that you would for someone else. Taking care of your own needs will let you radiate a calm, loving presence that will be a light in the dark for those who need it.

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CANCER: Seven of Cups Rx + Tarantula

This month the veils are finally being lifted, Cancer. Something you didn’t know was an illusion is being revealed as such and you are finally ready to see things in a new light. You may have been in a state of indecision recently about something or perhaps soon you will find yourself at an important crossroads. The message for you this month has to do with seeing your options clearly and not getting caught in the trap of thinking that any one thing will be the key to your happiness. Especially if that one thing is something material or something you feel you need to achieve in order to fill a void. If there is something you’re striving for in life, by all means go for it, but the Seven of Cups reminds us that the happiness we seek is not going to be found in a new pair of shoes, a new house, a new partner, or winning the lottery. The answer to this particular riddle has always been within you. It’s a matter of discerning your life’s true purpose (no small feat!) and doing whatever needs to happen in order to fulfill that call. It may involve sacrificing things that you thought were necessary luxuries and it may involve making some uncomfortable transitions, but the message from your cards this month is clear: you must do whatever it takes to realize your potential and to fulfill your purpose on this earth. Until you do, you will not be satisfied, no matter how rich and full your life may appear from the outside.

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LEO: Seven of Pentacles + Dolphin

What kinds of seeds have you been planting lately, Leo? What are you hoping to grow? The Seven of Pentacles is about taking stock of whatever it is you’ve been cultivating and making sure it’s turning out as you had hoped. When you look at your life and your recent accomplishments, do you feel a sense of pride? Or are you feeling stuck in a rut? Are you able to take time to get your own projects under way or are you always operating according to someone else’s priorities? It’s so important that you get clear on what it is that you want to create in your life right now and that you take some small tangible steps towards making it happen. The message here is about planting seeds—it doesn’t have to be a grand gesture or major commitment. Just take a few small actions that will get the ball rolling and see what comes of it. If you’re not sure what it is you want to make or manifest, have no fear. The dolphin animal spirit card suggests that you’ll be getting some clear inspiration very soon. It may have to do with the healing arts or some other form of creative expression that is seeking your attention. Or it may be that the message rises up from the depths and suddenly appears to you fully formed and gleaming. Either way, be sure not to ignore the revelation when it comes.

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VIRGO: Four of Cups Rx + Hyena

Your cards this month invite you to take some risks and put yourself out there a little more than you have been recently. When the Four of Cups is upright it cautions you not to jump into anything that you’re not sure you want to do. When reversed, however, the potential for risk goes way down and you’re encouraged to try some new things, even if they might be a little outside of your wheelhouse. You might pay particular attention to any little voices that have been nagging at you, especially ones that you’ve been ignoring until now because they seemed silly or “not like you.” This is the time to stretch your limits a little bit and dip your toe in the waters of new experiences. The hyena card reminds you to approach whatever you do during this time with a healthy dose of humor. Laugh at yourself if things don’t go the way you’d planned and try to shake it off as best you can. The key is to treat things very lightly so that you don’t get blocked from trying things out for fear of not doing it right and making a fool of yourself. Try asking yourself, “What’s the worst thing that can happen?” Often we realize that even the worst case scenario really isn’t so bad. And by trying to avoid it, we risk missing out on all the opportunities that come our way. Your mantra this month: “What doesn’t kill me will make me laugh.”

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LIBRA: Temperance + Tiger

This is a potent time for you, Libra. The Temperance card asks you to practice some creative alchemy by bringing together the ordinary pieces of your life to make something extraordinary, something larger than the sum of its parts. In doing so, you will be able to see your life in a new light. By doing some careful balancing and tweaking of your time commitments and priorities, you may find that suddenly things just click and you’re able to slip into that elusive state of flow, where everything just makes sense and you don’t have to push it or overthink it. Though nothing may change outwardly, you will transform your way of seeing and responding to what you are doing. But don’t think that because there are no obvious outward signs of transformation that there aren’t profound consequences to your cosmic shift. You have a rare opportunity this month to unleash a new source of power within yourself, one that you weren’t aware of until now. Your oracle card this month, the tiger, suggests that this power will be feminine in nature and will bring you closer to the earth, the cosmos, and the cycles of the moon. What does this mean in concrete terms? It means that you can transform your life by cultivating an intensely intimate relationship to the miracle of life on this planet, in this solar system, in this vast and mind-boggling universe. We are so small and yet our minds are big enough to encompass all of it. Let it inhabit you and you will expand in turn.

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SCORPIO: Son of Pentacles + Vulture

My fellow Scorpios, your tarot card this month is the Son of Pentacles (the knight in most traditional decks). This knight’s mission is to cultivate the fields and make sure the farm is prosperous and productive. This isn’t the most glamorous of missions, especially in the winter months, the lack of intensity and excitement can be a little mind-numbing. Where’s the drama in tilling the soil? What kind of stimulation is there to be gained from staying put and putting in the hard work day in and day out? Our watery and emotional sign doesn’t always respond well to this kind of earthy plodding pace, but the cards suggest that there is an important lesson to be learned in this for you this month. What ultimately is the outcome of all of your hard work? Is it simply the satisfaction of bringing in a decent harvest? Or is there some deeper magic at work here? Your oracle card, the vulture, has some information on this score. The vulture signifies purification, a process that must take place in order to balance the ecosystem. Like the process of working the land, there is a season for planting, a season for growing, and a time for harvest when the plants are cut back and we are able to begin the cycle again. This combination of cards encourages you to think about what needs to be purified in your life. Rather than thinking in terms of harvest—what can I gain?—think about the process of purification—what can I let go of? What needs to be cut out before it starts to fester and rot? Clearing away the soil will finally allow you to begin again and to plant new seeds that spark your interest and fuel your desire for creative growth.

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Star Sight Tarot - The Wild Unknown

Tarot deck used: The Wild Unknown Tarot by Kim Krans

Oracle deck: The Wild Unknown Animal Spirit by Kim Krans

Star Sight Tarot

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