Tarotscopes – December 2018

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BY Star Sight Tarot

Seven of Pentacles
DECEMBER OVERVIEW: Seven of Pentacles Rx + Endurance

This month’s tarotscopes take the shape of reflections and lessons. As 2018 comes to a close, our cards ask us to take stock of the year that has passed and to think about the seeds we have planted. The Seven of Pentacles when it is reversed (upside down) reveals that we may be feeling some anxiety or doubt about what we have accomplished this year. We may have fears that our hopes and dreams will not come to fruition or we may be unsure as to whether what we have done is really worth anything. We might be reflecting on whether we have contributed positively to our communities, our families, our places of work. The lesson that comes with these reflections is the oracle card Endurance. The truth is that our work is not done, just because the year is ending. We may take a moment to pause and to rest, but this isn’t the end of the story. Allow yourself to feel whatever comes up for you as the year ends, but know that you have so much more ahead of you. Just because you didn’t get a certain project done before the end of the year or you didn’t find the person of your dreams doesn’t mean that 2018 was not a success. There are many ways to measure success and growth that aren’t always tangible and don’t always match up to your vision of how things should be. As you reflect on the year gone by, remember to celebrate all the ways small and big that you have grown, whatever that means for you. You have accomplished more than you may realize. And there is so much more to come in the new year!

Read on to see what your lesson is for 2018.

Eight of Wands
SAGITTARIUS: Eight of Wands + Love

Happy birthday, Sagittarius! This is your time to shine and shine you will. The Eight of Wands brings more fiery energy for you this month as you zip through tasks and social engagements with ease. As a fire sign, you thrive in this element and the universe is giving you the green light to go forward with whatever it is you have on your mind or heart. However, as you think back on the year, consider whether this go-go-go energy has tended to be your MO and take a moment to reflect on the ways it does and does not serve you. As the year comes to a close, take care not to burn out on this energy and make sure to build in lots of time for rest, connection, and self-care. Your lesson for the end of the year is Love. In some ways love can move quickly, especially at the beginning, but true connection means slowing down and taking the time to really get to know someone, to listen, and to pay attention to details. Even as you swirl about in the end-of-year revelry, make sure to come back to some moments of stillness with the people you care about. It is that deep connection that will carry you forward into the new year with strength and renewed optimism.

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Nine of Wands
CAPRICORN: Nine of Wands + Structure

More wands for you this month, Capricorn! We are heading towards Capricorn season when we will shift from the fiery energy of Sagittarius to the steadier earthy vibes of your sign, but before that happens the fire of the wands suit still has something to teach you. In the image on the Nine of Wands, a wounded person stands in front of a wall of wands, ready to keep fighting. There is a double sense of defensiveness here—both the wall and the person holding their wand are standing tall ready to keep everyone and everything out. What is it you are afraid of letting in at this time, Capricorn? What are you defending? Thinking back over your year, you may reflect on this stance of defensiveness and whether it has truly kept you safe or if it has hindered you in any way. (Or maybe a little of both.) Your lesson for the end of the year is Structure. My sense is that providing yourself with an optimal amount of structure may fulfil the same need as defensiveness, but without the automatic byproduct of keeping things and people out. Structure allows you to feel secure and stable, but it also affords you some flexibility. You can choose when to take shelter and when to venture out to explore. You can structure your life so that you have a scaffolding to support you when you need it, but without building a barricade so thick that nothing can penetrate it. As your year wraps up, consider this question: where in your life can you lean away from defensiveness and towards a sense of structure?

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The Magician
AQUARIUS: The Magician + Change

A powerful combination of cards for you this month, Aquarius! The Magician in the Major Arcana is the card of initiation and personal power. As an energy for your month ahead, the Magician suggests a time of great creativity and manifestation. As you embody this card, know that you have all of the tools you need at your disposal. You’ve done all the prep work, cultivated your skills, found your team of like-minded folks, and identified the tools that will help you to take the next step. The trick now is to actually do it. I’m getting the sense that this year has felt like one long preparatory period for you, Aquarius. And while maybe you thought you were actually taking steps toward a new life and a new way of being, you were in reality only preparing the stage. Not that this isn’t a vital part of the process, but there is a way that all that prep work can start to become a form of procrastination. “I just need to practice a little more. I need one other thing before I can really start.” Let those ideas go now, as 2018 comes to a close. It is time to step into the real Change that you have been preparing for. Your cards are telling you that you are ready and that the time is now. You may also take this as a lesson moving into 2019. Don’t be afraid to make the changes you’ve been contemplating. Embrace what is new and different. A true Magician has the power to create things that have never before existed.

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Seven of Cups
PISCES: Seven of Cups + Support

Well my dear. You made it through what might have been a challenging month (or year?) and now you’re ready for a more contemplative period as the winter begins here in the Northern Hemisphere. The Seven of Cups asks you to reflect on your desires and emotional needs. How do you make decisions about which areas of your life to devote your time and energy? What draws you toward one thing versus another? Are you moving through your life according to what brings you deep meaning or are you being pulled in a thousand different directions, perhaps based on what other people want or on some shiny thing that catches your attention? Your cards for December are asking you to reflect on what draws your attention, your time, and your energy and whether that matches up with what truly offers you fulfillment. Your lesson card for the end of the year is Support, so you may think about whether your actions, decisions, and lifestyle offer you support or if there is something that needs changing so that you can feel more buoyed in your daily life. What does support look like for you? What will help you feel that sense of safety and sustenance so that you can go beyond simply surviving and rediscover the spark of inspiration and joy?

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Nine of Swords
ARIES: Nine of Swords Rx + Begin

My dear Aries. 2018 has brought you many changes, some of them perhaps monumental, some less obvious but still potent and potentially life-altering. With any change may come a certain amount of anxiety and maybe you’ve dealt with your fair share this past year. As you look back over the events of the year, what stands out to you as most salient? Most meaningful? Most troubling? Good or bad, these events are the building blocks for your future. Your cards ask you to trust that you can handle what life has thrown at you and that the worst is behind you. The Nine of Swords when it is reversed (upside down) signals an end to anxiety, a better night’s sleep, and some much needed calm. Your lesson for the end of the year is Begin. Where would you like to begin again? What needs refreshing in your life? The end of the year is the perfect time to sweep away the cobwebs and the old baggage that you don’t need to carry around with you anymore. What is in the past can stay in the past. You are ready to start a new chapter now with so much new life and energy bursting all around you.

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Knight of Cups
TAURUS: Knight of Cups + Boundaries

Dear Taurus. Your card for the month of December is the Knight of Cups. This Knight follows his heart wherever it leads—his mission is to find love, to spread love, and to fight for love. He will go to the ends of the Earth to make a relationship work or to follow his passions. He will do whatever is asked of him if it is in the name of love and he takes pride in being able to accomplish things for the people he cares about. In what ways do you express your love? What are you willing to do for the things you are passionate about? For the people you love? As you think back over the year, reflect on the adventures you’ve had, the sacrifices you’ve made, the love you have shared. What is drawing you forward now? What ignites your sense of purpose and drives you onward? At the same time, your cards ask you to consider the other side of the coin. Your lesson for the end of 2018 is Boundaries. This card asks you to take note of the ways in which you perhaps sacrifice a little too much of yourself, your time, your energy. Where could you stand to rein things in a little? What does it cost you to always put others first or to chase your next dream without a second thought? Only you can know exactly what kinds of boundaries need to be put in place, but don’t let yourself get too far down that road without some sense of when enough is enough.

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Nine of Pentacles
GEMINI: Nine of Pentacles + Release

What lovely cards have come up for you this month, Gemini. The Nine of Pentacles shows a woman in her garden, with abundance all around her. On her hand a bird of prey is perched, signifying the ability to tame what is wild in us. In fact, the garden itself symbolizes this same thing—we take what is wild and we shape and contain it, cultivate it and domesticate it, so that we may enjoy it and feel safe within it. This is a sign of your ability to create a beautiful and secure environment around you. As you reflect on this past year, you might think about the things you have created, the parts of yourself you have cultivated, as well as the parts you have tamed. What has brought you peace and calm this year? What has brought you anxiety or concern? Where has joy cropped up when you least expected it? Your lesson for the end of 2018 is Release. As you give thanks for all that you have made and learned this year, prepare yourself to let it go in order to make room for what is next. Nothing is permanent in the garden of our lives. And some things were perhaps not meant to be tamed for long. What needs to stretch its wings and fly on? What needs to be weeded out? This continual process is what allows for the abundance that you have created to keep coming back around year after year.

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The Tower
CANCER: The Tower Rx + Birth

Happy December, dearest Cancer. This month you may find that you are rocked to your core. The events of the year may culminate in the coming weeks in a way that you didn’t expect or perhaps aren’t prepared for. The Tower, when it is upright, speaks to external events that come along to shake things up, sometimes in scary ways but always for the better in the long run. When this card appears reversed (upside down), that shake up happens on an internal level. There is some kind of seismic shift going on for you that is ushering in a whole new phase of your life. And while it may *seem* connected to external events, it’s really something you’ve cultivated deep within. You have laid the groundwork, you’ve made all of the preparations, and now you are finally ready to be reborn. This is your lesson for the end of the year, Cancer. Let this new birth happen in all of its glory. There is nothing more that you need to do now other than allow it. The wheels are already in motion. The waiting may be hard, but it will be worth it, I promise!

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The Star
LEO: The Star Rx + Forgive

My dear Leo. This final month of 2018 brings with it some big opportunities for reflection and digestion. You have been on quite a ride this year and you’ve made some serious strides in your self-development. Now is the time to look back and reflect on all that has happened. Your theme for the month is the Star reversed (upside down), which has to do with questions of faith. Perhaps you didn’t quite realize what all of this self-learning was leading you towards, but my sense is that this is it. The Star points us to our guiding light, the thing that never fails us, that we can always look to when we feel lost or uncertain. When this card appears reversed, it tells you not to look outside of yourself for that guiding light, but to look within. You carry it within you and you always have. The key is to learn to trust yourself, to learn a deep faith in who you are, the decisions you make, and the process you need to go through to reach new levels of growth and understanding. Your lesson card for the end of the year is Forgive. Who or what do you need to forgive in order to access that sense of inner faith? Perhaps yourself? Forgiveness frees us to move on from what has held us back so that we may step into the light of our true selves.

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VIRGO: Temperance Rx + Freedom

Your cards for December are pushing you in a new, bold direction, Virgo. I know bold moves aren’t always your thing, but at this time I think you’ll find a natural pull towards a new expansiveness that perhaps hasn’t felt possible for you in the past. Your card for the month is Temperance reversed (upside down). Temperance usually denotes a need for balance and moderation, but when it is reversed it tells you to turn that on its head. Instead you might think about the ways you may need to go to one extreme or the other in order to get where you are wanting to go. If this is something you have tried this past year, take some time to reflect on how well it has worked for you. If you have played it safe, what has that gotten you? You are being asked to reflect on this now, because your lesson for the end of the year is Freedom. In what ways do you keep yourself wrapped up a little too tightly, my dear Virgo? Where could you use a little loosening up? Let yourself go a little if possible this holiday season and don’t worry so much about getting everything just right. A little freedom will go a long way in infusing your life with a new sense of vitality and purpose.

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Ace of Swords
LIBRA: Ace of Swords + Move On

Dear Libra. Your cards this month urge you to consider the areas in your life that could use some refreshing. What has become stagnant and out of date? Where could you use some sprucing up? The Ace of Swords ushers in the new, but not without cutting away the old. You can use that sword to make a decisive action, to cut something out that is harmful or no longer needed, or to communicate effectively. The Aces each bring something new with them, and this Ace governs the realm of air—language, thought, reason. You may have a brand new idea that marks a turning point in something you are working on. You may find a new way of expressing yourself. Or you might find you have a newfound sense of decisiveness about something that has kept you waffling. With any move forward, however, something must be left behind, and this is the medicine of the Ace of Swords. Your lesson card for the end of the year is Move On. Don’t let yourself get stuck because you are holding on to what is old and in the past. As the new year approaches, do whatever you need to do to free yourself up for unfettered forward movement.

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King of Swords
SCORPIO: King of Swords + Self-doubt

My lovely Scorpio, we are in for some big lessons as 2018 draws to a close. But isn’t that what we live for? The King of Swords appears where there is need for decisiveness and rational thought. As water signs, we have been known to let our emotions be our guide rather than listening to the more reasonable voice of the intellect. This often serves us well, but sometimes it can cause us to be carried away or overwhelmed by the depth of our feelings. Think back over the year and reflect on times when you feel you kept your cool versus when maybe you were overtaken by emotion—whether fear, love, anger, or passion. Where did those different modes lead you? What is the value in each? The challenge? Your lesson at the close of the year is around Self-doubt. While emotions may teach us many things, the tricky thing about them is that they are ever changing, which can make it hard to pin any real faith or certainty on them. Instead we are being asked at this moment to work with finding a faith in ourselves that comes from a calmer more collected place. Listen to the trusted advisor, the wise leader within. You may just find that you are able to maintain a steadier course as you navigate your way into the new year.

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Tarotscopes - December 2018

Tarot deck used: The Pamela Colman Smith Commemorative Set by U.S. Games Systems, Inc.

Oracle deck: Vessel Oracle Deck by Spirit Speak

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