Tarotscopes – December 2019

Soul-Smart Monthly Tarotscopes by Star Sight Tarot

BY Star Sight Tarot

DECEMBER OVERVIEW: Judgement Rx + Slingshot

Judgement reversed asks us to consider what it is that is holding us back. We have everything we need in order to take a big leap on our spiritual journey and yet we find ourselves stalling, waiting for the right moment, the right weather, the right outfit. We make excuses for why now is not the time. We tie ourselves in knots trying not to face what is right in front of us. We think we’re taking the easy way out, but really it’s not even that easy! It’s just familiar and that is comforting. One of these days though, we will have to learn to walk towards the scary new thing. And when we do, we will discover just how much we have already grown. When we walk through the door that has been waiting open for us, we will discover how much more room there is to spread our cramped and unused wings. When we cross that threshold we will finally understand that we were meant for this. And we will wonder why it took us so long to take the leap.

Four of Swords
SAGITTARIUS: Four of Swords Rx + Broom

Happy birthday, dear Sagittarius! For your birthday this year, I got you… a broom. Not what you were hoping for? Well, before you make too many assumptions, know that this is a magic broom. It won’t help you fly, but it will allow you to clear space where there is currently too much clutter to see your way forward. You’ve been taking a “break”—from cleaning, from doing some aspect of the hard personal work, from certain relationships. Whatever it is you’ve wanted space from, you’ve let yourself rest perhaps a little too long. Now is the time to rejoin the fray and get back into the action you had put on hold. Your trusty broom will help you to avoid getting mired in the unnecessary junk that keeps you fatigued and unmotivated. Clear that shit out. Literally or figuratively. With a clean slate and a clear space, you will be unstoppable.

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Nine of Pentacles
CAPRICORN: Nine of Pentacles Rx + Hatchet

Your cards this month are asking you to reconsider how you think about abundance. If you are imagining an ideal (perhaps Instagram-fueled?) picture of a perfect life, house, body, wardrobe, you will always come up short one way or another. In fact, the images we see inspire a kind of consumerism that is by nature doomed to fail, even if you could afford all of the things your heart desired. It’s designed that way to keep you always wanting the next thing. It is a void that can never be filled. Instead of giving into those desires that keep you fixated on what you think you are lacking, your oracle card asks you to take a more pragmatic approach. The goal is not to amass more things or show the world what you have. This kind of abundance is about harnessing the fuel you need to do the things you love as well as the things you need to survive. It’s about taking satisfaction in knowing that you are able to feed yourself and others, you can keep yourself warm, provide a roof to sleep under, create beauty in whatever ways come naturally to you. It doesn’t have to be fancy, trendy, or expensive. In fact, the best things are practically free. Thank your mind for the work it does every day. Thank your body for getting you where you need to go.

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The World
AQUARIUS: The World + Book

The World often appears in our cards when we have reached a new level of self-actualization. And in a way that may be true for you now. However, your oracle card suggests that the world is asking you to explore outside of yourself, rather than going deeper into your own internal landscape. Perhaps you’ve done all you can do in this particular phase of self-development, so now it is time to turn your attention outward. This may suggest that you learn about other worlds beyond your own, whether through physical travel or by reading about the lives of others. What have you always wanted to know more about? What gifts do you have to share with others (especially ones that are not about getting any kind of recognition)? This is a time for engaging in some true selflessness. After so much self-scrutiny, you may be surprised at how freeing it can be.

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Page of Pentacles
PISCES: Page of Pentacles + Mayflies

Your energy for the month of December is surprisingly earthy for a resolute water sign such as yourself. But it is by no means a time for heaviness or getting stuck in the mud. In fact, the earthiness of the Page of Pentacles is just about as playful as it gets in the tarot (other than the Fool). This card signifies the kind of exploration that comes with being a beginner and setting out with an open mind to discover new interests and talents. It encourages you to try new things, to broaden the scope of what feels possible. But rather than spending all your time dreaming and making vision boards (I know, so fun right?), this Page wants you to just get out and try stuff. Get your hands dirty, get your feet wet, roll up your sleeves, etc., etc. The spirit of the holidays for you is about seizing the moment and relishing in all that the world has to offer. Everything is fleeting, so take advantage of what is here before you today. Don’t waste your time dreaming of a tomorrow that may never come.

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Knight of Pentacles
ARIES: Knight of Pentacles + Telescope

My lovely Aries. The Knight of Pentacles shows up in our cards when we are being asked to keep our heads down and do the work that needs to be done. This is not the most glamorous of knights. In fact, it is most decidedly the *least* glamorous of the knights in the tarot. And for your fiery sign, this steady plodding can feel like torture. However! This doesn’t mean that you have to lose your spark of fun and creativity. In fact, your oracle card reminds you to keep exploring and dreaming even as you take care of business on the daily. The telescope suggests that there are some long-range plans that you are working towards and the steps you are taking now will lay the foundation for something grand. The key is to have the patience to stay the course while staying inspired by all that is promised to come.

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King of Cups
TAURUS: King of Cups + Snake

Oooh, Taurus, you have got some sweet, sensual cards happening this month. The King of Cups is all about letting your love light shine. This king is so secure in himself and his emotions that he is able to be vulnerable and open without losing his shit. That means that the kind of love he is offering is without shame or guardedness. Take advantage of this energy to open yourself to new or existing people in your life. Let yourself experience what it can be like to just feel good without self-criticism, without obligations, without guilt. The Snake card also brings a message to enjoy the sensual side of life without reservation so you are due for a double dose! This is a body positive, open-hearted kind of love. Hold open the doors to your heart and let the love flow in.

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Nine of Cups
GEMINI: Nine of Cups Rx + Lungs

If life isn’t throwing all that you desire at your feet, don’t despair just yet Gemini. The Nine of Cups, when it appears reversed (upside down), reminds us that we can’t always get what we want, and sometimes that’s a good thing. I know, not really what you want to hear, but I promise there is a silver lining! The kinds of wishes that are often granted by the Nine of Cups are the ones that we think will make everything better in our lives, but that turn out to offer only temporary satisfaction. Yes, more money sounds great, but it won’t make a huge difference to your happiness in the long run. Your oracle card suggests that what will bring lasting fulfillment is already all around you, just as is the air we breathe. The key is to bring your conscious awareness to it rather than taking it for granted. You can practice this by literally paying attention to your breath in meditation, though you may choose to focus on other infinite resources in your life.

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Four of Wands
CANCER: Four of Wands Rx + Flying fish

Dear Cancer, this month you are being called away from the stable structures that keep you safe and comfortable but maybe also a little bit bored. The Four of Wands upright is about creating solidity in our lives and celebrating those unions that bring us more stability. When it is reversed, however, it asks us to go against the grain. Isn’t it about time you tried something new? This season is often a hard time to put yourself out there. We’d all like to stay cozy under the covers and let everyone else do the self-improvement. Your oracle card suggests that this needn’t feel like a chore however. In fact, the best way for you to stretch yourself right now is by finding yourself some serious fun. The flying fish is spontaneous and a bit silly. As Stasia Burrington reminds us, it is superfluous. Can you similarly allow yourself to act in the interest of what is decidedly *not* necessary? Go out of your way to do what is most fun, not the most useful.

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Queen of Swords
LEO: Queen of Swords Rx + Telephone

Leo, my lovely, your cards this month are all about communication. The Queen of Swords has a sharp tongue and a quick wit, but when she is reversed (upside down), she can easily be misunderstood. Swords can cut to the chase, but they can also end up hurting feelings if we aren’t careful. Likewise, if we don’t communicate, we can leave others feeling shut out and abandoned. If this is the case for you, take heart in knowing that your oracle card is here to bring you guidance. The key is to let down your guard and speak your truth, even (or especially) when doing so feels scary and leaves you vulnerable. As Brené Brown tells us, there is no connection without vulnerability. So, tell your inner ice queen to lighten up a little and communicate with the people in your life about how you really feel. The outcome may surprise you!

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Ten of Wands
VIRGO: Ten of Wands + Pinky promise

I can’t pretend to know what you’re going through right now, my dear Virgo, but your cards suggest that you are carrying a lot. The Ten of Wands speaks to burdens that we feel too overwhelmed or fatigued to shoulder. If this is you, please consider that you are risking burn out all for the sake of self-martyrdom. Or maybe you truly, genuinely need to take all of this on in order to get certain goals met. The first step is to discern where your goals and responsibilities come from. Your oracle card warns you to be aware of which of your burdens are truly yours to carry. Whose obligations are you carrying? Did you agree to take on this weight? Even if you did, is it really reasonable to continue expecting you to stumble as you try to carry it? Consider the possibility that setting down some of the weight on your shoulders may not lead to the collapse of yourself and everything you care about. In fact, it may simply give you a much deserved break.

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High Priestess
LIBRA: High Priestess Rx + Tangle

Sweet Libra, what are you not allowing yourself to face at this time? You may be searching for answers only to find that you are repeatedly met with more confusion and opaque signs. When this happens in the world of the tarot, it is often a sign that we have been ignoring our own inner voice. What truths are you too afraid to accept right now? What light are you trying to hide so that it won’t illuminate something you are deeply afraid of? Rest assured that whatever it is you fear, your own self-knowledge will always help you to face whatever comes. The High Priestess comes into our cards when we need to hear the reminder that we already have all of the answers within us. We do not need to look to outside sources in order to understand our own lives. So do not let anyone else dictate what happens you. Only you can truly know what it is you need.

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SCORPIO: Death + The Empty Cup

Ah, Scorpio. This month our cards deliver a double dose of serious Scorpio energy. The darkness serves us well and those of us in the northern hemisphere are in our witchy element. The Death card (much like the Scorpio sign itself) is one of the most misunderstood and most feared cards in the deck. What we fear is a literal death and the loss of something we care deeply about. What this card delivers, however, is the transformative end of something that was no longer working. This doesn’t mean that there is no pain involved—sorry!—but it does mean that what is ending is meant to pass away so that something better can take its place. This is, of course, a Scorpio’s wet dream. We crave transformation like most people crave chocolate. It feeds our souls and lets us live in a permanent state of becoming. May we relish it as never before.

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Tarotscopes December 2019

Tarot deck used: Rider Waite Tarot by US Games

Oracle deck: The Empty Cup Oracle by Stasia Burrington

Star Sight Tarot

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