Tarotscopes – February 2018

Soul-Smart Monthly Tarotscopes by Star Sight Tarot

BY Star Sight Tarot

AQUARIUS: Nine of Pentacles + Creative

Happy Birthday, Aquarius! How auspicious that the Nine of Pentacles has been your card for two months in a row! When this happens, it is a sign to sit up and take note. Either you are getting a double dose of Nine of Pentacles energy or the lessons of this card have not been fully learned yet. Either way, the message is to take stock of your physical surroundings and think about the home you have built for yourself. Does your home environment inspire feelings of contentment and serenity? Do you feel safe, secure, and alive in your domestic space? If not, something needs to be shifted and realigned. You may need to focus some energy on revitalizing your space, whether through a remodel, redecorating, or moving to a new place entirely. The cards advise you to get creative with this process. This may mean using your powers of creativity literally to create an environment that inspires and relaxes you. It could also mean thinking more creatively about your options. Maybe you haven’t entertained certain possibilities because they felt unrealistic or too difficult. Now is the time to shake things up a little and reach beyond your usual limits. Ironically, by going outside of your comfort zone you may be able to attain a new level of comfort and ease in your home life. Want to go deeper? To schedule a private reading with Star Sight Tarot, go to: www.starsighttarot.com

PISCES: Ace of Wands Rx + Witch

Ooh, Pisces, you have a fun month ahead of you! This February you have an opportunity to tap into your inner witch. No, this doesn’t mean flying around on a broomstick in a pointy hat. This is more about finding those parts of yourself that you have repressed or kept under wraps for fear of upsetting the powers that be. What parts of yourself have you stifled because you were afraid of the repercussions from those in authority? Think back to your childhood and the messages you learned about what was or wasn’t acceptable—in your family, in school, in church, in public. Getting in touch with your witchy side is about honoring the wild parts of you, honoring the so-called irrational, intuitive ways of being and thinking, honoring natural systems over man-made ones (and yes, I do mean man-made), honoring those who have come before you who refused to go along with the status quo. In what ways have you resigned yourself to acquiescing to a particular system or institution? Are there certain roles that you find yourself occupying that make you think, “Wait a minute—I never agreed to this!” This month give yourself permission to break out of any bonds that hold you back from realizing your true power and potential. Want to go deeper? To schedule a private reading with Star Sight Tarot, go to: www.starsighttarot.com

ARIES: The Empress + Seek

I love this card combination for you, Aries. The Empress is the most grounded and abundant presence of the tarot. She embodies all that is feminine, fertile, and creative, reminding us to be present in and aware of our bodies and to revel in the natural world. When she comes up in a reading, the message is to go deep into the sensuous pleasures in life and to gives thanks for all the beauty that surrounds us in nature. At the same time, you are asked not to become too complacent, which can lead to lethargy or stagnancy. Even as you revel in the feeling of being in your skin, of eating good food, of dancing or making love, make sure you are also keeping your vision for the future clear in your mind. Make sure you are always seeking, always allowing for change. This is the true nature of creation—the impetus to never sit completely still because in reality nothing is ever really motionless. Think of the tree that seems so solid and unchanging and yet grows and changes in cycles with the seasons. Like the branches of the tree, let yourself always reach for the sky even as you remain rooted firmly in the earth.

Want to go deeper? To schedule a private reading with Star Sight Tarot, go to: www.starsighttarot.com

TAURUS: The Tower Rx + Ritual

Something needs a serious overhaul in your life right now, Taurus. It could be a job, a relationship, your home, your location, or even a way of thinking. Each of these provide a certain structure, whether literally or figuratively, that gives shape to your life. The trouble begins when one of these structures becomes shaky or no longer works for you the way it once did. Maybe you’ve outgrown it or maybe it never was right to begin with and you’re finally realizing it has to go. As a result you may be feeling unsteady, frustrated, stifled. What structures are no longer working for you in your life, Taurus? What needs to be torn down or left behind? How can you rebuild—knowing what you know now—in a way that will be truer to who you are at this moment in your life? One thing to keep in mind as you navigate this uncertain terrain is the need for something consistent and grounding. When it feels like the earth is shifting beneath you, make sure you have something you can turn to that will remain constant and nourishing. This could be a spiritual practice, a friendship, a creative art. Let it be like a thread through a maze that always brings you back to yourself. Want to go deeper? To schedule a private reading with Star Sight Tarot, go to: www.starsighttarot.com

GEMINI: Two of Swords + Visible

When the Two of Swords comes up in your cards, it usually signals that you are at an impasse of some sort. Perhaps you’re feeling caught between two things or unable to move forward with ease because you’re stuck in indecision or contemplation. This isn’t always a bad thing, Gemini, as sometimes that time for introspection and self-assessment is just what you need. We can’t take decisive action at all times without some periods of reflection and discernment to help us know how to act. However, if you start feeling like you’ve been stuck for a little too long, try loosening things up by eliminating something else from your life that is causing clutter or confusion. Sometimes by shifting your attention to something unrelated and freeing up a little space in another area of your life, you can find new perspective and clarity on a situation that seemed insurmountable. Eventually you will have to make a choice and take a step forward, but making sense of our thoughts and desires can sometimes feel like an impossible task. Instead start with something more tangible and concrete—clearing your physical space of unnecessary clutter is a surefire way to get things moving again. Want to go deeper? To schedule a private reading with Star Sight Tarot, go to: www.starsighttarot.com

CANCER: Son of Pentacles Rx + Kin

Cancer, this month you’ll have an opportunity to get revitalized when it comes to your daily routines. Perhaps you’ve been feeling some discontentment lately about having to do the same things day in and day out. You’ve worked hard to get to where you are, but that doesn’t mean that you have to like the work every second of every day. Sometimes, in fact, it is a serious grind. This month look to your family or kinship circles for inspiration and opportunities to break up the monotony. If you find yourself stuck in a rut in your social life or with your loved ones, make a plan to do something out of the ordinary. Take a day trip or meet up with friends at a new spot. Use your creativity to find new ways to come together with the people you love. Maybe there’s not much you can do to spice up your work life right now, but you have a lot more freedom than you’ve been acknowledging for how you spend the rest of your time. Take advantage of it! It will likely give you the boost you need to bring new energy to your work as well. Want to go deeper? To schedule a private reading with Star Sight Tarot, go to: www.starsighttarot.com

LEO: Six of Wands Rx + Action

Dear Leo. Now is not the time for grand gestures and accolades. I know how you often like to be in the limelight, but it isn’t serving you that well at this particular moment. Your cards are telling you instead to direct your energy inward. Let the actions you take over the next month be ones that will take you on an inner journey rather than an outer one. The transformation that is possible right now for you is one that may not be obvious to others from the outside, but you will notice a profound difference in your internal landscape. What conflicts are you dealing with now? What is causing confusion or clutter in your life? Whatever is going on around you, find a way to lessen its power over you by rising above it. Not in order to show off or gloat, but to take you further on your path towards self-actualization. This process may involve some reframing of what success means for you. Maybe it isn’t quite as dependent on the approval of others as you had previously thought. It may be up to you to offer yourself the recognition you deserve. Want to go deeper? To schedule a private reading with Star Sight Tarot, go to: www.starsighttarot.com

VIRGO: Wheel of Fortune + Divine

This month brings you an unforeseen opportunity for change and spiritual growth, Virgo. The Wheel of Fortune can signal karmic events or changes that are outside of your control. This can sometimes seem scary to those of us who like to be in control (ahem!), but rest assured that the changes coming your way will ultimately be for the good. There is another force guiding the events that are unfolding for you now. Whether you call it god, spirit, the universe, or the stars, someone or something is looking out for you. Even for the practically minded among you, there can be great power in turning things over to fate rather than feeling like you need to painstakingly arrange every detail of your life. The Wheel of Fortune can also signal a chance to work with some old patterns—those cycles of behavior or thought that can feel hard to break out of. This is your chance to see some change on that front. You may not break the wheel, but you can at least send it rolling in a slightly different direction. Want to go deeper? To schedule a private reading with Star Sight Tarot, go to: www.starsighttarot.com

LIBRA: The Devil + Tender

What are you most dependent on, Libra? What thoughts, substances, people, behaviors keep you going day after day? Is there a point at which that dependence becomes a little too strong? You may ask what is so bad about being dependent on something outside of yourself. Well, it causes you to give your power away, for one thing. The Devil asks you to look at what is holding you hostage—even in very subtle ways. Is there something you feel you can’t live without? That has a hold on your thoughts, your choices, and your actions on a regular basis? It is the human condition to be bound to our vices to a certain extent. We are sometimes frustratingly dependent on the material world, which can get us into trouble if we lose sight of the spiritual power that resides within each of us and instead start to believe that all we are is this physical body with its needs and desires. We are so much more than that. Be gentle with yourself as you peel back the layers on this one. It is no joke to face our own attachments—our tendency to cling can become even stronger when faced with the possibility of loss. But it is through this process that we find our truest expression of freedom. Want to go deeper? To schedule a private reading with Star Sight Tarot, go to: www.starsighttarot.com

SCORPIO: Eight of Wands Rx + Let go

Once again, fellow Scorpios, we are being asked to do something that doesn’t necessarily come naturally to our sign. The Eight of Wands reversed tells us to put a hold on our ever forward momentum. Pull back on the reins for once and let yourself stand still, even as change is occurring all around you. There is something that you need to address before you jump ahead to the next thing. Whatever it is you are driving towards, it will not be achievable until you are able to let go of that thing you’ve been carrying around. It’s been weighing you down for way too long now. This month, the energy is finally right for you to shed that skin, drop that stone to the bottom of the ocean, let that kite sail. You’ve known for a long time that you don’t need it, that it’s doing you no favors. But now is finally the time when you’ll be ready to release it and ultimately release yourself from the hold it has had on you. Once you do so, you’ll be able to go back to whatever you were doing, this time with no obstacles in sight. Want to go deeper? To schedule a private reading with Star Sight Tarot, go to: www.starsighttarot.com

SAGITTARIUS: Eight of Swords + Guided

Sag, this is a time of deep transformation for you. The Eight of Swords card depicts a chrysalis hanging from a sword with seven other swords surrounding it. This may seem like a precarious state, but what it’s signaling to you now is to pay very close attention to what is happening—both within you and around you—without making any rash moves. There may be what look like very real threats to your serenity just outside the door, and it is important to take note of them, but your real concern now is the change that is happening inside you. Try not to let yourself succumb to anxieties about things beyond your control. Rest in the knowledge that you are being guided by some kind of force right now—whether a higher power or your own intuition—that will lead you in the right direction when the time is right. Just be careful not to jump the gun before everything has had time to take shape. Trying to break out of that cocoon before you’re ready could be detrimental to you and to whatever dream you are hoping manifest. When the way is clear and the external obstacles are no longer present, that is how you’ll know that your inner transformation is complete. Want to go deeper? To schedule a private reading with Star Sight Tarot, go to: www.starsighttarot.com

CAPRICORN: Ten of Wands Rx + Vulnerable

You are in it, Capricorn. This card combination suggests that you will soon be doing a lot of work on yourself (or maybe you’ve already begun to dig in!) which may have you feeling a little raw and unsteady. Your sign usually likes to have everything wrapped up tight so when things get a little messy, it can be a pretty uncomfortable feeling for you. But the good news is that any discomfort or vulnerability you go through now will only be temporary. And ultimately it will be in the service of allowing you to break out of some old patterns and ways of being that have been holding you back from stepping into your new form. You are ripe for transformation, you just need to strip away some of the layers (obligation? guilt? complacency?) that have piled on over the years and are keeping you from being able to move forward. I have a hunch that any feelings of stress or overwhelm that you’ve been feeling lately will also dissipate as the new you begins to emerge. Want to go deeper? To schedule a private reading with Star Sight Tarot, go to: www.starsighttarot.com

Star Sight Tarot - The Wild Unknown

Tarot deck used: The Wild Unknown Tarot by Kim Krans Oracle deck: SoulSpace Oracle by Jen Berlingo

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