Tarotscopes – February 2019

Soul-Smart Monthly Tarotscopes by Star Sight Tarot

BY Star Sight Tarot

King of Cups
FEBRUARY OVERVIEW: King of Cups Rx + Observe

As we roll into the lunar new year, we are asked to cool our emotional jets after what may have been an intense month (super blood wolf moon anyone?). This month, our approach can be more measured, more intentional, less reactive. What emotional ups and downs have been plaguing you over the past few weeks? Where have you felt a little out of control or off balance? February’s cards ask us to take a step back and look at the whole picture with a certain amount of detachment and objectivity. Meditation or other practices that ask you to observe the chatter of your own mind may be particularly helpful at this time. Getting a little distance from our troubles can help us to gain some much needed perspective so that we remember who we are at our core. Coming back to ourselves is an ongoing practice and one that will bring us so much insight at this time if we let it.

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AQUARIUS: Judgment Rx + Strengthen

Happy birthday, Aquarius! This month, as you complete another circle around the sun, you are being asked to access a part of yourself that has remained hidden for some time now. It may be that you feel like you’ve been slowly peeling back layers, revealing bit by bit a deeper, more authentic truth at the center of your being. What is emerging for you at this time? What are you beginning to recognize as no longer helpful to who you truly are? This process can feel a bit painful at times, since the ego wants desperately to hold onto a stable sense of itself. But you are in a time of transformation that will ultimately see you becoming much stronger and more resilient. Remember not to be too hard on yourself at this time. Practice non-judgment whenever possible—towards yourself and the people around you. As you continue to pull back the mask that has been covering your true self, you will make discovery after discovery about yourself, the universe, and what you truly want.

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Six of Wands
PISCES: Six of Wands + Wisdom

Dear Pisces. Your cards for February contain both a promise and a warning. The Six of Wands is a card of triumph, of victory. Something you’ve been working towards for a long time may finally bring you the recognition you deserve. What is it you’ve been striving for? Are you hoping others will notice and give you praise or compensation of some sort? If so, you are in luck this month, Pisces! You are poised to reach your goal if it is truly what you want. The warning in this is that sometimes we don’t always realize the consequences of getting what we want. The figure in your card in the Linestrider Tarot looks grey and immobile, like a statue on a pedestal. There is a danger that by achieving the goal or recognition you desire, you may unwittingly make yourself unattainable or unapproachable to those around you. Are you remaining open and egalitarian even as you ask for what you need? Are you putting yourself on the same level as those around you or are you placing yourself above them? Your oracle card, Wisdom, asks you to reflect deeply on the kinds of success that are truly going to be meaningful for you in the long run. The glow of attention is flattering, but it isn’t always the path to true fulfillment.

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Nine of Pentacles
ARIES: Nine of Pentacles + Guard

Oh, Aries. What a lovely energy you have around you this month. The Nine of Pentacles depicts a beautiful woman dressed in lovely clothes, surrounded by symbols of abundance. This card suggests that you have worked hard to create a beautiful environment around you. You may also be enjoying the fruits of your hard work in other ways—through a sense of financial security or by reveling in the beauty of the life you have built. The owl at her side together with your oracle card, Guard, reminds you that this abundance you have around you comes at a cost, however. You may be feeling a little extra protective of what you have at this time. There is nothing wrong with that—it is perfectly natural to want to protect what is important to you. But remember to ease up if you find that you are gripping too tightly. Your life and its riches are meant to be enjoyed. Let yourself relax and trust that the things you truly need will not be going anywhere.

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Two of Wands
TAURUS: Two of Wands + Fluid

Dearest Taurus, this month brings you a dynamic combination of fire and water. The Two of Wands is about active connection—the spark that ignites when two people or ideas or energies come together. This could be a romantic connection, although the fire of the wands suit emphasizes the physical aspect of the union between two people, not so much an emotional bond. It can also have to do with the energy that is activated around a new project or idea, especially where there is a collaboration between two or more people. In this depiction of the card by Siolo Thompson, the image is of a rabbit surrounded by Easter lilies, signifying the fecundity and abundance of early spring. What are you giving life to these days, Taurus? What new ideas or sensations are you wanting to bring forth? Your oracle card, Fluid, lets you know that the best way to approach your goals and desires at this time is with a healthy dose of flexibility and ease. Try not to force what doesn’t come naturally, but know that you have a quiet power that is capable of creating all manner of newness. The key is to find the right person or people to help you bring it into being.

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Ten of Wands
GEMINI: Ten of Wands + Manifest

Your cards for February, Gemini, are pointing to an interesting tension that will bring you an important lesson over the coming weeks. The Ten of Wands tends to show up when we are doing or taking on a little too much. It may be literal in the sense of just having too many obligations or demands on our time, but it can also signify an energetic burden, such as when we become overwhelmed by stress or by the weight of the world. In your case, the Ten of Wands is paired with the oracle card, Manifest. This suggests that whatever may be weighing on you these days is actually the fuel for your next creative surge. Whatever it is you are hoping to bring into your life is, in some way, dependent on that burden you are carrying. If you look at the image in your card as depicted by Siolo Thompson, you’ll see a young girl sitting with a bundle of sticks on her back. She may be sitting because she is feeling defeated—unable to go on due to the weight of the sticks she is carrying. On the other hand, she may simply be waiting for the right moment to build her fire. How can you transform what feels like a weight on your back into the fuel you need to create your new reality?

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Six of Swords
CANCER: Six of Swords + Love

What a lovely pair of cards for you this month, Cancer. The Six of Swords promises that you are on your way towards something better, whatever that may mean for you right now. If things have felt uncertain or upsetting or just blah, this card lets you know that easier times are ahead. The swords suit is associated with the mind, thoughts, and language, so you might think about the ways that your own thoughts have contributed to whatever it is that has been bothering you. As you make your way forward, are there ways of thinking or communicating that you recognize have not been helpful to you that you could leave behind? How do you talk to your loved ones? How do you talk to yourself? What patterns of thought have become second nature to you that might be weighing you down, keeping you from moving ahead? Treating yourself and others with love and compassion will go a long way towards the changes you seek. You might also think about other ways to lighten your load. This would be an excellent time to do some #KonMari on your house or office. Create a clear path so that you can sail ahead unencumbered.

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The Star
LEO: The Star + Rescue

This month brings you a message about faith, Leo. What do you have faith in? What keeps you going day in and day out? Now is a good time to reflect on your own personal guiding star and whether you have been remembering to keep it in front of you. It’s natural for us to lose track every now and then of the things that matter most. Sometimes just remembering to look up on a clear night can remind us what we are truly here for, why it is we do what we do each day. There was a time when the stars were an integral part of how humans moved about on the Earth (and in some places they still are). Can you imagine what that might feel like—to be so in tune with the cosmos, to know that your wellbeing in some way depended on those points of light? In some ways, I think we are still linked to the stars in a deep cosmic way. It may not serve a practical function, but it feeds our souls nonetheless. If you have felt down in the doldrums lately or if you feel you’ve lost your way, reconnect with the stars and let their luminous steadiness ground you. Then pick up and carry on.

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Two of Swords
VIRGO: Two of Swords Rx + Majesty

You are on the precipice of some kind of epiphany, Virgo. The Two of Swords when it is upright signifies a difficult decision that has been keeping you stuck in some way. Perhaps you’ve been weighing your options or trying to put equal energy into two different paths or ideas, which has meant that you haven’t been able to make much progress in any direction. When the card is reversed (upside down), it signifies that the energy of this card gets turned on its head, meaning that you will soon become unstuck. Your oracle card, Majesty, suggests that the realization you are on the brink of will be one of great magnitude and beauty. When you take off the blinders that have kept you in a state of deep reflection, you will find that a dazzling new reality awaits you. What do you need to do in order to help facilitate this shift, Virgo? If you allow yourself the time you need to ponder and reflect, you will be poised to recognize the revelation when it comes your way. There is no need to rush this. Just don’t let the chance pass you by when it finally arises.

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The World
LIBRA: The World + Pessimism

Oh, my dear Libra. Don’t you realize that you are almost there? When there is something you are working towards—whether it is a project, a personal goal, a new year’s resolution, or anything else you’re striving for—it can feel like it’s taking forever when you’re in the middle of it. It becomes hard to have any real objectivity about where you are in the process because you just want to get there already! Your cards this month warn you not to lose heart, because the end point is actually closer than you think. When The World shows up in your cards, you can rest assured that with a little more effort and a certain amount of optimism, you will reach your destination. The World also carries with it an important spiritual message. The attainment that is within your grasp may not be of the tangible realm, but it may instead bring you closer to self-actualization. What would that mean for you, Libra? What aspects of yourself are you ready to transcend so that you can be transported to a new level of being? Now is the time for some serious spiritual transformation, but it is up to you to shift your perspective on what is possible. Only then will it truly be!

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Ace of Wands
SCORPIO: Ace of Wands Rx + Safety

My loves, this month asks us Scorpios to take it down a notch, something we are famously not always that good at. What would it look like for you to scale back a bit? To try not to do everything? Your cards are asking you to play it safe for the time being and to guard your time and energy with a fierce protectiveness. In particular, your cards recommend that you not take on any new projects at this time, especially anything that will involve a lot of active participation on your part. Let yourself rest as much as you need to in whatever way feels best to you. Try to build some empty space into your schedule so that you are not always rushing from one thing to the next. I hereby give you (and therefore myself) permission to get as cozy as you like with a cup of tea and a good book or a bath and just let yourself be. You don’t have to produce anything. You don’t have to be better than anyone else at anything. You don’t have to be everywhere or give yourself to everyone. They will be fine without you. Instead cultivate your own little corner of beauty and calm. The relaxed state that ensues will permeate everything you do so that when you do decide to put yourself out there again, you will shine with the glorious light of your newfound serenity.

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Knight of Pentacles
SAGITTARIUS: Knight of Pentacles Rx + Bravery

Dearest Sag. It’s possible you’ve been in a state of nesting and putting down roots lately or that you have found yourself slowing your roll in one way or another. On one hand, this may feel really good, but in another way it goes against an important part of your core identity. You are a rover, a traveler. You are at your best when you’re exploring and adventuring, whether that is physically through travel, or mentally through reading, teaching, or learning. There is a whole universe out there to discover and it can feel incredibly stifling to confine yourself to one tiny part of it. However, the Knight of Pentacles is here to tell you that there are many kinds of bravery in this world, and not all of them involve being out on the front lines. You may decide that it is an inner journey that you most need at the moment. Or you may be exploring what it means to be in a relationship or to go back to school or to dive deep into your career goals. Whatever it is, make sure that you are on the path and not twiddling your thumbs on the sidelines, no matter how scary it may be to put yourself out there. You need to jump in and be part of something now.

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The Fool
CAPRICORN: The Fool + Capture

Happy lunar new year, Capricorn! January has come and gone and may have felt like a strange period of limbo. Now that certain loose ends have been resolved, it is time for a true new beginning. The Fool card brings in the energy of newness and innocence, a time for pure exploration and joy. The Fool is like a child exploring the world for the first time. See if you can embody some of that energy as you go about your days. Imagine that you are seeing the world around you with new eyes. How does that change your experience? What do you notice—in people, plants, objects—that you didn’t before? Your oracle card, Capture, comes from the constellation Reticulum, which is named after the net of fine lines in a telescope that helps the viewer to align or measure an image. This device can be used in exploration and navigation, but it can also be used to capture an animal in its crosshairs. It is up to you which you will choose, but keep in mind that the danger in Fool energy is that naive ignorance that can cause unintentional harm. As you go about your investigations, be sure that you are not accidentally harming others in the process. If you can explore with gentleness and compassion, the world will open itself up to you in previously unimagined ways.

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Tarotscopes - February 2019

Tarot deck used: The Linestrider Tarot by Siolo Thompson

Oracle deck: Compendium of Constellations by Black and the Moon

Star Sight Tarot

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