Tarotscopes – February 2020

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Mallorca Retreat 2020
FEBRUARY OVERVIEW: Justice Rx + Aquila (spirit)

This month our collective cards point to something that is out of balance. When Justice appears reversed (upside down), the scales she holds no longer even out. We must ask ourselves if there is something that is out of alignment: are we giving more than we are getting back in return? Are we placing too much emphasis on one area of our lives and neglecting the others? Are we living up to our own ideals and visions for what is just in the world? This card wants us to take stock of our priorities and our understanding of what is right and fair. At this time, we are being challenged to find inner balance despite an external reality that is less than ideal. How can we adjust the scales so that things feel less lopsided? This may manifest as a need to reallocate our resources—more of our time or money may be needed in a particular area of our lives. On the other hand, we may have to put up with a certain amount of imbalance in order to do what is in the greatest good for everyone. We are called at this time to rise above our personal desires so that we may find a deeper source of peace. This is one of the hard lessons of this Mercury in retrograde, beginning mid-February. Sometimes what we desire is—surprise, surprise—not the best thing for our equilibrium or for those around us.

Four of Pentacles
AQUARIUS: Four of Pentacles + Eridanus (life)

Happy birthday, Aquarius! Your birthday month brings with it a push and pull between the desire to hold on and the need to let go. The Four of Pentacles appears when we are holding a bit too tightly to something, whether we are hoarding our money, our time, or our energy. What happens when we operate out of fear of losing what we have is, ironically, that we are unable to enjoy it. We hold so tight that we are unable to move and whatever it is we are holding is similarly trapped. On the other side of this equation is the symbol of Aquarius itself—the water bearer. Your oracle card this month is a beautiful example of what Carl Jung would call synchronicity. The Eridanus constellation is represented as a river that flows from the water poured by the Aquarius constellation. For you, it serves as a reminder that your sign is all about flow—of ideas, love, life force. The more you let things go, the more they will enrich your life, filling you up from the inside. We can never be fulfilled by the things we hold onto because they will always be external to us.

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Five of Cups
PISCES: Five of Cups Rx + Pisces (elude)

Dearest Pisces, your cards this month suggest that you may have recently been grappling with feelings of loss over a certain situation. The Five of Cups shows up in our cards when we are focusing on the negative aspects of something we are going through, rather than seeing the good that can come out of it. However, when the card appears reversed (upside down), as yours does, this usually means that we have already begun to move away from this way of thinking. The person in the image is focused on the three cups in front of them that have been knocked over, but what we often forget to notice is that the two cups behind them are still upright and full. Your oracle card (the Pisces card!) reminds you that part of your nature is to be flexible and mutable enough to change your form in order to escape something that is potentially bringing you harm. The tension for you this month then has to do with finding gratitude for what is beautiful and fulfilling in your life while at the same time taking the necessary actions to leave behind a situation that is not good for you. Cultivating gratitude does not mean being complacent when we are in harm’s way. On the other hand, just because something has been lost doesn’t mean there isn’t something to be gained at the same time, even if it is just a new way of thinking or a different approach to how we live our lives.

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Ace of Swords
ARIES: Ace of Swords Rx + Taurus (strengthen)

Aries, my dear, your cards point to a continuation of themes from last month and the idea that you do not always need to have everything figured out. Here, the Ace of Swords appears reversed (upside down). When it is upright, this card is all about decisiveness and taking action. It often has to do with matters related to the mind—the intellect, communication, writing, etc. When it is reversed, the card asks you to let your mind take a back seat and allow another part of yourself to take the wheel. If there is a decision you are feeling forced into or unsure about, the Ace of Swords reversed asks if you really *need* to figure it out right now. What if you waited or let someone else decide? Your oracle card suggests that you would benefit from cultivating a stronger relationship with your body and with the earth element at this time. Spend some time in nature. Nurture your body and do something that makes you feel good. While it may feel self-indulgent, this is actually the key to finding your way back to yourself.

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Ace of Cups
TAURUS: Ace of Cups + Cetus (hate)

Taurus, your tarot card, the Ace of Cups, brings a sweet, gentle energy to the month ahead. It asks you to approach your relationships and tasks with all the compassion and empathy you can muster. It also suggests that you may find a new source of love at this time, whether in the form of a new bond with another person or perhaps some part of yourself that is beginning to open up. This stands in stark contrast to your oracle card Cetus, which in Greek mythology represents the sea monster sent by Poseidon to devour Andromeda. Some also call it the Whale. What does this have to do with the love and compassion found in the Ace of Cups? Its message is to be sure that you remain aware of any difficult or damaging emotions that may linger just below the surface. When we feel that we are a beginner at something, whether in a new relationship or other area of life, it can be so easy for the sweetness of infatuation and inspiration to give way to insecurity, jealousy, or a lack of self-care. While your feelings are absolutely valid, it is important that you don’t let yourself be consumed by them. The secret to keeping that from happening, is expressing them before they have a chance to wreak havoc in your life, even if that only means acknowledging them to yourself.

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Three of Rods
GEMINI: Three of Rods Rx + Horologium (time)

Dear Gemini. Your tarot card this month, the Three of Rods, often appears when we are waiting for something to change. You may feel that you have put yourself out there in some way and now you are waiting for a response or for some kind of recompense. When this card appears reversed (upside down), it is an indication that you may feel some frustration or impatience as you wait. Perhaps you are starting to wonder if it is ever going to happen. Rest assured that you will eventually see the change or receive the response you are looking for. However, your oracle card suggests that it may take quite a while, so you may need to get comfortable with the way things are now. There is no sense in standing by the door, tapping your foot impatiently. Take a seat, put your feet up, and have a cup of tea. Have faith that things are unfolding in the manner and in the time that they were meant to.

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King of Cups
CANCER: King of Cups + Dorado (enlighten)

Cancer, your cards this month are a direct reflection of your sparkling water sign at your best. The King of Cups is a master of the emotional realm. Associated with the element of water, this king is able to handle whatever emotional challenges come his way. Similarly, you will be feeling particularly equipped to ride the waves of the emotional realm this month. You can harness this energy whenever you feel you need support in handling difficult feelings, whether your own or someone else’s. Your oracle card, Dorado, is also associated with the element of water (dorado is a well-known fish). Like the King of Cups, the dorado is both completely immersed in the realm of water, while also possessing heightened powers of intellect. Bringing together emotional depths and rational equanimity will help you to accomplish whatever you are hoping to achieve this month. It will be particularly helpful in areas where you are needing to deal with people and their various desires and feelings.

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King of Swords
LEO: King of Swords + Phoenix (rebirth)

Leo, my dear, this month you are being asked to operate a bit more behind the scenes than is your usual style. As a fire sign, you tend to feel most comfortable in the limelight—a trait that is admirable to be sure! But the King of Swords appears in our cards when we are needed in a different capacity. Rather than appearing on stage, this king applies his skills in strategy and decision-making in order to get things done. This is a less glamorous approach to be sure, but your cards suggest that cultivating your inner strategist will do wonders for you at this time. There is something beyond the practical results this will gain for you if you choose to apply it. Your oracle card, the Phoenix, indicates that learning to emulate the King of Swords will be nothing short of transformative for you. Whatever mistakes you feel you’ve made in the past, the phoenix tells you that you will rise from the ashes stronger, wiser, and more beautiful than before. Learning to think through your plans before acting on them will pay off when you are able to combine that with your more innate action-oriented nature. The combination will make you unstoppable.

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Knight of Swords
VIRGO: Knight of Swords + Cygnus (love)

What are you striving to protect right now, Virgo? The Knight of Swords appears in our cards when we are preparing to run into a burning building (metaphorically speaking, of course!) in order to save someone or something. If you feel that you’re constantly trying to put out fires, your cards are asking you to take a step back and assess *why* it is you feel compelled to play the role of savior for the people around you. Are they truly in need of saving? Who will come to your aid when you are the one in need of help? Your oracle card points to love as the source of your need to save the day. Just be sure that you are operating out of a desire to help those you love rather than as a display meant to ensure that they will love you in return. You are inherently worthy of love whether you run into that building or not.

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LIBRA: Temperance + Telescopium (discover)

Lovely Libra, your tarot card this month, Temperance, is a beautiful reminder to seek out balance when things become out of alignment. When you feel that you have tipped to one extreme or the other, Temperance will help you to find equilibrium again. Sometimes it isn’t clear what is in need of balancing in our lives, we just know that something doesn’t feel right. If this is the case for you, treat it like an experiment and know that a certain amount of trial and error will be necessary in order to figure out what needs tweaking. Temperance is associated with alchemy and the idea that by bringing together different elements or subjecting them to different conditions like heat, a new substance can be formed. Similarly, when we make changes to our lives—especially where overindulging in substances is concerned—we can create new aspects of ourselves that didn’t exist before.

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Six of Pentacles
SCORPIO: Six of Pentacles + Tucana (manifest)

Dear Scorpios, this month we are challenged to assess what it is that is truly keeping us from achieving our goals, both on the daily level and on a grander scale, especially when it comes to finances. The Six of Pentacles often shows up in our cards when there is a need to reassess the relationship between what we have and what we don’t, or to be more precise, what we have and what we *think* we are in need of. Scorpios are often labeled as being good with finances and saving, but this is an oversimplification of an often more complex relationship to money. If money is essentially a stand-in for power for us Scorps, then our relationship to it is a reflection of how we deal with that power. If we are able to accept power rather than turning it away, we will be able to do the same with money. If we are instead afraid to step into our own power, we will find that we similarly have trouble making and saving money. Over the coming weeks, you will have a unique opportunity to strengthen your sense of self-worth and to repair your understanding of your own value.

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Page of Cups
SAGITTARIUS: Page of Cups Rx + Carina (support)

Dearest Sagittarius. You’ve needed a bit of a time-out lately, which is perfectly understandable and well deserved. However, your cards this month bring the message to stop turning inward and to rejoin the world around you. The Page of Cups, when the card appears upright, is associated with poetry, youthful curiosity, and a dreamy watery nature. When reversed (upside down), however, the card gently prods us to start thinking a bit more rationally. Whatever situation you are dealing with, your cards seem to suggest that it will not be best approached in a gentle manner. Instead a heavier hand may be needed in order to get things done. Your oracle card depicts the constellation Carina, which takes the shape of the keel of a ship. The message is to find a clear sense of direction and to take charge of the direction you are headed. There will always be room for poetry later, once you get to where you’re going.

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Six of Swords
CAPRICORN: Six of Swords Rx + Musca (respond)

Your theme this month, Capricorn, is returning home. The Six of Swords, when it is upright, signifies leaving something or someone behind when it is bringing us harm or difficulty. But when the card is reversed (upside down), it suggests that maybe we didn’t need to leave after all, or that perhaps a permanent separation wasn’t necessary. If there was something you needed to separate from for a while, you may find yourself called to return to it now, whether it is a job, a relationship, a career path, or an old friend. We can see things with new eyes after a certain amount of distance and the conflicts that once seemed insurmountable may not be such a big deal anymore. The important thing now is to tread carefully and to communicate openly and honestly (with others and with yourself). If you find yourself returning to an unhealthy situation, on the other hand, ask yourself what it is feeding for you. Is there another way you can get the same thing without the negative repercussions?

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Tarotscopes February 2020

Tarot deck used: Aquarian Tarot by David Palladini
Oracle deck: Compendium of Constellations by Black and the Moon

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