Tarotscopes – January 2019

Soul-Smart Monthly Tarotscopes by Star Sight Tarot

BY Star Sight Tarot

The Sun

Happy New Year, my dears! We’ve made it through the darkest nights of the year and the sun is on its way back to us, slowly but surely. As we ring in the new year, a new sense of optimism and possibility is on the horizon, calling us onward no matter what challenges and hardships we’ve faced over the past year. In fact, our cards suggest that we take anything that has been painful or difficult and transform it through our own creative process into something beautiful and lifegiving. We can’t always choose what comes our way, but we are all inherently creative beings, each in our own way, and we can choose what to make of what we are given.

Our collective new year’s resolution then is to practice our own individual forms of alchemy—using the tools that are available to us and the spark of inspiration within us to create something new out of what seemed lifeless or inert. What will you make this year? What will you contribute that is beautiful or thought-provoking or useful? Will you share it with others or keep it as a source of secret joy? What pain can you draw from to inform your next creation? The Sun card reminds us to experience life with gratitude. We hear about being grateful constantly, but we don’t often hear it acknowledged how truly hard and even radical it can be to stand in gratitude in the midst of the suffering and pain that is all around us. To find the beauty in each day—in the world and in ourselves—is no small feat, but it is more important now than ever.

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Queen of Cups
CAPRICORN: Queen of Cups + Movement

Happy Birthday, Capricorn! As you celebrate your own personal solar return along with the new year, there is much to reflect upon. Your cards this month stand in sharp contrast to last month’s when you were asked to create stronger structures in your environment and relationships. Now you are being called towards a more fluid and dynamic way of being. In a sense though, this is only possible once you have a solid structure in place. The Queen of Cups is flexible and intuitive, empathetic and caring. She senses the emotional state of those around her and isn’t afraid to express her own feelings, no matter how challenging it may feel to do so. This is your new horizon for 2019, Capricorn—the ability to work with your emotions in a new, more measured way. This doesn’t mean you won’t feel overwhelmed or at a loss for words at times, but you’ll have the chance to experience new growth in the direction of emotional connection and expression. In order to facilitate this growth, your suggested new year’s resolution is Movement. What lessons can you learn through flexibility and movement? Does moving your body help you to regain a sense of calm and equilibrium? Are there pieces of your life that have begun to feel stagnant and stuck? Look for ways to bring a new sense of movement into your routines and relationships. You may find that things more easily fall into place when you stop trying so hard to hold them together.

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Knight of Wands
AQUARIUS: Knight of Wands + It gets better

Happy New Year, Aquarius! The images on both of your cards this month suggest that you’ll be grappling with questions of new beginnings, support, and inspiration at the start of the year. What has felt challenging lately will start to ease as the promise of the new year brings possibilities for improvement. It may be the case that, while no solutions are presented, the problems that felt so pressing before start to fade and fall away. You may even be left wondering why they felt like such a big deal in the first place. At the same time, a different way of being or living may start to come into focus, though it is still just out of arm’s reach. The key may be found in your tarot card this month, which depicts a woman gripped in the talons of a beautiful white bird. They look as though they are both flying, though the woman is clearly being held and supported by the bird as it takes her where she needs to go. There is a lesson here in humility and surrender—the knowledge that perhaps you are not able to get where you’re going on your own. You might need to not only accept help from those around you, but to think about incorporating your community in a more full and meaningful way into the changes you are trying to make in your life. You may also think about letting spirit be your guide and allowing yourself to surrender to the path that is being laid out for you.

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The Chariot
PISCES: The Chariot + Self Care

Ooh, Pisces, you are going places in the new year! Maybe not literally (though that’s possible too!) but certainly figuratively. The Chariot tells you it’s time to set those wheels in motion and set out towards your goals. I love this rendition of the Chariot card, though, because she looks much less driven than some other depictions. Instead she seems much more carefree. She’s definitely going somewhere, but you get the sense that she’s also just really enjoying the ride. It’s possible that her enjoyment *is* the goal. Where would you like to go in 2019? What might you enjoy doing even if you don’t actually make it to a particular “final” destination? Your oracle card this month is Self Care, so it may be that truly taking care of yourself will help you get wherever it is you are wanting to go. Make sure you don’t forget that step in all of your haste to get things moving. It is always worth taking a little extra time to make sure you are well rested, fed, and spiritually fulfilled. Then there’s no telling where your Chariot might take you!

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The Star
ARIES: The Star + Love

What a beautiful way to start the new year, my dear Aries! The Star card brings the promise of healing and a new understanding of your self worth. If there are areas of your life that have felt confusing or less than hopeful, the Star shines her light and illuminates the way ahead. This is especially potent medicine for any areas of your life where you are in need of self-confidence. When the way is dark and we are not sure what the best course of action is, the Star card provides a beacon in the night sky, reminding us that all is not lost. The Star reminds us that we have an inner compass that is always leading us in the right direction. Sometimes this is also a reminder to look up and take in the vastness of the sky. Somehow by remembering how small we are, we are also reminded of our one unique place in the world. Reflecting on the cosmos can help to instill a new sense of faith in the workings of the universe. You are meant to be right here. You are doing just what you are meant to be doing. Your path is yours and yours alone. Keep going and the stars will continue to shine their light of love down upon you.

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Five of Cups
TAURUS: Five of Cups + Spirit

Dearest Taurus. As the new year begins, you may find yourself in a more reflective space than usual. This is a natural time in the cycle of the year to take stock of what has occurred during the last year and to make plans for where you want to go next. There is a danger here though of focusing a bit too much on what you would have liked to have happened, rather than celebrating the things that you did accomplish. Or better yet, rather than worrying about accomplishments, what if you simply counted the many ways that your life brings you joy or love or meaning? Our culture often places far too much emphasis on external accolades and particular milestones as though they should be the same for everyone. But is that really what *your* life is about? Your oracle card this month is Spirit, which may offer you some clues as to how to make this shift in perspective. By tuning in to something outside of yourself, you may find that you are actually better able to connect to your own inner power. There is a spark of inspiration within you waiting to be reactivated, but it can only do so if you give it the right fuel.

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King of Swords
GEMINI: King of Swords + Change

Your key words for the new year, Gemini, are decisiveness and change. The King of Swords represents the culmination of the air element where your sign is most at home. It signifies the mastery of the realm of language, thought, reason, and communication. As we roll into another year, you might reflect on the ways you typically use these tools and whether you feel that they are serving you well. Where are you able to be decisive and level-headed? Where have you felt that you’ve communicated well and where could you use some more work in that regard? Are there areas of your life that still escape the reaches of logic and good sense? The new year brings an opportunity for you to make some important changes in how you express yourself with others as well as how you make decisions in your life. Remember, though, that the possession of reason alone is not enough if you want to act from a place of sound judgement. You still need the fires of inspiration and emotion to fuel your power of thought. What drives you to act? What gives your life meaning and depth? Look for the answer to these questions and you will find that you already know what the right course of action is.

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CANCER: Justice + Rest

Happy New Year, my lovely Cancer. You’ve had quite a year and 2019 promises to be just as intense and full of surprises as the year before it. The Justice card asks you to reflect on questions of fairness and balance as January begins. In what areas of your life have you grappled with the question of what is fair and just? Whether in your personal life or on the world stage, you may find that you have been disappointed in one way or another. If this is the case, know that there is a larger plan at work and you may not have begun to see its effects just yet. It might not look like your vision of success or justice now, but with continued work and dedication I promise you will start to see the greater plan unfold. Your oracle card for January is Rest. You’ve been through the ringer, you’ve worked hard, and you need to give yourself a break. Make sure that you are taking care of yourself even as you commit to continuing to put all of your effort towards your goals. This is a balance that is equally as important as the question of fairness. With renewed strength and motivation, you may begin to see that what seemed unfair was actually just the impetus you needed to make some necessary changes.

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Six of Swords
LEO: Six of Swords + Grieve

What are you leaving behind as we transition into the new year, Leo? The Six of Swords is a beautiful sign that you are on your way to something better. This time of year always brings with it changes and shifts of perspective, but this may be especially true for you at this time. You may be needing to make some difficult decisions or perhaps you’ve already made them and now you are dealing with a sense of loss or uncertainty. Trust that this is a normal part of the process. We can’t choose something better for ourselves without letting go of something else. And there is often a grieving process that goes along with that, no matter how sure we are that we are doing the right thing. Let yourself feel any sadness that comes up at the start of the year, but rest assured that you are on the right path. You may not know what your destination is yet or it may be very clearly before you. Either way, there are beautiful sights to see as you make your way forward. You have learned so much this past year and you carry all of that learning with you even as you strip away what you no longer need.

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Seven of Swords
VIRGO: Seven of Swords + Communication

My dear Virgo. The new year brings a rich time for self-reflection for you as you grapple with some thoughts and feelings that may be rising to the surface now. Something you’ve managed to keep hidden for some time is now making itself known to you. It may be a nagging feeling (of guilt? disappointment?) or a persistent thought that keeps coming around when it is least convenient. Your cards advise you to take note of whatever it is that lies below the surface now rather than attempting to ignore it. Doing so will allow you to bring it into the light of day which may be uncomfortable for a brief period of time, but it is the only way to release it. My sense it that this may be a very old pattern of behavior or communication that makes its way into your relationships and life projects. By laying it bare and communicating about it directly to those around you, you will do a world of good both for yourself and for the people in your life who care about you and want to work with you. No one can know what is going on below the surface unless you share it with them. Letting them in on the secret shouldn’t be cause for shame. In fact, it is often the seed for deeper connection.

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Queen of Wands
LIBRA: Queen of Wands + Romance

Ooh, Libra, you have the chance for some fiery inspiration coming your way. The Wands cards rule the realm of fire, which signals action, passion, lust, and talent. The light of this fire can be contagious, drawing people to you who want to get to know you or at the very least bask in the glow of whatever it is you’re emitting. You will have some serious magnetic energy around you as the new year begins and you can choose how you would like to channel it—toward a new love interest, friends, creative projects, networking? Whether in the realm of relationships or your own personal growth, let this fire spread warmth and inspiration, guiding you to new levels of connection and self-understanding. As this particular rendition of the Queen of Wands suggests, you might also think about which parts of yourself you’d rather *not* share with others. What do you feel needs your protection? What aspects of you are more precious when they are kept to yourself? Don’t ever feel bad about holding something back if that’s what feels right, even as you may revel in the attention of others for those gifts that you intend to share. That is absolutely your right. Your oracle card this month is Romance. Do you wish to engage romantically with others? Or would you rather get intimate with some of those lesser known parts of yourself?

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The World
SCORPIO: The World + Release

My fellow Scorpios, this is it. As a new year dawns, we are poised to reach the culmination of a great trajectory that has likely been a very long time coming. The World card is the last in the Major Arcana, the final step in the soul’s journey. After everything—after all of the highs and lows, the lessons learned, the encounters with demons, the epiphanies and sorrows, and everything in between—we are finally given the chance to assimilate and integrate all of our experiences and knowledge into a new self reborn. What does attainment look like for you at this time? What about self-actualization? How will you know when you have reached it? Whatever your personal accomplishments may be, the World reminds you that none of it would be possible without having gone through the grime and the muck. The hardest moments prepare us for a greater sense of glory down the road. So if you are still feeling a little stuck in the mire, don’t despair. Any pain and suffering you may go through are like rungs on the ladder of your eventual ascension. Your oracle card this month is Release, so you might think as well about what you can purge that may help to lighten the load on this last leg of your epic journey.

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Ten of Swords
SAGITTARIUS: Ten of Swords + Choice

Happy New Year, dear Sagittarius. For many of us, this is a time of endings and new beginnings, of releasing what we no longer want in our lives and welcoming in new habits, patterns, or ways of living. Your cards suggest that you are in a particularly transformative phase at this time. The Ten of Swords may seem a little scary, but its message is one of release and letting go so that a new cycle can begin. You may already be in the midst of a transition or you may be feeling the desire to change some things but you’re not sure where to start. Your oracle card for the month is Choice, which gives you some indication of what is needed from you in order to facilitate the changes you are seeking. Rather than allowing change to roll over you like a steamroller, be an active part in the process and make intentional decisions about what it is you’d like to do differently as we move into 2019. You do have power in this situation, even though it may seem like things are happening *to* you. Remember you always have choices. What will you let go of now? What will you welcome that is new and different? What will you bring back into your life that was once integral to your well-being? Let yourself get quiet in order to hear what your soul is asking of you.

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Tarotscopes - January 2019

Tarot deck used: Dark Days Tarot by Wren McMurdo

Oracle deck: Vessel Oracle Deck by Spirit Speak

Star Sight Tarot

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