Tarotscopes – January 2020

Soul-Smart Monthly Tarotscopes by Star Sight Tarot

BY Star Sight Tarot

s we pass from the old year to the new and from one decade to the next, we enter a time of reflection. What has changed and what has stayed the same? What do we wish we had had the strength to let go of? The new year offers a turning point during which we can renew our commitments to ourselves and remember—or change—our priorities. This month’s tarotscopes take the form of what is lost and what is found. What left us before we were ready? What was forgotten along the way? What have we lost sight of and how can we bring it back within our scope of vision?

The Chariot
JANUARY OVERVIEW: The Chariot + It is within reach

Our collective message at this time comes from the Chariot. As a Major Arcana card, the Chariot is one in a series of life lessons. As steps along our journey, these cards remind us that, however challenging, what we are living through now is a necessary phase and one that will bring us toward new levels of experience and understanding. As a symbol of what has been lost—this year, this decade—the Chariot speaks of a sense of purpose and a clarity of direction that has eluded us. Perhaps we thought we were on the right path, but now we find that we have veered away from our goal. At best, this may entail a simple course correction that will bring us back into alignment. At worst, we realize that irreparable damage has been caused by our missteps. In the current political climate, we see what happens when our chariot is led by greed and power, as opposed to truth and compassion. The daily news holds up a mirror, but rather than despair at what we see, let us be reminded to choose the path that will lead us toward a rich, inclusive community and a healthy planet. While our personal actions may feel minuscule in the face of the damage that has been done, our oracle card reminds us that our goals are in reach, that what we seek is not so far off as we thought. While we cannot undo what has been done, we can choose the right path going forward. Through our collective action, we can facilitate new growth. These same messages apply in our personal lives as well. Look for ways to make amends where necessary, but channel the bulk of your energy into your vision and creation of a new future.

Eight of Cups
CAPRICORN: Eight of Cups + Be gentle with yourself

Happy birthday, dear Capricorn! For your birthday this year, you are being gifted with a healthy dose of spiritual awakening. Your earthy sign is generally more comfortable in the realm of the material, but the time is currently ripe for some serious soul searching. The Eight of Cups shows a set of glasses, now broken, that stand at the foot of a mountain range. When we have spent so much time and energy building toward something—a career, relationship, idea—to have it not work out can feel devastating. But after the initial disappointment, the Eight of Cups leads us away from what we thought would make us happy to a deeper, more fulfilling kind of satisfaction. How important were those glasses really, when the majesty of the mountains is within our grasp? Why do we spend so much psychic energy on the material things of our human creation, when a much larger more mysterious creation awaits us out there? This card represents the call to set out on a journey, to leave behind what is comforting and familiar (but ultimately temporary in its fragility), and to walk into the unknown. As your oracle card reminds you, this journey will not be without its challenges, so be sure to go easy on yourself. You too are fragile in your own way, even as you carry within you the strength and solidity of the mountain.

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Six of Swords
AQUARIUS: Six of Swords Rx + Get out of your own way

What are you running from, dear Aquarius? Have you left the shore only to find that you are not sure where you are headed? Or when you will again see land? Your tarot card this month, the Six of Swords reversed (upside down), suggests that you are looking for something better, but that you have perhaps lost your way. What holds you back from seeing where it is you need to go next? Or if you know where you would like to get to, what is keeping you from arriving there? Your oracle card advises that you need to get out of your own way in order to meet the goals you have set for yourself. While that may sound simple, it is perhaps that hardest task of all. Even on a spiritual journey, we must always still contend with our minds, our hearts, our bodies. Those parts of us that are always deeply flawed by nature of being human. Perhaps the insight lies there, in the flawed humanity we carry with us. Paradoxically, if we attend only to the spirit and try to deny our material selves, we will never reach the enlightenment we seek. We hold ourselves back for fear of doing something wrong. But it is only through our imperfect selves that we can reach a state of perfect being.

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The Emperor
PISCES: The Emperor + See with eyes of love

My dear Pisces. Your tarot card this month carries messages of authority and self-possession. Following the theme for January’s tarotscopes of lost and found, what has been lost for you is perhaps a certain amount of assurance or stability in your core self. Your sign is dreamy and creative, but as the mutable water sign, it is also the most changeable. This flexibility helps you to have empathy and to go with the flow, but on the flip side, it can mean that your own needs and desires do not get met. Your cards suggest that you do some work to regain your own sense of authority, rather than being swayed towards what others think of you or want from you. You are the author of your own life. This doesn’t mean that you should give up your characteristic empathy, but that you wield it from within your own fortified core. You do not need to change yourself in order to love and be loved. In fact, it is the highest form of self-love to respect and honor your own true nature.

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The Moon
ARIES: The Moon Rx + Content with what I already have

Happy new year, Aries! As we round the corner towards a new year, your cards ask you to take stock of your life and reflect upon all that you have been working towards. Your messages are, in a sense, the inverse of what is true for the other signs. Rather than having lost your way, you are perhaps too fixed on your course. There has been no question of what you are doing and why. What you have lost then is not your sense of direction, but rather your ability to drift, to meander, to be okay with *not* knowing where you are headed. When the Moon card appears, it asks us to see things in a different, more mystical light. Rather than the bold clarity of the Sun, the Moon brings a dreamy and sometimes confusing quality to our lives, encouraging us to slow down, reflect, and appreciate what is in front of us. This is not to say that the path you are on is incorrect. Knowing you, it will indeed get you where you need to go. The key is to live some part of your life as though you didn’t need to get anywhere at all.

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Four of Cups
TAURUS: Four of Cups Rx + Rest

When the Four of Cups appears in our cards, it is often a sign that we have lost interest in something that should—or perhaps used to—bring us pleasure. It often appears when we are somewhat apathetic or unexcited about the opportunities being offered to us. This can be a problem, when we refuse what is being handed to us because we are too tired to engage or we have lost some of our zest for life. However, there are times when refusing offers—even attractive ones—can be good for us. Especially around the holidays, it can be easy to stretch ourselves thin, so knowing when to say no is imperative. Your oracle card supports this idea and advises that you rest as much as possible right now. There will be plenty of other opportunities headed your way in the future, so don’t worry if you have to miss out on a few things right now. The key is to simplify your life so that you can fully give yourself to the commitments you have made, rather than stretching yourself so thin that you are unable to be fully present to any of it.

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Six of Wands
GEMINI: Six of Wands Rx + Emerge

I have the sense that you are on the precipice of a profound transformation, Gemini. It may be that you’ve been on that precipice for a while and you could be experiencing some frustration with the feeling that you haven’t achieved all that you thought you would by now. The end of a calendar year can cause us to take stock of how far we’ve come, which can lead to self-judgment if we find that we come up short. However, your cards suggest that just a little more time is needed. Like the butterfly in its cocoon, there is no good that can come from rushing the process. We must be patient and allow it to emerge on its own time. Similarly, you are being asked to sit still a bit longer as the conditions align to facilitate your metamorphosis. When the time is right, it will be up to you to step out of your hiding place and show the world what you’re made of.

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Father of Swords
CANCER: Father of Swords Rx + It’s all for a reason

As 2019 comes to a close, Cancer, you are being asked to reevaluate all of your forms of communication—this can mean talking, writing, thinking, social media, texting, or phone calls. Anything that is composed of words and comes from the realm of the mind. It may be that there have been some disconnects in this area for you over the past year. Perhaps a project got waylaid or a communication was interrupted which caused a misunderstanding, whether between you and another person or within yourself. What stories have you been telling yourself that could maybe use some “editing” or updating? How have you understood your life and your achievements up until this point? My sense is that there is a plot twist just around the corner that will cause everything to suddenly make a whole lot more sense. There is a reason for all of this. You will soon find out what it is.

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The Hermit
LEO: The Hermit + Being yourself is sacred

Leo, this New Year’s Eve may have found you staying in rather than painting the town red in your usual outgoing style. Or perhaps you’ve found yourself turning inward in other ways this year. The Hermit shows up in our cards when we have withdrawn into our shell in order to engage in introspection and self-reflection. Or it can signify that we would benefit from this kind of reflection if we have been too outward facing. What has been lost for you this year may be an understanding of an inner truth—something about yourself that has eluded you, but that you feel compelled to understand. Your oracle card tells you that “being yourself is sacred.” What does that mean for you? How do you experience the sacred in your life? Meditating on this phrase might be the key to unlocking the truth you have been seeking. Look for the light that guides you and only you. What makes you unique? What sets you apart from everyone around you? While your social sign often feels compelled to share and make public, this is one thing you need not share with anyone else. It can be your little secret. Keeping some piece of yourself private may just be the key to allowing your spirit to unfold in new and beautiful ways.

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Eight of Wands
VIRGO: Eight of Wands Rx + I have support

Have you been feeling a bit stuck lately, Virgo? Is there something you’ve been trying to get off the ground that just won’t seem to take flight? The Eight of Wands reversed (upside down) appears when there is something blocking us from easy movement. We may experience stops and starts, delays, or other setbacks when all we want to do is move forward unencumbered. Your oracle card suggests that the key to removing whatever obstacles stand in your way has to do with feeling that you have the support you need in order to accomplish your goals. You are not alone in this—you do not need to do it all by yourself. You might also want to ask yourself whether the goals and plans you are trying so hard to push forward are really going to contribute to your highest good. Is there a deeper reason why you’re experiencing these setbacks? Sometimes we try to force things from the outside that really need time to grow from within. In the new year, let yourself flourish from the inside out.

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Father of Pentacles
LIBRA: Father of Pentacles + Make space for it

Happy new year, dear Libra! This month’s tarotscopes take the form of something lost and something found. For you what has perhaps been lost this past year is a sense of mastery in the realm of career, material goods, or finance. The Father of Pentacles rules the earth realm, so this also may have to do with other areas of your life associated with the material—the body and health, nature, our domestic lives, buying a home or moving, etc. Think about which of these areas most needs your attention now and what kinds of changes you might make in order to facilitate their growth. Your oracle card offers some insight as to how to go about this. What would it look like for you to “make space” for the thing you would like to cultivate? It may be helpful to start with some literal space-clearing in the form of decluttering or designating a space for meditation and intention setting. Giving your intentions a place in your home where they can thrive—through candle lighting or journaling—will allow them to take shape out in the world as well.

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Ace of Cups
SCORPIO: Ace of Cups Rx + Little by little

My fellow Scorpios, a new year is upon us and with it a new excuse to do what we love best: transform ourselves from the inside out. This month’s tarotscopes take the form of that which is lost and that which is found. The Ace of Cups reversed (upside down) suggests that we have perhaps lost our connection to the deep wells of compassion that fuel the water signs. We are often swimming in our own emotional waters and can forget to extend our understanding of that fluid realm out to those around us. One of our gifts is an empathy that goes to the darker places in the psyche—where most fear to tread. Remember that not everyone is capable of holding those vulnerable places in others let alone themselves. If you find that you are shutting other people out or making excuses not to connect, come back to your own well of compassion. Make sure it is full by being kind to yourself and then see if you can extend a hand where it is needed most.

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Ten of Wands
SAGITTARIUS: Ten of Wands + Stop and let it all grow around you for a little bit

Happy new year, dear Sagittarius! You’ve had quite a year. The Ten of Wands appears when we are carrying a bit too much for our systems to handle. When this happens, it can be easy to lose sight of our goals because all of our energy is directed to just staying afloat. We may find ourselves struggling under the weight of whatever stresses we are dealing with to the point where we are stuck, unable to grow in new directions. On the other hand, the wands are the sign of fire (like you!) so this energy can feel more frantic, like you are burning the candle from both ends. Either way, your oracle card advises that you take a time out from the busy, stress-inducing aspects of your life. Rather than getting caught up in the fray, see if you can cultivate a little more stillness in the new year. It may feel like you are not doing enough but your cards suggest that great things will happen if you step back and give them some room to grow.

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Tarotscopes January 2020

Tarot deck used: The Wild Unknown Tarot by Kim Krans

Oracle deck: Inquire Within by Worthwhile Paper

Star Sight Tarot

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Kate is a tarot reader, writer, academic, and founder of Star Sight Tarot. She believes that the tarot has great transformative power and can give us deep insight into our lives, our patterns, and our choices. Tarot has been instrumental in her own journey of personal development and she loves bringing its gift of guidance to her clients. Visit StarSightTarot.com for more.

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