Tarotscopes – July 2018

Soul-Smart Monthly Tarotscopes by Star Sight Tarot

BY Star Sight Tarot

Four of Fire
JULY OVERVIEW: Four of Fire Rx + Wolf (Loyalty)

Over the coming weeks, we will be called to work with questions of community, loyalty, and structure. How solid are the structures in your life? Where are there areas of weakness, breakage, or disconnection? In what ways are you staying stuck in a situation (a relationship, job, house) out of a sense of loyalty and not because it actually provides you with something you need or want? One of the interesting things about human development is that what holds us together in community with others shifts and changes over time. What once created a firm foundation of support may no longer do so as you change, as others around you change, as the energy surrounding you changes. This month we will be challenged to reassess our allegiances and our bonds, strengthening them when beneficial, cutting them off altogether when necessary. Sometimes just turning your attention towards something is enough to imbue it with new life and energy. What seemed broken may simply be in need of a little dusting off and mending. This month there is deep transformative power in even the smallest of actions.

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Child of Air
CANCER: Child of Air Rx + Moose (New Depths)

Happy Birthday, Cancer! Your birthday season brings you a healthy dose of deep soul diving, as your cards both suggest a certain amount of introspection and inner development. The Child of Air reversed (upside down) is asking you to delve within in order to get back in touch with your inner child. Doing so will remind you of the kernel of your true self that resides under all of the layers of protection, ego, and self-modification that you have accumulated over a lifetime of experiences, whether positive or negative. On some level, what motivated your child self is still true for you now, and it will be very healing for you to tap back into that deep well of unfettered desire and delight. Try doing some journaling or collage work around your child self: what were you into when you were four, eight, ten years old? What brought you joy? What were you most afraid of? What modes of creative expression helped you to make sense of life’s instabilities and curiosities? This kind of exploration can help you to get a little distance from the hectic tasks of your everyday life and, in the process, you may find that you gain access to that elusive sense of calm presence that you’ve been seeking.

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Seven of Fire
LEO: Seven of Fire + Hummingbird (Sweetness)

Leo, you are finally coming out of your long and fruitful inward journey. I’m imagining you making your way back towards civilization, maybe slightly tattered and dirty on the outside, but strong, glowing, and triumphant on the inside. First of all, I want to congratulate you on the work you’ve done to get really clear about your life’s direction and to not give in to that impulse to charge forward without having all the information and insight that you need. What you’ve learned over the past year is like a golden treasure that you carry in your pocket that only you know the value of. How will you choose to use it? This month you may find yourself feeling some of that old familiar top-of-the-world energy you are known for, through it may not feel exactly the same as your old understanding of success and triumph. You might find yourself standing up for something you believe in, diving into a new passion, or turning your set of skills and knowledge into a different, exciting arena. Whatever you do, your Hummingbird card reminds you to notice and savor the magic that you encounter along the way. See if you can use your newfound insights to shift your approach to ambition and industry towards one that incorporates a deep sense of gratitude and wonder.

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Ace of Air
VIRGO: Ace of Air + Snake (Release and Regeneration)

Dear Virgo, this month brings a new sense of clarity and purpose to your life as you shed some of those old layers that have been holding you back. The Ace of Air is the culmination of all that the air suit represents—intellect, logic, wisdom, language, and truth. How can you bring these into your service this month? What needs to be released or cut away during this time and what should be preserved? What will help you to move forward unencumbered so that you can grow in a new healthier direction? You may find that the coming weeks bring a radical shift in your way of thinking or communicating which may finally break you out of a rut you’ve been stuck in. Or you may find that you are inspired in the areas of reading, writing, and communicating, whether for work, for a personal project, or within your relationships. To facilitate this shift, let this be a time of experimentation: try your hand at poetry or fiction writing, explore a new genre in reading, try a new social media outlet, or a different way of approaching your supervisor, partner, or coworkers if the old way wasn’t getting you the results you want. And perhaps most importantly, don’t be afraid to leave something behind if you know it isn’t working for you. The thing you are seeking will never manifest if there is something old and outdated sitting in its place.

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Ace of Earth
LIBRA: Ace of Earth Rx + Butterfly (Metamorphosis)

This month may bring some changes and challenges for you on the career or financial front, Libra. The Ace of Earth speaks to questions of career, work, money, and material gain. When the card is upright, these themes usually manifest as new opportunities or offers coming our way. When the card is reversed (upside down) however, there is something keeping us from taking that next step, accepting that new job, receiving that financial boost. You may find that you are not able to go further on your current path, but do not take this as a reason for despair! A major metamorphosis is on the horizon for you that will render that raise or opportunity meaningless.Your cards are suggesting that it is time for you to take stock of your current levels of self-respect and beliefs around self-worth and to see where you are limiting your own options. If you can do the work to explore some of those deep-seated ideas around money and especially around the value of your contributions, I think you’ll find that a whole new set of options become available to you. Like the caterpillar going through its transformation, it may take a certain amount of time and discomfort for you to get there, but once you do you’ll look back and find your old self unrecognizable.

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Six of Earth
SCORPIO: Six of Earth + Beaver (Get to Work)

This will be an earthy month for us Scorpios. We are used to the water realm and the deep dark secrets of the subconscious, so this may be a welcome change for many of you towards an energy that is a little more straightforward, a little more what-you-see-is-what-you-get. The Six of Earth is about the balance between giving and receiving—making sure that we are not falling too far on one side or the other. Take a little inventory of the areas in your life where you are investing your energy. Are you putting out as much as you are getting back? Are certain relationships depleting you without offering enough nourishment or sustenance in return? Are you working your butt off for a job that has very little financial or spiritual reward? Notice where the flow is being blocked—whether it’s the flow inward or the flow outward—and think about how you might loosen things up or make changes that will shift the balance a bit. The Beaver card reminds us that we have the power to make big changes to our environment that can have a powerful effect on our lives and the context in which we live. We are reminded, too, that what we do in an attempt to improve our own situation may affect those around us in ways we aren’t aware of. This is both a wonderful gift and a huge responsibility, but the cards suggest that this month will be an ideal time to walk that line with graceful equanimity.

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The Chariot
SAGITTARIUS: The Chariot Rx + Dragonfly (Transformation)

Sagittarius, your cards for the month of July are asking you to put the brakes on for a minute and take a step back from the busy pace of your life. You’ve been going hard towards something, whether working your butt off at a job or in school, trying hard to create harmony in your relationships, or striving to grow a spiritual practice, artistic talent, or exercise regimen. The energy of the Chariot when it is upright can help you get sh*t done, which is great, but it can also generate a certain amount of anxiety and cause you to put pressure on yourself that can be unrelenting. When the Chariot shows up reversed (upside down), it asks us to look for ways to step off of that hamster wheel for a minute. Slow down. Take a deep breath. And make sure you remember what it is you are working towards and why. You may find that giving yourself the time to rest and reassess actually brings you some new ideas about how to tackle your goals. Or you may just want to take a little time to disengage completely, go on vacation if you can, and let yourself recharge. Either way, whatever amount of time you can give yourself for respite, even if it’s just a few minutes each day to zone out or pick blackberries, will guide you towards the deeper transformation that will be happening below the surface. You may not even notice it until one day you realize that nothing is as it was before. Let yourself be saturated by the glow of summer and let the light of these long days infuse your heart and your spirit with juicy newness.

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Child of Water
CAPRICORN: Child of Water + Bear (Awakening)

This is a sweet combination of cards for you this month, Capricorn. The Child of Water, which corresponds to the Page of Cups in more traditional tarot decks, asks you to bring some more attention to your artistic side. What talents, hobbies, or interests have been lying dormant within you that you might reignite over the coming months? The Children in the tarot bring us back to our child selves and remind us of some of the simpler joys and pleasures that we once engaged in. You may have recently felt a desire to return to something that was once important to you or you may want to explore a new avenue for creative expression, such as painting, pottery, dance, or poetry. Take a class or sign up for lessons or a workshop. Or just get out your old sketchbooks or a journal and get started. What these practices can do for you is to bring you back in touch with parts of yourself that have been lost, parts of yourself that have not been given a voice, or new seeds of possibility that have not yet been watered. When you turn your attention to them, you awaken their potential, you awaken the opportunity for new growth that will coax your true inner self out into the light of day. Like the bear awaking from its long slumber, this inner aspect will come out of its cave, stretch its arms, rub its eyes, and get down to the business of living in truth and authenticity. There is so much strength within you. It’s just a matter of cultivating the conditions that will let you embody it, with pride and power.

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Three of Fire
AQUARIUS: Three of Fire Rx + Eagle (Illumination)

Aquarius, this month brings an interesting challenge for you. The Three of Fire card—if it were upright—would call you to make plans for the future, to think about your vision for a goal or project, and to do what is needed to bring your ideas to fruition. However, when it is reversed (upside down) as it is here, you are instead kept from having a clear line of sight to the future of whatever it is you are working on at this moment. This can be a real challenge for your sign, since you are all about creating a vision and then executing it in the most effective and aesthetically pleasing way possible. The good news is that you are not being asked to refrain from utilizing your powers of envisioning entirely. You are called instead to direct them to a much higher plane. Don’t get caught in the mundane level of schedules and budgets or materials. The Eagle card calls you to direct your sights to the sky and to the spiritual dimension. What vision do you have for yourself on that level? What becomes clear about your goals and priorities when you place spirit as the highest good, rather than earthly success or achievement? This month, experiment with creating a new bottom line for your daily actions, one that keeps you on track towards a higher purpose and a future of spiritual illumination.

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PISCES: Justice + Elk (Listen)

Pisces, in what ways are you moved to respond to the call for justice? For fairness? This could be in the context of the larger political sphere, in your local community, or within the smallest sphere of your own personal orbit. You have so much power to exert change in any of these areas, but it can feel hard to see the effects of your actions because of how close you are to the issue. You may be working against the injustices that we are barraged with everyday in the news—calling your representatives, writing emails, raising money. You may be hosting gatherings, engaging in healing arts, or spreading the word about issues that are close to your heart. You may simply be struggling with how to manage the demands on your time from all of the people you are responsible to in your life. This too can feel like a question of justice and it can leave us feeling as though we are not living up to our expectations of what is right, what is fair. Try not to be so hard on yourself, Pisces. With everything going on in our private and political lives, there is simply too much for any one person to bear. If you find yourself feeling overwhelmed at any point, just take a minute to meditate on what is truly the most important thing to you right now. Pick one cause. Pick one or two areas of your life that you feel needs the majority of your time and energy right now. And let the rest come back around later when you can give it the time it deserves. The important thing is to use strategies that will let you keep going with strength and stamina. If you burn out, you can’t help anyone and what good would that be?

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Five of Air
ARIES: Five of Air + Squirrel (Preparation)

Dearest Aries, this month you will be called to do some soul work around the relationship between ambition and competition. Squirrel brings an active energy which may mean that this will be a busy time for you, a time in which you’ll have the ability to get a lot done if you focus and do the necessary prep work. The Five of Air, on the other hand—which corresponds to the Five of Swords in more traditional tarot decks—speaks to the kinds of conflicts or altercations that can leave us not feeling so great, even if we’ve apparently “won.” It reminds you to be careful about taking your industriousness to such an extreme that you end up in competition either with the people around you or even perhaps with some imaginary ideal you have set for yourself. In either case, it may be helpful to do some introspective digging to explore where the impulse comes from to do more, be more, make more. Being busy won’t make you a better person. Being productive isn’t the key to your self worth. You have value in just being who you are. You might experiment this month with taking your usual busy-ness down a notch, letting yourself coast a little, and see how it feels. What might you gain from not doing your best?

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Five of Earth
TAURUS: Five of Earth + Deer (Grace)

Taurus, oh earthiest of all earth signs, this month your cards are asking you to reconsider your relationship to the material realm, especially when it comes to work and money. Whatever your current status, think about any areas in your life where you feel like you are lacking and ask yourself whether this is truly the case. It may be that a shift in perspective is what is needed rather than a bigger paycheck (or whatever it is you feel will fill the void). One of the lovely things about the Five of Earth card is that when we don’t have every single thing we need (which is, of course, impossible), we are motivated to look to the people around us to help us fulfill whichever needs we can’t meet on our own. This is one of the primary functions of families and communities—something that often gets lost in our individualistic, go-it-alone culture. You don’t have to do it all yourself. In fact, it’s much more fun if you don’t! If you’ve been resisting the support of others, the Deer card tells you to give up that resistance and ask for or accept the help that is being offered with grace and humility. Far from being a sign of weakness, you may find that it is actually the catalyst to a stronger community, to stronger relationships with those you love and who love you. I can guarantee that you’ll have a chance to return the favor.

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Queen of Water
GEMINI: Queen of Water Rx + Frog (Evolution)

Gemini, you will be doing some deep sea diving in the water element over the coming weeks. This may not be about the literal wet stuff (though it could be that too!), but most likely it refers to the waters of your emotional landscape—your empathy, your sadness, your joy. While it may feel like a bit of a wavy rollercoaster for a bit, the Frog card is here to tell you not to fear the waves of emotion that come your way, for they are actually an important part of your healing. You are in a time of great change and transition and your emotions are what will clear the path so that you can eventually move forward with clarity and a deeper understanding of your life’s purpose, of your place in things. Let the blood that runs in your veins remind you of your body’s own relationship to water. And if you like, find a way to interact with literal bodies of water, whether by bathing in hot springs, meditating by a river or to river sounds, or swimming in a cool lake. Let the waves wash over you—whether of water, of sound, or emotion. Attune yourself to their frequency and rhythm and let yourself be healed.

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Tarotscopes - July 2018

Tarot deck used: The NOMAD Tarot by Jennifer Dranttel

Oracle deck: Spirit Animal Oracle by Kael Klassen

Star Sight Tarot

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