Tarotscopes – July 2019

Dirty and Divine Tarotscopes with Tarot Maven Alice Grist

BY Alice Grist

i, I’m author and Tarot maven Alice Grist, and I’m taking over this spot for a couple of months while Kate from Star Sight Tarot takes maternity leave (congrats, Kate!), and I’ll be bringing my unique twist to it. Some of you may know my book, Dirty and Divine, which is a journey through the tarot, reminding you that the best place for a deck of cards is in your own hands.

That said, a little guidance and wisdom can be precisely the tonic needed to set off in the right direction on your path. Using the deck I created with my daughter ‘The Cosmic Mother Tarot’ my Tarotscopes will explore the ‘Dirty’ and the ‘Divine’ for each sign.

The dirty speaks to your humanity, the mundane, and the grit of your everyday life. Whereas the Divine gifts you higher wisdom, spiritual connection, and guidance from your spiritual self and whichever celestial body or deity you choose to believe in.

I hope you enjoy!


Doors are opening and potential is making itself known; you are being called to look upon the bigger picture. It’s just so much lately—we are being assaulted with energy, and distracted by a dozen different possibilities. Don’t let anxiety or, indeed, fantasy get the better of you. Disaster thinking or fear-based thoughts will hold you back this month because the door is wide open and mind-bogglingly intimidating. To handle this mad influx of everything and anything, align yourself with what means most to you, what you care about deeply, and the passions you have for people, planet, and pets. Let the future bring itself around whilst you focus on the current moment, trusting that forces will combine to bring what you need (not always what you want!) and that this can be spectacularly powerful—and happily outside of your control.

Sorceress of Pentacles

Dirty — Sorceress of Pentacles. Things are coming to a painful point of fruition. Plans you have built over a period of time are starting to come through, and you could choose this moment to back out, run away, give up. Sometimes the things that we truly desire in life are the hardest to actually conceive and birth. They threaten to change everything, and even though we wanted them so badly, we have also got rather comfy with the mundane, the everyday, the boring familiarity of it. Whatever you are trying to bring into the world is worth the effort. Push a little harder, take a deep breath, trust that this is yours and that, yes, things will change, but you will be better for having born the process.

Ace of Wands

Divine — Ace of Wands Aries. This card asks you to remember why you started this journey in the first place. Remember the fiery passion, the consuming desire, the hunger for more, the creative stirrings within. Re-engage with that inner strength and power that started from such a small hope and that took alight in your heart. Things may not be exactly as you imagined, but if you trust the process, there is every chance they will be both bigger and better.

King of Swords

Dirty — King of Swords. Your defensive position is strong this month, but is it necessary? Yes we know that things have been hard, and you must protect your heart and those you love. But there is a real danger you could start to cut out things you would actually rather keep in. Your strength is an asset, but used wildly and with abandon the only person it drags down, is you. Take a step back from any drama and chaos. That is the only defence you need. You don’t need to dwell in the reality of others if it is harming you. Take your power and move away. Things are not as dire as you think and a shift of perspective is the prescription you need.

Four of Wands

Divine — Four of Wands. You’re being offered a different perspective. There are blessings to be counted, there is stability, commitment and space to exist quite calmly and with love, not fear, in your center. You are being reminded that no matter what current crazy life has swirled your way, you are in essence grounded, supported, and safe. It would be a wonderful month to place anxieties and fears to the side and find yourself enjoying your time and space here on Earth, making celebration for its own sake and reminding yourself of all the bounty your life contains.

Eight of Swords

Dirty — Eight of Swords. You are wrapped up in your head and it is causing you some immense pain. There is a loss of action in your life as you become indecisive and a feeling of hopelessness has taken over. More than that, you feel trapped by circumstance with no clue on how to move forward. But remember that it’s a bad moment, not a bad life. This calamity and difficulty is not forever—it is a journey to be taken and overcome. You are neither as trapped nor as indecisive as you have let yourself believe. Much of your concerns are based on ‘what if’ and the main culprit to tying you up in knots is that naughty mind of yours. You have more power and choice than you are allowing yourself to see.

Two of Swords

Divine — Two of Swords. Okay, Gemini, you are to a real extent limited and blinded to what the future might hold. You just can’t quite see it, but that is perfect, it is how it should be. The magic is that with blinders on you have to step into trust and be willing to take action without any definite outcomes or promises. If you choose to sit still and ponder, you won’t get anywhere except the land of anxiety and fear. The solution here is simple: make a move, make the decision, choose something, choose anything. It won’t be the end, what comes next will be flow and flux. Even if that doesn’t land you somewhere amazing, it is better than stagnation. There is a big call for you to trust your gut, trust the process, and let go of the reins so that things can start to flow. Make a jump, make a change, trust that things will work out and your trust is not misplaced. Life has magic to show you, so stop weighing the impossible options and just DO.

The Emperor

Dirty — The Emperor. It’s brilliant to be in charge, to know your mind, and to feel definite about a goal. Don’t let your passion blind you to empathy or compassion. For you hold a great deal of influence on situations and how things pan out depends on your ability to think not only for yourself, but for the greater good of others. It’s all too easy to flip over into dictatorial behaviour, when the better Emperor traits you could embody are more diplomatic and loving. Take a moment to ground back down to your roots. Be willing to learn at the same time you teach.

Two of Wands

Divine — Two of Wands. Are you setting off on a voyage of change and transition? Or are you standing staring at a potential future hoping that it will somehow materialise in front of you? You have all you need to set out into the great blue yonder, though something may be holding you back. Perhaps the landscape is not as friendly or easy as you had hoped for. You can’t just stand and stare—what works in this case is moving forward anyways. Trust the hills ahead may not feel so steep as they look. Every step forward is another wisdom gained. You can’t know the outcome but you can plunge deep into the moment and see the potential you carry with every thought and action.

Ace of Pentacles

Dirty — Ace of Pentacles. If money and finances feel challenging then consider this: even a small amount is something. And it takes the tiniest of seeds to bear fruit. Wherever you are at is always the seed of something greater. So a wish for abundance is best played out by seeing what you already have, and being super grateful for it, even if it barely covers the rent. For these seeds of abundance are all small opportunities that allow for you to live, to grow, to gently and slowly over time become more—whilst also actively changing your ideas about what abundance actually is. So feel that abundance now, even in your limitations or poverty. For life is not made for lack, it is made for potential. Start to see your own by digging into the moment and planting your seeds wisely and with patience.


Divine — Temperance. The ideal timing is not something you control. So in the meantime, the best bet for you is to back off any overthinking and allow situations to play out as they will. Patience spent wisely now will pay dividends in the future. As they say, you can’t rush a good thing, and whilst the wait is sometimes painful, and slow, it is worth its weight in power. So sit back, let life flow, trust the process, and know that biding your time is the very best magic for you right now.

Queen of Cups

Dirty — Queen of Cups. Are you wallowing in the emotional depths a little too long? Yes it is very good to feel and be with your emotions, but it can become overwhelming should we pick a feeling and stick with it for too long. Whatever has happened has brought you to a place of deep self-knowing, Rather than sitting in that space too long, and dwelling perhaps a little too hard on the self-sorry, it is time to see what the emotions are teaching you and move on. If you feel sad, or bad or regretful, it’s evidence that things could be better. So rather than focusing on the feeling, focus on where it is trying to lead you, which is always, always higher than the start point.

The Lovers

Divine — The Lovers. No matter what your relationship status, the divine is asking you to check in with your love, your passion, and your needs. Your love life (or lack of one) requires you to be vulnerable. Which means opening up your truth to any potential partner or future loved one. The thing is, this will be really difficult to do if you haven’t gotten intimate with yourself first. Spend some time this month thinking about what your relationship goals are, and how far have you swung away from your true self to try to reach them. Where have you let yourself down by trying to fit another person’s needs rather than your own? Remember any relationship now or future, worth its salt is one that will accept and love you for who you are in all your flailing, vulnerable glory!

The Star

Dirty — The Star. There is every chance you are reading this on the other side of heartache and devastation. It took you a long while to get to this place, but by golly you took some bad circumstances, turned them around and made them work for you. If you feel like you are still circling around within the dark and dangerous moments of life, know this, you will make this work, you will turn this dirt to gold. The first stop in doing so is recognising that you can. Knowing that all the very best wisdom and power of life comes from overcoming the darker times, and being willing to change and grow and transmute that energy, is a potent medicine. So no matter where you are on this difficult trip, the indication here is that you will absolutely make the most of it. Start to believe it and work your way from caterpillar top buoyant, thriving butterfly.

Nine of Wands

Divine — Nine of Wands. The divine is saying two things to you. Firstly, you are coping, you always kinda have, and you always will. Secondly, focus, be patient ,and take one step at a time. You have a lot of balls to juggle and you can continue to carry them well. But you must do so steadily and with care. There is no need to rush forward, charging at life blindly. Now is a time to really take it easy and move on gently, and with total faith in your own talents and abilities. For you have many, and they will be called on this month. Dose them out kindly, wisely, and with respect to your boundaries and limitations.

Five of Cups

Dirty — Five of Cups. The worst has already happened but as you stand there staring at it, you won’t be able to move on. It will take over your heart and soul and render you a little lost. Happily the answer is so very simple. Turn around and see what you have that isn’t ruined, that isn’t broken, and that makes you happy. For your life is not over, nor will your worst fears be realized. Life can be hard, but there is still good, love, and abundance around you. Look to the people and things you love, shift your focus away from difficulty, and face those things that make you smile. It’s a choice, and it is simple. See the bad or turn around and consciously choose to see the good. Whatever happens to you will be a direct result of the focus you decide to have.

Six of Pentacles

Divine — Six of Pentacles. This card shows abundance raining down on you. So how come the dirty in you isn’t letting you see it? Life is as complicated, poor, or frightening as you think it is. Though actually, you are being prodded again to see what you do have going for you. And this month looks set to rain down some gifts, stability, and abundant growth. So it happens that July is a really great month for you to start to notice the potential around you, so that you can switch frequencies and start to grab at the good that is your birthright!

Queen of Pentacles

Dirty — Queen of Pentacles. You have come really far and are at in a place of success and accomplishment. This month will see you celebrating wins, power, and abundance. You put your mind to something, and you made it happen. Now the reality of this may look different to your previous perception, but it is certainly worth celebrating. See how far you have come. You have worked and hustled hard and this months sees you taking a break, sitting back, relaxing and thinking ‘job well done’. Enjoy what you have achieved and created, for it is set to steer your life in wonderful ways in the future. But right now you are simply called to see it, feel it, and understand how bloody grand your achievements are. Get in the sun, meditate, look to the sky, thank the goddess for the power that got you to this moment.

Sorceress of Cups

Divine — Sorceress of Cups. Another lovely card asking you to celebrate yourself! This sorceress advises that there is time and perfect opportunity to just be you—unashamedly, magically you. Get back into your own skin, celebrate, party, take a holiday. These cards are really allowing you some serious spiritual ‘high fives’ this month. So no matter where you find yourself, this month is your opportunity to let your hair down and feel at peace whilst you indulge some of the more joyful things about life. Also a call to explore your own spirituality a little in fun, potent ways. Perhaps pick up your own deck of tarot, or grab a few crystals, stick them in your pocket, and head off on an adventure. The vibe is high Sagittarius, ride it!

Five of Wands

Dirty — Five of Wands. You are doing what Capricorns do so well: putting up boundaries and imposing strict rules on yourself (it’s okay my husband is one of you, I know…). Which is all fab, and it keeps you safe, but it’s not exactly a laugh a minute. What you are not seeing is that despite your rules and regulations and strict self guidance, things are blossoming around you. Things that are beyond your control. You might do well to cast your net wider, to see the people calling your name, to expand your scope from work to play. Let go a little—not all things are the fight, nor are they so serious. Take your eyes off the prize and look to beauty, creativity, and inspiration for a while. Your way of being has served you well, but you can’t see the gifts being given. Get out of your comfort zone, put down the opinion, and allow yourself a little freedom to explore life differently this month.

The Chariot

Divine —The Chariot. On the upside, lovely, you have overcome so much. Perhaps you had so very much to recover from and move past that you haven’t realised that you have already crossed the finish line. You are stronger, faster, more intuitive than you realized, and you freed yourself from a great deal. That job is done. You don’t need to keep racing away form the past, it is fully behind you. You can stand tall and own your moment, starting now. Consider yourself guided, supported and a million times wiser than you were. Job done. Put the tools down. Live a little this July.

Seven of Wands

Dirty — Seven of Wands. There is a creeping feeling of guilt as you try to escape the past. Maybe you have outgrown your circumstances and you are trying to leave subtly by the back door. And yet you are terrified life will catch up with you and drag you back down. Don’t let this fear get too heavy, for it is the fear that will have you running back to that unhealthy safe spot. It is right that you grow and move on. Those who love and adore you, will be truly happy for you. And if they are not, well that is about their inability to move on, it is not about you. Take your many talents, wisdoms, and life leanings and know that your gut is right—that sometimes it is just time to take a new path in life. Trust that this part of the process won’t last forever, and that the best thing you can do is follow your heart forever and always.

Two of Cups

Divine — Two of Cups. Part of the reason it is so hard to move on is that it may feel lonely to strike out and away from the herd. The two of cups is here to soothe that fear. There is a path you can walk and it certainly won’t be alone. Likely it will be with a partner, or a loved friend. You know what else: it will take you on beautiful adventures, where you will see and learn incredible things. Also, this is your path. The aspects of life that you are trying to escape are not yours to hold. They have outworn their usefulness, and up ahead there is wonder, awe, and beauty. So trust this difficult time of change and transition is very much worth it. You will look back on this time and be so glad you chose to move.

The Tower

Dirty — The Tower. Okay it’s not pretty—all kinds of calamity have taken over and you feel trapped in the middle. It is intense, and it is chaotic. Much of this is words and bluster and drama that has been whipped up into the storm. And you feel very much like you are in the eye of it. Take a moment to think on what has occurred. How much have your thoughts, words, and deeds played into it, and recognize that maybe it is more than you reckoned? It is easy to blame others, for we are all full of guilt and bad behavior. And yet, right now, the blame game is helping no one. See your part in the madness, take responsibility for your part (nobody else’s), back down, change your heart, open up to a bigger perspective. Know that the only person you can change in all this is you. This doesn’t need to be the way you exist. It’s just a difficult teaching moment. Grab hold of your heart and make a steadier space for her to reside. Kindness, unconditional love, and maybe heartfelt honesty and apologies all round.

The Wheel of Fortune

Divine — The Wheel of Fortune. Again we see that eye of the storm, but this one comes with a more potent and intriguing message. Read as many tarot cards or horoscopes as you like and it is still always up to you what happens in your life. You can’t control the spinning of the wheel, but you can control the theme. So if you move and think and be with positivity in your core, then the magic that is our connected universe will present you with happier outcomes and interesting events. Though of course getting lost in drama will bring you much of the same drama. See your power here. This Earth is an intense playground, and you can control it by changing the way you choose to feel, exist, and be. This month may pass in a flurry of crazy—let that flurry lift you up and take you higher by seeing your truth, living it, and keeping hope as your focus at all times.

Alice B Grist

Alice B Grist

Alice B Grist is the author of Dirty & Divine: a transformative journey through tarot (Womancraft Publishing). Available online and in any good retailer. Order Alice’s Cosmic Mother set of cards, designed and painted by Alice at AliceGrist.co.uk.

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