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e are stoked to announce the birth of a new Spirit Guides venture: Tarotscopes by Star Sight Tarot. The brains, heart, and soul behind Star Sight Tarot, Kate, says the name Star Sight Tarot comes from “star sights,” which are measurements taken between a star and the horizon. These points are used in navigation on land and sea, helping travelers to orient themselves and plot their course. Kate understands the tarot in a similar way: the symbols and images in the cards carry meanings that aid us on our life’s journey. As navigators of land and soul, we absolutely LOVE this!

So, without further ado, we invite you to grab your coffee/tea, get cozy, and read all about what the cards and stars have to say about your first days of summer!

Pisces constellation

PISCES: Seven of Pentacles Rx

This month brings an earthy challenge for you, Pisces, that has to do with knowing which seeds to plant and nurture, and which to let wither on the vine. With the Seven of Pentacles reversed (especially as Neptune stations retrograde in Pisces on the 16th), you may find it difficult to tell those of your dreams that are illusory distractions from those that can and should be manifested into reality. And while it is so important to follow through on the things that you want to bring to fruition, it can be equally important to know when to let something go and accept that it isn’t going to happen (at least not for now!). In order to discern the difference between the two, it may be useful to do some meditating or other form of introspection in which you visualize each step of growth for the projects and ideas you are contemplating. Can you form a clear picture in your mind of what the outcome will be? Is it something you can be proud of and that will bring you joy? Is it worth the energy, time, and resources it will take to make it happen? If all of these are a clear yes, then go for it! If not, it may be that this isn’t quite the right time for making this particular dream come true. Don’t let that get you down. By not spreading yourself too thin, you’re conserving energy that will help you be more fertile, creative, and welcoming of abundance.

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Aries constellation

ARIES: Five of Swords Rx

Conflict and regeneration are the themes for you in June, Aries. You have recently become a lot more discerning when it comes to picking your battles, but you may still have some work to do in this regard. What does it gain you to prove that you are right (even if, let’s face it, you probably are!) if it causes a rift between you and someone you care about? If your ambition leads you to isolate and keep people at arm’s length, is it really worth whatever you get out of it? Sometimes obtaining the thing we think we need (to be right, to win, to succeed) actually keeps us from the very thing we actually need (connection, friendship, love). Is there a way you can take a more collaborative and inclusive approach, without sacrificing your rigor and talent? You have so much to share with people, so make sure you aren’t dimming your light for fear of causing damage or outshining someone else. Just try to let those close to you in on it rather than seeing them as competition or obstacles. On the other hand, maybe there have been some necessary but messy conflicts that have left you feeling confused and a little broken. If that’s the case, take heart in the fact that those broken parts are what allow for regeneration and new growth. Like the worm that is cut in two pictured in the Five of Swords, we can grow in different directions that weren’t possible before precisely because of the wounds we carry. Wear them like a badge of honor and see what they let you grow into.

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Taurus constellation

TAURUS: The Sun Rx

The Sun card reversed tells you to make it your primary goal this month to find and revitalize your joy. If you’ve felt that some of the lustre has gone out of your daily life or that you are not happy with your path in any way, make it your mission to take a small step each day towards the life you want. Out of all the signs, Tauruses have a unique ability to appreciate the small pleasures in life, but even for you it can become hard to maintain that level of appreciation all the time. Whatever challenges you have faced lately, know that in the long run they will actually serve to make your life more full of depth and your happiness more meaningful. The grooves that are worn in us during difficult times may change us indelibly, but they also create space that will be filled in with gratitude, love, and joy. Don’t be too hard on yourself if you have days where it’s hard to have faith in this truth; just remember to breathe and practice some serious self-care. Something as simple as taking a walk or doing some deep breathing exercises can go a long way in returning you to your body, which for you is one of the keys to experiencing your life with vitality and pleasure. One of the primary themes of the Sun card is gratitude. It can feel hard to be grateful when something in our lives feels off or out of balance, but it is actually especially in those times that we need to dedicate ourselves to a gratitude practice. Bringing your attention to the positive elements in your life creates more of the same.

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Gemini constellation

GEMINI: Father of Cups

What a beautiful card for you this month, Gemini! This is your birthday month and you will be feeling it. The Father of Cups is the king of the cups suit which rules emotions and relationships. This means that you’ll have some lovely opportunities for practicing loving kindness and connecting to others this month. You may also be tested at times to support the people in your life without letting your own needs and emotional ups and downs get in the way. The advice of this card is to find your own strong center while still going with the flow, rather than trying to bend everything and everyone to fit your own agenda. This isn’t always easy, obviously, especially during those times when you feel like you’ve got too much on your plate and stress starts to take over. Don’t let it be in control of you and how you relate to others—it will always convince you to close down and shut people out. Instead, let yourself be like a swan on the water—calm and composed even when the waves are tossing you about from below and the rain is falling from above. Let the rain roll off of you, as you keep your feathers warm and dry underneath. Let the waves hold you up rather than dragging you down. Once you know and truly accept that you are protected and safe, you’ll be much more able to extend compassion, empathy, and strength to everyone around you.

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Cancer constellation

CANCER: Temperance

Your card this month is Temperance, which speaks of alchemy, balance, and moderation. At its most literal level, this card advises moderation in food, drink, and other substances. It’s about finding just the right balance—not too much and not too little—so it’s not about deprivation. In fact, the idea is to find the happy medium that will let you feel sustained and satiated without going overboard. Too much of a good thing causes us discomfort and is ultimately unhealthy. But too little takes the enjoyment out of life and can be just as unhealthy in the long run. This balancing act applies for things that aren’t physical or tangible too. Are you spending more time with a certain person than you know is good for you? Are you finding yourself working long hours and not leaving enough time for soul-enriching activities? Or vice versa? The bad news is that this is a lifelong and daily practice—there is no quick fix for finding that perfect mix of things, activities, behaviors, etc. that will keep you feeling energized and serene. But the good news is that this dance of constant adjustment—adding and taking away a little at a time—is what makes our lives dynamic and vibrant. If everything was already in perfect balance, we would have no need to do anything at all. This daily practice of temperance is what drives life itself. What do you need to add to your life today? What do you need to let go of?

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LEO: Eight of Swords Rx

Get ready for a big energetic shift this month, Leo! The Eight of Swords reversed signals that there has been some serious transformational energy going on for you lately. If you feel like you’ve been a little stuck or like you’ve been letting yourself get wrapped up in anxieties and fears, you should know that it’s all been in the service of growing yourself some new wings. The way you used to do things is no longer working for you and you know deep down that you are ready to step into a new version of yourself. This is not an easy or comfortable process. In fact, the soft little body of the caterpillar has to actually liquify inside the chrysalis before it can reform its shape into that of a butterfly. Some of your old patterns and ways of relating have similarly been breaking down and disintegrating, which is absolutely necessary, but can sometimes feel quite terrifying when you don’t yet know what to replace them with. This makes sense. You used to walk on land, looking up from the lowest place possible. Now you’re getting ready to see things from a whole new perspective, up high and gently floating on the wind. Don’t worry if this process feels like it is taking some time. You are finally getting ready to show the world your new transformed self, but there are still some finishing touches to put on those wings. This is not the time to be in a rush.

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Virgo constellation

VIRGO: Daughter of Wands Rx

Dear Virgo. What is your greatest passion? What is the thing that makes you giddy with excitement? If you don’t know the answer to this question, or if the thing that used to do it for you doesn’t anymore, this month is a great time to start figuring out what you can do to remedy that. The trouble for you is that you are so talented and skilled at so many things that you can feel a lot of pressure—whether internal or external—to do something just because you excel at it, whether or not it actually makes you excited. Instead of deciding which activities, projects, or jobs you’ll take on based on whether or not you are good at them, try taking a different approach. What fills you up with energy and makes it feel easy to get out of bed in the morning? Notice what puts a sparkle in your eye when you talk about it. You can ask other people for help with this too. Sometimes it’s easier to see that sparkle in someone else than it is in yourself. Try getting curious about yourself as though your passionate motivations were a science project. What happens to my energy level if I do this? What about that? Keep a log if that helps. Just do whatever you can to break yourself out of the idea that you need to be brilliant and skilled all the time. To find your new passion, you may need to let yourself be an awkward beginner for a while, which is hard for your perfectionistic sign. But as the Daughter of Wands will tell you, the only way to grow and transform is by starting at the beginning and letting yourself be a learner.

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Libra constellation

LIBRA: Four of Swords Rx

Libra! The cute little lamb in the Four of Swords card has been taking a good long rest and so have you. Rest, as you know, is so essential and is very often undervalued in our busy workaholic culture. And this doesn’t only apply to work: sometimes you need a break from a social scene, from a project, from working towards a particular goal in your personal life. Anything can become too much to bear every now and then and it’s natural to pull back from time to time to recoup and regroup. But here’s the thing. The world is missing you and your sweet smile. Whatever it was you were fighting for, or working towards, or resting from, it’s time to gently start returning your attention to it. Yes, it’s hard sometimes, and yes, it takes more work than you’d like, but the Four of Swords being reversed signals that you will be ready for it sooner than you know. When it’s time to get back into the fray, you’ll take up your sword and head back into battle. Because ultimately you know that what you’re fighting for is worth it. You know deep down that this particular fight needs you and everything you have to offer. And you know that what you’ll get out of it in the long run far outweighs the temporary pleasure of taking it easy. Of course, you can still take short breaks when you need to—just don’t let your break become so permanent that you lose touch with your most important goals.

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Scorpio constellation

SCORPIO: Ace of Swords

Scorpios, I can’t tell you how glad I am to see the Ace of Swords in your June reading. You know how sometimes, every now and again, you can get a little lost in the watery depths of introspection, and just occasionally, the smallest bit of anxiety about whether you are on the right path? As a fellow Scorpio, I say this with a great deal of love and understanding. It can sometimes feel like the world is a murky haze of emotion, ambition, and fear, without a clear sense of where to channel any of it. Well, the Ace of Swords lets you know that this month you will have a newfound sense of clarity around something that has been plaguing you. You will finally see with clear eyes what needs to happen in order to get you where you want to be. The measures you need to take may feel drastic, or they may scare you in their finality, but the Ace of Swords is all about cutting away whatever is no longer serving you, letting go of whatever is holding you back, cutting the cords that have held you in a cloud of negativity. Just make sure that you meditate hard on exactly what it is that needs to change and create the occasion for the lightning of epiphany to strike by opening up your energetic channels. Maybe try working with chakra clearing; or kundalini yoga and breathwork, which is amazing for this kind of work. It’s all about getting things cleared out so that the clutter and baggage doesn’t keep you from welcoming the epiphany when it comes.

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Sagittarius constellation

SAGITTARIUS: Six of Pentacles

This month will bring you a newfound sense of abundance, Sagittarius. The Six of Pentacles shows a branch growing coins that look like small spring buds. You’ve worked hard to grow your career, your business, your education. Whatever it is that you’ve been cultivating, that work is paying off and you will start to see some returns on your investment. The key with the Six of Pentacles, though, is to take whatever you earn (and I don’t mean just financially) and to share it with the people around you. The sort of ironic truth about welcoming abundance is that it grows when we don’t hold too tightly to what comes our way. Money is, after all, only material, and the abundance you are after is of the soul kind. Practice giving as much as you receive this month and see if you start to feel a greater sense of flow and ease around the work you do. On the other hand, you may feel that you have been giving too much, and that you actually could stand to receive more from those around you—this card can signal both sides of this equation. Just be sure that the balance is relatively equal between give and take and make adjustments where necessary. Remember that you have so much to give and that you need not worry about your needs being provided for. Knowing that you deserve to receive can sometimes be the shift that is needed in turning on the flow of abundance.

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Capricorn constellation

CAPRICORN: Mother of Cups Rx

Capricorn, when was the last time you got in touch with your emotional side? The Mother of Cups is the most emotional of the queens, and because of that she is able to act from a place of empathy and compassion. When the card is reversed, it can mean that you have been having trouble accessing your deeper emotional resources. The earthy, practical nature of your sign can sometimes lead you to overlook this aspect of yourself. Don’t forget that it can be just as valuable as the other more logical parts of you. Getting your heart in alignment with your projects and goals will actually make them easier to fulfill and may even assist you in making important decisions without having to agonize over the pros and cons. Things don’t always have to be fair or practical. If it feels good, if it brings you joy, that is all the reason you need. On the other side of the spectrum, the Mother of Cups reversed can sometimes mean that you’ve actually gone too far into the watery depths and are finding it hard to surface for air. If that is the case, remember that your feelings can actually be a support to you, like the water is to a swan. Find your way back to the surface by cultivating positive emotions through gratitude practice, time with friends, or funny movies—whatever it is that brings you joy. The more you do so, the less room there will be for the negative emotions that have been dragging you down.

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Aquarius constellation

AQUARIUS: The Devil Rx

Well, the road you’ve been walking recently has not been an easy one, but the good news is that you are on your way to smoother travels. The Devil is the card of material attachment, obsessive thinking, and addictive behavior, so you may have been dealing with some or all of these recently. Letting go of material attachment is one of the fundamental lessons for us humans on this earth and one of the most difficult to learn. The fact that this card is appearing for you reversed signals that you have been doing your best to work through your attachments and to create healthier patterns and habits for yourself. Over the next month, this card suggests that you will make some great progress in this regard and will finally start to feel a little less pressure. You can relax and let yourself off the hook a little bit now. Enjoy the summer weather, have a nice bowl of fresh fruit, and know that you are doing your best to make good choices for yourself and in your relationships. On the other hand, if for any reason you feel that you are still stuck in a situation that is really bad for you, now is the time to do something about it. Life is too short to let yourself stay chained to something that is weighing you down. You absolutely have the power to walk away from anything that is holding you back from becoming the person you know you are meant to be. There is so much goodness all around you. Let yourself go out there and enjoy it.

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Tarotscope card spread using The Wild Unknown deck

Star Sight Tarot

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