Tarotscopes – June 2018

Soul-Smart Monthly Tarotscopes by Star Sight Tarot

BY Star Sight Tarot

Seven of Pentacles
JUNE OVERVIEW: Seven of Pentacles Rx + 18. (abundance)

This month we’ll be tested in the realm of productivity, whatever that may mean for each of us. If there is something you’ve been trying to bring to fruition – a project, a relationship, or a literal garden – now may not be the time to harvest those fruits. They may need to stay on the vine a little longer than you had hoped or planned. This may feel like a disappointment, but in reality it will give you an opportunity to soak up more yumminess from the soil, from the sun, from the rain. Waiting can be tough, especially when you feel like you’ve already been waiting for AGES, but trust the cards when they indicate that the wait will be well worth it. If we can practice patience, we may even find that we can revel in the delicious process of cultivation, regardless of whether the end product of our efforts ever materializes. This, too, is a kind of abundance and something to be deeply grateful for.

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Nine of Cups
GEMINI: Nine of Cups + 9. (embrace your feminine power)

Happy birthday, Gemini!! I don’t know what your question is, but I can tell you that the universe is giving you a resounding YES right now. The Nine of Cups is often known as the wish card – this means that you will get your wish, although it may not be in the way you expected. However, the end result will be positive regardless so there is no need to worry. Wherever you have felt scarcity, fear, or emptiness, the Nine of Cups assures you that you will be filled, you will find abundance, you will go forward with certainty and self-assuredness. This energy for you is also connected to finding strength in your feminine power. Even if you identify as a male, think about the ways that your feminine aspect can be helpful to you now. We each contain the masculine and feminine within us and we can choose when to use each approach. In the coming weeks, try practicing receptivity and openness as a way of preparing for whatever it is you are hoping for in your life. Create the conditions for it, nurture it and yourself, and when the time is right, you will find that your prayers have been answered.

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Seven of Cups
CANCER: Seven of Cups + 56. (there’s always room for growth)

Cancer, this month you may find yourself taking stock of your options, trying to discern which path is going to yield you the most joy, success, progress, or whatever it is you are hoping to achieve. It may seem like the answer lies in some tangible outcome (like more money, landing a job or an attractive partner, acquiring more things that promise fulfillment). But of course as we all know, even if you do get what you want, those things can only provide so much satisfaction before we find that we are seeking the next thing that will fill that void we feel. The truth is that the seeking never ends, but before we start judging ourselves for seeking the wrong thing or getting caught up in temporary pleasures, what if we just accepted the fact that we are creatures who are motivated by desire? What if we let ourselves continue the search all the while knowing that the outcome will not bring the peace and serenity we seek, at least not in the long term? It is up to you how much you want to try and reduce that burning ache, through meditation or other detachment practices, and how much you want to use it to propel you towards the goals you have set for yourself. Just make sure you prioritize well so that you aren’t wasting your time on things that will leave you feeling even more empty than when you began. And remember that either way you will have much to learn about yourself. In the end, perhaps that is the real reward.

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The Chariot
LEO: The Chariot Rx + 49. (do a spell)

Your epic inward journey continues, Leo! I keep thinking the cards will steer you back towards your extraverted ways soon, but each month the theme of inward exploration reappears for you. This time, the Chariot Reversed (upside down) asks you to “hold your horses,” so to speak, and to take life at a less frantic pace. Rather than bulldozing straight ahead, the Chariot reversed suggests that you get off the race track for a minute and make sure that you are verrrry clear about where it is that you are headed. This could be in terms of life direction, or as simple as a trip that you are considering taking. Will changing physical locations actually bring you closer to the life you seek? Will charging forward to the next thing help you to have clarity about your path? Make sure you take some time to get crystal clear about the parameters of your goals before you start barrelling out of the gate. Your card from the #ritualoracle suggests that you use some form of magic in order to help you in this process. This could mean engaging in your own tarot practice, or using “spell work” such as writing down an intention and keeping it under a candle that you light each evening while saying your intention to yourself. Let things percolate a little while longer and ask the universe for what you need. It isn’t always up to you to make things materialize in a forceful way. Try letting them come to you.

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King of Pentacles
VIRGO: King of Pentacles Rx + 79. (vibes)

Your message from the tarot this month suggests that you might be facing some challenges in the career or financial realm. This could have to do with managing your finances, making a budget, manifesting the job you were hoping for, or just feeling on your game at work. What goals have you set for yourself in terms of your work and the ways you are compensated for it? While this may not be the month that you win the lottery or a huge windfall comes down from the sky (see this month’s overview!), your cards suggest that you will have an opportunity to think differently about the kinds of wealth that are available to you – both material and spiritual. Look around at the natural world and remember that it is there for all of us to enjoy free of charge. And not only do we draw satisfaction from being out in nature, we are actually drawing deep sustenance from it that has the power to “recharge” us. Did you know that the air in natural places is full of negative ions that have been shown to reduce anxiety and improve cognitive function? Negative ions are also said to be emitted by Himalayan salt lamps as well as by tourmaline and amethyst crystals. Use these and other sources of natural power to bring yourself back in alignment and to help you manifest the other types of abundance you are seeking.

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Three of Cups
LIBRA: Three of Cups + 78. (experiment)

Dear Libra. When was the last time you really took stock of the friendships in your life? Are they feeding you, supporting you, helping you grow? This month you may have an opportunity to expand your circle of close connections as you find yourself expressing new parts of yourself. Pay close attention to the facets of your own personality that are activated when you are in the presence of different people. Which versions of yourself do you like the best? Which make you feel not-so-great about yourself? The latter doesn’t mean those friendships necessarily need to end – a lot of growth can happen in learning about those shadow sides – but don’t take it as a referendum on your character if you find yourself behaving in ways you don’t love in response to particular people or communication styles. And wherever possible, try to surround yourself with people who do bring out your best sides. This may involve a period of experimentation as you get a sense for what is working for you in your current state. It may be drastically different from what worked for you ten years ago, or five years ago, or even last week. Don’t be too hard on yourself if you need to make changes. Your truest friendships will stand the test of time and you may find that this period of openness and exploration will bring some new important people into your inner circle. Sometimes the right interpersonal dynamic is all it takes to catapult you to a new level of growth.

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King of Cups
SCORPIO: King of Cups Rx + 58. (wear a power ring)

June may bring some ups and downs in the emotional realm for us Scorpios. But what else is new, amirite? Believe me, I know how frustrating it can be to feel that you are at the mercy of your emotions, and I have certainly had my share of wishing I could just rise above it all in zen-like serenity. And while it would definitely be good to invest a little more time in meditation or anything that keeps you on an even keel, consider that the point isn’t to stop having difficult emotions altogether. In fact, emotions have been shown to be an integral part of what makes us able to make logical decisions and make meaning out of our lives. Let them be teachers for you: instead of wishing them away, invite them in and sit with them for a while. If you can accept your ups and downs as part of the necessary ebb and flow of life, you may find that you actually experience less tension and conflict since you won’t spend extra energy resisting what is. Allow your feelings to impart their messages, work with them through writing, tarot, art, or physical movement. And then see them on their way. As you ride the waves of emotional lability, give yourself an anchor so that you remember to come back to yourself. I wear a necklace of my favorite tarot card (the Star), but it could be a ring with a special stone, or anything that you can easily see or touch to help ground you as needed. There is so much power and strength in deeply feeling your emotions. They will bring you to a new level of awareness if you let them.

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Nine of Swords
SAGITTARIUS: Nine of Swords Rx + 42. (listen)

What has got you feeling anxious or worried lately, Sagittarius? We are so bombarded with the world’s hardships, it can be easy to feel that you have to take it all on yourself. Or maybe you’ve got enough of your own worries keeping you up late at night. Adding to the mix, last week’s full moon in Sagittarius was particularly intense and left a lot of people feeling off-kilter, especially those of your tribe. The good news is that this month brings an end to those late-night anxieties. It’s not that you’ll stop caring about all of the hard things happening in the world, but you’ll be able to weather them without becoming a lightning rod for all of that stress and tension. One way to protect yourself from negative energy is to use the medicine of sound. This could mean creating or listening to music, sitting near ocean waves, attending a sound bath, or any other type of sound healing that appeals to you. How will that help? Sound waves create a certain frequency that permeates the cells of your body, causing them to “hum.” This can actually create changes in your nervous system that help you to feel more calm and even. It also means that the frequencies of any negative energy won’t be able to penetrate your energetic space since it will already be occupied by a different, higher frequency. Let it build a force field around you that will leave you invincible, full of light and sound.

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CAPRICORN: Death + 14. (deal your own cards)

Big change is in the air for you this month, Capricorn. People are often afraid of the Death card because they think it is equated with loss, but it’s true meaning is actually transformation. What needs to be relinquished so that something new can be born in you? What needs to be cut away so that you can make room for new creations? Things are always in constant flux and change is inevitable, no matter how much we may try to resist it. The good news is that the change on the horizon for you is absolutely for the better. You are stepping into a whole new chapter in your life, as this last chapter draws to a close. One way to help facilitate this transformation and your ability to process all of the change that is occurring will be to engage in practices of reflection. If you haven’t already gotten yourself a tarot deck, now is the time! You can start small with a daily draw and just see what comes up for you. Do some journaling to help you integrate the life lessons that arise as a result of both the inner and outer shifts that are happening. Things will be reconfigured, routines may be disrupted, but ultimately you’ll find that when you reorganize your life, you’ll be working within a brand new paradigm in which new possibilities will unfold that you hadn’t even considered.

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Six of Swords
AQUARIUS: Six of Swords + 27. (protect yourself/boundaries)

Aquarius, your journey of healing continues this month as you find yourself opening up to new experiences and ways of being in the world. The Six of Swords signals a move away from the pain and suffering that characterized your old situation. Because of the work you’ve been putting in over these past few years, you have been moving ever further away from that old way of doing things that kept you trapped in frustration and conflict. One thing that can help you in this next phase of healing is to place some extra emphasis on working with boundaries. In what ways do you need to protect yourself that you haven’t been listening to or acknowledging? What kinds of boundaries can you set to keep out the barrage of energies that surround you? Where do you need to draw a line in the sand – with regard to your work, your relationships, your children, your parents, your friends, the frenetic pace of the “civilized” world? Let your own aura be a shield of sorts that can help to keep your inner world free of anxiety and high stress demands. Your world inside is calm and smooth, like the surface of a perfectly still lake. What separates you from the choppy and frantic pace of the rest of the world is only the strength of your own conviction to not allow yourself to be sucked in by it. That kind of boundary setting takes time and daily practice to build. It is not something that is created once and then maintained without any further thought. The beauty is that you have a unique ability now to harness those kinds of daily practices that will help keep yourself and your inner peace intact.

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The Empress
PISCES: The Empress + 28. (look up)

Pisces, you Earth Mama you! This month it’s time to revel in the abundant earthy goodness of your feminine side. What are you nourishing and nurturing now? What creations are ready to be birthed in you? What manner of abundance will you offer up this time? There is so much bursting below the surface of your skin. Tap into that energy and let it take over for a while. Let yourself be carried away by the flow of creation rather than trying to direct and control anything in your environment. The Empress reminds you not only to pay attention to your own creative power, but also to soak up the beauty that is all around you – in art, in nature, in the sensuality of your own body. Remember the gifts that are everywhere in the material world. This is the earthly domain of the Empress. However, your cards are also advising that you remember to look up from time to time. The frustrations of our mundane lives can become overwhelming and we can become bored or complacent, forgetting the miracle that is life on earth. Sometimes looking up at the stars and planets is enough to remind us of how infinitesimal and truly unique and beautiful we are.

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Eight of Swords
ARIES: Eight of Swords + 33. (go home)

What is it that has you feeling trapped lately, Aries? The Eight of Swords often depicts that feeling of entrapment that comes with getting lost in our own thoughts. How are you getting in your own way? Are your thought patterns promoting growth or are they keeping you from moving forward? The swords have to do with language, so pay attention to how you communicate about your needs, your wants, your inner truths. Are you making sure to communicate in a way that is direct and transparent or are you hoping that your loved ones will be able to read your mind? You might look for clues as to how your patterns of communication and self-talk were first constructed, most likely in the context of your family of origin. Going home to visit might help shake you out of any ruts you find yourself in, or it might equally set you back by reverting you to old dynamics of relating that you slip into on autopilot. Would it be possible for you to make a different choice this time in how you act, react, respond? Opening the door to a different way of relating will do a lot more than bring you closer to those you love. It will free you from a prison of your own making.

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The High Priestess
TAURUS: The High Priestess + 80. (be kind)

Taurus, this month you are being invited to listen deep down for the voice of your own intuition. Your brain needs a break from all of the decisions you make and the problem-solving that you do on a daily basis. Like any muscle, your brain can get fatigued from too much use and not enough rest. Give your prefrontal cortex a chance to recharge and instead tune in to a different source of knowledge. The High Priestess is here to tell you that any issue that you are having trouble solving, any goals you have for yourself, would be best served by turning off your logical command center and letting your intuition be your guide. If you need help accessing your intuition, you could try meditating, asking direct questions and seeing what bubbles to the surface, or following an intuitive path on your next walk. Often, when the High Priestess shows up, any answers you seek are already within you, so there is no need to seek external proof or validation. Listen for that voice inside you that tells you the way forward even when there is no logical “right” answer. And remember, there is nothing that says this work must be done in isolation. Organize a full moon ceremony or group tarot session and join together in tapping your deeper stores of knowledge.

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Tarotscopes - June 2018

Tarot deck used: Aquarian Tarot by David Palladini

Oracle deck: Ritual Oracle by Kristi Prokopiak

Star Sight Tarot

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