Tarotscopes – June 2019

Soul-Smart Monthly Tarotscopes by Star Sight Tarot

BY Star Sight Tarot

JUNE OVERVIEW: Judgement Rx + Gratitude

Our collective message for the month of June is to cultivate non-judgement. We spend so much of our time judging, whether we realize it or not. We judge the people around us—their behaviors, their appearances, their beliefs. We judge ourselves perhaps the most harshly. We worry that we are doing things wrong. That our bodies are the wrong shape. That we haven’t been good enough people. Judgement isn’t an inherently bad thing though. In fact, it is arguably what gives our lives as humans meaning. It helps us to decide what is good, what is right. It allows us to choose between the many options we are faced with as humans for how to act, who to spend our time with, what will enrich us. It’s just that if all we’re doing is judging—if our rational mind is turned on at all times—we forget to simply be. We forget that there is another way of interacting with the world that doesn’t involve making decisions about the worth of things. Our oracle card, Gratitude, gives us a hint as to how to cultivate a different way of being. By being thankful—by thanking others for their gifts, thanking the world for what it offers you, thanking yourself for showing up each day—we honor the fact that everyone is doing their best and that everyone has something positive to contribute. If judgement scrutinizes, looking for what is good, gratitude finds the good in everything.

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GEMINI: Temperance + Clarity of Mind

Happy birthday, Gemini! Your cards this month have a deep spiritual quality to them. Temperance appears when we are called to find balance between our earthly, bodily experience and the transcendent spiritual plane. We tend to keep the two falsely separated, but in reality they are one and the same. We experience the divine through our bodies and at the same time we experience the material realm through the lens of our higher consciousness. What does this mean for you right now, Gemini? Where are you seeking greater spiritual fulfillment? And where would you like to be more in touch with your material self? Temperance represents the process of alchemy; it helps us to find the right mix of things so that we might ultimately be transformed. One key to this process for you right now is to cultivate clarity of mind. If our minds are cluttered or muddled, it is difficult to be attuned to the kind of delicate balancing act you are being asked to undertake. By clearing your mind, you open the way for true grounding and centering. Like an open vessel, a clear mind is both present and absent, both tangible and ethereal. It allows you to remain open while retaining your sense of structure, your sense of self.

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Five of Coins
CANCER: Five of Coins Rx + It’s Not a Competition

Things are about to get a whole lot easier for you, Cancer. The Five of Coins when it is upright brings difficult lessons around poverty. This could be about finances being tight or needing to assist other people in your life with money issues. However, it is often not a literal poverty that this card speaks of, but rather an emotional or spiritual poverty—a feeling of being empty or without resources. The good news is that the Five of Coins has shown up reversed (upside down) for you this month. That means that you are on your way to refilling your stores, whether of money, energy, time, or compassion. What has felt lacking for you lately, Cancer? Where could you use a little more abundance? Your oracle card this month brings you a clue as to how to go about addressing this, with the message that life is not a competition. Whatever it is you are wanting or needing more of, it may be that the lack you are feeling is actually a product of a particular state of mind rather than something that is actually missing. If you find that you are often comparing yourself to others in terms of what they have that you do not, working on shifting your perspective may be the key to finding more abundance in your life.

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LEO: Justice + Release

Leo, certain themes from last month carry over for you through Gemini season as you continue grappling with this tug-of-war between the head and the heart. The Justice card in the Antique Anatomy Tarot deck depicts an organ that is half brain (on the left side) and half heart (on the right). The left brain rules the more rational part of our thought processes while the right brain is the creative center. This means that you are being called to use reason in equal measure with heart-centered, emotional ways of thinking and responding. Only when both of these elements are functioning in tandem are we able to make decisions that will be truly aligned with our needs and our purpose. So how do you make sure that you are acting in this balanced and measured way? Your oracle card suggests Release as a way forward. This may mean that there is a need to relinquish control of any particular outcome and to trust in the process of listening to both your heart and your head.

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The Devil
VIRGO: The Devil + Celebrate little things

Such an interesting pair of cards for you this month, Virgo! The Devil always sounds (and sometimes looks) a little scary. But this card can carry a whole host of meanings, some of which are actually quite positive and even potentially liberating. The Devil is sometimes about temptation or a difficulty with attachment, but at its most fundamental it is about a kind of enmeshment with the material realm. This can lead to problems of course, for example with addiction, or obsessive thoughts about your appearance or money, etc. But in this case, I actually see a suggestion to let yourself revel in the material world a bit. This may mean getting a little dirty and letting yourself go a bit in ways that may make you feel uncomfortable. It might also mean being a little naughty or allowing yourself to indulge in things you normally wouldn’t. For the second month in a row your oracle card brings the message to celebrate the little things in life. What pleasures can you dive into this month that allow you to celebrate the sensuous and sensual side of yourself? Give your head a break and let yourself experience your surroundings with all of your senses. You might find yourself feeling just a little freer and a little more able to relax.

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The Hermit
LIBRA: The Hermit + Emerge

Dear Libra, this month brings you another step further on your spiritual path, whatever that may mean for you. The Hermit card is about truth-seeking, usually represented by a candle or lantern, but it is a kind of truth that can only be found by looking within. We often think that in order to be introspective, we have to somehow isolate ourselves (and the name the Hermit can perpetuate that idea). But it isn’t necessary to hole up in a cave or an ashram to find the kind of enlightenment that is ready to arise within you. In fact, your oracle card, Emerge, suggests that you come out of hiding and let yourself blossom in the light of day. It may be that in order to look within, you also need to let yourself be seen by others from without and to be deeply engaged in the world around you. As you connect with your passions and your community, what will emerge within you will be your own clear and present truth, ready to blow your mind if you let it.

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King of Blades
SCORPIO: King of Blades + Begin again

The King of Blades usually shows up when we are being asked to use our mental faculties to their highest capacity. The Blades (or Swords in other suits) rule the realm of air, which has to do with our thoughts, communication, and language. However, this particular king, with the blade going right through his empty skull makes me think that he is appearing to you now as a caution *not* to put too much emphasis on your powers of rational thought this month. Rather than worrying about making all the right decisions and doing what is most logical, your oracle card suggest that you go back to the beginning. What would this look like for you? Perhaps you are being asked to try and access the sense of innocence with which we approach things when we are beginners. What do you have to learn from this experience? How can you maintain an open mind as you go into your next endeavor? What childlike wonder is waiting for you if you can just turn your brain off for a minute and let your thoughts come and go like flowers blossoming and then fading away? The space you open up by not trying to pin everything down and “make sense” of it will soon be filled with beauty and grace.

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Three of Coins
SAGITTARIUS: Three of Coins Rx + Yes you can

Well, Sagittarius, this could be an exciting month! Your cards are giving you the thumbs up to get a new project underway or start down a new path when it comes to career or education. The Three of Coins usually appears upright when you are being called to work in a team with others in order to get something off the ground. However, when the card appears reversed (upside down), it suggests that the teamwork approach might not actually be the most beneficial right now. It might be best for you to just take charge and go for it if you know how you want things handled. No need to wait for the approval or opinions of others! Of course, if this makes you nervous, by all means consult someone else to make sure you’re on the right track. But the general idea is that you have all of the resources and perspective you need to get things going. The important thing is to lay a strong foundation and only you truly know what is best in that regard.

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Knight of Rods
CAPRICORN: Knight of Rods Rx + It’s all for a reason

Capricorn, the trend from last month continues which has you slowing down and thinking before you leap. This time the Knight of Rods has appeared in your cards reversed (upside down). This knight is usually the first to jump in when there is something that needs doing. As the knight of the rods (or wands) suit, he is ruled by fire and can often be a little rash or hasty when there is a project or a mission that needs to be undertaken. When he comes up reversed, it is usually a signal that you need to curb that impulse to throw yourself in without thinking it through or making a plan. There is no one that needs saving now and nothing is on fire. And honestly, even if there was an emergency, do you always need to be the one that is first to respond? Your oracle card tells you that there might be a good reason for you to sit this one out. Going against your natural impulse is never easy, but this is one time when you will reap the benefits, even if it’s just the learning of an important lesson.

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Ten of Coins
AQUARIUS: Ten of Coins Rx + You are always shifting

Dear Aquarius. Things are on the move for you this month, though it might be hard to tell at the moment. Your cards bring messages of slowwww shifts—the kind of changes that are deep and long lasting, but that can take some time to register on the surface. The Ten of Coins reversed (upside down) warns you not to try to resist this change by holding onto some idea or expectation you had of what a solid and stable life looks like. This is especially true when it comes to family and the idea of generational continuity. Are there ways that you feel trapped into a particular way of being, whether by your parents or grandparents or even your ancestors you’ve never met? What messages have you inherited that keep you stuck and stagnant? These are often subtle undercurrents that we don’t even realize we are holding onto and integrating into the fabric of our lives. Do what you can in these coming weeks to liberate yourself from the hold of those messages. Open yourself up to a new kind of freedom that lets you change in the ways you need to. In the end, it will bring you to a much more authentic and open kind of stability.

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Eight of Coins
PISCES: Eight of Coins + I am connected to the earth

Oh, my dearest Pisces, what lovely cards for you this month! The Eight of Coins appears when we are—or soon will be—in the flow of our own creative work. If you have felt a sense of difficulty or being out of step when it comes to work in your life, this card suggests that you will have a chance to shift that energy over these coming weeks. This will be a great time to dig deep into any kind of project that lets you use your skills and feel proud of what you are making. Keep in mind that this isn’t always about work projects in the traditional sense, but could also be about your own artistic endeavors, working in your garden, or raising children. It is all part of the labor we do on a daily basis. The trick here is to approach whatever work is for you with a renewed sense of creativity and pride. If your days are filled with work as a means to an end, there is very little room for joy. But if the process itself can bring you satisfaction, then all of the hours of your days truly belong to you. Your oracle card also brings a hint as to what might help you access this state of being: by finding connection to the earth, we remember our place in the material world, as part of the constant cycle of creation.

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Ten of Elixirs
ARIES: Ten of Elixirs Rx + Inhale, exhale

Aries, my dear. I hope you are remembering to keep your own cup filled these days as you spread yourself around taking care of your loved ones and your community. Being a part of human relationships can give us so much, but it can also deplete us if we are not careful to keep our stores of energy stocked. Take a look at where your energy is going now and ask yourself who or what needs you most at this time. You do not have to be everywhere at once, especially if that means sacrificing your own well-being. Let yourself sleep a little more, eat nourishing foods, and perhaps most importantly, take time to just be without an agenda and without attending to someone else’s needs. This might look like five minutes a day of meditation. Or a walk through the park near your house where you consciously pay attention to the trees, the plants, and the sunlight instead of running through your to-do list or worrying about whateve—or whoever —it is that has you worried. Your oracle card reminds you to breathe. It is one of our most basic healing practices and it is free! You might be amazed at what making time to breathe in and out with intention can do for your mental and physical health.

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The Moon
TAURUS: The Moon + Rest

Ahhhh, Taurus, this is a time for you to catch up on some much-needed rest and replenishment. Like the moon, we live our days in cycles and phases, though we don’t always pay attention to the shifts that are happening within us. Your cards this month are telling you to take a little break from the many distractions of the world around you and to turn inward. Give yourself permission to have your own private thoughts and experiences without needing to share them with those around you (whether IRL or on social media). In fact, constantly sharing your ideas, experiences, recorded images, etc. —while it can be satisfying on some level —also has the effect of drawing energy away from you. It’s like pieces of you are being spread around, no longer feeding you, but instead giving to everyone else. This can be a beautiful thing, and is in a sense the foundation of how we establish connection with others, but it can also be exhausting when you find you are always putting a part of yourself out there without retaining anything for yourself. This is a phase when holding your thoughts and experiences close to you —through meditating, writing, or even dreaming —will help you to feel renewed and refreshed.

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Tarotscopes - June 2019

Tarot deck used: The Antique Anatomy Tarot by Black and the Moon

Oracle deck: Inquire Within by Worthwhile Paper

Star Sight Tarot

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