Tarotscopes – June 2020

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Mallorca Retreat 2020

y dears, this month’s tarotscopes will be my last, at least for now. As the world changes and my life evolves, I’m finding that it is time to put my energy into my family and my counseling degree. I have absolutely loved writing this column for the last three years with Spirit Guides Magazine. It has been a dream come true to offer myself up as a channel for the messages of the tarot. The cards never cease to challenge me and astound me with their accurate insight and their spiritual depth. Thank you for reading and for being on this stretch of the journey with me. I hope you will continue to turn to the tarot in your own lives if and when it makes sense for you. I hope you will carry the messages of the cards out into this uncertain world as beacons of hope and understanding. On some level, the act of reading the cards—the act of interpretation—is an act of compassion and of empathy, two things the world needs now more than ever. May we all be conduits of peace, love, and understanding as we navigate these unprecedented times.

Much love,

Ace of Wands
JUNE OVERVIEW: Ace of Wands Rx + Let it flow, let it grow

The Ace of Wands brings many complex messages this month. This ace is a phallic card that symbolizes creative power and passion. It often appears in its upright position when we are on the precipice of new creative ventures or exciting opportunities to exercise our talents and our lust for life (or for another person). When it is reversed (upside down), however, that power gets turned inward. This can express itself in any number of ways, with some very negative and some positive consequences. One manifestation of this phallus-turned-inward is the expression of toxic masculinity which we see in acts of violence, hate crimes, police brutality, and other abuses of power. Imagine a firecracker with the potential to shoot into the sky in a brilliant display, but instead it implodes, causing injury or death, setting everything around it on fire. This is what happens when power is used to control and oppress rather than to create and transform. On the other hand, on a more personal level, the Ace of Wands reversed can signify that there is a creative potential being born within each of us that may not currently have an outward expression, but that is bestowing us with the spark of new life. If we take whatever feels frustrated or stifled in us and look for a creative outlet for it, we can turn away from the toxic and the violent and turn instead towards new forms of growth.

Two of Wands
GEMINI: Two of Wands Rx + Seek inspiration in unusual places

Happy Birthday, dear Gemini! The Two of Wands reversed signals that you may be waiting for something to come to you that isn’t showing up as quickly as you would like. Perhaps you’ve been putting out a lot of energy towards a particular goal, but you’re not seeing the results just yet. Or maybe you’re waiting for someone else to make a move and have convinced yourself that it isn’t up to you to make it happen. When this card is upright, it represents a creative spark that ignites between two people or entities. But when it is reversed (upside down), that spark gets short circuited. It may be up to you to get things moving again—maybe by taking things in a new direction or seeking out the results you desire in a more direct way. We can’t always wait for the world to come to us. To the extent that you are able in the midst of a pandemic, your cards advise you to step out of your comfort zone and look for that which you desire in places that are less than obvious.

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The Tower
CANCER: The Tower Rx + Love your dark side too

The Tower reversed has appeared in your cards this month, Cancer, signaling that your world has recently been rocked in a pretty major way. The Tower, when it is upright, represents the dissolution of structures that are built on shaky foundations. This can cause crises like we’ve seen in our communities and personal lives these past few weeks and months. When it is reversed (upside down), it can mean that this chaotic energy is waning or that the shakeup you’ve experienced is actually a positive one. Perhaps things are starting to rebuild or perhaps they are returning to the old status quo. If the Tower has done its job, life will not return to “normal” because that state was actually flawed from the beginning. You can help to create a better life for yourself and a better world for humanity by *not* trying to go back to life as it was. Instead look for ways to embrace the shakeup and build a stronger, more functional structure in place of the old one.

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The High Priestess
LEO: The High Priestess + Curiosity

Dearest Leo, I have the sense that this is the moment your journey of the last few years has been building towards. You have the opportunity now to access a deep part of yourself that is both your most authentic self and at the same time may feel completely foreign to you. There is a calm center in the midst of all that swirls around you, and by going there, you can experience life from a brand new vantage point, secure in your knowledge of yourself and yet still curious about the world around you and all that there is to learn. The High Priestess is a powerful card and an archetype that is sorely needed at this time. Modern society does not cultivate the kind of intuitive knowledge that she represents. In fact, the divine feminine is continually repressed and silenced and has been for centuries. What would happen if we all allowed ourselves to operate on the basis of our intuition rather than a prescribed set of rules or supposedly “rational” ideas? In what ways can you be part of a movement to bring marginalized voices into the foreground? What subtle truths are bubbling their way up from your subconscious? And what would happen if you followed their lead?

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Four of Cups
VIRGO: Four of Cups Rx + Staying alive

Your cards this month are complex, Virgo, as befits a very complex moment in human history. The Four of Cups depicts a person sitting at the base of a tree with arms and legs crossed, apparently refusing to take the cup being offered to them. In front of them are three more cups that appear to be untouched. What is in those cups that this person finds so unappealing? What you are being offered now is perhaps a pill that can’t be swallowed, a drug that will only numb you out, an elixir that will perpetuate a sense that things are okay, when you know in your heart they are not. This card appears when enough is enough, when you’ve had it with being handed the same old bullshit time and time again. You are waiting for a different cup to be offered, one that holds truth, authenticity, blessed gifts that remind you of your humanity, your vulnerability, your responsibility. You are waiting for the cup that will bring you everlasting life—not in the literal sense of immortality, but meaning that you are finally able to live in such true alignment with your deepest core self that you join the river of humanity that has flowed for centuries and will continue long after you are physically gone. This is the moment to decide—which cup will you choose?

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Wheel of Fortune
LIBRA: Wheel of Fortune Rx + Cultivate stillness

The Wheel of Fortune is about cycles—both karmic and historical. When the card appears upright in your spread, it means that these cycles are able to continue on unfettered. The wheel keeps turning and we are essentially tossed about at its mercy, sometimes up and sometimes down. At this moment in human history, we are seeing cycles of racism and abuse of power. This particular wheel has been turning for centuries and it is up to us to stop its motion. When the card appears reversed (upside down) as it has for you this month, it means you have the opportunity to break a cycle from continuing. This could mean doing your part in ending systemic racism or the cycle of poverty, or it may have to do with a pattern that keeps showing up in your personal life. Perhaps there is a particular relationship pattern or self-defeating cycle that you find yourself caught in over and over. Or a cycle of addiction or obsessive thinking. Whatever it is, know that you have the power to stop it from continuing, though it won’t be without a lot of work on your part. Your oracle card advises that you cultivate stillness. Calm the anxieties and distractions so that you can focus on the real work that needs to be done.

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Six of Pentacles
SCORPIO: Six of Pentacles Rx + It doesn’t have to be perfect

Scorpio, this month we are being asked to think about the balance between give and take in our lives. Are we giving enough of ourselves to our loved ones? Our communities? The earth? Are we receiving what we need in order to thrive? These are strange and difficult times and it can feel like we all need a little extra right now just to keep going, but it is important to remember what we do have. We need to think about the areas where we have more than we actually need, and how we might share with someone else who needs it more. What do you have in excess? What are you lacking? Can you create a symbiotic relationship with other folks in your life so that you can all get what you need without taking away from someone else’s rights, privileges, and resources? We are called now to do the hard work of acknowledging our shortcomings and vulnerabilities. Our oracle card reminds us that it doesn’t have to be perfect. In fact, it can’t be, but it is imperative that we challenge ourselves to try.

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The Magician
SAGITTARIUS: The Magician + Get out of your own way

It’s time for you to step into your own power, Sagittarius. This month, the cards are urging you to harness your powers of creation in order to manifest your visions for a better world. Whatever you see in your mind’s eye can become a reality as long as you have the right tools for the job. If you are not sure where to begin, ask for help from others who may have more experience or knowledge in a particular area. You may need to ask yourself some hard questions about the point of your work—is it to create something beautiful, thought provoking, and inspiring? Or is it to bolster your own ego? Your oracle card advises you to get out of your own way. Sometimes the best way to effect change is by decentering your own ego for the sake of the whole. Put yourself in service of that which you are seeking to create, rather than imagining that you are in control of it. By surrendering to the creative process and seeking opportunities for collaboration, you will find that your stores of inspiration are endless.

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Five of Swords
CAPRICORN: Five of Swords + Practice

My dear Capricorn, this month brings a lesson for you about conflict. What conflicts are present in your life? What about in your larger community? How do you respond to these conflicts? How do you respond when battle lines are being drawn? Do you join in on one side or the other? Do you seek to understand before making judgments? You may be feeling confused and conflicted within yourself as you try to make sense of current events. Or you may have a personal conflict that is causing you to feel stuck. Along with any challenge comes an opportunity, and in this case it is to practice mediation and resolution rather than letting conflicts fester and cause further injury. If someone has said or done something hurtful, do you look for productive ways to move through and beyond that hurt? Or do you find yourself getting mired down in resentment? The trick is to address grievances, to challenge injustices, to dismantle broken systems with an eye towards the future, with hope, with compassion where it is warranted, rather than holding so tight to our pain and to our ideals that we are unable to act. The Five of Swords also reminds you to remember who your true enemies are so that you don’t risk closing the door on people who are actually on your side.

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The Hanged Man
AQUARIUS: The Hanged Man + Seeing things for what they are

My lovely Aquarius. The personal and spiritual development you have undertaken over the last few years is finally beginning to fulfill its purpose. Meaning that *you* are starting to fulfill your purpose. What might have seemed like a mystery before, a drive to understand yourself and the mysteries of life without a clear cause or end point, is now making sense in a whole new way. The Hanged Man appears in our cards when we are being asked to assume a role as spiritual seer. Hanging upside down, this figure has a different vantage point on reality than the rest of us. There is something very unique in the way he sees things that will be helpful both to you and to the people around you. You have a gift that the world needs now – the gift of clarity, of clear thought and insight, which will help others to better understand the reality they find themselves in. This card can also be a signal to hang back rather than rushing in without thinking things through. Thoughtful action takes patience and perspective. Let your inner voice guide you towards what you know in your heart is right.

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Knight of Wands
PISCES: Knight of Wands Rx + Plant a seed and wait

Pisces, this month we see yet another knight in your cards, this time the Knight of Wands. Where last month you may have struggled with the arrangements in your life around work, food, domestic life and more practical matters (earth energy), this month the Knight of Wands brings a message that has to do with the fiery aspect of things. The fire of the wands suit can signify lust, passion, excitement, power, violence, creativity, the spark of connection, or the blaze of anger. When this knight appears reversed (upside down) as it does in your cards, it means that those impulses have nowhere to go so they end up causing you pain or frustration. Your oracle card reminds you that it is imperative to find a constructive outlet for whatever energy is getting pent up inside you right now. It can feel overwhelming to know where to begin, but the key is to start small. Start with planting one seed and then go from there. Before you know it, you will have a flourishing garden.

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Ace of Pentacles
ARIES: Ace of Pentacles Rx + Slow change

What are you hoping to change in your life, Aries? In the world around you? Your cards for the month of June remind you that the process of change is slow and incremental, no matter how much you may want to see things happen immediately. The Ace of Pentacles appears reversed (upside down) in your cards this month, signaling that you may have to wait for something that you thought was coming your way. Nothing comes easy right now, but there is a good reason for that. Fast and easy doesn’t equate to solid and long-lasting and that is the ultimate goal. In the case of the changes needed in society, it will take time to build towards a more just and equitable world. The trick is to sustain the attention and effort needed to keep moving in the right direction. We humans are creatures of immediate gratification and it can be easy to convince ourselves that something will never happen if it doesn’t happen right away. It’s all too easy to give up when that is our mindset. Instead, spend a few minutes each day visualizing the slow process of change – for example the life cycle of a tree. It is invisible to the naked eye, but before you know it, you are looking at a landscape that is completely transformed. Think of the social conditions in society a hundred or three hundred years ago. What is different now? What still needs work? It won’t be fast, but the effort you put towards it will make all the difference.

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Eight of Pentacles
TAURUS: Eight of Pentacles + Rest

The Eight of Pentacles reminds you to take pride in the work you do. The card depicts a person working on their trade with focus and attention. It reminds you that work can sustain you in ways that are not just monetary—in the best of worlds, it can bring you energy rather than depleting it. If this is not the case for you, think about what needs to change in order for you to feel more engaged in the work you do. Your oracle card gives some indication, asking you once again to rest, Taurus. You have a tendency to push too hard even under the best of conditions, and these days you could stand to be even kinder to yourself than usual. If you are able to take care of yourself and give yourself the breaks you need, you may find that you are able to feel good about what you accomplish each day rather than resenting it. If this feels far from your current reality, it may help to find a different project to work on that can bring you a deeper sense of satisfaction, even if it has nothing to do with how you pay your bills. The effort you put in towards something that you are proud of will remind you of what a functional relationship to work can feel like.

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Tarotscopes June 2020

Tarot deck used: The Pamela Colman Smith Commemorative Set from U.S. Games Systems, Inc
Oracle deck: Inquire Within by Worthwhile Paper

Star Sight Tarot

Kate Noson
Kate is a tarot reader, writer, academic, and founder of Star Sight Tarot. She believes that the tarot has great transformative power and can give us deep insight into our lives, our patterns, and our choices. Tarot has been instrumental in her own journey of personal development and she loves bringing its gift of guidance to her clients. Visit StarSightTarot.com for more.

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