Tarotscopes – March 2018

Soul-Smart Monthly Tarotscopes by Star Sight Tarot

BY Star Sight Tarot

Queen of Cups + Convey
MARCH OVERVIEW: Queen of Cups + Convey

This month is overflowing with emotive energy. The Queen of Cups brings her watery emotions to bear on everything she does and makes decisions from the heart rather than the head. We, too, will find ourselves driven by our feelings in ways that may push us beyond our comfort zone, but the payoff if we are willing to roll with the emotional tides is huge. What the Queen of Cups promises is a sense of fulfillment and connectedness that is only possible when we are willing to show up with all of the messiness of our vulnerability, our joy, our desire, our sadness. Rather than reining it in, we are asked to bring it forth so that others may bear witness to everything that we thought might bring us shame. Through our various means of self-expression, we open ourselves to critique, yes, but we also allow for the possibility of acceptance. By exposing what we thought was ugly inside of us to the daylight, we reveal in it the seed of beauty.

Pisces - Five of Wands + Evolve
PISCES: Five of Wands + Evolve

Happy birthday, Pisces! Your birthday month brings some interesting challenges and with them, as always, are opportunities for growth. Your tarot card this month is the Five of Wands, which typically signals a time when you are steeped in some kind of inner or outer conflict, whether due to the differing opinions of those around you or perhaps conflicting ideas within yourself. You may feel pulled in different directions by the many different parts of you which each have their own agenda, their own needs, their own desires. You may also feel impatient with the ideas that other people bring to the table, which may feel like a waste of your time. Your oracle card “Evolve” tells you that there is actually some important learning to be done through listening to others and debating ideas with them or entertaining your own seemingly contradictory impulses. A certain amount of “creative tension” is necessary in order to grow in a new direction and that is precisely what you will be doing this month, Pisces! What kinds of juicy disagreements can you get into that might expand your horizons? What kinds of inner messiness are you sitting with that might produce new artforms or even new lifeforms? Think of the black chunk of coal that eventually turns into a glittering diamond when the right amount of pressure is applied.

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Aries - Six of Swords + Learn
ARIES: Six of Swords + Learn

This is a sweet time of learning and growth for you, Aries. You have come through so many difficult hurdles over the years and this month you will finally start to feel that you are coming to a new place of healing and serenity. When we make a conscious effort to let go of the attitudes and habits that are keeping us stuck in a place of suffering, it opens up the possibility of a radical shift away from self-doubt and self-sabotage, towards a different relationship with the self and others. What are you seeking escape from, Aries? What has been limiting you or keeping you from feeling at ease with yourself and with the world? If there is anything constraining you, now is the time to cut those cords and let yourself move on to a new phase in your life. If you need help with this, or would like to honor this transition with a ritual, you could practice a cord-cutting ceremony, in which you take a thread or piece of yarn and tie it around an object that symbolizes whatever it is you are moving on from (a person, a habit or way of being, the old you). Then hold the thread and say a prayer of letting go (“I release you” works fine) as you cut the cord with scissors. Let yourself feel the sensation of lightness and release that follows.

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Taurus - Ten of Swords + Fluid
TAURUS: Ten of Swords + Fluid

Taurus, a big turning point is on the horizon for you. Something big is coming to an end—a phase of your life, a project, a relationship. Whatever it is, you are or soon will be ready to move on from it. The beautiful thing is that any time you bring something to an end in your life, it clears space—both literally and energetically—for something new to grow in its place. I know you don’t love change, but this particular ending will not be one you will grieve for long. Your oracle card, “Fluid,” tells you to be flexible during this time of change. Your earthy sign has a reputation for stubbornness, which can leave you a little rigid and unbending at times. Try instead to cultivate some flowing watery energy over the next month and you’ll be much more able to handle whatever comes your way. Some ways to bring water energy into your life: go swimming, hydrate like crazy, write stream of consciousness style in your journal, spend time near the ocean or another body of water, do dance or vinyasa yoga, meditate to the sound of a flowing stream. Anytime you find yourself focusing on the pain of leaving something behind, turn your mind instead to the joy you will feel at welcoming the new thing that will take its place.

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Gemini - Page of Cups Rx + Resurrect
GEMINI: Page of Cups Rx + Resurrect

This next month will be a good time to reevaluate your relationship to creativity, Gemini. When was the last time you sat down and made something out of nothing? What creative practices do you engage in on a regular basis? Your tarot card this month is the Page of Cups reversed, a card that often relates to learning new artistic crafts or creative outlets. Some call this the “Pisces card” as it has a dreamy, watery quality to it, and conjures up that part of ourselves that is earnest and heartfelt, looking for ways to connect with other people and with the self through creative process. This card can come up when we are searching for new ways to express ourselves—whether through communicating our emotions to another person, putting pen to paper, or some other form of creative expression. The fact that the card is reversed could mean that something is out of balance for you in this realm—maybe you haven’t been tapping into your emotional reservoirs and so the flow of energy is stopped up. Or maybe there is something you feel you need to express to someone but you are having trouble finding the words. It may also be that you are ready to take your creative art to the next level in order to truly let it be a vessel for your emotional output. Your cards suggest that once you are able to tap into the right avenue of expression, you will be so transformed that you will feel you have been reborn.

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Cancer - Page of Swords Rx + Dominance
CANCER: Page of Swords Rx + Dominance

Oh lordy, Cancer, you have quite a month ahead of you! There is a lot of push pull happening in your cards this month and it may feel like you are engaged in a battle of wills, whether with someone near you or with some part of yourself. The Pages are the children of the tarot, so this card can come up for children in your life who are perhaps acting out in ways that test you or push your buttons. Because your card appears reversed however, it may very well refer to your own inner child, the child self that appears whenever you feel vulnerable or unsure of how to proceed or how to relate to others. The Page of Swords can be particularly volatile and is often misunderstood because of it. What is most important for you at this time is that you be able to voice the thoughts and feelings that are roiling around inside of you without stifling them. Whatever you do, now is not the time to bite your tongue! Holding things in can be damaging for you right now and can even lead to physical ailments if you’re not careful. As long as you maintain clear and open lines of communication, you’ll be able to transform any discomfort or difficulty you are experiencing into a new source of self-confidence. You’ll be given a chance to banish some very old fears of incompetence, and you will finally see with great clarity what you are capable of.

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Leo - Four of Swords + Teach
LEO: Four of Swords + Teach

I’m seeing some very sweet potential for you to continue the growth you started last month, Leo. This phase of turning inward continues for you, and this month you are being asked to take a much needed rest before hitting the pavement once again. What would happen if you stopped spinning those wheels for a minute and just let yourself sit still? For some of us, that can feel like a terrifying prospect, but I predict that if you can really sink into some deep stillness this month you’ll come out on the other side with a new sense of clarity about your path forward. In what ways do you engage in self-care? Acupuncture and meditation are both associated with this card, as are any other self-care practices that help you to tune out the busy-ness of the outside world in favor of tuning in to your own inner rhythm. This is not just about getting your nails did (though you could do that too!)—it’s more about accessing a feeling of restorative serenity and calm. Your oracle card this month, “Teach,” suggests that whatever insight you are able to glean from your moments of rest and recuperation will be integral to the gifts you bring back to the outside world.

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Virgo - Knight of Pentacles Rx + Austerity
VIRGO: Knight of Pentacles Rx + Austerity

Dear Virgo. What does abundance look like for you? In what ways do you get in your own way when it comes to creating abundance for yourself? As an earth sign, you can sometimes cling to your routines and to the material side of things as a way of staying in control. But of course any sense of control we have over our lives is illusory. You have an opportunity this month to release yourself from the rigidity that keeps you feeling trapped or complacent. There is a rich and verdant landscape waiting just over the next ridge if you are willing to pull yourself out of your usual habits and go towards it. Don’t let yourself get caught by the expectations of others—and especially by your own expectations—to the point where you limit your ability to experience what this world has to offer you. Your cards this month suggest that the extent to which you break out of your usual patterns and routines will be exactly proportional to the amount of abundance the world throws your way.

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Libra - Justice + Reveal
LIBRA: Justice + Reveal

Your cards this month signal a powerful time of reckoning, Libra. Last month you did some major work on loosening your attachment to the material things that bring you comfort but wind up numbing you in the end. Now it’s time to take what has been revealed to you through that process and make some tough choices about what stays and what goes. You often like to go with the flow in order to avoid the hard decisions in life, but your sign at its heart is all about discerning the value of things and measuring them against each other. The scales of the Justice card mirror the scales that represent your sign, meaning that you are in a time of serious cosmic alignment right now. What is it that you are weighing, my dear? What is or isn’t measuring up in your life? This is a good time to assess what is working for you and what isn’t so that you can be sure you are filling your time and your environment only with things that feed you, bring you joy, and sustain your work in the long run. If you’ve been considering making a change that you sense will tip the balance in your favor, do it now. Yes, there may be consequences, but you know deep down what is good for you, what is necessary for you. The things you are working towards, the wishes you put out into the universe, will wait to come to you until you create the conditions that will allow them to flourish.

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Scorpio - Ace of Pentacles + Strengthen
SCORPIO: Ace of Pentacles + Strengthen

Okay, fellow Scorpios. We are finally seeing some payoff for the work we’ve done these past few months. This month the Ace of Pentacles brings the promise of new seeds being planted and of positive growth of all kinds. This could be in the form of a new job or source of financial gain—the pentacles represent career and money—but it can also be a new health routine you’re getting underway or some other form of material progress. I love the combination of this card with the oracle card, “Strengthen.” The seeds we sow now will benefit from our continued efforts to strengthen and bolster them over the coming weeks. What does your seed require in order to successfully take root? Think about the goals you have for yourself this month and get really practical about how to fulfill them, whether that involves more self-care, rearranging your schedule, or investing the right amount of money. This particular seed has the potential to grow into a mighty tree if you are able to give it what it needs.

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Sagittarius - Page of Pentacles + Worship
SAGITTARIUS: Page of Pentacles + Worship

March brings you new possibilities for learning and growth, Sagittarius. Your card this month is the Page of Pentacles, which often signifies embarking on a new journey with regard to education or career, though it can also have to do with other forms of learning, especially if they have to do with the material realm. You may start to develop a new relationship with your body or with the natural world or with money. You might also think about exploring a new topic that you have been wanting to learn about, whether by taking a class or through self-study. It doesn’t matter what it is that you undertake, as long as it’s something that expands your mind and opens you to new ideas and experiences. There is an earthy quality to this learning that may be a challenge at times for you as a fire sign. You are digging in to things that are tangible and grounded, which can mean that there are certain limits to what they can do. It’s up to you to imbue them with the fire of your passion and the vitality of your spirit in order to incorporate them into your life to their fullest potential.

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Capricorn - Two of Pentacles Rx + Pessimism
CAPRICORN: Two of Pentacles Rx + Pessimism

Dear Capricorn. This month, try letting yourself off the hook a little bit. You’ve been carrying so much, trying to keep it all running smoothly, but there comes a point where it’s too much for one person to manage. You don’t have to do it all and you don’t have to do it any of it perfectly. What is it that makes you feel the need to be perfect when you would never expect that from anyone else? You are so forgiving and supportive of others and yet you so often struggle to give yourself even an ounce of leeway when things get challenging. The risk you run is of getting caught in a loop or a self-fulfilling prophecy whereby you’re convinced that you will always fail because you set your expectations of yourself so impossibly high. This month, try doing something radical and out of character: try dropping a ball or two and see what happens. If you aren’t holding it all together, you may find that other people actually start stepping up to fill in where you’ve left an opening. It will feel risky, but it may actually create the space for others to hold you up when you need it most.

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Aquarius - The Sun + Power
AQUARIUS: The Sun + Power

Damn, Aquarius, you are on a serious roll lately! This month will shine forth like the sun for you, with all of its power and glory. Or, more precisely, if you are able to shine like the sun, you’ll be able to channel a new kind of power—an energy that will allow you to burn brighter and brighter and to see your life in a new light. The Sun card in the tarot is associated with rebirth, positivity, and optimism, but these are gifts that do not simply arrive on your doorstep without some intentional participation on your part. Namely, the Sun asks you to engage all of your senses and every ounce of your energy in the service of practicing gratitude. It seems like a catch twenty-two in a way: in order to have the life you want, you first have to give thanks for the life you have. In truth, being grateful may not make any tangible difference to your life on the surface, but what will change in a radical and abiding way is the vitality and strength you will feel as you carry on with the daily business of existence. You have the power now to shine a light out from the very source of your being that will transform your world into gold.

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Tarotscopes - March 2018

Tarot deck used: Spirit Speak Tarot Deck by Spirit Speak

Oracle deck: Compendium of Constellations by Black and the Moon


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