Tarotscopes – March 2019

Soul-Smart Monthly Tarotscopes by Star Sight Tarot

BY Star Sight Tarot

The Hermit
MARCH OVERVIEW: The Hermit + Sakura (transience, celebration)

Pisces season is here and we are being given permission to feel all the feels. We’re being given permission to do whatever is going to be the most validating and rejuvenating for us, whether that is hiding away in our bedrooms all day reading or scream-crying to our moms on the phone. The message from our cards for the month is to pay attention to our needs and desires in a more heightened and authentic way. This life is fleeting, magical, stressful, absurd, and everything in between. It makes absolute sense to want to take a pilgrimage to a remote cave and just contemplate existence for a while. Or you may opt for going out dancing until the wee hours with your besties. Or diving into your latest writing project. The point is to make sure you are really acting as an engaged participant in your life, rather than tuning it out and spending hours scrolling through your Instagram feed. It can be uncomfortable to do this and may involve retraining your brain to a certain extent. The payoff is that the more you pay attention to the world around you, the more it will share its gifts and wonders with you. Cultivate a new awareness of your environment and you will begin to forge a new relationship to yourself as well.

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PISCES: Death + Tea Time (rich conversation, friendship)

Happy birthday, dearest Pisces! For your birthday, you are being given nothing less than the gift of total transformation. The Death card heralds the end of an old way of being/doing/thinking and the beginning of a brand-new perspective on life. This may be time to let go of some outdated modes of thought or relationships that have become less than healthy. It might mean getting rid of an old pattern of reacting that you recognize isn’t doing you any favors. It might mean doing a complete overhaul of some aspect of your life that has become drab or depressing or unmanageable. It is all too easy to get stuck in ruts, especially when we are overloaded and our routines seem to keep us afloat, however monotonous or strenuous they may be. But you have the creative power to refashion your life, your schedule, your connections. You may even have fun with this task—think of it like renovating your house. Maybe things have gotten dusty in certain corners or maybe the furniture all needs rearranging. You could even knock down a few walls! Try not to put limits on yourself in terms of what is possible. Your oracle card suggests that you keep your friendships in the foreground during this time. Your connections to others are a huge source of inspiration for you, so remember to involve others in the changes you are making, even if it’s just to talk it through over a cup of tea. You are in need of a major refresh and your friends are here to support you in making it happen!

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Queen of Pentacles
ARIES: Queen of Pentacles + Archer (focus, intention, ease)

This is it, Aries! This month you will have the opportunity to truly come into your own in an area that means a lot to you. The Queen of Pentacles is the earthiest of the female archetypes, along with the Empress, so you may find that you are feeling particularly grounded and focused this month. She excels at all things material and maternal—finances, food, body, home life, sex, nurturing. Which of these areas is salient for you right now? Are there goals you have in relation to these domains that you are hoping to move forward in the coming weeks? Your cards suggest that the energy is right for you to hit your mark, whatever it may be that you are hoping to achieve. Set some deliberate and concrete intentions—you may want to make some checklists or set a schedule for yourself—and then do the work of making shit happen, one step at a time. This does not have to be a dry or boring prospect, however. My sense is that you will be surrounded by a rich feeling of well-being and deep meaning as you go through this process. Your goals have never been closer to your heart’s true desires, which makes all of the nitty gritty details just part of the larger vibrant tapestry that is currently being woven around you.

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Three of Cups
TAURUS: Three of Cups Rx + Cyclist (self-directed motion, cool hats)

Well, my dear Taurus. There is a big shift to the energy in your cards this month. With Mercury in retrograde and the seasons changing, you may feel that you are losing momentum in some ways while suddenly things start shooting off in a different direction that you didn’t expect. Although this may feel disorienting, trust that it will truly all be for the best in the long run. You have so much strength, smarts, and will power, as well as a unique gift for knowing yourself and what is good for you. All you really need to do is follow your gut and it will lead you where you need to be. You may find that you get a little push back from friends or colleagues as you make some changes, but rest assured that they will understand in time. Once they see the way things start to click into place for you, it will be clear that you are doing the right thing. Trust in yourself. Trust in your process. And remember to have a little fun along the way!

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Page of Wands
GEMINI: Page of Wands + Saturn (comfort in the otherworldly)

This looks like it could be a fun month for you, Gemini! Things are ripe for a shakeup in your life, which can be unsettling but is also very much needed when you start to get stuck in a rut. The Page of Wands brings with it a fiery and potentially exciting new energy that can usher in all manner of new opportunities and interests. If you’ve been feeling disconnected lately, this card lets you know that your sense of passion and engagement will be returning to you shortly. Sometimes we have to wait for the right conditions and then it’s like a light switch flips on and we’re able to see our way forward again. The change of the seasons may help with this as well—a sense of renewal and rebirth is just around the corner. However, it is up to you to ignite the spark so that a new light can shine forth in your life. You may find inspiration in some unlikely places, so don’t be afraid to branch out from your usual go-to activities and ideas. By traveling farther afield, you might find that you are actually able to come back to a deeper sense of yourself.

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Ace of Cups
CANCER: Ace of Cups Rx + Smore (the perfect amount of char)

Things will be heating up for you this month, dearest Cancer. This could mean a variety of things and not all of them pleasant. Heat is a necessary ingredient for change—think of the alchemy that happens when you cook over the stove or when molten rock eventually hardens into crystal. The properties of things shift even at a molecular level, making room for the birth of something unexpected. You are in for some transformative energy in the coming weeks, my dear, which isn’t always a comfortable process, but can yield some astonishing new realities if you let it have its way with you. What is in need of change in your life? What are you hoping to transform? This fiery energy can certainly help you get things done, but you also run the risk of burnout. You may feel a little dried up and in need of a cool refreshing drink. How can you make sure to provide this for yourself even as you go through this process of transformation? What is heating you up? What helps you stay cool when you run the risk of overdoing it? This is the balance you’ll want to attempt to strike at this time.

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Two of Cups
LEO: Two of Cups + Paper planes (travel, lightheartedness)

Aww, what a lovely pair of cards that have shown up for you this month, Leo. The Two of Cups signals the emotional bond that can form between two people in a romantic relationship, so this may be an important theme for you in the coming weeks. It may also signal another kind of love that is being strengthened within you —whether for a friend, an idea, or a family member. It may even represent a creative or spiritual union. Whatever (or whoever) it represents, the idea is that it fills you with a sense of emotional richness and depth that adds new meaning to your life and new dimensions to your experience of the world. There is a sense that togetherness—some kind of communion with something or someone outside of yourself—is necessary for creativity to find its way to you in its most authentic form. We cannot create in a vacuum, so think about what it is that adds that necessary ingredient for you. Your oracle card suggests that this may involve taking on a more playful attitude. It also advises either literal or figurative travel. Let yourself explore with an open mind, stay loose and flexible, and you will likely encounter a whole new set of possible inspirations.

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Nine of Swords
VIRGO: Nine of Swords Rx + Sumo (flexibility, routine, ritual)

You can finally breathe a sigh of relief, Virgo. Whatever has been worrying you is lessening its hold on your psyche, helping you to remember what it’s like to feel solid and secure. What concerns have been keeping you up at night lately? The thing about anxiety is that it is so often exacerbated by our own thoughts and yet it can feel impossible to escape once it starts. Our minds betray us, catching us in a loop of worries. If this has been the case for you, your cards assure you that it will not last. You are on your way toward a stable period in which you will regain your sure footing, allowing you to stay grounded and present. Your oracle card suggests that you look to two sources of assistance as you navigate through the next few weeks—flexibility and routine. These may seem to be contradictory at first glance, but it is in this combination that we find our greatest strength. If we stick rigidly to our routines, we can become intolerant of the changes that come our way. With flexibility, we allow ourselves the ability to bend and shift with whatever comes, even as we hold our ground.

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King of Pentacles
LIBRA: King of Pentacles Rx + Ninja (stealth, precision)

Libra, dear. Have you been putting a bit of pressure on yourself lately? We can become so convinced that we have to excel at everything—successful at work or school, supportive friend and partner, spiritually enlightened. It’s too much for anyone, but for some reason we continue to set unrealistic expectations for ourselves, convinced that everyone else is managing to do it all. There may be some particular pressure for you in the area of money or career, though this can also extend to other areas of the material realm—body, nutrition, domestic life, health. Your cards this month bring a message to try your best to let go of the need to master all of these areas, and instead to focus on one or two that you feel are particularly important to you right now. What would bring you the most sustenance at this point, my dear? What will help you feel the best in your own skin? As a Libra, you may feel particularly ill at ease when you sense that things are out of balance. Rather than spreading yourself too thin trying to be everywhere at once, cultivate a laser focus to zero in what is most vital and enriching.

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The Fool Rx
SCORPIO: The Fool Rx + Dnd (chance, risk, creativity)

This month may bring some detours and slowdowns that could potentially feel frustrating if there is something you are trying to get off the ground. With Mercury in retrograde for most of the month, we may find ourselves going back over ground we thought we had already covered. However, as usual Mercury’s backward spin actually offers us a gift if we are willing to accept it. Like Mercury in retrograde, The Fool card reversed advises staying put, using caution, not jumping off the next ridge without looking first. This is a time when you are being given permission to move at a slower pace, to ease up a bit on the ever forward motion. This doesn’t mean that things have to get boring though. Your oracle card suggests that you find some more lighthearted and playful ways of introducing chance and creativity into your life. Rather than feel like you have to commit to a new job or a year of volunteer work or the creation of a new masterpiece, what if you scaled back to something smaller and more likely to bring you daily joy? Stretch yourself in small ways, little by little, and over time you will be astonished at how much you’ve grown.

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The Devil
SAGITTARIUS: The Devil Rx + The Magician (secret talents)

Okay, dear Sagittarius, it’s time to ease up on whatever it is you’ve been overdoing lately. The Devil shows up in our cards when we find ourselves engaging in not so healthy behaviors or getting too attached to the material world in some way. This is really the human condition when you think about it—constantly in a battle between our baser desires, our animalistic tendencies, and our loftier spiritual goals. This isn’t to say that indulging the beast within isn’t useful or even necessary at times. We tend to be hard on ourselves (or each other) when we let ourselves go, as though it were a weakness to simply be our animal selves. However, we can’t stay in that place all the time or we would risk self-destructing. Your oracle card advises viewing the conflict between your “higher” self and your inner demons as having a generative power, rather than a destructive one. What parts of yourself have you discovered when you’ve been in the throes of hedonism? Or when you’ve gone deep into a negative space and then come back out? These tensions can be just as productive and enlightening as meditating on a mountaintop.

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Eight of Cups
CAPRICORN: Eight of Cups + Yoga (balance, self-compassion, forgiveness)

It seems you are on the brink of a deep spiritual journey, Capricorn. The Eight of Cups appears when it may be time to walk away from something that you’ve put a good deal of effort into. And while that can certainly be gut wrenching on one hand, it can also be liberating. There’s a whole world out there to explore, my dear. Why keep yourself bound to this one thing, this one experience? As you’re thinking about the answer to this question, consider whether it has more to do with fear or with a genuine bond to whatever it is you’re holding onto. The tension between those two options is not always an easy one to navigate and it may be that it isn’t clearly one or the other. As you grapple with the uncertainty, be sure to care for yourself through self-compassion and forgiveness. Your oracle card suggests that you find balance through a combination of soft flexibility and solid strength. You might turn to a yoga practice in order to feel this literally in your body as a way to support the metaphorical processes that are going on inside you. As an earth sign, sometimes the body allows you to feel your way into the emotional realm in a way that helps you feel more grounded and calm.

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The Empress
AQUARIUS: The Empress + Ohm (meditate)

My lovely Aquarius. Your cards this month promise a sense of rich abundance that will leave you feeling much more grounded and serene. The Empress is the ultimate Earth Mama. In touch with the earth and her body, she calls the riches of the world to her in a way that seems effortless. What sort of abundance are you needing in your life at this time, Aquarius? What are you hoping to bring forth? The Empress is often depicted as a symbol of fertility so you might consider how you can harness her energy along with the beginning of spring (for those of us in the Northern hemisphere). Is there something that has been gestating within you that you are ready to give birth to? Perhaps a new relationship to yourself, your body, your creative power? Your oracle card suggests using meditation to facilitate this new perspective. By meditating on the Empress as you envision her, you will be able to tap into a deep well of abundance, joy, and creativity. It’s up to you what to do next.

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Tarotscopes - March 2019

Tarot deck used: Spirit Speak Tarot by Spirit Speak

Oracle deck: Magic Neko Deck by Stasia Burrington

Star Sight Tarot

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