Tarotscopes – March 2020

Soul-Smart Monthly Tarotscopes by Star Sight Tarot

BY Star Sight Tarot

Mallorca Retreat 2020
Two of Fire
MARCH OVERVIEW: Two of Fire + Ram (initiative)

Our collective cards this month bring a double dose of much needed fire. The Aries ram energy gets going a little early this year, spurring us to life after a period of mental confusion and general sluggishness. The ram likes to jump in and get things started, lighting little fires wherever he goes. This can be fun, and it can also feel a little intense. Either way, it is just what we need in order to harness the chaotic vibes we’ve been dealing with lately. Before, it all just felt like too much, which caused us to shut everything out, letting it bounce off of our hardened exteriors. Now we are able to grab whatever is flung our way and put it to use, whether as fuel for our fire or at the very least as a lesson in what we don’t want. The Two of Fire in the tarot is about the spark that is ignited when two forces come together. This card encourages us to get out of our heads, to leave our little bubbles, and come together with other people in order to get things done. This feels particularly relevant with the political campaigns ramping up all around us. Whatever the changes you are hoping to see in your life or in your community, malaise and disillusionment will not help make them happen. Luckily ram is here to ignite us so that we can find a renewed sense of vital energy, maybe even excitement, as we do the work that needs to be done through person-to-person connection, communication, and passion.

Four of Earth
PISCES: Four of Earth + Prairie Dog (community)

Happy birthday, Pisces! For your birthday this year, your cards are offering you four beautiful crystals. These stones represent the earthiest of earth energy, each serving as one of four corners that make up your material realm. You are firmly planted on the earth, through your body, your home, your work/finances, and your natural environment. The Four of Earth is steady and stable, but can sometimes almost be too structured, so it’s important not to get so fixated on maintaining these things that they lose their ability to flow and change. This is where the Prairie Dog medicine comes in. By engaging with our communities (whether friends, family, neighbors, or other places of communion), we keep our resources in circulation and resist the urge to hold tightly to everything we have, keeping it all to ourselves. The kind of groundedness you are cultivating now will best serve you if it is shared.

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Eight of Earth
ARIES: Eight of Earth + Rabbit (creativity)

What a lovely pair of cards for you this month, Aries. The Eight of Earth is all about keeping your nose to the grindstone, but also means that you take great pride in your work. It usually appears in our cards when we are in the flow with our career or passion projects and encourages us to just keep pressing on, even if things may start to feel a little monotonous at times. What are you working on at this time? What puts you in the feeling of being in the zone and what leaves you less than inspired? Your task at this time is to follow the leads that allow you to get into a good flow, even if it isn’t always necessarily the most exciting or glamorous. The Rabbit card, on the other hand, brings a much more creative sparkle to the task(s) at hand. Rabbit is smart and quick, able to come up with new solutions when needed. If you find that the work you are doing starts to feel a little like drudgery, call on Rabbit to bring you a new sense of vitality and energy. Bringing your own creativity to your projects will help you to develop a deeper relationship to your work life as opposed to running on the “excitement” of stress or petering out due to boredom.

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The Sun
TAURUS: The Sun Rx + Lynx (inner knowing)

Taurus, this month you are asked to discern the difference between external rationality and your own personal intuition. The Sun illuminates the world around us, showing us the supposed truth as plain as day. However, the Lynx card is here to remind you that the sun’s rays can also be deceiving. We can’t always believe our eyes. In fact, the only thing we can truly trust is our own internal sense of what is true and what is false. What truths or untruths are you grappling with lately, Taurus? How do you decide what is worthy of your belief? In the Lynx card, you can see that the sun appears slightly obscured by the lynx, pushed into the background. This suggests that your own truth is much more important than what is sold to you as “common sense” by external sources. Instead of constantly seeking messages from the outside world (yes, that includes your phone), let yourself get quiet enough to hear your own inner truth. The calm that will surround you will enable you to act from a place of peaceful knowledge.

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Two of Air
GEMINI: Two of Air Rx + Elk (listen)

Gemini, in what ways have you felt immobilized or trapped by indecision? The Two of Air (or Swords in more traditional decks), when it appears upright, often signifies that we are weighing our options, unable to move forward until we can make a decision. However, when this two shows up in our cards reversed (upside down), it can mean that the fog of indecision is lifting. Perhaps you are beginning to lean in one direction over the other. Or maybe you’re realizing you were never really trapped in the first place. The Elk card advises us to listen to the sounds around us and to act from a place of serene groundedness. Think of the natural world and the decisions that are made on a daily basis in the animal kingdom. There is no need to agonize about choices—simply do what comes naturally. As a Gemini, you have a penchant for overthinking. To counteract this, try a meditation practice in which you focus on listening. What do you hear in your immediate surroundings? What sounds do you hear in your room? In your house? Outside? Tuning into your environment will help you get out of the echo chamber of your mind. You may find that it is not so hard to get moving after all.

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CANCER: Strength + Raven (magic)

Your cards this month bring you two very different types of bird medicine, Cancer. The Strength card in the Nomad tarot deck is depicted by a mother hen sitting on her nest. The strength that she represents is an embodied one. She is protective, but also calm. Fertile and creative, but also practical. This is not the kind of strength that involves showing off or using force (unless absolutely necessary and then only to protect what she loves). Instead, it is more about cultivating patience, having the will to wait for what is important. Raven, on the other hand, brings a vibrant dose of creativity. Raven is both playful and spiritual, as it wields its transformational magic. What are you hoping to manifest in the coming weeks, Cancer? Are you waiting for something to come into your life that will change everything? Your cards suggest that you will need equal parts patience and creative drive in order to bring your desires out of the realm of dreams and into the light of day.

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Seven of Fire
LEO: Seven of Fire Rx + Hawk (vision)

The Seven of Fire, when it is upright, is about standing your ground, speaking your truth, fighting back all the would-be detractors who don’t see things your way. This is the way of the old you, Leo. The less enlightened version of yourself who would get up on that soapbox and make a show of being right, even if just to catch a minute of everyone’s attention. These days you are shifting your modus operandi. The Seven of Fire, when it appears in your cards reversed (upside down), advises you to do whatever you can to bring down the wall between you and the other people around you. In the end, all of that grandstanding was really just about self-protection and the fear of truly connecting with others. The new brave you is all about connection, even when it takes vulnerability, even when you are afraid. It doesn’t mean that you need to stop speaking your truth, but you may find that your approach to doing so has drastically changed. Your cards ask you to engage in the difficult conversations instead of shutting people out, to create dialogue rather than monologuing on the stage, to compromise where possible rather than holding the line at all costs. You may be surprised at what you are capable of when you start to let people in a little bit more.

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The Magician
VIRGO: The Magician + Whale (creative strength)

Um… this is an incredible pairing of cards, Virgo! The catchphrase I always use for the Magician card in the tarot is “creative power” and the Whale in the Spirit Animal Oracle represents “creative strength.” Could these be any more aligned? Clearly you are meant to be channeling some serious creative energy this month, dear Virgo. The Magician is card one in the Fool’s journey through the Major Arcana of the tarot. As the one card, it represents new beginnings, but the kind that we manifest ourselves through our own creative action. What are you hoping to begin now, Virgo? Where are you experiencing the most creative possibility? The Whale card reminds you that in order to channel the power of that creative spark, you must get in touch with the mystery of your own depths. Your earthy sign tends to look outward for inspiration and resources. Instead, Whale asks you to look deep within and to draw from your own intuition. By getting very still and quiet, you will more easily hear the whale song of your own becoming.

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Three of Water
LIBRA: Three of Water Rx + Magpie (intelligence)

Libra, darling, have you been perhaps overindulging a little bit lately? The Three of Water reversed (upside down) reminds us that there is a fine line between celebrating and overdoing it. What you decide to put in your cup is your business—the cards just want you to be aware of when your indulgences are filling you up and when they are leaving you feeling depleted. The same medicine that brings us healing can just as easily tip over into an overdose if we are not careful. On the other hand, your oracle card, the Magpie, tells us that there is great learning that can happen when we are not at our best. In fact, this may ironically be the ideal conditions under which to truly grasp our life lessons. There is no need to hit rock bottom, though, in order to see where we need to make changes in our lives. It is enough to let yourself be vulnerable, to let yourself make mistakes, and then look for the ways you can learn what you need to learn in those moments when things seem the hardest. You will be back to celebrating in no time, my friend. Until then, soak up all the learning you can while doing your best to stay healthy and clear-eyed. What you come to understand will be the key to your next phase of spiritual development.

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Seven of Air
SCORPIO: Seven of Air Rx + West (completion)

My fellow Scorpios, this month we may be challenged to stop playing our cards so close to the vest. We have a tendency to guard information like it was currency (which it is, I mean, come on!). But when it comes to our own personal lives, this secrecy can often serve more to keep other people out than any other real practical purpose. An important cycle is coming to a close at this time on a global scale and it will be more important than ever in the coming weeks to find ways to connect with our community and the people who care about us. Ask yourself: what is more important, maintaining your privacy at all costs or allowing others to see you as vulnerable so that they too might feel that it is okay to open up and share their true selves? After all, isn’t boldfaced honesty one of the traits that Scorpios value the most? It becomes harder and harder to walk the line between that desperate need to keep things hidden and the desire to throw it all out in the open. It is my sense that more we are able to bare our authentic selves, the closer we will come to something like liberation.

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Seven of Earth
SAGITTARIUS: Seven of Earth + Skunk (assert yourself)

Your cards this month point you in the direction of some serious growth, Sagittarius. The Seven of Earth (which corresponds to the Pentacles suit in traditional decks) appears when we have been planting seeds and tending to the new shoots that have pushed their way out of the soil. As we take stock of what we have managed to grow so far, there is a moment of reflection: are we proud of what we have made? Are we still waiting for something more to grow? Are we disappointed in what has come up so far? The Skunk card suggests that you have much to be proud of at this time, Sagittarius. It is entirely possible that any shortcomings you perceive in your life have more to do with an outmoded belief system than your actual situation. Your cards are here to tell you that you shouldn’t worry about whether there is value in the work you produce (hint: there is). Instead, concentrate on cultivating a strong belief in your own self-worth. Doing so will allow your life and work to flourish in new and beautiful ways.

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Nine of Earth
CAPRICORN: Nine of Earth + Coyote (knowledge and nonsense)

Ah, steadfast Capricorn. The Nine of Earth has come up in your cards this month, which signifies a time of abundance and quiet appreciation of all you have. Your sign has a tendency to place a lot of importance on self-sufficiency, and this card signals that any success you have gained you have earned yourself, through hard work and steady effort. The Nine of Earth doesn’t take hand-outs, but she doesn’t need to. Everything you need is within your reach and your resources are protected. Shouldn’t that make you feel good? I wouldn’t be surprised if that isn’t quite enough for you at this time, however, my dear Capricorn. There is something else just beyond your reach, beyond the safety of your four walls, that is calling to you at this time. What beckons from the dark shadows outside the safety of your garden? Your oracle card, the Coyote, is known as a trickster, but what he brings is knowledge of an oblique kind. This is not the straightforward type of learning that you usually appreciate. Instead, there is an element of surprise, of danger, that comes with stretching yourself past your usual limits, past the limits of your customary experience. Let yourself expand beyond your boundaries. I promise you will not lose all that you have. In fact, you may find that it takes on that much more value once you allow yourself to see it from a new angle.

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The Moon
AQUARIUS: The Moon + Cougar (true strength)

Your cards this month, Aquarius, are as enigmatic as you are. The Moon teaches us to see in a new way, to look at things in a softer manner, rather than under the harsh light of the noonday sun. If you soften your focus, how does your life change? Where are you perhaps putting a little too much scrutiny? Learning to loosen up and relinquish a certain amount of control is a lesson that takes time (perhaps a lifetime!), but you have the opportunity now to make some great strides on that journey. The Cougar card reminds you that true strength is not something that can be perceived from the outside; it’s not about forcing your will on anyone else. Instead it is about going deep within, meditating on what is most important in your life. In this way, you are continuing the journey you have been on over the past year or more. You have the power to alter your life, to alter even the very nature of existence, based on nothing more than your perception of it. It isn’t what we do, but how we perceive our lives and our actions that will ultimately allow for the most profound transformation.

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Tarotscopes March 2020

Tarot deck used: The Nomad Tarot by Jennifer Dranttel
Oracle deck: Spirit Animal Oracle by Kael Klassen

Star Sight Tarot

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