Tarotscopes – May 2018

Soul-Smart Monthly Tarotscopes by Star Sight Tarot

BY Star Sight Tarot

MAY OVERVIEW: Strength + Ritual

May brings a radical shift in the way we’re being called to operate, in relation to our own inner development, as well as how we relate to the people around us. This is a perfect card combination for Taurus season which combines the solidity of the bull with the beauty of all that is sensual and spiritual. The Strength card shores us up where we need support, offering a gentle steady hand to pull us through whatever has felt insurmountable as of late. May will take whatever has felt out of control and bring it back within our grasp. Wherever we have been unstable, we will find our feet again. Where we have been given to self-destructive behaviors, we will find ways to take care of ourselves. Where we have been given to excess, we’ll find measured ways of experiencing joy and sweetness. There is no need for extremes now, as we will find so much satisfaction in the small and ordinary miracles of our everyday lives.

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The Fool
TAURUS: The Fool + Unity

Happy Birthday, Taurus! After the ending point reflected in your cards back in March, this month brings a bright new beginning for you. The Fool is the first card in the Major Arcana, signifying new life, new directions, and a newfound innocence that will allow you to see whatever you are going through with fresh eyes. What are you looking to breathe new life into? In what realm of your life are you wanting to begin again? This is an ideal time to clean the slate and let yourself take some risks in making major changes happen. The Unity card suggests that whatever it is that needs overhauling in your life might benefit from coming together with other people—whether in terms of a romantic partnership, a new work project, or a creative outlet. You might also think about other ways that you can interpret the idea of unity for yourself at this time. Have you felt fractured or divided in any way recently? Have you felt pulled in too many directions or like your life has become compartmentalized? This card may be a reminder that we are able to summon the most energy and vitality when the various parts of ourselves are integrated and working towards the same goals. What aspects of your life are pulling you away from your true goals and values? Let this be a time to realign and take the necessary steps toward your best self.

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Ace of Cups
GEMINI: Ace of Cups Rx + Gezellig

Dear Gemini. This month is all about finding ways to refill your cup, both literally and metaphorically. (Okay, mostly metaphorically!) If you’ve felt depleted lately, there may be a need to look at any unhealthy ways that you expend energy—whether in taking care of other people at the expense of your own needs, running yourself ragged trying to be everywhere at once, or maybe holding yourself to an impossible standard of perfection. Whatever it is that has been keeping you from feeling at your best, this month the energy around you is one of healing and protection, which will allow you to finally refill your stores of compassion, strength, and mental health. You can help this process along by choosing only activities that bring you a sense of warmth and positivity. The Danish term “gezellig” is untranslatable into English, but some of its meanings include: fun, pleasant, cozy, and belonging. Notice those situations and people that bring out that glowing sense of warmth, comfort, and togetherness and do whatever you can to magnify that feeling in all areas of your life.

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Three of Pentacles
CANCER: Three of Pentacles Rx + Shadow

Ooh, Cancer. You’ve got some juicy stuff coming up this month around how you relate to your success and your sense of self-worth. If you’ve been waiting for someone else to provide you with the answers or the validation you’re seeking, in the coming weeks you’ll be challenged to look inward instead. It may seem like you need a whole team of people to accomplish whatever it is you’re working towards, but have you considered that maybe you actually have all of the resources within you to meet each of those needs? Have you entertained the possibility that you are capable of fulfilling each of those roles? Yes, it will take a lot of work, but my hunch is that if you want to make the leap to a new level of achievement and recognition, you may need to take control of your life’s direction in a more extreme way than you ever have. This will involve facing some of the darker aspects of your shadow side—the so-called “negative” parts of yourself that you tend to reject and resist. Accepting and integrating those difficult, ugly parts instead of willing them to disappear will allow you to cultivate something like radical self-reliance, which will finally move the barriers that have kept you from your heart’s deepest desire.

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The Empress
LEO: The Empress Rx + Awake

What is the seed lying dormant within you now, Leo? There is something deep inside you waiting to sprout its first tendrils and reach for the light, something you haven’t allowed yourself to acknowledge until now. The Empress card in the tarot is all about creative growth, beauty, and sensuality. When she is reversed (upside down), she asks you to direct your attention inward rather than outward, a theme that has come up quite a lot for you Leos lately. Rather than focus on outer appearances, the Empress reversed calls you to tend to that part of yourself that has not yet come to the surface—the burgeoning desire that is just beginning to blossom at your core. What beauty waits to be found there? What kernel of creative truth is starting to take root? Whatever it is, this month will be an ideal time to water it and tend to it with all the care and nurturing you can muster. My hunch is that the energy you put into cultivating that little seed now will be directly proportionate to the amount of abundance that will come rolling into your life later on. And when it does, you’ll finally begin to see the outward manifestation of all the work you have put into tending to your inner world.

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The Tower
VIRGO: The Tower Rx + Creative

As you well know, Virgo, you don’t have to burn it all down to the ground in order to start something new. You don’t have to abandon all of your old projects in order to get your new project under way or leave everyone you love behind in order to dedicate yourself to a new relationship or friendship. Your methodical sign isn’t usually given to such displays of rash behavior anyway, at least not in such a dramatic fashion. However, your cards this month suggest that you would most likely benefit from shaking things up a bit. Sometimes those creative juices get trapped when we do the same things over and over, or when we keep ourselves under too tight a control. It’s time to let things get a little messy, let yourself fall apart a little, strip off some of the constraints that you’ve placed on your time, your behavior, your appearance. Notice the times when you feel most in need of doing everything perfectly and make a concerted effort to mess something up, even just the tiniest bit. By pushing the boundaries of what is comfortable for you, you’ll find a new source of creative power is waiting to be unleashed.

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Two of Pentacles
LIBRA: Two of Pentacles Rx + Flow

Once again your cards bring you messages about equilibrium, Libra. The Two of Pentacles when it is upright speaks to the need to balance two distinct things, whether that’s work and home life, two different projects, two relationships, or any other two things that pull you in different directions. When it appears reversed (upside down), it indicates that something in your life is out of balance. Perhaps you are spending too much time and energy on work and not enough on your relationships. Or maybe the opposite is true and you could stand to put a little more effort into your career goals. It can be so tempting to just go with the flow, but sometimes it takes a little extra effort to make sure that the things you want in your life actually begin to take tangible shape. What steps could you take now to bring your life into a more balanced state? What are the various elements that you are juggling now and which aspects are taking up more resources than you would like? Imagine yourself as a butterfly with two wings. It is impossible to fly if only one of your wings is given the chance to grow and flourish. Do whatever it takes to even out the imbalances in your life so that you can fly unencumbered towards your next horizon.

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Son of Cups
SCORPIO: Son of Cups Rx + Cozy

This is a lovely card combo for us Scorpios this month. If you’ve felt any sense of stress and urgency in your life lately, the Son of Cups reversed (upside down) tells you to slow down and stop your frantic pace for a little while. There is no need to race around each day, chasing after whatever dream you have your sights set on. It’s not that your dream isn’t worth it, but the method you are using to try and attain it may actually bring on the opposite outcome from what you are hoping for. Instead, try finding a comfortable seat, turning inward, and letting things come to you. The change you are seeking may appear to be external, but there is always some element of internal transformation that is needed in order to manifest an outward shift. You might also explore the source of your desire a little more deeply. Is this something truly necessary to your happiness? Or is there a possibility that by altering your way of being in the world, you might actually no longer feel such an urgent need?

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The World
SAGITTARIUS: The World Rx + Whole

In Western culture, we have a tendency to view things in terms of artificial binaries (good vs. bad, female vs. male, strong vs. weak). The trouble with seeing the world in terms of binary categories is that anything that is shown to be not entirely one is automatically assumed to belong to the other—if you’re not good in every way, then you are bad; if you’re not always strong in every situation, then you are weak. The truth is there is a whole spectrum of nuance and gradation between and around each of these terms and there are almost as many definitions for each as there are different people. One such binary pair that will be most relevant for you this month is the whole vs. incomplete binary. This one assumes that if you are not whole, there is something wrong with you, that you are deficient. Think about what this means for you right now. Are you holding yourself to an impossible standard in some way? This may be about finances, love, mental health, career, or any other area of your life. What if you could see things not in terms of wholeness and deficiency, but understand them instead as being interconnected, messy, and ever-changing? There is no such thing as a static wholeness that remains unchanged and perfect. Once you let go of that impossible ideal, you will start to see the staggering beauty of living an imperfect life.

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Seven of Cups
CAPRICORN: Seven of Cups Rx + Evolve

Oooh, Capricorn, you are working it! Remember when you used to think that your problems could all be solved if only you had more money, the right relationship, the ideal job, [insert other impossible-to-attain thing here]? You’ve been doing a lot of soul-searching and you know now that the answer to your prayers isn’t some material thing outside of you that will swoop in and trigger your happily ever after. You see, the problem with a happy ending is precisely that it’s an ending. Is that really what you want? Wouldn’t you rather keep struggling and wrestling with the confounding, frustrating, shimmering, fleeting complexities of life in process? The good news is that all of that work you’ve been doing on yourself lately is finally starting to pay off in a major way this month. You are on the precipice of a new way of being, of living, of loving. Let yourself fall from that cliff of unattainable ideals. It was never meant to hold you for long and we need you back down here to revel with the rest of us in the muck of our beautiful, imperfect complexity.

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Ten of Wands
AQUARIUS: Ten of Wands Rx + Express

Okay, Aquarius. You’ve been peeling back the layers of yourself—your personality, your psyche, your deeper motivations—as part of your journey of self-discovery. This process is necessary and productive, but it can also be gruelling at times, as the truths we uncover are not always easy to integrate and process. The message coming through your cards this month is to lay your burdens down by taking measures to reduce the stressors, responsibilities, and obligations that have been weighing you down recently. Yes, it’s important for you to continue delving into your inner world as you work towards improving your life and your general state of mind. However, in your case there are also some concrete, tangible steps you could take in order to alleviate the amount of pressure you experience on a daily basis in your external environment. Your oracle card, Express, suggests that the key for you is to identify your needs—including what needs to be removed from your plate—and then to express them to the people around you, whether your friends, your partner, your supervisor, or someone else. Make your feelings known to anyone who can help you to achieve the serenity you seek.

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Four of Cups
PISCES: Four of Cups + Maitri

Pisces, you give so much to others. And whether you realize it or not, you often act as the glue that holds other people together and brings them into community with each other. You’ve been going strong in this role for ages and you wouldn’t do it if it didn’t feed something within you that you have needed. However, my sense is that things are beginning to shift for you in relation to your friendships, partnerships, and other connections. Your task over the coming weeks, according to your cards, is to become more discerning about who you give your energy to. Rather than spreading yourself too thin trying to be everywhere at once, what if you just picked a few precious relationships and dedicated yourself to helping them flourish? As an exercise to help you towards this goal, try looking back over your life and thinking about those connections that have brought you the most joy and have helped you the most through the important moments of transition that you have navigated. Reconnect with old parts of yourself by reconnecting with those who have seen you through your most profound transformations. Doing so will lead you not backward, but forward into the next phase of your unfolding.

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Three of Swords
ARIES: Three of Swords Rx + Trust

This is a time of great healing and growth for you, Aries. The Three of Swords reversed (upside down) tells you that you can finally release that old pain you’ve been carrying around, perhaps since your childhood—perhaps before you can even remember. What thorn has been lodged in your side, keeping you from moving freely and joyously forward? Perhaps it has caused you enormous daily suffering or maybe it’s been covered over and buried through the years so that you hardly even remember it’s there until something triggers it. Either way, the time is ripe this month for that baby to come out of its hiding place and leave you in peace. The work you have done in your relationships is what is making this moment of release possible. It couldn’t have happened before because you were learning important lessons—about what makes you feel safe, about where you can take risks, about who is worthy of your love. You have been walking the edge of your comfort zone, exploring the shadows, uncovering the root of your desire, and safeguarding the soft and vulnerable parts of your heart. All of this together has taught you to trust yourself in the deepest way imaginable. Or if it hasn’t yet, it will soon. You are about to be awash in the sweet and cleansing waters of forgiveness and unconditional self-love.

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Tarotscopes May 2018

Tarot deck used: The Wild Unknown

Oracle deck: SoulSpace Oracle by Jen Berlingo

Star Sight Tarot

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