Tarotscopes – May 2019

Soul-Smart Monthly Tarotscopes by Star Sight Tarot

BY Star Sight Tarot

The Hermit
MAY OVERVIEW: The Hermit Rx + Slow change

Our collective theme for this month, courtesy of the Inquire Within oracle deck, is slow change. I couldn’t have come up with a better motto for Taurus season if I tried! Taurus energy can certainly be a little slow, but don’t let that fool you into thinking that change isn’t happening. In fact, sometimes that steady, plodding pace is more effective than the lightning quick – and perhaps not that well thought out – approach. Ever heard of the tortoise and the hare? Where are you hoping for change in your life this month? What new results are you hoping to see? Whatever it is, remember that the small, incremental steps you are taking will eventually add up to a monumental shift. It just may take a little longer than you’d like or think it should. And lest we think that this means we can just sit back and wait for things to happen on their own, the Hermit reversed (upside down) reminds us that there is still effort required on our part. The reversed Hermit prods us to get involved, to stay engaged, especially when it comes to collaborative efforts. Our cards remind us that we are not in this alone. This may be welcome news for some and harder for those of us who would rather just do it all ourselves. Either way, take a moment to reflect on all the ways your community might help you to bring about the changes you are seeking in your life. And then ask yourself how you can return the favor. Together we can move mountains – it’s our separation and isolation that keeps us stuck.

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Nine of Cups
TAURUS: Nine of Cups + I have support

Happy Birthday, Taurus! I’m seeing juicy, sensuous delights in the coming weeks for you, my dear. Your favorite desserts, intoxicating liquors, stunning sunsets. The Nine of Cups is all about wish fulfillment, so whatever your heart desires can be yours this month if you are open to it. It’s your birthday and the people who love you are here to help you celebrate! No one deserves this more than you, since you’ve been working your ass off and supporting other people for a looong time now. Let yourself be taken care of now and you may find that whatever has seemed insurmountable as of late no longer has quite the same gravity to it. At the same time, keep in mind that the Nine of Cups can almost bring too much of a good thing sometimes, so ask yourself what it is that will truly enrich your life without having the ultimate effect of depleting you further in the end. Fill your days with the kind of satisfactions that do not exact a cost. This doesn’t mean you need to be completely wholesome – far from it! But remember that the kinds of rewards you deserve are long lasting and deeply fulfilling on both a physical and spiritual level.

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Seven of Wands
GEMINI: Seven of Wands Rx + What are you waiting for?

Your cards this month are insisting that you take some kind of action, Gemini. (In fact they’ve been insisting this for two months in a row now!) But this doesn’t necessarily mean you need to get on your soapbox or get into a fighting match with everyone around you. You don’t need to be antagonistic in order to get things done. In fact, right now a better approach would be to let down your guard a bit and see whether a consensus can be agreed upon, even where there are differences of opinion. It might feel like you’re at an impasse and that it is futile to try and compromise, but by letting yourself be open and vulnerable, you may find that some unexpected solutions present themselves. Where are you feeling defensive lately, Gemini? Who or what has your hackles up? You might consider how much of the conflict you’re feeling is emanating from your own fears about how people will react if you speak your mind. Try opening the lines of communication with a spirit of curiosity and generosity and see if you get different results. There is an opportunity for some surprising new discoveries and partnerships if you can shift your way of relating enough to help everyone feel they are on level ground.

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The Empress
CANCER: The Empress Rx + Gratitude

My lovely Cancer. Lessons for you this month will be around beauty, femininity, abundance, and fertility. Is there something you are hoping to manifest in these areas? Have you been feeling the need for a little more beauty in your life lately? Or are you hoping for a new kind of abundance that is taking its sweet time? The Empress in the reversed (upside down) position may signal that there has been some kind of block in these areas for you recently. Maybe that creative feminine energy within you is feeling stymied for some reason. Or maybe you’re having trouble accessing the earthy groundedness that the Empress represents. The Empress can also simply represent our outward appearance, so you could be feeling the need to make a change in that realm as well. However, the advice your oracle card gives is not so much about making drastic changes or going out with a mission and a plan to achieve all you are hoping for. Instead it reminds you about gratitude. What do you have to be grateful for? In what ways are you perhaps forgetting what you already have? It’s such a simple idea and one that we hear so often we can start to ignore it, but it truly is the key to living a satisfied life, warts and all.

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Seven of Pentacles
LEO: Seven of Pentacles + Finding balance

This month, the name of the game is balance, Leo. Only you can know what exactly is in need of balancing in your life: work and relationships? Creativity and pragmatism? Your cards suggest that there is something you are trying to grow that needs the right amount of sunlight and the right amount of dark earth in order to get going. What does that look like for you, Leo? Where are you maybe burning yourself out with a little too much sun? What would it mean for you to cultivate a deep, dark and rich soil? Consider as well the need for water – that fluid, emotional realm that we sometimes shy away from for fear that it will wash us away. However, the right amount is necessary in order to make anything grow. We can’t get anything done without some amount of emotional investment. Even the most mundane decisions are only possible because we are emotional beings. Nothing is purely pragmatic or entirely inspired by the divine. We have to bring our own personal, heart-centered engagement in order to see new growth.

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Ten of Cups
VIRGO: Ten of Cups + Celebrate little things

Ah, Virgo. It’s time to breathe a sigh of relief. This month there is a beautiful energy supporting you that will lift your spirits if you let it. Imagine you are being enveloped inside of a rainbow, letting its colors radiate all around you. What does it feel like? What colors stand out to you the most? Your earthy sign may not necessarily feel as comfortable with this ethereal realm, but I sense there could be something very healing in this idea for you right now. In order to make it more tangible, you might also imagine that the rainbow is a symbol of your community and the people in your life who love and support you. The Ten of Cups is the culmination of the cups suit, which rules relationships, emotions, and the water realm. Who are the people who lift you up? What else in your life offers you a similar emotional support that you can draw on when you need it? Your oracle card reminds you to celebrate the little things. Small gestures, steady friendships, little miracles of our everyday world. These are the things that will keep you afloat when you need it most.

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Eight of Cups
LIBRA: Eight of Cups + Look to nature for healing

Sometimes the cards bring a very literal message and for you this month, it is this: get outside and go hiking! The Eight of Cups shows a figure with a walking stick heading off towards the mountains. They may be searching for something, and there certainly may be a reason they are leaving those eight cups behind, but it is possible that what they are after is simply some time out in nature, whether on a trail or some other place that brings solace and healing. If you have found yourself indoors too much lately, this is your reminder that you need a healthy dose of fresh air, exercise, and time away from civilization in order to recharge your batteries and help you process anything that you are dealing with in your life at this time. In fact, if you are experiencing any kind of trauma or deeper wounding, the medicine that nature provides may be among your most powerful tools for healing and recovery. And what about those eight cups that are being left behind? This may signify that what you thought was bringing you sustenance is actually not doing it for you right now. A different approach is needed that will help you to find your way once again.

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The Lovers
SCORPIO: The Lovers + Stop and let it all grow around you for a little bit

This month brings a beautiful opportunity to strengthen your commitments, my dear Scorpios. What is it that you truly love in your life? What, or who, makes you stand with your arms open wide – in awe and wonder and gratitude? If you’re not feeling any of those things, it’s possible some changes are needed. But before you run out and end your relationship or quit your job, consider that a different approach might be needed at this time. Sometimes it helps to take rash action, but other times our perspective can shift when we stand still and contemplate all that we have in this life. Do we really need to make a big change? Or do we actually have everything we need in order to rekindle that sense of wonder? It may be that spending some time outdoors will help you reconnect to the bigger, more meaningful things in life. Or perhaps you are looking for ways to reignite the spark that first drew you to your partner or your current path. In that case, recreating conditions that are reminiscent of when you first started down this road may be just the ticket. This month you will have the chance to renew a sense of amazement with whatever or whomever you love.

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Page of Pentacles
SAGITTARIUS: Page of Pentacles Rx + Let it flow, let it grow

The coming weeks may bring some mixed messages, Sagittarius. While you may be itching to get moving on some new projects, it might seem like the universe has other plans for you. If you find you are experiencing delays or barriers that are keeping you from moving forward, consider that maybe there is a reason for this. You are being asked at this time to try a different approach from your usual get-things-done attitude. Rather than holding the reins, your cards suggest that you relinquish some control and let things happen to you for a little while. Where can you loosen your control just a tad? What could benefit from a little space, a little breathing room, in order to get off the ground? Sometimes we tend to smother the things we are trying to manifest by giving them too much of our intense attention. Take a step back and let someone – or something – else do the driving. This may feel uncomfortable at first since you are used to being in the driver’s seat, but if you can allow for a certain amount of surrender in your process, my sense is that you will be rewarded with a whole heaping pile of abundance.

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The Hanged Man
CAPRICORN: The Hanged Man + Take a field trip

Things are settling down a bit this month for you, Capricorn. Your earthy sign feels right at home during Taurus season and a mellower vibe allows you to step back from the intensity of all you’ve been doing and take in your surroundings a bit. The Hanged Man – one of the major arcana in the tarot deck – asks you to shift your perspective in order to bring new ideas and energy to your endeavors. If it is your tendency to go balls to the wall in all you do, this is a time to curb that inclination in favor of holding back, observing, and exerting patience. This might be a big ask for you when it seems like there is so much that needs doing, but the Hanged Man promises that doing so will allow you to tackle things in a much more effective way once you are ready to jump back into the action. Your oracle card tells you to take a field trip. This is another way to shift your frame of mind and shake things up a little bit. It doesn’t have to be huge. Sometimes a day trip or afternoon in a bookstore is enough of a change of scenery to have a big effect on your way of thinking.

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Five of Cups
AQUARIUS: Five of Cups + When you least expect

Big love is coming to you, my friend. It may not feel like it at the moment, but some serious heart fulfillment is in store for you in the coming month. This could be in the form of a romantic relationship, but more likely it is a bigger kind of cosmic universal love that seeks you. If you’ve been on a spiritual path, this could feel like a huge breakthrough – an opportunity for transcendence that you weren’t expecting. Or it may feel smaller, though no less potent. A feeling of homecoming, a soft light that brings tears to your eyes, a song that makes your heart burst. The tricky part with this energy is that there is also a certain amount of heartbreak that comes with it. In order to be that vulnerable, we have to leave ourselves open to disappointment, to wounding. Are you willing to take that risk? Are you willing to let yourself be that open? A shift in thinking may be required of you: rather than seeing only the possibilities for loss all around you, you begin to understand that this is merely the necessary condition for love.

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The Magician
PISCES: The Magician Rx + Reflect

As above, so below. The Magician card shows up when we are poised to come into our personal power. If you have been feeling ineffectual or less than motivated lately, this is a sign that things are about to change for you, my dear Pisces. HowEVER, when the Magician is reversed (upside down), it means that the effects of your actions will be directed inward as opposed to outward. This is not necessarily a time for manifesting a new house or job. Instead, your cards suggest that you will be making big changes on an internal level. Your inner realm may be in need of a major overhaul and the Magician is here to help you make it happen. What needs changing within you, Pisces? What feels old or outdated in your inner landscape? You have the power now to engender a different way of being, of doing, of thinking. It is up to you to know what this might entail. The secret? However much you are able to alter on that internal level – bringing yourself up to speed with what is currently real and authentic for you – the same amount of change will eventually occur on the outside as well. It may seem paradoxical, but you have to go inward to see outward change.

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The Hierophant
ARIES: The Hierophant Rx + You already are

Your cards this month are telling you that you don’t need to push yourself in your customary full-speed-ahead manner, Aries. Whatever you think you need to accomplish or achieve, your cards suggest that you have already made it. There is nothing more you need to prove right now. In fact, in working with this energy, you might find that you are able to grow more by *not* striving and pushing yourself to your limit. What would it feel like for you to relax into things instead of forcing them? Is there a way for you to let yourself off the hook? Or let other people step up to fill in where you usually take the lead? The Hierophant reversed (upside down) suggests that this change in approach might also have to do with changing how you relate to the institutions that you are a part of. The expectations that you’ve been trying to meet may not be in your best interest at this time. Or they may not be in alignment with the person you know you are and want to be. Don’t let other people (or systems) dictate how you go about your life. Only you can set the parameters for how you will live, love, and create.

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Tarotscopes - May 2019

Tarot deck used: The Pamela Colman Smith Commemorative Set from U.S. Games Systems, Inc
Oracle deck: Inquire Within by Worthwhile Paper

Star Sight Tarot

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