Tarotscopes – May 2020

Soul-Smart Monthly Tarotscopes by Star Sight Tarot

BY Star Sight Tarot

Mallorca Retreat 2020
Knight of Cups
MAY OVERVIEW: Knight of Cups + Hug

Oh my dears. This month we see all four knights appearing in our spread, most of them reversed. The knights want nothing more than to carry out their mission, whatever it may be. They are restless active types and when they show up reversed, it usually means they are feeling stifled, unable to complete the tasks they were meant to undertake. The Knight of Cups, who shows up here in our collective message, wants to seek out love. This knight is sometimes burning with desire, sometimes just feeling that restless itch, longing to wander, to get out about, to find a muse to inspire them. We are yearning to share our affection, but due to quarantine or other obstacles, we may be unable to do so in the way we would like. Our oracle card, “Hug,” from Stasia Burrington’s Magic Neko Deck, brings a reminder to hug the folks you love, or at least those you are allowed to have physical contact with. Squeeze them tight! It is also a signal to find different ways of sharing intimacy with the people you would like to physically hug but can’t. We all need to give and receive love. It is essential to our mental health and wellbeing, so be sure that you are getting your daily dose however you can.

Judgment Rx
TAURUS: Judgment Rx + Butterflies

Happy Birthday, Taurus! This solar return finds you feeling a little (or a lot) stuck, but it also brings you an opportunity to live into your authentic self in a new way. The Judgment card in its upright position typically appears when we are poised to go through a major metamorphosis, to throw off the fetters that have kept us from seeing ourselves in our absolute truth. Judgment beckons to us to go forth and live the life we were always meant to live. Your card has shown itself in its reversed (or upside down) position, which signals that the full meaning of the card is blocked or lessened in some way. There are, of course, many reasons why this kind of transformative change may not feel possible right now. When we are in crisis, it is natural to tighten our grip on our resources, to hold on to what we have rather than looking for something better, to contract rather than expand. But your cards are asking you to take this time to assess with complete honesty what is keeping you from being happy (aside from the current global situation). Look for ways that are within your control to set yourself free.

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Eight of Cups
GEMINI: Eight of Cups + Dimsum

Gemini, your cards this month present a poignant tension, a conflict between the need to seek your own solitary path versus the desire to be in the company of others as a means to personal fulfillment. Many of us may be feeling this paradox right now; we are required to be self-sufficient in ways we perhaps never imagined, while at the same time we are deeply social animals who need community and togetherness in order to feel whole. The Eight of Cups appears when we have to go out on our own for a while, perhaps leaving something behind that is important to us. However, it isn’t a card of loss and sadness. Instead it points to the spiritual journey that we undertake when we find ourselves truly alone. As necessary as it is to have close connections with other people, they are often a distraction from some of the deeper questions of life. When we are alone with ourselves, we naturally engage in contemplation of those things that make us human. Or on an individual level, that make us the person we are. Just be sure that when the day is done and you have had your fill of solitude, you have someone to come back to – whether in your home or in your virtual community. A healthy balance between the two is key.

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Queen of Rods
CANCER: Queen of Rods + Moon

Hey there, watery Cancer. Your cards this month are an interesting mix of the fiery quality of the Queen of Rods and the dreamy flow of the Moon card (in this oracle deck depicted as a Queen of Swords). The Queen of fire wants to get shit done and show off her talents. She is not messing around and her ambition is seemingly limitless. She loves to be the center of attention, but she also loves to lift her friends up so that they can feel the joy of accomplishment too! Your oracle card, on the other hand, depicts a cat who is content to sit on the Moon, far away from anyone down on earth. She is dreamy and creative, happier alone than in the middle of a crowd. These two queens are both important parts of you, Cancer. They are night and day, yin and yang. Don’t let one rule you to the exclusion of the other because you need what they each have to offer you now.

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Seven of Cups Rx
LEO: Seven of Cups Rx + Book

Leo darling. The Seven of Cups appears in our cards when we find that we are fooling ourselves in some way, usually because we’ve pinned all of our hopes to something that is actually an illusion. We attach ourselves to things that we think will be the answer to all of our problems—money, a particular relationship, a house, a job—only to find that we are still stuck even once we have the object of our desires. Remember, there’s a difference between using your imagination and living in an unhealthy fantasy. This month you will be learning how to distinguish the two as you walk the fine line between them. How much escapism is healthy and when does it tip over into numbing out completely? Which fantasies may actually lead to future action and which ones are just keeping you stuck, dreaming of something that will literally never happen? Your oracle card depicts a cat reading a book and drinking a mug of tea. This idyllic scene suggests that you not underestimate the power of a good book, of taking a break from the relentless news, and kicking back with a cup of tea. Let yourself unplug without becoming fixated on the idea of a life that isn’t yours. By all means let yourself get lost in an imaginary world, but don’t make the mistake of thinking it could actually be your reality.

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Nine of Cups Rx
VIRGO: Nine of Cups Rx + The Magician

Well, my dear Virgo, the Nine of Cups has appeared in your cards reversed (upside down), which means that you may not get your wish granted at this moment or at least not in the way you had hoped. Often we see this card in its upside down position when there is something we think we need, but the universe has other plans for us. This can feel like a real disappointment, especially since whatever you are desiring has likely been on your wish list for quite a while. However, your oracle card gives you a clue as to the remedy to this disappointment. Rather than waiting for your wish to be granted by some outside source, the magician card suggests that you take matters into your own hands. A magician can actually grant their own wishes; they have the power to make things appear apparently out of thin air. Little do others know, there is actually a lot of skill and practice that goes into conjuring up such “magic tricks.” By honing your secret talents, you can develop the ability to manifest whatever your heart desires. It just may take some time!

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Knight of Rods Rx
LIBRA: Knight of Rods Rx + Yarn

This month your cards reveal a potential inner conflict, Libra. Like many of us, you may be feeling a bit powerless at the moment. It may seem like your usual methods of problem solving are no longer relevant. You’re used to being able to take care of bizness when necessary, but these days you may be thwarted before you can even begin, whether because you’re out of work, on hold, or trying to be productive in the midst of a challenging situation. The Knight of Rods is the most fiery of the knights and he can get a little frustrated when his ambitions are kept in check. You may be feeling some pent-up aggression or anxiety as a result. On the other hand, some of you might be taking advantage of this time to cool your jets a little bit and take a different, calmer approach. What would that look like for you? What would it mean to draw on new resources or ideas in order to get things done? What exactly do you *need* to get done at this time? Your oracle card shows a cat with two balls of yarn, signifying that you have the materials you need in order to create something new with your life. What do you want it to look like?

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SCORPIO: Strength + Weightlifter

Fellow Scorpios, our cards this month bring a double dose of strength and resilience. The Strength card in the tarot depicts a woman gently holding the jaws of a fierce lion. This card often appears when we are being asked to exhibit a kind of strength that is not about brute force, but instead is a more gentle and loving way of keeping things in check. What is in need of a loving but firm hand in your life these days? Where do you need to maintain control and clear boundaries? Is there a way to do so without losing your cool to the point where there are negative consequences? Your oracle card, the Weightlifter, similarly speaks to the need for strength, though here the emphasis is on continued training and maintenance, preparing yourself for whatever is to come. This kind of strength may not even be about exerting any force on an external level. It is a kind of strength training that will have the most repercussions for your inner wellbeing – staying toned and strong will allow you to keep a calm mind and to foster a healthy mental state.

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Knight of Swords Rx
SAGITTARIUS: Knight of Swords Rx + Sumo

Dear Sagittarius, the Knight of Swords appears reversed (upside down) in your cards this month as a reminder that you cannot be a savior for everyone who needs help. It is incredibly hard – for anyone but especially your sign—to know that people are suffering and to feel that there is nothing you can do about it. It may be true that you can’t run in like a firefighter and save those who are in need (unless of course you are actually a firefighter, in which case mad props!), but you can actually help in other less direct or immediate ways. The Sumo kitty in Stasia Burrington’s oracle deck signifies routine and ritual. While this cat may appear strong and imposing, the real work here is actually the discipline and consistency that allows these fighters to hone their skill and stay in the game throughout their careers. There is a rigorous physical training that goes into this artform, but sumo is believed to have origins in a Shinto religious ceremony, bringing together physical strength and spiritual practice. In what ways can you hone your own capacity for discipline and routine in order to ultimately bring your gifts to the people who need them? You have the ability now to make a lot of progress towards a goal that will eventually have great meaning for you and for those you are in a position to help. Just remember that it may take a while to see the results of your efforts.

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Five of Rods
CAPRICORN: Five of Rods + Sphynx

Capricorn, are you feeling pulled in multiple directions lately? The Five of Rods has shown up in your cards this month, which can often signify that there are too many ideas or opinions on the table, making it difficult to move forward. Different views are great – and an important part of collaborative creativity—but they can also create roadblocks if they aren’t compatible with one another or if a compromise isn’t reached. Even if you are working solo, you may have competing thoughts that are keeping you from coming up with a clear path forward. Where in your life do you feel stuck? What different elements are coming together to cause this impasse? Your oracle card offers you a solution in the form of the Sphynx. These cats are known for their grace and beauty, but they also take their name from the mythical creature, the Sphinx, whose riddle was famously solved by Oedipus. In order to solve the riddle, Oedipus had to see the similarity in each of the elements rather than focusing solely on the differences. Likewise, when it comes to your own impasse, you may find that the so-called competing ideas keeping you stymied are actually much more alike than they first appeared. Once you are able to shift your perspective in this way, you will be granted passage forward.

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Two of Rods Rx
AQUARIUS: Two of Rods Rx + Gamer

My dear Aquarius, you may be feeling disconnected in a particularly acute way right now. The Two of Rods typically appears in moments of connection—when two entities come together to create a spark of interest or creative energy. However, when it is reversed (upside down), that connection is missed. This could refer to personal relationships as well as business ventures. What isn’t coming together for you right now? Who, or what, are you missing? Your oracle card suggests some playful competition as a way to connect with others in your life, whether colleagues, friends, or family members. Think of a game you can play virtually that will help take some of the pressure off to communicate in deeper ways. Sometimes all you need is to create a sense of togetherness around a shared goal. Let yourself have a little fun during what is generally a very serious and uncertain time. Open the channels of communication in a way that feels lighthearted and free so that you can begin to re-strengthen the bonds that sustain you.

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Knight of Pentacles Rx
PISCES: Knight of Pentacles Rx + Rain

Pisces, my dear, you may be feeling extra stuck lately. The Knight of Pentacles is generally content to stay in one place, taking care of business, and doing what needs to be done. But when he shows up in your cards reversed, it usually means that there is something in this arrangement that isn’t working for you. You may be feeling restless or resentful of your responsibilities. You may be anxious about the prospects for success of the very thing you are meant to be sustaining now. Your oracle card, Rain, reminds you that sometimes what seems like a negative development is actually the very thing you need in order to grow and develop on your journey. You are still in the early stages of this venture and the fruits of your labors are still largely invisible. Rest assured that one day you will be able to look back and see what a difference your efforts have made.

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Page of Pentacles
ARIES: Page of Pentacles + Entomologist

Dearest Aries, your cards are very much aligned this month. The Page of Pentacles appears when we are embarking on a new journey of discovery and learning. This may be in the form of an actual scholastic endeavor—like going to school or taking online classes—or it may be a more metaphorical education. In either case, the cards suggest that you go with this impulse to learn and grow in new ways. Feeding your drive for knowledge and growth is especially imperative right now when there is so much to feel discouraged about. Your oracle card, Entomologist, echoes the same themes as the Page of Pentacles. Let yourself get lost in the study of something you find fascinating. Get down and dirty in the minutiae of this thing and see where it takes you. It may feel like a frivolous distraction, but the joy it can bring you is so important now. And the energy it gives you will radiate out to bring light and healing to those around you.

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Tarotscopes May 2020

Tarot deck used: Morgan Greer Tarot by David Palladini
Oracle deck: Magic Neko Deck by Stasia Burrington

Star Sight Tarot

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