Tarotscopes – November 2017

Soul-Smart Monthly Tarotscopes by Star Sight Tarot

BY Star Sight Tarot

PISCES: Page of Cups Rx + Heal

Pisces, this month your card is the Page of Cups reversed plus the oracle card Heal. The Page of Cups is the Pisces card, so when she shows up reversed in your reading, it’s time to pay attention. Take a minute to breathe in deeply and assess your current state. Is anything out of alignment for you? In what ways do you not feel like yourself these days? Have you lost touch with any important pieces of yourself? You might try an exercise in which you think back to your childhood and try to remember what you were like then. What did you love? What made you laugh? What did you dream about? The Page of Cups is all about creativity so you might think in particular about any artistic endeavors or creative projects that you engaged in as a kid. Are you still finding ways now to access those forms of creative expression? If not, what would you need in order to do so? This process can be deeply healing, as you begin to gather the parts of your true self that have been neglected or left by the wayside. It will allow you to integrate the many pieces of your self and your past that have come a bit unglued. In what other ways do you need healing right now? This coming month will be an ideal time to slow down and start mending whatever feels less than whole.

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ARIES: Four of Swords + Love

This month will be a very sweet one for you, Aries! The Four of Swords asks you to take a break from whatever you are doing and to really dig into your self-care practices. This can be meditation, taking long walks, journaling, bodywork—anything that lets you take a timeout in order to rest and recharge. This card is specifically associated with acupuncture, so if that’s your thing or you’ve been thinking about trying it, now would be a great time. Self-care is truly about self-love. It is vital to our existence, to our ability to thrive and enjoy our lives. Without it, we become easily rattled and overwhelmed. In what ways can you give yourself a break right now? What would be the most rejuvenating practice for you? Remember to love and care for yourself as much as you love and care for those around you. It is often said, but bears endless repetition: You cannot take care of others if you haven’t first taken care of yourself. That said, this month will also be a wonderful time to bask in the love you experience around you, whether with your partner, your friends, your pets, or your family. Soak it up and let it fuel your own self-care.

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TAURUS: The Chariot + Hate

You’ve got quite a set of cards this month, Taurus! The Chariot gives you a much needed push to get moving. You’ll need that extra impetus to overcome some of the inertia of the cold months and holiday eating, in order to make everything happen that needs to happen. The good news is you can channel any negativity you’ve been feeling into a more productive outlet. Are you letting yourself get sucked into resentment or anger or even hatred towards people around you (or maybe towards those in the larger political sphere? Ahem!)? Take the fire that fuels those negative energies and see if you can shift it to be of use to you in getting things rolling in your own life, whether through physical movement and exercise, getting projects underway, making connections, or whatever it is that you keep meaning to do but have been putting off for way too long now. The Chariot’s message is that the time will finally be right and nothing will hold you back, not even the negative voices you turn on yourself that tell you you can’t do it. Self-hate is never a good motivator, so whenever you hear those voices, try visualizing physically pulling the negative energy out of your head and transforming it into fuel for your fire. If you can find a way to get both your inner and outer selves working together, you will be unstoppable!

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GEMINI: Strength Rx + Distract

Well, Gemini. Your cards this month may be all too familiar to your easily distractible sign. This month, you may find it particularly easy to fall into the trap of distraction, which as you know can keep you from feeling that you are operating at full strength. It pulls you off of your center, leaving you feeling depleted and scattered. It’s as though whenever you place your attention on something external, you put your physical weight there as well. This means that all of your energy—your source of power—gets shifted from you to something outside of you. This happens over and over until there is little or nothing left over at your core to hold you in place. This month, work on doing meditations that help you with grounding, so that before you go out into the world, you get really solid in your center. You might even do some visualizations around strengthening your core as though it were the trunk of a tree. Or maybe there is another image that signifies strength for you. Meditate on that until it is so clear in your mind it is almost tangible. Then when you head out into your day, any distractions will be sources of interest and inspiration, rather than potentially causing you to feel drained and spread too thin. This would be a great practice for you anytime, but it will be especially useful as we head into the twinkly lights and many distractions of the holiday season.

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CANCER: Knight of Cups Rx + Punish

This month will be all about working with the laws of attraction for you, Cancer. What draws you in? What repels you? What are you running away from and why? What are you running toward? Sometimes our inner compass can get a little off and it can begin to feel like it is leading us astray. Do you feel that you are 100 percent sure about the path you’re currently on? Or even 75 percent sure? If not, this would be a great time to take stock and notice what it is that is compelling you to keep going in the direction you’re going. Is it because it truly sparks your excitement and interest? Or did things just start moving along and now you’re not sure how to get off this particular train? If you find that you are nowhere near where you thought you were headed, don’t panic; and whatever you do, don’t beat yourself up about it! This is actually an important part of the process of wayfinding. Very rarely do we move from a clear point ‘a’ to point ‘b’ in a perfectly straight line. More often than not, we cast a line and see where it leads us without really knowing what lies ahead. Then once we get to a certain point we see that we need to make adjustments and try again. The path ends up quite a bit more fractured and squirrely than we might have imagined, but rest assured that this is exactly as it should be. The most important thing is to not hide your head in the sand when you realize you’ve gotten off course. Look out to the horizon and see what catches your eye. Let the powers of magnetism draw you forward as you make your next move. It might not be linear, but it promises to be a whole lot of fun.

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LEO: Akashic Records + Victory

Wow, things have really shifted for you since last month, Leo! In October you were tasked with exploring some areas that you feel perhaps less than confident in. Now, this month you’re back in your comfort zone as you find yourself achieving many of the goals you set for yourself. Your tarot card this month is the Akashic Records, a card that is specific to the Starchild Tarot and won’t be found in other 78-card decks. According to the theosophical tradition, the Akashic Records are a kind of storehouse for all human thoughts, events, language, and emotions—from the past, present, and future. You can think of it like a library—a spiritual realm where all knowledge and experience is stored. This is the next step in the soul’s journey after the World card: Okay, you’ve attained something that you really wanted. Now what? Rather than wallowing in that inevitable post-victory letdown, take your achievement to the next level by integrating it on the spiritual plane. This takes some real focus and intention on your part. One of the best ways to achieve this kind of integration is through a deep meditation practice. As long as we operate only on the material plane, we will never be truly satisfied with whatever we obtain or achieve. It is only once we figure out how to infuse our experiences with deeper spiritual meaning that we will start to feel something like genuine satisfaction in life.

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VIRGO: Three of Cups + Majesty

Ahh, Virgo. Your time has finally come to let loose and do a little celebrating. The Three of Cups is often seen as a card of revelry. It brings to mind imbibing, enjoying the harvest, and spending time with friends. This month, although you should certainly do all of those things, you are also being given a chance to experience something even more wild and powerful. The beauty that can be created when you allow yourself to relax and come together with your community will have the power to take your breath away. This is the true gift of the Three of Cups—whenever three or more people gather, the energy of their gathering gives birth to something new, something that has never existed before in quite that form. Look for opportunities this month to form new relationships and new combinations of people in your community that will have the potential to vibe on a new level. Don’t worry too much about what you are gathering around—whether it’s music, art, a book club, dance. The point is not so much the content of your conversations, or the environment in which you meet. The point is the force that will be created between you when you get the right people in a room together, which will have the capacity to transport you to new heights. Notice when that sparkle starts to appear in their eyes. That’s how you’ll know that the magic is happening.

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LIBRA: Three of Crystals + Plot

The month of November will be a great time for you to find ways to collaborate with others, Libra. The Three of Crystals (or pentacles in more traditional tarot decks) is about laying the foundations for a new project or idea. But rather than strike out on your own, the key with this card is that your work will bring you together with others who have complementary skill sets to your own. What’s the sense in trying to do it all yourself—in killing yourself trying to learn every aspect of a project—when you can find other people who are already experts in those areas that you know little about? Imagine you want to build a house. You would need an architect, a designer, a contractor, etc. You wouldn’t want one person to try to fill all of these roles, which would actually increase the chances of error. Spend some time this month thinking about what it is you want to build next in your life. This will most likely not be a literal structure, and may not even be a work project or endeavor. You might want to create a new group in your social sphere, or you might be working towards deepening your spiritual practice. Next, assemble a team that can help you achieve your goal, even if it’s just enlisting a friend that you know will help to keep you accountable. You could decide to bring people together who are interested in doing a writing workshop (November is National Novel Writing Month!) or you might be tasked with putting a team together at work. The key is to be cognizant of the ways that each member can contribute to the group. Once you have your team, the fun part begins. You’ll find that the ideas and energy of the group bring a level of excitement and vitality to the project that would otherwise be impossible.

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SCORPIO: Two of Crystals + Objective

Happy Birthday, Scorpio! This month, in the midst of your celebrations, you have some serious prioritizing to do. The Two of Crystals (or Two of Pentacles in most decks) comes up when we are juggling a few too many balls in the air. Just when you think you’ve got things under control, another ball comes crashing down, needing your attention. This can be fun at times, but it is also exhausting, and it means you’re never able to stay with anything long enough to truly give it the care it deserves. Your task then is to do whatever you can to slow things down long enough that you can stop juggling and really take a hard, objective look at all of the things you are trying to manage at once. The trick here is to take emotional attachment out of the equation as much as possible and to look at the practical factors surrounding your commitments and activities. Where can you find some breathing room, Scorpio? What can you let go of? One thing to remember that may help as you go through this process: Just because you put one of the balls down for a little while doesn’t mean you can’t pick it back up later. It won’t go anywhere. And in the meantime, you’ll be able to give all the care and attention to your current priorities that they deserve. As a bonus, doing so will also allow you to calm your nerves and find some of the serenity you’ve been so starved for lately.

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SAGITTARIUS: The High Priestess + Spirit

Sagittarius, you have clearly been doing the inner work lately! This is an amazing pair of cards: the High Priestess is one of the most spiritual cards in the deck. She is tapped in to spirit in a way that isn’t easy to achieve for most people. This month ahead is all about elevation for you. You’ve been mucking around on the physical plane with the rest of us earthlings, but now you’re ready to go deeper on your spiritual journey. The High Priestess calls you to use your intuition, to trust in your inner voice, and to help others using your healing powers. Look for ways to tune in to that voice inside of you that truly knows the answers to any questions that have been troubling you. Anything that feels like it’s keeping you stuck can benefit now from some meditation and quieting of the mind. If you can shut out all of the noise and chatter of everyday life (and shut off your devices for a while), you’ll find that those answers that have been eluding you have been inside you all along. Once you are able to get clear on your own points of confusion, you’ll be much better prepared to help others who need guidance. This is an important part in your journey, Sagittarius, as you’ll begin to step into a new role in helping those around you on their own spiritual paths. You are a leader and a seer. Sometimes it takes a while for those deeper skills to develop, but when they do you will begin to see the world in a whole new light.

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CAPRICORN: Ace of Wands + Encompass

November promises to be an exciting month for you, Capricorn! The Ace of Wands signals the lighting of a new spark in your life, whether in the form of a new project or idea, an artistic inspiration, or the igniting of a newfound passion. You may meet someone new or find new sources of attraction with your current partner. You may find that an idea comes to you that hadn’t occurred to you before and takes you in a surprising new direction. Whatever it is, this new source of excitement and interest has the potential to be all-encompassing, at least for a little while. It’s up to you to decide if that’s going to be healthy for you or not. Sometimes the best thing we can do is throw ourselves into something with our whole being, to get really lost in it, and let it take over our lives for a while. This can be an amazing sensation and is part of that feeling of “flow”—when you find yourself not thinking about anything, able to just be in the moment, completely absorbed by whatever it is that you’re doing. On the other hand, that tendency towards total absorption can also be detrimental when we start to ignore other important needs and commitments in our lives. One way to tell the difference is to ask yourself whether you feel grounded and centered when you’re engaged in your project or with that new person. Do you feel like yourself? Do you feel strong and vibrant? If the answer is no—if you find yourself feeling shaky or off-kilter, you may want to reel it in a little. Let yourself be in control of your passion, rather than letting it control you.

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AQUARIUS: Seven of Crystals + Fear

The conditions are ripe for some serious reassessment this month, Aquarius. Not that anything is necessarily out of place in your life at the moment. The issue has more to do with your approach to what is happening—with your response to your reality—than with reality itself. Is there something you’ve been working towards that you feel isn’t quite coming together the way you’d hoped? Or maybe you’re afraid that the life you’ve built doesn’t really mean anything in the long run? These are the doubts and fears that can begin to erode our sense of meaning and satisfaction when we look at our lives in retrospect. Trust me, what you’ve made is beautiful. It is only your fear of losing something that makes it hard to revel in all that you have accomplished, in all that is good and precious in your life. I offer you this meditation: Imagine yourself as the figure in this card, sitting in a meditative stance, surrounded by the things that have value to you—the relationships you’ve cultivated, the things you’ve done that you are proud of. Hold them loosely in your hands and imagine that each begins to glow, imbued with the light of spirit, until it becomes a glowing orb. Now imagine each sphere lifting slowly from your hands into an arc over your head. Let yourself bask in the light of your life, unattached, ungrasping, and serene.

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Star Sight Tarot

Star Sight Tarot

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