Tarotscopes – November 2018

Soul-Smart Monthly Tarotscopes by Star Sight Tarot

BY Star Sight Tarot

Queen of Wands + The Sun
NOVEMBER OVERVIEW: Mother of Wands + The Sun

So much fire happening in the cards for the month of November! Things are getting seriously underway and we may finally feel that we can get in the groove again after many stops and starts. Last month ushered in some major changes and now we are working with those changes, molding our existence, and transforming our outlook. The Queen of Wands brings her fiery passion to all that she does and wields her many talents with poise and control. We may be called to step up in a big way in areas that we have particular talent or expertise. And we may be asked to lead in ways that feel a little scary, but that ultimately, deep down, we will find we are ready for. The Sun card offers a suggestion for approaching any fears that surface during this time: be grateful for all that you have. Be grateful for the opportunities that come to you, even if they make you want to pull your hair out or pee in your pants. If you find that you are not ready to take on an outward facing role, work on protecting and providing for those who are in your inner circle. By showing your love, expressing your boundaries, and fostering the growth of those you love, you will still harness the powerful energy that the next month brings.

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SCORPIO: Eight of Wands + The Moon Rx
SCORPIO: Eight of Wands + The Moon Rx

Happy Birthday, Scorpio! Your birthday month brings a new sense of forward momentum and the promise of a whole lotta action. The Eight of Wands lets you know that whatever you’ve been trying to accomplish, now is the time to go for it. Whatever obstacles have been in your way will be lifted and you’ll feel a new sense of freedom and flow. This energy can also be a little frenetic so be sure to take care of yourself and make sure you’re getting enough down time. The Moon when it is reversed advises you to make sure you are really clear about what you want, what you need from others, and how you intend to go about getting it. This is not a good time for secrets or acting in the shadows. The key is transparency, both with respect to others in your life as well as with yourself. We Scorpios are all too good at keeping things hidden, but in order to make things happen this month, you’ll need to get it all out in the open. Once you do, the way will be clear for you to manifest the new reality you’ve been dreaming of.

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Son of Cups + Knight of Air
SAGITTARIUS: Son of Cups + Knight of Air

This may be Scorpio season, but your time, Sagittarius, is just around the corner, and the cards this month point to a very dynamic and fiery energy that will help you thrive in many areas of your life. Your cards are both knights from different decks (the knights in the Wild Unknown deck are called “sons”). What does this mean? Lots of intense movement and possibilities for adventure! The knights are seekers, so you may ask yourself what it is you are looking for at this point in your life. What is it you are hoping to find? Love? Meaning? Security? Excitement? The Son of Cups is motivated by the heart and goes wherever his emotions lead him. This can cause him to get in trouble, but it can also lead to some new emotional connections and the discovery of new places, interests, and people with which to fall in love. The Knight of Air, on the other hand, follows his head and lets logic (or what he thinks is logical) be his guide. The trick for you this month will be to find a balance between these two impulses. You can’t be all rational all the time, but you also will likely go in circles (or go insane) if you follow solely wherever your emotions lead you. Try to temper your heartfelt gestures with a healthy dose of practicality and I think you’ll find that you are able to go much further this month than you thought was possible.

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Ten of Wands + Eight of Air Rx
CAPRICORN: Ten of Wands + Eight of Air Rx

As November begins and those of us in the Northern hemisphere make our way into the darker time of the year, think about what it is you are carrying with you, Capricorn. What burdens do you bear at this time? You’ve done a lot over the last year to strip away old layers of your past, to lighten your load, and align yourself with what is most authentic for you now. However, it seems that you are still carrying something heavy, something that you truly don’t need and perhaps aren’t even aware of. Think about the ways you take on burdens from those around you. From your environment. From the political situation we live in. It’s too much for any one person to bear. I’m not suggesting that you drop it all and stop caring about what’s happening around you. But your cards suggest that there is no need for you to be imprisoned by it. There is a big difference between caring, understanding, and helping on one hand, and suffering, wallowing, and/or becoming so weighed down that you can’t be a help to anyone. As we move towards the winter and the close of another year, think about which things you absolutely must bring with you and which to leave by the side of the road.

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Mother of Cups Rx + Five of Earth Rx
AQUARIUS: Mother of Cups Rx + Five of Earth Rx

Okay, my dear Aquarius. It’s time to stop taking care of everyone else for a minute and think about what it is that you truly need and want. Where is your energy going these days? What feeds you and what drains you? Life is always a balance of give and take to some extent, but if you start to have a major imbalance, if you extend yourself in all directions, you will eventually find yourself feeling depleted, whether emotionally, financially, spiritually, or otherwise. Before that happens, or especially if it already has, try to get reacquainted with your own deep well of interests and resources. What has brought you excitement and joy in the past? Give yourself permission to prioritize whatever ignites you. If the things that used to get you going are not working for you anymore, what new things are you drawn to? Let yourself explore something new each week. Go to a movie by yourself. Get a pedicure or a massage. Spend some time in the garden. Whatever it is that fills you up and feeds your soul. If you make time to refill your stores, you’ll be so much better able to care for others from a place of strength and calm.

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Seven of Swords + Three of Water Rx
PISCES: Seven of Swords + Three of Water Rx

Oh, Pisces. I hope you’re ready for a challenge, because this month is going to put you to the test! But I promise you will be so much better for it when you come out on the other side. The challenges you face most likely have to do with relationships, whether friendship, romantic, or otherwise. But there’s a good chance that whatever you’re dealing with is also reflected in your relationship to yourself. Do you find yourself feeling guilty when it comes to certain people in your life? Or do you feel that you have to keep some parts of yourself hidden from others? These are themes of the Seven of Swords, though there may be other aspects that are more salient for you. Whatever it is, your second card, the Three of Cups reversed (upside down) suggests that the real relationship that needs mending is an inner one that’s getting projected and played out through the other people in your life. This is rich (and difficult) medicine and something we all must grapple with throughout our lives. Now is a potent time for you to make some serious breakthroughs if you’re down to do the work.

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The Chariot + Queen of Air
ARIES: The Chariot + Queen of Air

Ooh, I love this combination of cards for you this month, Aries! The Chariot is one of the cards I associate most with the sign of Aries (although it is traditionally aligned with Cancer), because it is all about forward motion, getting sh*t done, and not letting anything get in your way. What are you wanting to go for this month? This card says get out there and just do it! However, it also carries an additional meaning of inner conflict, especially in terms of being pulled in two directions by the head and the heart, by the rational mind versus an impulse or desire. If you find yourself in this situation, the Chariot gives you an opportunity to work out how to proceed given the different messages you may be receiving about the right course of action. The Queen of Air suggests leaning towards your rational side, or at least taking a more practical approach. If you find yourself struggling to make a decision, consider trying an old-fashioned pro and con list. Or if you’re not sure what you want or which direction to go in, use the tool of language and do some journaling in order to promote clarity. You may find that once you’ve written out your options, the right path becomes much more obvious.

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Judgement Rx + Two of Earth Rx
TAURUS: Judgement Rx + Two of Earth Rx

Well, Taurus. It may be time to make that big decision you’ve been putting off. Is there something that’s been on the back burner that you’ve known will need to be sorted out eventually? Have you been feeling like a time of reckoning will be in order? Your cards suggest that you may find yourself trying to make a call about whether to let certain aspects of your life remain and whether to cut them out. The Two of Earth reversed (upside down) tells you that as you go through this process of discernment, you shouldn’t worry too much about keeping everything in equal balance. In fact, things may need to get a little off kilter for a while in order to put your attention where it truly needs to go right now. A perfect work/life balance is impossible anyway, and right now you may find that your attention clearly needs to be in one place more than the other. Allowing yourself this imbalance may ironically lead to greater equanimity as you make the decisions you are hoping to make.

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The Lovers + Nine of Air
GEMINI: The Lovers + Nine of Air

Gemini! The Lovers card has shown up for you this month, an auspicious sign since the Lovers is associated with Gemini due to its twinsy nature. The Lovers ask us to do the hard work of seeking out the “other” and doing our best to commune with it. This may be another person in a love connection, but it may equally be a friend, a beloved hobby, a spiritual deity—anything that calls you into communion, lights your inner fire, and tests your boundaries. How deep are you willing to go? What calls you to give yourself over, to give yourself up? What ignites your passion and tests your limits? There is a question of commitment here and it will be up to you whether to bind yourself more tightly to the thing you love. You may be given an ultimatum. You may make a declaration to your deeper self. You may make a decision to go all in on something that previously had you waffling. This kind of intensity is not without its down side and you may find yourself up late at night feeling anxious or worrying about what will happen next. As best as you can, try to allow yourself whatever process you need to go through. It is all part of getting yourself to the next phase of your personal and spiritual development.

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The Empress Rx + Five of Water
CANCER: The Empress Rx + Five of Water

Cancer, my darling. Your card for the month of November is the Empress reversed. When she appears upright, she brings an abundant feminine energy. She is the Earth mother, nurturing others, creating beauty and wealth wherever she goes. In the reversed position, she asks you to direct that energy inward. Where are you in need of inner abundance? What does true inner beauty look (or feel) like to you? If you’ve been fixated on some kind of external recognition or reward lately, let this be a reminder to you to create your own source of validation and to look to the spiritual, soulful realm for meaning and insight. The Five of Water (or cups in other decks) also reminds you that even where there are losses or disappointments, there is always something to be grateful for. Try not to focus on the things that don’t come through. Instead fix your sights on the ones that do and let them serve as an outward reflection of all the beauty you carry within you.

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Daughter of Cups + Eight of Earth
LEO: Daughter of Cups + Eight of Earth

Ooh, Leo. This is a fun combination of cards for you this November. The Daughter of Cups (the page in other decks) is the poet/artist of the tarot. She calls you to tap into your dreamy artistic side and to cultivate creativity in any manner of ways: photography, painting, poetry, sculpture. Whatever helps you tap into that right-brained side of yourself. You’ve done enough rationalizing and strategizing for the year. Now is the time to let yourself explore the softer more childlike aspects of your self and your psyche. Once you’ve given yourself that time of freedom and artistic discovery, then it will be time to get down to work, but not in a wake-up-and-smell-the-roses kind of way. The work you are being asked to do is more in the vein of dedicated artisanship. Your cards suggest that your creative exploration will translate nicely to a practical venture that will bring you both income and pride in a job well done.

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Six of Swords + Child of Air Rx
VIRGO: Six of Swords + Child of Air Rx

Virgo, you are poised to take a big leap in your spiritual journey. In particular, this month you have the opportunity to work through another layer of any past traumas or childhood difficulties that you’ve been carrying around with you. The Child of Air reversed (upside down) often shows up when your inner child is crying out for attention for some reason. The key here is communication and self-expression. Don’t silence that part of yourself that needs to be seen and heard. In fact, usually the inner child seeks attention precisely because it was silenced in your past. Do whatever you can to express your innermost needs and wants. You might even try some exercises to help you access your inner child, such as writing or drawing with your non-dominant hand or making a list of things you enjoyed when you were young. If you’ve felt that your childhood wounds have surfaced again recently, the Six of Swords tells you that any hardships you’ve been experiencing will soon be lessened. You do not need to martyr yourself to get to a better place. You simply need to let that inner voice be heard and you’ll already be well on your way to releasing any hold your past may have upon you.

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Nine of Wands Rx + Ten of Fire
LIBRA: Nine of Wands Rx + Ten of Fire

So much fire in your cards this month, Libra! There is great change afoot for you in the coming weeks and an opportunity for breakthroughs and manifestation of your goals. However, with all of that fiery energy comes a very real possibility for burn out. As you push yourselves towards your next goal or project, remember to take good care of your body and heart. You are carrying a great number of responsibilities right now, but don’t let that stop you from exploring your inner depths, from reaching for new self-discoveries, new levels of self-knowledge. The Nine of Wands when reversed (upside down) leads you deeper into your own psyche and encourages you to keep going until you reach something that looks like self-actualization. You’re almost there. You only need to make space for yourself to get quiet and calm and you will be poised to make some great strides on your journey of the soul. Whatever difficulties you face in the coming month, they will absolutely be worth it when you are able to look back from the other side and get perspective on all that you have accomplished.

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Tarotscopes - November 2018

Tarot deck used: The Wild Unknown by Kim Krans

Oracle deck: NOMAD Tarot by Jennifer Dranttel

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