Tarotscopes – November 2019

Soul-Smart Monthly Tarotscopes by Star Sight Tarot

BY Star Sight Tarot

Page of Pentacles
NOVEMBER OVERVIEW: Page of Pentacles Rx + 63. (you are ok)

As we attempt to shed our skins and birth ourselves into new forms, we may find that some aspects of this process do not go as planned. But whoever said we could plan our own rebirth? This process is out of our control to a large extent, though we do need to be open enough to it to allow it to unfold. Otherwise we impede what is inevitable and create more difficulties for ourselves than are necessary. This is also the logic of Mercury in retrograde. The more we attempt to control and tighten the reins, the more we lose our grasp on any semblance of order and understanding. It’s a radical kind of surrender that is called for, but we are all up to the task. The key this month is to allow ourselves to feel all of the hard feelings, to not sugarcoat or sweep things under the rug because they are too scary to look at. Pull it all out in the open and stare it hard in the face. It is only by loving the ugliest parts of ourselves that we can find an opening towards the change we seek.

Eight of Pentacles
SCORPIO: Eight of Pentacles Rx + 68. (create a visual vocabulary)

Happy birthday, Scorpio! This month we are called to look at our relationship to work in all of its many manifestations. What has brought you fulfillment in the past may no longer be relevant. This might feel like a loss of creative spark, but it is really a call towards new sources of inspiration. What are you building towards, dear Scorpio? What have you been hoping to gain, to create, to leave behind? Let your intuition guide you towards your new muse rather than focusing on tangible or practical goals. Your oracle card suggests that it might help to make a library of visual symbols and images that have meaning for you. It could take the form of a sketch journal, collage art, a folder on your computer, a Pinterest board, etc. Whatever form it takes, this practice of curating images will prime the unconscious mind to recognize which things crossing your path are most likely to bring you fulfillment and joy during this time. You may be surprised at what you are drawn to, especially if you have gotten a bit stuck in a particular idea of what is your “style.” The options are endless and you are always changing. Don’t forget to let your environment grow and change to match the inner growth you are experiencing. This will ward off any hindering factors and will allow you the highest amount of freedom in your endless process of becoming.

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Knight of Wands
SAGITTARIUS: Knight of Wands + 13. (get mad)

Dearest Sagittarius. Your fiery spirit motivates you to get all kinds of ish done and when you are on a mission your energy and stamina are matched by no other. Sometimes, though, this can get you into trouble, especially when it pushes you towards burn out. Like the Knight of Wands, your impulse may be to go where the action is, to lend a hand where there is an emergency, to solve any problems you see brewing. But if you look closer at this rendition of the Knight of Wands, the fire burning in the next castle over may just be a cozy fire in the fireplace, not the five-alarm blaze you imagined it to be. When this happens, it is an invitation to take a closer look at your own motivations for running around trying to save the day. What is the fire that is burning in you and what is it trying to tell you? Your oracle card provides a clue that perhaps your tendency towards savior mode gets ignited when you are feeling angry or hurt. Or maybe there is some other emotion you are avoiding as you focus your energy outward. Your cards ask you this November to quell that impulse to fix things and to instead give voice to what needs expressing within you.
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The Lovers
CAPRICORN: The Lovers + 80. (be kind)

The Lovers card asks us to make a choice. While it may appear to be the perfect union of two souls, this card actually carries the energy of the number three. There is always a choice between the object of your love and the Other, whatever it may be for you. Another person, a job, a living situation. The choice may be between being partnered or being alone, between two people, or even between two life paths. The black and white snakes in Spirit Speak’s version of this card suggests the joining of yin and yang, the balancing act that makes an intense love both entrancing and maddening. If you are in the midst of this kind of love, remember to leave some space between you so that you may breathe and so that you are not forgetting the other important aspects of your life. If you are in the process of untangling yourself (from a person, job, life path, place), your oracle card calls you to be kind—to yourself, to one another. If there are major differences between you and your other, do your best to be gentle and to see things from their point of view. Burning bridges is not the answer at this time and ultimately will keep you from learning valuable lessons about living with difference.

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Nine of Cups
AQUARIUS: Nine of Cups Rx + 52. (let yourself rest)

Dearest Aquarius. You may have felt recently that you’ve been chasing a particular thing or state of mind, something that always seemed just beyond your grasp but that you felt motivated to keep striving and striving for. The Nine of Cups, when it is upright, promises your wish will come true. When it is reversed (upside down) however, it asks you if you would really benefit from this wish coming true or if perhaps it is distracting you from some deeper truth. The cups cards have a way of shifting and changing at a moment’s notice. That fluid energy is hard to hold onto, teaching us powerful lessons of letting go. Whatever it was you thought you wanted or needed, see if you can let it go now. All of that striving is not doing you any favors. In fact, if it is serenity you’ve been seeking, the amount of effort you’re putting in is surely undoing the very thing you’ve been working towards. Taking a cue from the buddha, think about embracing non-effort, not-striving. What would that look like for you? There is nowhere you need to get to and nothing you need to obtain.

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The Tower
PISCES: The Tower Rx + 60. (gather)

Lovely Pisces, your cards this month speak to a certain amount of turmoil that has been present in your life, heart, or mind recently. What perhaps seemed like a monumental crisis turns out not to be quite as big of a deal as you had thought, but you may still be feeling a bit rocked. If you are wondering how to proceed in putting the pieces back together, remember that you actually have a lot more control over this situation than it seemed at first. It’s time to do some creative brainstorming about changes you could make that would help you to regain your sense of power and authorship of your life. Your oracle card reminds you to enlist the help of your community as you make these changes. What vision(s) do you have for your life going forward? How can your friends, family, and support team help you with making your vision a reality? The changes may not be huge, but they are necessary if you’re going to feel the sense of vitality and creative power that you crave.

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Five of Cups
ARIES: Five of Cups + 5. (ask the tarot)

Happy November, dear Aries. You are poised this month to learn some deep and potentially challenging lessons when it comes to your emotions and how you respond to the world around you. The cups cards are governed by the element of water and they represent the fluid emotional realm, while the fives in each suit represent a challenge that must be overcome in order to reach a higher understanding. Any difficulties you are experiencing now mark a necessary turning point in your journey of personal growth. They provide an opportunity to notice when you are focusing your attention on the negative aspect of a situation rather than seeing the positive that comes from it. What situations are causing you grief or pain in your life now? Do you find that you are fixated on your suffering? This is not a bad thing in itself—and in fact it is important to sit with those feelings to a certain extent. The trick is to *also* allow yourself to recognize the good that accompanies the pain. All change comes with a certain amount of loss. But all change also brings growth. For help navigating these lessons, your oracle card suggests that you ask the tarot. If you don’t already have a deck, consider getting one and pulling a daily card for insight or journaling. You may be surprised at what you discover.

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Page of Wands
TAURUS: Page of Wands + 51. (ocean)

Dear Taurus, this month you are asked to seek a balance between the energies of fire and water, potent action and fluid receptivity. Your tarot card, the Page of Wands, is all about starting shit—new projects, new ideas, new hobbies. When it sweeps into your cards, it brings a kind of vibrant excitement that will help you tackle any new challenges that you are facing in your life. What fires are being lit under you now? How would you like to use this burst of energy you are being gifted? At the same time, all of this fiery combustion can have you running a bit too hot, so your oracle card reminds you to seek out a counterbalance in the form of water. Even just physically visiting a water source is a great way to channel this medicine—go sit by the ocean, a lake, a river. Walk to a waterfall, take a bath, soak in some hot springs. Whatever is available to you. This way you will allow your nervous system to rest and recharge so that you can get back out there and wield your transformative power.

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Ace of Pentacles
GEMINI: Ace of Pentacles Rx + 1. (candle magic)

Your cards this month reveal an interesting relationship between our own powers of manifestation versus the gifts we receive from external sources. The Ace of Pentacles, when it is upright, suggests that we will be the recipient of some kind of windfall, whether a monetary sum, a new job, or a gift of material value. In its reversed position (upside down), the card instead reminds us of our own role in manifesting value in our lives. This may still be in the form of monetary or material goods, but it may also refer to the gifts we give ourselves in the realm of the body or home. What practices do you have for creating new realities in these material realms? It could be new ways of attending to your body and its need for sustaining food, exercise, and touch. It could be a spark of inspiration in your home life, the organization of your space or your schedule. Or you might be dreaming up a new hustle to bring in some more literal cash flow. These things may seem mundane, but they are actually a key element to your spiritual path as well. We must have the material conditions in place for spiritual growth. You can assist this energy by using your favorite “spell”—something as simple as lighting a candle and setting an intention can shift your unconscious mind shift in ways that will ultimately help you realize your goals.

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The Moon
CANCER: The Moon + 14. (deal your own cards)

My lovely Cancer. You may be feeling a bit disoriented lately in some area of your life. Where you used to have a clear path, the way may now be obscured. Or perhaps it never was clear to begin with. The Moon is majestic, but her beauty does not always help us to see things clearly. In fact, it can distract us from the path under our feet, causing us to look up instead, leading us astray in the process. The Moon rules Cancer so your sign is often more at home than others with this state of affairs. Getting lost can lead you to some unexpected magical places, after all. However, you may find that you are getting frustrated by going around in circles or running into roadblocks you weren’t expecting. Your oracle card suggests that you turn to your tarot or oracle cards for answers, but rather than drawing cards at random, the advice is for you to draw particular cards on purpose. You can create an altar or simply put a card on your desk that you want to be reminded of. If you don’t have a deck of cards, you can make your own drawings or cut pictures out of a magazine. The idea is to create clarity by surrounding yourself with symbols or images that have meaning for you now. It may take a little time, but by meditating on the images you are drawn to, the way will once again become clear.

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The Magician
LEO: The Magician Rx + 31. (get to the desert)

My dear Leo, your cards for November suggest that you may need to alter your expectations as far as what you are able to manifest in your life right now. Mercury in retrograde may have you feeling as though you are moving backwards when it comes to a particular goal or dream. It is human nature to want to fix whatever isn’t working, and so we end up placing our attention on the thing we feel is lacking rather than on the areas of our lives that are going well. Over the coming weeks, imagine what it would feel like to flip that script. What if you spent the majority of your time in grateful enjoyment of the things that are running smoothly in your life? If you feel overwhelmed by your desire for a certain outcome, enlist some help in detaching. Try visiting the desert if there is one near you. If not, light some sage or other space clearing scent, and meditate on the peacefulness inherent in simplifying your life.

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The High Priestess
VIRGO: The High Priestess Rx + 33. (go home)

Dearest Virgo, your cards point to a difficulty you may be having lately in listening to the inner voice inside you. There is a part of you that knows what you need to do, but something may be keeping you from accessing your truth. If you find yourself continually consulting oracles (or tarot decks) or other external sources, but not finding the answers you seek, it may be because you have lost your connection to yourself, to your intuition. The High Priestess reversed (upside down) reminds you that the answers you seek are not to be found outside of you. Instead, focus on getting quiet and comfortable enough to hear the voice within. To facilitate this process, spend as much time as you can in places that make you feel at home. Don’t worry if those places are always changing—the most important thing is that you feel safe and secure and at peace. The answers you seek will come to you before you know it.

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Seven of Wands
LIBRA: Seven of Wands + 35. (make space)

This month, dear Libra, you are being asked to confront your impulse to make nice with everyone. The Seven of Wands calls us to stand tall and speak our truth, even if it means ruffling a few feathers. Who are you afraid of offending, my dear? Your voice may introduce a destabilizing element to what appeared to be a sound structure. But the truth is, it was meant to come down sooner or later. No one likes major change, so you are bound to get some push back. Just continue to remind yourself of what you believe in and why so that you will have the strength to stay strong even in the face of naysayers. In what ways do you communicate your values to those around you? What do you truly believe in enough to fight for it? If you have a hard time answering this question, consider that your head may be too cluttered with the news of the world to know which causes are really yours to take up. You may need to do some clearing before it becomes obvious what is yours and what fights are better fought by someone else.

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Tarotscopes November 2019

Tarot deck used: Spirit Speak Tarot Deck by Spirit Speak

Oracle deck: Ritual Oracle Deck by Kristi Prokopiak

Star Sight Tarot

Kate Noson
Kate is a tarot reader, writer, academic, and founder of Star Sight Tarot. She believes that the tarot has great transformative power and can give us deep insight into our lives, our patterns, and our choices. Tarot has been instrumental in her own journey of personal development and she loves bringing its gift of guidance to her clients. Visit StarSightTarot.com for more.

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