Tarotscopes – October 2017

Soul-Smart Monthly Tarotscopes by Star Sight Tarot

BY Star Sight Tarot

PISCES: Six of Wands Rx + Rebirth

Last month your card was the Six of Wands upright. This month it’s reversed (upside down). What does this mean? Reversed cards often show where we have been—what we are now moving away from, though it is still present in our lives. Last month the themes for you were all about recognition, success, and transformation. This month brings it all home. Whatever prayers you lifted up to the cosmos, whatever intentions were set, whatever desires for recognition were acknowledged and offered to the gods, now is the time that you will see it all come to fruition. Maybe you’ve been swelling with ideas and inspirations, maybe you’ve been working on a project that is important to you, or growing a literal life inside you. During the month of October, you will literally or metaphorically give birth to that thing you’ve been carrying around. As we know, life and death are inextricably linked, so don’t be alarmed if there is some sense of loss around this time too. We have to say goodbye to a particular state of being in order for the new world order to take its place. Surrender to the beautiful intense difficult miracle of rebirth. No one ever said it would be easy, but neither did they realize just how jaw-droppingly magical it would be.

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ARIES: Four of Cups + Optimism

This month offers you a chance to reexamine your approach to commitment, Aries. The Four of Cups warns against saying yes to every person or opportunity that comes your way, simply because it’s in front of you. It can be so tempting to jump on every chance we’re offered for fear that another chance won’t come along. The key word here is discernment. Take as much time as you need to really think about which options are going to bring you satisfaction and happiness and which are only going to be placeholders at best. Which cup holds the key to your fulfilment? The hard truth is that the answer at the moment may be “none of the above.” Saying no to all of the options on the table isn’t really as negative as it sounds. It actually takes a particularly strong sense of optimism to say no: You have to believe with all the faith you can muster that the right thing will come along when it is meant to. Otherwise, you run the risk that the placeholder will keep any other offers or opportunities from coming forward. And that would be very sad indeed.

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TAURUS: The High Priestess Rx + Analyze

Your card this month is the High Priestess reversed (upside down). When she is upright, the High Priestess is all about looking within and trusting in your intuition. She is guided by the reflected light of the moon rather than the bright light of the sun, which allows her to see below the surface of things, rather than stopping at what is obvious. So what does it mean that she is reversed for you this month? Sometimes this can indicate a need to hone your intuition—to trust yourself in a deeper way than you have been lately. She often shows up when we are seeking answers with the message that we already know the answer to our question if we are only able to look deep enough within. This month I added an oracle card for you and pulled “Analyze,” so you might also think about whether there is a need to approach your quest for understanding from a more analytical point of view. Are you looking at this issue from all possible angles? Have you taken the time to get all the information you need? Remember that no one can know everything and there is no shame in looking outward for some help in understanding your situation. Never go against your gut, but remember that sometimes going with your gut is not enough. Bring in all the resources you can to get the answers you seek.

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GEMINI: Two of Cups Rx + Vanity

This month is all about commitment, Gemini—to yourself. Yes, relationships are important and yes, you should continue to care for and nurture those that are in your beloved community. But this month you have special permission to give some extra love and attention to your original one and only, yourself. I’m sure you’ve heard it before, but maybe over the next few weeks you’ll be able to put it into practice in a new way: You can’t have a truly functional relationship with another person if you don’t love yourself, if you don’t take care of yourself, if you don’t treat yourself with the same kind of gentleness you would a close friend, a child, a beloved pet. With that in mind, set aside an afternoon or an evening to take yourself on a date. Get dressed up, put on makeup if that’s your thing, or whatever it is you do to feel vibrant and attractive, and then let yourself do that thing you love to do but never get around to because your friends, your kids, your partner isn’t into it. Or you’re too busy. Or you just forgot about it for a while. Maybe you’ve been starved for some spiritual connection—try looking up a new meditation group or church. Maybe you’ve been missing your old art days, in which case you might take yourself out to a museum. Or a movie. Or a show. Make a date with some art supplies. Take a walk through the fall leaves. Buy (or knit!) yourself a new scarf. Write yourself a love letter. Lavish yourself with compliments. You are so so worth it.

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CANCER: Daughter of Cups Rx + Life

What is keeping your boat afloat lately, Cancer? What reasons do you have right now to feel optimistic, to keep going about your life as though everything is fine? It is hard for many people these days to see anything beyond the daily catastrophes, the suffering all around us, the many systemic injustices that keep us from fair and just treatment. It is so important to be righteously angry, to extend help where we can, but it can also be overwhelming and stressful to say the least. In the midst of all of this turmoil and chaos, it is more necessary than ever to have a life raft—to know what will keep you aloft even in the hardest of times, and to make sure to cultivate and nurture that thing. Maybe it is your relationships with friends and family. Maybe it is a creative practice that helps you make some kind of meaning or truth or beauty out of all the pain in this world. Whatever it is, don’t lose sight of it now when it is most needed. It can be easy to let those things go when everything else seems more urgent, more dire. How can you laugh with friends or spend hours painting in your studio when the world seems to be on fire? This is one of the hardest lessons I know: The world will always in some way or another be on fire. And only our love, joy, empathy, beauty will keep it from being consumed by that fire. Give whatever you can to the cause, but fill yourself up too. Soothe yourself with the cool waters of hope and have faith that it will ripple out to affect others in ways you will never know.

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LEO: Ten of Pentacles Rx + Defeat

What does it mean to admit defeat, Leo? For your life-in-the-spotlight sign, this can be a hard one. What sense does it have to do anything if you won’t be assured success? What’s the point in even trying if you can’t guarantee recognition, financial reward, and everlasting happiness? Well, it turns out the universe has a more spiritual quest in mind for you just at the moment, Leo. In fact, your mission—should you choose to accept it—is to go ahead and do that thing you’ve been avoiding or dreading or putting off because you’re afraid you won’t be any good at it. What is the worst thing that can happen? You’ll fail? What is so horrible about failure really? I’m not saying it’s a place you want to live all the time, but why exactly do we invest so much into the idea that we have to succeed at everything all the time? How can we learn anything new if we are supposed to be brilliant and flawless right out of the gate? I challenge you to try something you’ve always felt you weren’t that great at, something you think you might enjoy learning more about, or that will challenge you in a new way. If you’re not sporty, but you want to try kayaking, just do it! If you’ve always thought you were horrible at languages, but you want to go to France and order your own croissants, sign up for a French class! Laugh at yourself, bring a friend, lighten up. There is something incredibly freeing about releasing yourself from the imperative to be the best, or even to be passably good, at everything. Try being the one who comes in last, the one who bumbles and flounders, the one who asks a lot of questions. It might be a humbling experience, yes, but you may also find that it opens you up to new ways of being that are just the thing you need to get unstuck.

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VIRGO: Strength Rx + Message

Your message for the month of October, Virgo, is to ease up on the pressure a bit. More specifically, stop trying to force things to happen if you find you are meeting with resistance. There is a time and place for brute strength, but this is not it. Instead, try a gentler, more subtle approach. Take a step back and give whatever (or whoever) you’ve been working on some space. What will it gain you really to muscle everyone and everything into doing things your way? Will you truly feel satisfied if you finally get what you want, but only because you bullied or cajoled or manhandled it into existence? Wouldn’t it feel better if you knew that any concessions that were made, were made freely and gladly? The trick is to continue being your magnetic vibrant self, to find another venue where you can continue letting yourself shine, another channel for your creative energy. Instead of beating your head against a wall over and over, go where there is no wall, where you can remember what it feels like when things just flow. You just may find that whatever it is you’ve been trying to force into being will come easily when the time is right.

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LIBRA: The Emperor + Anger

Happy Birthday, Libra!! Your birthday gift this month may not seem like much of a gift, but trust me, once you overcome this hurdle, I think you’ll find that everything else will start to fall into place, even things you didn’t know were out of place to begin with! Your sign isn’t always known for dealing well with conflict, and the word “anger” may, for many of you, sound like a dirty word. But this month I challenge you to explore what it truly means for you. Is it possible that your avoidance of anything like anger, conflict, or upset is keeping you from living your life as authentically as you could? Is that resistance keeping you from expressing things that really need to be expressed in order for you to have healthy, open relationships and clear channels of energy running through your life and body? Remember anger doesn’t have to look like a scary out-of-control monster. It can also be a powerful, righteous, and grounded anger that helps you to see what is important to you, what needs protecting, and what needs to be cut out of your life. Let this be your mantra for the next few weeks: I refuse to turn my anger inward. I protect myself and those I love from harm. I clear the blocks in my body, heart, and mind with righteous self-expression.

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SCORPIO: Wheel of Fortune + Create

This is a beautiful and momentous time for you, Scorpios! Many say the Wheel of Fortune card brings positive change and good luck when it rolls into your life, though it can bring its share of chaos too! The Wheel of Fortune is ruled by the planet Jupiter, which coincidentally is about to begin its year-long stay in your sign, beginning on October 10th, bringing with it growth, expansiveness, and new opportunities. Jupiter only comes around every twelve years, so this is your time to dream big and make things happen. The good news is you have a whole year to do it! (Or thirteen months to be exact.) What dreams have you put on the back burner for the last few years that are starting to rise up into your consciousness again? What new visions of your future self have you been entertaining lately? I pulled the “Create” card along with the Wheel of Fortune, which is a powerful combination, serving to remind us that we have the power to create the life we want, even though so much is still out of our control. Over the next year you’ll have more opportunities than usual to be the author of your own story. Let your imagination take the reins and trust that the universe will have your back, as Gabby Bernstein The Universe Has Your Back says. Let yourself expand into new spaces as you explore the world with newfound ease and excitement. Let yourself take up space and you’ll start to shine a whole lot brighter than before.

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SAGITTARIUS: Mother of Wands Rx + Victory

Hey, Sagittarius! This is a really interesting time for you in your self-development journey. You are such a creative powerhouse of energy and you’ve become accustomed to using your talents and connections to create success wherever you go. The next lesson on your spiritual journey asks you to think about success in a new way. What are some of the things you’ve always associated with success? Is it financial security? Popularity? The cultivation of a vibrant community of like-minded people? There is certainly nothing wrong with any of these things—in fact most people have to work their butts off to try to even get close to your level when it comes to creative fire and social acuity. But this month the cards are asking you to take a radically different approach to the quest for success in your life. Rather than looking for ways to come out on top in terms of material achievement or people-oriented endeavors, what if you tried to develop a more inward trajectory, in terms of both your motivation and the expression of your talents? How often do you do something for your own enrichment without letting others know about it? When was the last time you challenged yourself in a private way and measured your success according to your own standards rather than by the expectations and values of those around you? What would that look like for you?

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CAPRICORN: Justice Rx + Elude

This month, Capricorn, you are being asked to reconsider your understanding of fairness. What does fairness mean for you? How much time do you spend trying to make sure things are fair in your life and for those around you? Consider the possibility that true fairness does not really exist, and in certain situations it can be downright detrimental. Think of the many people and commitments you currently have in your life. Some are central to your daily life—your children or your partner or your closest friendships—while others are more occasional, though this doesn’t necessarily mean they are unimportant by any means. It’s just that it’s physically impossible for you to give the same amount of time and attention to each and every person you know and care about. In fact, to do so would mean neglecting the people who need you the most (including yourself!). The same thing goes for the projects, hobbies, jobs, volunteer opportunities, concerts, etc., etc. that fill your time. You can’t do it all with equal measure and nor should you. Yes, balance is important but it’s also imperative that you prioritize in an intentional and realistic way. What at this moment most requires your energy? What needs to be let go in order to dedicate the time and care that your current priorities deserve? Things may change and shift tomorrow, and new priorities will be made. But for today start with chucking all concerns about fairness out the window and give your energy to what needs you most.

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AQUARIUS: Two of Pentacles + Power

Well, Aquarius, it looks like your long streak of intense soul-searching is coming to a close finally, leaving you a little more energy to dedicate towards more worldly concerns. Not that you’ll ever really stop questioning what all of this means and what your part is in it. But at least for a little while, you’ll also remember to enjoy some of the sights and sounds of the here and now. Your challenge this month has to do with feeling pulled in two different directions—between your work and your family life, between your friends and your partner, between what is here in front you of versus what is just over the next ridge. What I’m seeing for you in the cards this month is that this push and pull doesn’t have to be a source of pain or stress, Aquarius. In fact, and this may sound counterintuitive—it is this very balancing act that gives you your power. Getting too weighed down by one side or the other will keep you from being able to move forward with your goals. The dance it requires to move back and forth between the things in your life that matter to you is what gives you the forward momentum you need to carry on no matter what. Consider what it would mean for you to look at your life in this way. You no longer need to choose between things or feel that you should put one in front of the other. It is the negotiation you make between them that puts the wind in your sails.

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The Wild Unknown by Kim Krans

Deck used: The Wild Unknown by Kim Krans

Oracle deck: The Compendium of Constellations by Black and the Moon

Star Sight Tarot

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