Tarotscopes – October 2018

Soul-Smart Monthly Tarotscopes by Star Sight Tarot

BY Star Sight Tarot

Six of Swords Rx + 3. (let yourself get lost)
OCTOBER OVERVIEW: Six of Swords Rx + 3. (let yourself get lost)

This month brings with it new beginnings and all that they entail. Excitement, doubt, inspiration, insecurity, loss, change. Heading towards what is new can feel like an absurd enterprise. How are we supposed to go forward if we don’t know the way? With no map to follow, there are no assurances that we will end up where we are hoping to go. As we walk into the unknown, we all have different ways of reacting. And our ways of responding to change might be different at different times in our lives and depending on the context. We may charge ahead boldly like the Chariot. We may resist whatever changes are occurring, holding onto our old lives and our old ways of doing things with all our might. Or we might oscillate between a sense of excitement at envisioning a new life and a sense of fear or self-doubt when things are uncertain. The message from the cards this month is to welcome as much as possible the wide array of emotions and ideas that may well up as we face unprecedented events in our world, both political and private, both spiritual and practical. Let the call of the unknown be an invitation to go towards your limit and beyond. Draw on the wisdom and experience of those who have gone before you, though with the knowledge that no one has taken your exact route. Let yourself get lost. Wander outside of the boundaries you have previously set for yourself. Without first letting ourselves be lost, discovery is impossible. Without wandering in the wilderness, we cannot find our way home.

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The Chariot + 33. (go home)
LIBRA: The Chariot + 33. (go home)

Happy Birthday, my dear Libra!! Your cards this month may seem to pull you in opposite directions, but I think they may actually work together more fluidly than you might think. The Chariot tells you to set out with confidence, moving forward on whatever path you have chosen for yourself. What ideas have you been toying with? What projects have you considered starting? Have you been thinking about moving? Changing jobs? If you’ve been wondering whether or not to go ahead with something, the message of the Chariot is to go for it! Your oracle card, on the other hand, advises you to seek out the comfort of places that feel like home. You will benefit from letting yourself relax by surrounding yourself with things, people, and places that are familiar. While these messages may seem contradictory, think about ways that you can move ahead without leaving everything you know behind. Can you make your new endeavors seem less scary by bringing a little bit of home with you? What would that mean for you? It can be tempting to cut all ties when we make a big change, but in the long run you will be much happier if you stay connected to your past and to the people, places, and things that have made you who you are.

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Ace of Swords Rx + 51. (ocean)
SCORPIO: Ace of Swords Rx + 51. (ocean)

Scorpio, as we approach your next solar return, you too are poised for a new beginning of some kind. The Aces each signal something that is starting, something you are finally ready to undertake. The Ace of Swords Reversed (upside down) suggests that there is some resistance to this change on your part, however. It asks you to think about what changes you still need to make within yourself in order to get truly free to move to the next phase of your life. What decisions need to be made? What truth needs to be communicated? What pieces of yourself need to be cut out and left behind so that you can travel into your new life unencumbered? The changes you make this month are the key to the healing you’ve been seeking for some time now. Don’t resist them for too much longer. Your oracle card, Ocean, lets you know that you can look to the ocean for help when you are feeling unsure. Watch the waves to understand the ebb and flow of our motivations, our confidence, our energy. We are changeable, and we have low times and high times. Don’t beat yourself up for the times when you are treading water. But be sure to harness the strength of the ocean when it comes time to act. Once you climb your way to the crest of a wave, you can ride it all the way to shore.

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The Magician + 72. (serve)
SAGITTARIUS: The Magician + 72. (serve)

This month is all about personal power for you, Sagittarius. You are in a phase of extreme possibility. The trick is to figure out what it is you want to manifest and where to direct your energy. What would you create if you had no limitations? Is there something you wish existed in the world? Is it something you could make yourself? During these bizarre times, is there a gift you have to offer that could make a difference for other people as well? The message from your oracle card for October is to serve. What does this mean for you? It may not be as simple as volunteering at your local soup kitchen (though that is definitely a great idea!). In combination with the Magician, my sense is that what you have to give in service to the world is inseparable from your creative output. The world needs whatever it is you will make next. Think about how you can help others. It may be the key to any creative blocks you’ve been experiencing and might take you in a new direction you hadn’t thought of before. You have the power to make a real difference in people’s lives. Now isn’t the time to hide all that you have to offer. Unleash your talent and passions!

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Ace of Cups Rx + 43. (♥)
CAPRICORN: Ace of Cups Rx + 43. (♥)

Your themes for the month of October are love, compassion, and hope. The Ace of Cups in the Starchild Tarot shows a beautiful chalice that is filled with sparkling crystals rather than water. So while it does carry meanings of emotional renewal and relationships, it has a much more grounded earthy energy than your typical cups card in other decks. It asks you to tend to the needs of your body as a way to tend to your heart. By taking good care of yourself in physical ways—through movement, food, touch—you will find that your emotional life will prosper as well. The reversal of your card tells you to direct your love and compassion inward as much as outward. When our outer relationships seem to be off kilter, it is often a sign that something is out of balance in our inner world. Be gentle with yourself this month and know that the love you give yourself will surround you and radiate to everyone you care about. Yes, you have a lot to give, but remember to fill your own cup first.

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King of Swords + 6. (help your sisters)
AQUARIUS: King of Swords + 6. (help your sisters)

Dearest Aquarius: You have always had a gift for creative expression, but in the coming weeks your powers of communication will be particularly heightened. In fact, your ability to express your thoughts in a heartfelt and truthful manner will be at an all-time peak. You may be called upon to communicate in a powerful way, whether about a cause that is important to you or a difficult emotion that has been hard to put into words. You may find yourself wanting to speak on behalf of others and the language you use will have particular impact on those who hear or read it. Your oracle card suggests that the truths you feel moved to express may in some way be tied to the power of women and female-identifying folks (the #metoo movement?) or that you may find additional strength and support from the women in your life as you stand up and speak your truth. At this moment in political history, we need your powerful voice and creative vision more than ever.

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Seven of Wands Rx + 24. (look down)
PISCES: Seven of Wands Rx + 24. (look down)

Pisces, your cards for the month of October ask you to think about where you have put up walls that separate you from the people in your life. Are there battles you are fighting that are perhaps based more on principle than on any real problem? You may have had good reason to build the wall initially—boundary setting is an important skill that many struggle to learn. But my sense is that your lesson now is about softening any hard lines that aren’t actually serving you in any real way. What once seemed necessary—what may indeed have been necessary at one time—might be causing more conflict now than is needed. If you find yourself refusing to budge on something, ask yourself what good it is doing you in the long run. There are plenty of things to fight for and to remain steadfast in the face of. But make sure that the battles you are fighting are actually worth your time. For help in working with this lesson this month, rather than looking up to the stars or the heavens for guidance, your cards suggest looking down. Look to the earth to ground you and support you. Sometimes we create boundaries and barriers out of a felt need for safety and security. By shoring up your sense of stability on the earth—through meditation, spending time in nature, etc.—you may find that you don’t actually need the walls you’ve built. In fact, even as they are keeping others out, they may also be keeping you in, hindering you from going where you’re meant to go next.

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Ace of Wands + 53. (make a wish!)
ARIES: Ace of Wands + 53. (make a wish!)

Your cards are strikingly similar in appearance this month, Aries, though they have different meanings and come from completely different traditions and styles. This visual alignment signifies that the messages they bring are meant to be seen as one and the same. It’s also a strong message to sit up and take note because this will be a particularly potent time for you. The Ace of Wands brings the spark of inspiration, a bold step in a new direction. It can mean the birth of something new—a new job, a new passion, a creative action that brings you closer to your true path. It asks you to pay attention to any opportunities that come your way and to think about what you can do now to create the life you are wanting. Your oracle card tells you to make a wish and then believe it will come true. That’s hard part isn’t it? We can make wishes all day, but until we truly believe they can come true, we won’t do what it takes to make them a reality. This month the time is ripe to begin taking concrete steps towards your desired future. You are the only one who can do this. You are ready. And the universe is ready to receive you on this new path. Make a wish and then step outside your front door and make it come true.

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King of Cups + 59. (☉☉)
TAURUS: King of Cups + 59. (☉☉)

This month brings a chance for you to attain some long-awaited equanimity, Taurus. As the King of Cups comes into your life, you will find it much easier to feel in control of your emotions. The Kings are the air of the court cards and the cups are the water suit, meaning that this king represents a perfect balance of head and heart, logic and emotion. This month you can let yourself revel in the things you love, all the while feeling confident in their benefit to your life and your well-being. There are no messy grey areas with the King of Cups. Things are clearly either good for you—they bring you positive feelings and positive results—or they’re not. With this energy on your side, it will be clear to you which aspects of your life will bring you joy and meaning and which are better left for someone else to enjoy. Your oracle card is somewhat hilariously about breasts (love you, Kristi!). Taking this as a metaphor, you might look for ways to nurture others or you might think of how to find pleasure in your own body or that of someone you are intimate with. The sense of balance and calm you will have access to will allow you to be much more generous with your time and energy in the coming weeks. Let your benevolence flow out to the people in your life who need it most. And don’t forget to enjoy the sweetness and abundance that is all around you.

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Three of Wands Rx + 63. (you are ok)
GEMINI: Three of Wands Rx + 63. (you are ok)

This will be a potent month for you, Gemini. The Three of Wands in its upright position is about creating a vision for your future and taking concrete steps towards some sort of external goal. When the card is reversed (upside down), however, it asks you to envision your path towards the future as it will unfold on an internal plane. What does this mean? Rather than measuring your progress or success in terms of tangible items or milestones (house, job, car, even relationships), the kind of vision you are being called to cultivate will help you create a window onto the journey of your soul, your spiritual quest. What does success look like for you when spirit is your companion, your goal, and your source? Where do you see yourself on the spirit level in two months, one year, three years? What inner resources do you hope to cultivate that will help you attain the goals you set for yourself? Your oracle card reminds you to have faith in yourself and in the process, no matter how messy or difficulty it may get at times. There is no one path to spiritual enlightenment and no one ever said the road would be easy. However, my guess is that you’ll be a whole lot happier on that road than off it.

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Two of Wands Rx + 13. (get mad)
CANCER: Two of Wands Rx + 13. (get mad)

Dear Cancer: Your month ahead looks to be a pretty fiery one! You are being given license to unleash your deepest emotions, the ones you usually try to keep locked away for fear of bothering or upsetting anyone. This month you can rest assured that your anger is justified and that expressing it will do you and everyone else a world of good. The Two of Wands reversed (upside down) speaks to a kind of internal connection, one that is created when two inspired souls or ideas come together, igniting the possibility for collaboration, creative inspiration, and forward movement. You have the capacity now to make beauty out of the darkness and to bring your fiery light to the people who need it most. Your gift for expression will help you now as you bring others into the fold of your truth. Once you show them what is possible, it will be up to them to act and speak out in their own unique ways. This is the tragic beauty of this particular moment in political history and in your own personal life. What makes us the most angry brings us the capacity for the most change and the best of our creative endeavors.

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Five of Crystals + 17. (dèjà vu is real)
LEO: Five of Crystals + 17. (dèjà vu is real)

Notice this month if things start to feel a little too familiar, like you’ve been there before. When cycles begin to repeat themselves, it’s because there is an important lesson in them that needs to be learned in order for us to progress to the next stage of our learning. What patterns do you see in your actions? In your relationships? In your ways of relating to people and events in your life? Pay particular attention to any repetitive thoughts or worries. If the same fears come around again and again, it doesn’t necessarily mean that we are actually in danger. It can often signal a mindset that needs to change in order to push ourselves out the door and into the bright light of a new future. You are not alone in whatever you are going through—we all get stuck in our patterns of interaction. Those stuck places are our teachers and our guides. Without them we would have no edges to work against. When we begin to break through the obstacles that hold us back, that’s how we’ll know that we’ve made an important step towards personal and spiritual healing. Breaking old patterns and cycles can be scary, but it also allows us to navigate through uncharted territory, poised to make new discoveries in the realm of the soul.

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The Hierophant Rx + 73. (arts and crafts)
VIRGO: The Hierophant Rx + 73. (arts and crafts)

Virgo dearest. Your tarot card for October, the Hierophant reversed (upside down), suggests that you rethink your allegiances to any institutions or dogmatic belief systems, no matter how harmless they may seem. In fact, you may have once reaped a great deal of benefit from certain structures that are no longer serving the function they once did in your life and the life of others in your community. What needs to be rethought, dismantled, or reestablished? Is there such thing as an institution that doesn’t end up corrupt in some manner? Your cards suggest that you cultivate a more individual and creative system, one that may only make sense for you and no one else. This doesn’t mean that you won’t benefit from sharing your ideas and your creative output with others. But it does mean that you don’t need to try and wrap other people up in your way of understanding the world. They will have their own priorities and values that may differ slightly or a great deal from your own. Where there is overlap, creative collaboration is possible. But whenever possible, strive to avoid further codification and rules-based thinking. You deserve a larger degree of intellectual freedom.

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Tarotscopes - October 2018

Tarot deck used: The Starchild Tarot by Danielle Noel

Oracle deck: Ritual Oracle Deck by Kristi Prokopiak

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